Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 144

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 144 138: Little Fie And Lady Chronoa

Nao proceeded to walk along the long hallway that connected the Palace's private chambers to the throne room. Nao could be seen walking along with Elsa, Isabella , Miya, and Little Fie who was still in his arms. She was enjoying the warmth Nao gave her.

She even started to yawn a bit. Nao proceeded to rub her hair.

"Little Fie, try to stay awake, okay? We're about to meet the person you called Auntie last time."

"But I don't know if I can, Papa. Your chest just feels too warm, hehe. Are we close yet?"

"Silly, look, we're at the end of the hallway. We're almost there."

Hearing this, Fie poked her head out from Nao's chest. The girls looked at this scene with loving eyes. They just find Fie's actions too cute!

Elsa then spoke out to the two with a hint of worry.

"Nao, you really are spoiling Little Fie too much. What will she do when you leave again for training?"

As soon as Fie heard that word, 'leaving', she began to pout.

"Papa, are you going somewhere without Fie?"

As Fie said that, she heard Nao laugh. He then responded to her while continuing to rub her head.

"Well, that depends if I want to start training with Master. I solidified my own power in these six years too, and thanks to that I managed to reach the Ascended Super Saiyan state!"

"Ascended...Super...Saiyan? That sounds like a really funny name! Papa, can I see it?"

"Well, it does have a simpler name, Little Fie. It's also called Super Saiyan two! But I can't show it now, it will have to be for later. Look, we're in the throne room now."


After Nao said that to Fie, the group exited the hallway. Nao immediately spotted the wooden throne made out of the wood of the ancient oak tree. Sitting it in was of course, Queen Elena. Next to her, both Oscar and Iona could be seen chatting away with Queen Elena.

Nao immediately smiled at the three. They looked at him, and felt that something about him was off. They almost saw him to appear more radiant.

Seeing this, Oscar grinned. Nao saw him grin, only to see Oscar give Nao a thumbs up. Both Oscar and Iona hadn't changed a bit either, they still looked the same as they did six years ago, even though they were now in their 40s. They both were in their mid 20s when Iona conceived Nao and Miya.

This was because of their Saiyan genes! Until Saiyans grew to a certain age, every one of them retained their youthful looks until then!

Queen Elena also saw Nao's radiance. She took a silent glance at Elsa. Elsa could only sigh and shake her head lightly. She the pointed at Isabella without saying anything. Yet Queen Elena understood what Elsa was trying to say, and she covered her mouth with her right hand, and silently exclaimed 'Oh my...'.

Nao could care less about Queen Elena's reaction because at this time, his eyes were focused on the five figures further down closer to the start of the long dining table. He had long sensed who they were, and his face became serious as they walked closer.

"Elsa, take Little Fie. Little Fie, you may get to see Super Saiyan 2 closer than than I had originally thought."


"Nao...I understand. Little Fie come over to Mommy Elsa."

After Nao said that, he passed Fie to Elsa. The others stayed behind as Nao started to walk forth. Without saying anything, he began to cycle his Ki!

He then directed his Ki toward his legs, and soon felt a very string tingling sensation. One of the five figures stopped walking, and saw Nao start to power up. Another smaller figure remained motionless on the previous figure's shoulder.

However, the other three jumped in front of the other two, and entered a battle stance. One of them took out their sword, which was equipped on their back, and bent their knees as they gripped onto the sword with two hands.

Meanwhile, one of them spoke out with a very informal tone to another figure.

"Hey, Vegeta, that guy has a tail just like ours doesn't he?"

" think we'd be able to meet another living Saiyan. Moreover, that white hair of's very familiar but I can't exactly remember why."


"Well, it doesn't matter. Be on your guard, Kakarot. It looks like this guy isn't giving us a warm welcome. Trunks, you protect the Supreme Kai."


"Got it!"

That's right, these three figures were none other than Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks! Although they hailed from a different timeline far into the future, the Supreme Kai of Time brought these three as guards just to make things safe for any uncertainties, yet she didn't expect for this to happen.

However this version of Goku and Vegeta appeared vastly different than their original counterparts. The only thing that they retained was their signature hair styles.They seemed much more mature!

Goku could currently be seen wearing a black sleeved shirt and pants that suited his form. Coupled with his black Kung-Fu shoes, a large red vest with a long backside covered most of his body. A blue obi tied the vest at his waist. Even a light tan leather pouch hung from it as well.

But most importantly, a red pole-like weapon was holstered behind his back, and could be seen carried inside a yellow tube-like carrier. It was none other than the Power Pole!

Vegeta on the other hand, had a much simpler outfit. He was currently wearing a white battle armor chestplate. The rest of his outfit consisted of a black bodysuit, much like Nao's and Miya's, obviously signaling he is of Palace Vegeta. White boots with black stripes in its center completed his outfit.

Still, before the Supreme Kai of Time could do anything, she heard Nao start to yell, causing the Palace to quake a bit!


Feeling a much stronger tingling sensation in his knees, the group started to see Nao's hair flicker. With a 'shing', they saw it turn from white to a golden-yellow, and his irises changed to lime green!

Yet, his power did not stop there. Nao yelled out even louder, and the Palace started to quake even more! Those near by had to steady their footing so they wouldn't fall. Even Fie was looking st Nao with sparkles in her eyes!

If one looked closely, Nao's hair started to spike up even more. To finish it off, Nao's golden-yellow aura was now clad in green lightning streaks, and not your standard blue ones!

Still, Nao did not stop there. After entering Super Saiyan 2, he clasped his hands together. Golden-white Ki converged at the center of his palms. Followed by loud screeching sounds, his palms soon separated to a length of eight feet. What now laid inside of it was a golden white Pole made of his own Ki.

Constant frost soon fell down from it, causing the surrounding atmosphere to turn cold. His purple posh Kai robe fluttered as well. Grabbing the top of his Pole with his left hand, and the bottom of it with his right, Nao shifted his right leg back, entering a battle stance of his own.

The three Saiyans before him couldn't move their bodies after seeing Nao transform and take out his Ki weapon. They tried to, but still couldn't! It was as if they could feel their own blood becoming suppressed just from Nao's Ki alone!

"S-shit, Kakarot, who the hell is this guy!? My body can't even move!"

"I don't know Vegeta, but that Ki sure is somethin' else. I didn't think Super Saiyan 2 could get this powerful!"

"What!? Did you just say that this guy is only in Super Saiyan 2!?"

"Yeah. I feel my body is already gettin' an itch to fight!"

As Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta conversed with each other, Nao disregarded them. Even though he was secretly excited to see these three in person for the first time, they still were part of a different timeline. They weren't the original Goku, Vegeta and Trunks who were of the world he was currently living in.

He could only contain his excitement within, and projected his attitude of a Kai instead, even though he was still a Kai Attendant. As such, his gaze ignored the three, and immediately landed on the Supreme Kai of Time.

He even saw a an owl-like bird with a white feather plumage that had red feathers circling its eyes perched on her right shoulder. It had long white feathered eyebrows with yellow tips. It had a small white tail and red claws. To top it off, it had a large beard made of white feathers.

This was none other than TokiToki, the Divine Bird of Time! A very fickle creature to say the least.

Nao then spoke out to the Supreme Kai of Time with an imposing tone, disregarding the three Saiyans in front of him.

"Master, why the hell did you bring three people that don't belong to the true history here? You should know by now I'm very sensitive to matters relating to the future and alternate timelines."

After Nao spoke this, shock appeared in the three Saiyans' eyes. Yet before they did anything , they saw the Supreme Kai of Time walk ahead of them, yet Nao did not release his Ki yet. She found it hard to even approach him thanks to the pressure he was releasing.

"Nao, I understand this wasn't one of my best ideas, but I had to bring an escort this time. If anything, you should blame Trunks! This was his idea of gathering the strongest fighters he knew!"

"Supreme Kai, why are you blaming me for this!?"

A bit of laughter resounded around them after Trunks accidentally said that, but Nao remained serious and quiet. His gaze locked with the Supreme Kai of Time's. After several seconds passed, Nao released his Super Saiyan 2 state, making his white hair return back.

Nao then raised his Ki Pole, and held it vertically with his right hand. The atmosphere remained cold, and frost started to form around his feet.

With Nao releasing his Ki, it allowed the three Saiyans to move again, and Goku even saw both Vegeta and Trunks collapse onto one of their knees, panting heavily. Goku then spoke out to him out of concern.

"Hey, Vegeta, are you alright? Do you know what happened back there?"

"I'm...fine. Just with that guy's Ki alone made my body unable to move! It felt as if my Saiyan blood was suppressed itself!"

"Your blood? What the heck does that even mean?"

Hearing this, Vegeta slowly slowly stood back up. He then offered Trunks a hand, and he managed to stabilize himself. Vegeta then spoke out to Goku.

"Stop being foolish, Kakarot! Surely you felt something!?"

"Well I did feel somethin' tinglin' inside of me, but what are you gettin' so worked up over, Vegeta?"

"Perhaps it's because you had the fate of a lower class warrior, Kakarot...but, Supreme Kai, he did just call you, 'Master', right? Just who the hell is this guy?"

Hearing these two speak this way, Nao saw the Supreme Kai of Time face palm herself, causing him to raise his eyebrows. She then turned around and looked at Trunks.

"Trunks, did you not tell them about this mission?"

Trunks could only scratch the side of his head, appearing apologetic.

"Not exactly, Supreme Kai. You labeled this mission as highly classified, so I thought the less they knew, the better..."

"Sigh...look you three, you're standing in front of my one and only disciple, so stand down right now!"

"The Supreme Kai's Disciple!?"

Hearing her command, the three could only comply while Vegeta yelled that out. They soon ceased their battle stances, and Trunks sheathed his sword. Seeing them no longer wanting to battle, Nao had one last look at the three, still feeling secretly excited.

Nao then fully released his Ki, causing his golden white Ki Pole to disappear. The cold around them vanished and the atmosphere soon returned to normal. At this time, Nao heard Fie's pouting voice once more as her voice reached out to him.

"Papa, stop bullying Auntie! My eyes can tell these aren't bad guys!"


Hearing this, Goku tilted his head in confusion. The Supreme Kai of Time also stumbled s bit, unable to believe what she had just heard.

Nao proceeded to turn around, and walked toward the girls, more specifically, to Elsa. Only now did the Saiyans notice there were several beautiful women further in the back of the room. Arriving in front of Elsa, Nao placed his hand on Fie's head once more.

Nao then lightly chuckled as he spoke out to her.

"Haha, I'm sorry you had to see that, Little Fie. I'm just s bit sensitive about these things. You still want to meet Auntie, right?"


After Fie replied with a yes, Nao lifted her up out of Elsa's embrace. Feeling his warmth, Fie began to burrow her head inside his chest. He smiled seeing this, and began to walk toward the group of five.

The Supreme Kai of Time regained her footing and turned around, only to see Nao standing a few feet away from her now. Yet her eyes focused on the small child no bigger than three feet currently being held in his embrace.

Fie also stared at the Supreme Kai of Time and blinked at her a few times. The Supreme Kai of Time then nervously spoke out to Nao as cracks appeared in her voice.

"N-Nao...I-Is this who I think it really is...?"

After asking that with a shaky voice, she saw Nao nod.

"Yeah, Master. Little Fie, go say hi to Auntie."


After Fie happily yelled out, she flew out of Nao's arms, arriving in front of the Supreme Kai of Time. After hovering in front of her for a moment, Fie dove in, and hugged her. The Supreme Kai of Time froze for a second, before tears started to form in her eyes. She then spoke out in a small voice.

"This little guy has the spitting image of the West Supreme Kai before she was killed by Majin Buu...Nao, I have no words for this...I-I..."

"You don't need to say anything, Master. Little Fie was born earlier this year. You came at a good time to finally meet her!"