Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 145

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 145 139: Chelsea And Naoto

Despite her light blue skin, the Supreme Kai of Time saw what was essentially a miniature West Supreme Kai in her arms. Sure she wasn't that tall herself, but Fie still managed to snuggle her head inside her arms.

She immediately felt a unique connection link to Fie's heart as well, perhaps that was because they were both Supreme Kais. The tears that formed in her eyes finally fell down.

Seeing her cry, Trunks became worried. He tried to speak out to her, but Vegeta blocked him. He then spoke out to Trunks in a whisper.

"Shut it, Trunks. I fear this may be out of our current realm...Look closely at that white haired Saiyan, he's dressed similarly to the Supreme Kai, isn't he? He even has a Potara earring! Moreover those two rings on his fingers are weird too..."

"Now that you mention it..."

After Trunks started to say that, his eyes managed to see the two Time Rings and the Potara earring on Nao's body. Nao glanced at Trunks and their eyes met for a couple seconds. He still felt a hidden pressure, and immediately shifted his head back toward Vegeta.

Trunks then spoke out to Vegeta, confirming what he just saw, while Nao's eyes landed back on Fie and the Supreme Kai of Time who were currently sharing a moment together.

"That guy definitely has those things. As I recall, those rings must be the Time Rings the Supreme Kai mentioned...This is definitely her disciple., Father."

"Since when had the Supreme Kai taken in a disciple of her own? Whatever, I was prepared for a battle but it doesn't look like it's going to happen now. Trunks, stay alert."


Meanwhile, Fie continued to silently stare at the Supreme Kai of Time with a worried look as tears continued to fall.

"Auntie, why are you crying? Did Papa hurt you?"

As Fie said that, she wiped away her tears. The Supreme Kai of Time lightly shook her head, and responded to her.

"No. These are tears of joy, little guy. Well it looks like I can't call you that any more, can I? As I call, Nao named you Fie?"

"Yes! Papa said he wanted to give Fie a traditional name."

"Well, Fie, you take good care of Nao, okay? I will wait to explain your role as a Supreme Kai until grow up."

As soon as the Supreme Kai of Time that, shock appeared the three Saiyans' faces. Even Goku who was silent until now yelled out, only to be pulled back Vegeta.

"Did Supreme Kai just call that kid another Supreme Kai!?"

"Quiet down you fool, Kakarot! We're here as only guards so just shut up and watch!"


Ignoring another one of their surprised outbursts, both Supreme Kais shared another moment of silence in each other's embrace. The Supreme Kai of Time then put Fie to the side, only to grab out a small silver metallic box from one of her hidden pockets on her robe.

This wasn't just any silver box either, this was the same box that held Nao's Potara earring. In fact, it still contains the other one inside of it!

While the Supreme Kai of Time calmed her emotions down, a serious look soon appeared on her face. Fie watched on with interest and Nao's eyes became wide seeing that metallic box.

The others and the three Saiyans felt the atmosphere turn serious as well, so they could only watch on in silence. The Supreme Kai of Time soon spoke out to Nao in a commanding tone.

"Nao, in order to recognize in bringing another Supreme Kai into this world safely and unhindered, please step forward and kneel down."

"Yes, Master."

After Nao answered her, he walked even closer, to where he was now only a couple feet away. He then knelt down onto his right knee. Seeing this surprised the three Saiyans. Even the long brown haired figure, who was watching this take place from afar near the steps leading unto the throne room, felt shaken. Even tears started to form in their eyes as well.

However, before the Supreme Kai of Time could open the small box, everyone suddenly heard a voice resound in the whole throne room, striking everyone at their core.

"It looks like something interesting has begun to take place here. I made the right choice to only take a short nap this time. Yawnnnn..."

After everyone heard this voice, they suddenly saw a large rainbow pillar descend into the room, destroying part of the ceiling as it struck down a few meters away from Nao. This now allowed sunlight to peer into it.

Nao's thoughts rapidly sped up inside his mind. 'Beerus said he would go back into a period of sleep, didn't he? Don't tell me something is about to happen again!?', Nao thought to himself.

As Nao sunk into his own thoughts, the large rainbow pillar soon vanished. It revealed none other than Beerus, and his Angel attendant, Whis!

Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks became wary at their sudden arrival. Even Goku appeared confused.

"Hey, Vegeta, do you know who that is?...Vegeta?"

Goku tried to ask him, and then turned his head after only hearing silence. He immediately saw Vegeta frozen in place. Vegeta even stared to shake out of fear!

Seeing something this serious happen to Vegeta, Goku turned his head around again, and observed the long pointy eared purple skinned humanoid who just arrived. He even put up his guard.

However, the three then saw the Supreme Kai of Time rush over to Beerus, only to kneel down. She left Fie standing by herself. The Supreme Kai of Time then proceeded to welcome him.

"Welcome, Lord Beerus, its always a pleasure to meet your acquaintance. What brings you here this time?"

"So it's you, brat. I thought I smelled something fishy happening. You weren't thinking of giving the boy the other earring inside that box of yours, were you?"

"I beg your pardon, Lord Beerus?"

"Don't you act dumb with me, Supreme Kai. You must know the consequences by giving him that, right?"

'As the two began to talk. the others soon snapped out of their dazes, seeing this unfamiliar figure arrived. Yet, they have met Whis before, so they started to watch on out of curiosity.

Nao also snapped out of his thoughts, and saw Fie left unattended, who was currently staring at Beerus out of curiosity. Nao stood up, only to send a mental message to her. Like Miya, Nao learned that Fie also shares a special connection with him, especially after he saw Fie appear in his mind still as a golden apple on that one day.

'Little Fie, come to your Papa's side immediately. These two are very important guests.'

'Okay, Papa!', Fie said directly into his mind.

After Fie said that, she walked toward Nao, who ended up carrying her again. Feeling her in his embrace, he walked by the Supreme Kai of Time, and knelt down beside her.

Beerus's eyes shifted to him for a brief moment. They then heard the Supreme Kai of Time continue to speak, nodding her head seriously.

"I am fully aware of the consequences, Lord Beerus."

"As long as you understand, Supreme Kai. Very well, you guys can continue with what you were doing. But as a god myself, I dislike distractions. It appears we have some uninvited guests who are out of their time. They ought to return at once. Whis."

After Beerus said that, Whis tapped the ground with his staff twice. All of a sudden, the space below Goku, Vegeta and Trunks began to distort. Seeing the ground below them start to vanish, Goku suddenly spoke out to them.

"W-what the hell are you doin', you bastard!? We're here to protect the Supreme Kai! What are you plan--!?"

However, before Goku could finish his sentence, he was cut off by Beerus, who also lifted their hand at the same time, opening his palm out.

"Hmph, a mere Saiyan mortal dares to call the God of Destruction a bastard? You ought to learn your place. Whis, send them back to their own time period at once."

"As you wish, Lord Beerus."

After Whis acknowledged him, the space below the three Saiyans expanded into a portal of darkness. Vegeta and Trunks, who were still dazed, suddenly fell through it. Goku, who was the only one who wasn't in a daze, tried to reach out his arm toward the Supreme Kai of Time, but he too, soon vanished into the portal.

The portal then closed, and the atmosphere returned to normal. Xeno Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks were no longer in the throne room.

Seeing this happen, the Supreme Kai of Time could only sigh in her heart, and proceeded to apologize to Beerus.

"My apologies for that, Lord Beerus. Those three were merely guards for escorting me here. I will give them a stern warning back at TokiToki City."

"Do pick better in choosing who you take as guards next time, Supreme Kai."

"I-I understand, Lord Beerus."

After she said that, Beerus nodded. His expression eased up at this time, and he started to pick one of his teeth with his claws. He then spoke out to her once more.

"But you know, Supreme Kai, I see you like your fair share of secrets as well. You can't hide that other person from my eyes. I heard the details from Whis, but to think you were harboring another outsider like the boy here."

After Beerus said that, the Supreme Kai of Time let out a sigh. Nao also became confused, especially after hearing the word 'outsider' once more. But before he could think, he saw her turn toward him.

"Sigh..looks like I can never match your pace, Lord Beerus. Nao, what Lord Beerus just said is true. I was planning to keep this a secret until after I rewarded you this other earring, but guess I can't no longer do that."

"What are you talking about, Master?"

Nao tried to ask her that but she remained silent. The Supreme Kai of Time soon stood back up, and turned toward to the entrance of the room. Nao also stood back up, and looked toward the entrance. He soon heard her yell out.

"Chelsea, you can stop hiding back there! You can come introduce yourself now!"

After Nao heard the Supreme Kai of Time yell that out, Nao suddenly became frozen. 'Did Master just say...Chelsea?', Nao thought to himself.


The group soon heard a shy voice come from the stairs. All eyes landed on the shadow of a figure who began to walk closer. All of a sudden, Nao began to have flashes appear inside his mind. It started to show different scenes of a shy girl talking with Nao, enjoying their time together at different areas of what appeared to be a school.

These conversations would only last for a few moments, mainly because the boy himself was quite shy during those times as well. It always ended with him reaching out his hand, only to see the girl run away, unable to continue talking.

Seeing these images flash through his mind, tears started to form in Nao's eyes. Fie, who was resting her head near his chest, saw these tears form, and she tilted her head a bit.


Fie tried to speak out to Nao, but Nao remained silent. Without saying anything, he gently placed Fie down onto the ground. He proceeded to walk toward the figure approaching the group.

Fie could only stand in one place, as she watched Nao leave her side. What seemed like an eternity, Nao finally saw what the figure looked like.

He saw long brown mahogany hair tied into a ponytail. Standing about 5'8, they currently wore a black and white hakama robe with two large black katanas equipped at their waist.

She had moderately sized b.r.e.a.s.ts similar to Miya's. Nao then had a good look at her face. Nao currently had a hard time believing what he currently saw, but once he saw those dotted freckles on both of her cheeks, he knew. With a shaky voice, he spoke out to her.


Hearing Nao's voice up close, the tears of the girl finally started to fall down. She then ran toward Nao at a breakneck speed, only to immediately give him a hug. Her voice was also shaky as she spoke out to him.

"It really is you...Naoto! Please tell me this is not a dream!"

"This is no dream, Chelsea. As much I'd like to think of this as one, how is it possible you're here?"

"That's a story to explain later...b-but, wahhh! I'm just so happy I can meet you again! H-hick..."

Hearing Chelsea begin to cry, he brought her closer to his chest. Her tears started soon to constantly pour out. That's right, two people have long reunited themselves once more, even after death! Yet, besides Beerus, Whis, and Miya, who stared at them silently, the others in the room tilted their heads in confusion, and all spoke out at once.