Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 146

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 146 140: The True Ceremony

"Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

Everyone but Nao and Chelsea, who was currently letting out all the tears she had built up thus far in Nao's embrace, saw Whis suddenly clap his hands, causing their eyes to land on him.

Whis then spoke out to the group while Beerus had a look of indifference on his face.

"Now now, settle down, everyone. It will take some time to explain things, but we will save that for later. Please allow those two to have a moment. Lady Chronoa, please proceed with the ceremony once Nao is ready."


After Whis said that, the others could only nod in silence while the Supreme Kai of Time answered him. After several moments passed, Chelsea stopped crying in Nao's embrace. Nao proceeded to wipe away her tears. Chelsea ended up locking her hand with his. She then spoke out to him.

"'ve really changed, haven't you? Your hand feels so rough now...What happened to you? Why are you dressed like a noble? Are those really accessories I see on you!?"

After Chelsea calmed down a bit, she started to fire off question after question, yet Nao ignored them. He proceeded to ask her a question of his own.

"A lot has happened Chelsea. I do have my own speculations but tell me one thing at least, did The President send you here?"

"The President...? Are you referring to that old man?"

Hearing Chelsea answer Nao like that, he could only sigh.

"As I thought, it was his doing...Although I haven't met him personally, Miya has told me a lot about him. But Chelsea, listen to me, I'm no longer the boy you once knew. In fact, you shouldn't even be here."

After Nao said that, Chelsea felt a pain strike against her heart. Nao saw her body start to shiver. She then grabbed a hold of Nao by his chest, and more tears started to form in her eyes. Chelsea then yelled out to him, appearing very shaken.

"Why can't I be here, Naoto!? Y-you don't know what I suffered through to reach this stupid place! Your appearance may have changed, but I can see it clearly with my eyes that you're still the same boy I loved dearly! You feel the same way, right!?"

After Chelsea yelled that out, even more tears started form in her eyes, still very shaken up. A loud boom struck Nao's mind, right as she said that. Nao's voice also started to shake as he placed his other hand on her shoulder before speaking out to her.

"C-Chelsea...w-what did you just say?"

After Nao asked that, Chelsea looked right at him in the eyes. Visible anger could be seen in her eyes as she answered him.

"I said I love you, you big idiot! But you just had to go die before I could confess to you!"

Hearing that, Nao also started to have rare tears form in his eyes. Seeing these, Chelsea blinked at him before she heard his voice once more.

"So it looks like my feelings weren't really one-sided after all..."


After Chelsea asked that, her shivering started to stop. She then saw him lightly nod. Nao then wiped away her tears as he spoke out once more.

"Yeah. But Chelsea, we must save this for later. It looks like I'm about to undergo a ceremony of sorts. I don't want to keep Master or Lord Beerus waiting any longer. Lord Beerus can get pretty impatient but I'm surprised he hasn't yelled out yet."

"Lord Beerus?"

After the two said that, Chelsea finally had a good look inside the room. Besides the Supreme Kai of Time, she saw figures she had never seen before. She became shocked the first time she saw a person that didn't appear to be a human, now she was in a room full of them!

She even a white tail around Nao's waist. Nao saw her looking confused, and she spoke out to him.

"Who are all these people, Naoto? The old man only mentioned about you being here on this plane of existence, he didn't say anything else."

"Well, Chelsea I will explain things later. Can you stay here for now? Regardless of what is about to happen, please do not interfere."

Hearing this, Chelsea could only nod her head, and answered him.

"I understand, Naoto. I will wait so you can explain to me about everything that is happening."


After Chelsea answered him, the two parted their hands. Chelsea took this time to wipe Nao's tears away. He was able to feel her warmth as a result, causing him to smile. Seeing this smile was something Chelsea was very familiar with, and seeing it eased her tension.

Chelsea soon ended her hug with him. The purple posh Kai robe he was currently wearing got a bit drenched as a result, but Nao ignored it. Both of them slowly stood back up, and as Nao walked away, Chelsea put her hand on her chest, still appearing worried.

She soon saw Nao walk toward the small light blue skinned child she had seen in his embrace a few moments ago. Chelsea saw sparkles appear in her eyes. She was quite far away the last time Fie lightly spoke 'Papa', so she ended up not hearing her.

The moment Nao went to pick Fie up and talk to her, she almost choked on herself, not believing what she had just heard.

"Little Fie, Papa is going to bring you to Elsa, okay? You can chat with Auntie later."


After Nao picked up Fie, Chelsea, who coughed a bit, could only watch on in silence as Nao ignored her reaction. Her own thoughts started to spin inside her mind. 'Is..this kid really Naoto's child...? Just how much have you changed...', Chelsea thought to herself.

Before long, Chelsea saw Nao walk toward the back of the room where the throne was. She saw him approach four really beautiful women. She soon remembered the Supreme Kai of Time's words, saying that he was going to be marrying three girls soon. She could only assume these women were them.

Meanwhile, as Chelsea remained in place continuing to observe Nao, Nao reached Elsa. He spoke in a quiet voice to her.

"Elsa, please take care of Little Fie for now. If Lord Beerus had personally come, I fear this ceremony is related to the Super Saiyan God matter we talked about six years ago. Of course, only Belle and Miya were present among you girls at that time."

"Of course, Nao, I'll gladly take care of our Little Fie. But what exactly is this...Super Saiyan God you're talking about?"

"Hmm...If I were to explain it simply, it's a very unique transformation. But I must go now, I will explain everything, including Chelsea's matter, later."

"Okay, Nao. Please stay safe. Our wedding is only one month away now!"


After Nao spoke with Elsa, he handed Fie over to her. Chelsea now had a good look at Miya, Elsa, Isabella and Sayuri, and found that each one of them were very beautiful. Besides Elsa who silently watched Nao return back toward the Supreme Kai of Time, the other three girls locked their eyes with Chelsea's, causing an invisible spark to streak across the room.

Meanwhile, Chelsea sunk into her own thoughts once again. 'That lady who brought me here mentioned Naoto was marrying three girls soon. If I had to guess it's probably these girls. Still, why are their four? Did she make a mistake?', Chelsea thought to herself.

In the end, she could only shake away this thought. 'All that matters now is I'm here, it may...take some getting used to being loved by other girls, but as long Naoto remains the boy I've always loved and he still has a place in his heart for me, I'll follow him, no matter where he goes.', Chelsea thought to herself.

After she thought this, it felt as if her resolution became even more firm now. Her gaze no longer landed on the girls, and shifted back to Nao. She found it very surprising to see him kneel down in front of the purple skinned cat-like figure. Still, she knew not to say anything, and only watched on. As to what would happen, she wouldn't know.

Seeing Nao kneel down once again, he spoke out to the three.

"Lord Beerus, I apologize for making you wait. I hate be blunt, but what exactly is this all about?"

"Hmph, its about time, boy. Making me wait all this while better be worth it. If you don't become a Super Saiyan God after all this, I'll destroy this planet into space dust!"

Hearing about destroying a planet so easily caused shock to appear on everyone's faces. Yet they only watched on as the Supreme Kai of Time spoke out after Nao did.

"Well, Lord Beerus we don't know if this will actually work. Whis did detail there was another method, but with Nao's Godly Ki still in the conversion process, I'd figure this ceremony would give it enough juice to complete it."

"Ohoho, it's as Lady Chronoa said, Nao. It appears the Godly Ki inside of you has now developed over sixty percent. We have not ever seen a mortal be officially conferred Potara earrings in our universe by a Supreme Kai, but by receiving the other, it should trigger a chain reaction. This in theory should allow you to become a Super Saiyan God, Nao."

"Really, Whis?"

"Yes. Well, if it fails, we do have a plan B. We do have enough Saiyans with righteous hearts here, so we can always resort the method detailed in the Namekian book of legends I recently looked into ever since Lord Beerus first mentioned about this Super Saiyan God thing."

Hearing Nao and Whis start to talk with each other, blue veins appeared on Beerus's forehead, only to yell out in an impatient tone.

"I don't care which method the boy uses, just hurry up and show me the Super Saiyan God already!"

Hearing Beerus become impatient, Whis could only sigh. He then spoke out to the Supreme Kai of Time.

"Yes, yes. Lady Chronoa, please proceed with the ceremony immediately."

"Right...Nao, I apologize for this whole disturbance, but allow me to grant you this other Potara earring."

"Yes, Master."

After everyone finished speaking, Nao shifted his kneeling toward the Supreme Kai of Time. She had no time to waste now, and after walking up to Nao, she opened the small silver metallic box. Upon having a look, two slots could be seen, one slot empty, and the other containing the other pale yellow Potara earring.

Taking it out of the box, she then closed it and placed the box inside her hidden pocket. She now had the Potara earring in hand. The Supreme Kai of Time then bent over, and reached for Nao's empty ear. With a 'click', the Potara earring latched itself onto his ear, as if it had a mind of its own.

As soon as Nao felt the other earring on his empty ear, he felt something magical spread throughout his whole body. This sensation was something he had never felt before, but it felt extremely soothing, and it was as if it had always been apart of him.

It spread out to his legs, and began to work its way up. Beerus had long since sensed this sudden change, and his eyes flickered as he intently observed Nao. This weird energy soon reached to his mind, and another magical event started to occur. The remaining twenty-five percent of Nao's sealed Saiyan God soul chains began to break!

Yet it wasn't only him who heard sudden noises of chains breaking. Everyone one in the whole room suddenly heard loud breaking sounds of clashing metal!

Crack. Crack. CRACK!

However, before Nao could check what was going on inside his mind, they became blinded by a large crystal blue flash of light. Nao's Potara earrings suddenly began to flutter, and large huge blue circular rings slowly began to emit from it!