Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 147

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 147 141: Birth Of A Super Saiyan God

"Is that...the sound of bells...tolling...?"

As soon as everyone in the throne room saw these large blue circular rings radiate out from Nao's fluttering Potara earrings, they knew something was about to happen. Elsa uttered that in a low voice while Fie watched on with eyes full of curiosity.

After the first few blue rings came out, everyone soon heard the tolling of what appeared to be extremely ancient bells. The previous tension in the air immediately ceased once everyone heard these ancient tolls.

For some reason, Miya, Oscar, Iona, Roti, and Neo felt a strange bond develop between them. They stared at Nao, who soon became covered in a yellow golden gooey-like aura. It did not contain the fierceness of the the Super Saiyan aura had, but quite the opposite. It looked very relaxing!

Once Nao was fully clad in this golden-yellow gooey aura, his hair changed from white to yellow, and its spikes grew taller, as if he had entered Super Saiyan! To say the least, Chelsea was very surprised to see Nao's sudden development, but she watched on in silence. The same could be said for Queen Elena and the other girls.

Meanwhile, Beerus kept looking at Nao very intently. For a brief moment, his vision turned dark, and suddenly saw a small golden sphere of light a few feet away. It only lasted a few seconds before this vanished from his eyes, revealing Nao again.

"Could it really be...?", Beerus uttered to himself.

Whis saw him say that, but he kept silent, and watched on. The ancient bells kept tolling every so often. The strange bond the other present Saiyans had suddenly changed, and now felt as if their hearts were now connected together!

Without saying anything, Miya slowly walked toward her brother.

"Sister Miya...?"

Elsa tried to call out to her, but it was no use. Miya soon entered a trance, and slowly kept walking until she arrived at Nao's back. She then suddenly placed her left hand on his back. The gooey aura that covered Nao soon spread onto her body! Even her fiery red hair shot all the way up, and turned yellow!

Seeing this, a glint streaked across Whis's eyes.

"Oh? Now this is very interesting..."

"What is happening, Whis?", Beerus asked in a low voice.

"It appears their hearts are now connected. The ceremony seems to be working."

"Is that so...? Will you really show yourself, Super Saiyan God?"

After Beerus asked that to himself, the two continued to watch on silently. It didn't stop with just Miya either. Oscar was the second one to slowly walk forth. He was soon followed by Iona, and finally the two maids, Roti and Neo.

Once Oscar was behind Nao's back, he also placed his right hand on it. Iona proceeded to grab Oscar's hand. Roti followed suit, grabbing Iona's hand. Neo was the last and she grabbed both Roti's hand, and Miya's hand.

All of this formed a perfect unity. Six Saiyans joined hand in hand in a complete circle, hearts as one! Nao became stirred feeling their presences behind him. He soon heard Miya spoke out to him.

"Brother, please remember that you're not alone! Papa told us about this ceremony, didn't he? Let us be of use to you too!"

After Miya spoke out to Nao. The other four proceeded to project their thoughts to him as well.

"That's right, son! It took me a bit to realize what was going on, but what I'm witnessing now is just like what had happened back on Planet Sadala. Your Great Grandpa did this too, Nao! My heart is pounding in excitement to being able to witness the creation of a Super Saiyan God! We're all in this together, as family!"

"That's right, Little Nao. No matter what you become our hearts will always stay with you!"

"Yeah! I don't know what's going on but if we can be of help too, then let us help you as well, Young Master!"

"It's as Neo said, Young Master. We're all in this together, so let us stand by your side as well!"

Hearing everyone's resolved voices, tears started to form in his eyes. At this point, he lost control of his body, as if it went straight into autopilot mode. He could only speak out to them as the golden-yellow gooey aura proceeded to cover the rest of them.

" guys are right. We're in this together. Let us witness the birth of a Super Saiyan God!"


Hearing everyone's reply, Nao firmed his own resolve. The gooey aura covered the rest present in the circle. As it passed by each one, their hair stood straight up, turning into a golden yellow. Even though Miya, Iona, Roti, and Neo had never become Super Saiyans, their hair still changed!

All of this was temporary though. After a couple moments passed, Nao's feet suddenly began to lift off from the ground about a couple feet!

Another magical scene soon took place. Everyone's gooey aura began to turn into golden yellow energy particles. As the six Saiyans were formed in a circle, this massive amount of golden yellow energy particles soon formed into a giant pillar of energy!

This pillar of energy began to move its way upward toward the big hole in the ceiling that was created as a result of Whis's rainbow pillar. This pillar did not stop there, and it calmly made its way to beyond Planet Elosyia's atmosphere!

The citizens of this Planet soon saw this sudden disturbance, and all of them looked up toward the sky. Yet once they saw this energy, they soon became very calm. Any arguments that were happening in the city below soon ceased, and each party began to apologize.

Back inside the Palace, however, Beerus was looking at this pillar of energy with a serious look. He then spoke out calmly.

"Ah, Divine Energy has finally shown up..."

After Beerus said that, everyone's eyes soon wandered upward, seeing the golden sphere energy pillar now high up in the sky. Before they knew it, golden clouds began to appear out of nowhere, as if they descended straight from Heaven. They appeared to look exactly the same as the clouds seen in the Other World!

The rivers crisscrossing throughout the city and the giant forest surrounding them soon had its blue water change into golden-yellow water as well. The water started to constantly splash upward, as if they were being disturbed by earthquakes.

Seeing all of this happen, Nao knew the ceremony was truly underway. He found this scene really amazing in the original story. It was akin to the heavens acknowledging the birth of a new God!

Meanwhile, once all the golden clouds coalesced together, it started to twirl around the pillar of divine energy, slowly becoming a huge spiral of clouds. The others soon lost control of their bodies, and they also began to lift off from the ground.

The six Saiyans kept floating upward, even breaking more of the ceiling along the way. The rest of the people in the room ignored this, and their heads shifted upward. They wanted to continue watching without looking away.

However, Fie started to squirm around in Elsa's arms. She wanted to fly toward Nao, but Elsa prevented her. She then spoke out trying to calm her down.

"Little Fie, you can't go to Papa right now. He's currently undergoing something amazing right now. It's hard to describe, but I feel so calm..."

"Mama, that's because Papa is currently being cleansed by pure divine energy! It feels so warm!"

"Being cleansed? What do you mean, Little Fie?"

"Hmm...I don't know! Are you sure I can't go up there, Mama?"

"No you can't, Little Fie. Stay here with Mommy, okay?"


After their short exchange, their eyes remained looking up toward Nao. The six soon stopped floating upward past the roof of the Palace, and now stood still in the air. It didn't take long before everyone saw them get enveloped by a light blue energy!

Just like the gooey aura from earlier, this blue wavy-like energy covered Nao. It soon spread to the other five. The blue rings that first showed up began to slowly spread out again. Nao's Potara earrings were still fluttering, yet it didn't emit from them, but from Nao's instead this time!

Beerus spoke out once again seeing these blue rings spread out.

"It looks like something is about to happen."

"Yes, Lord Beerus. I can see the rest of Nao's mortal energy being converted into divine energy. I must say, it's quite fascinating."

"So it's working then?"

"Yes. Now let us remain quiet so we don't disturb them."

Hearing Whis say that, Beerus closed his mouth and resumed watching. Erstwhile, they all began to see the huge golden pillar of energy start to descend back toward Nao.

As this happened, two individuals watched this scene from afar out of the bark window of a tree-house they were currently living inside of located in the residential district below the giant oak tree. These two were none other than Bardock and Gine!

These two decided the Palace didn't suit their tastes, and wanted to enjoy a more simpler life. They did still worry about both of their sons after Planet Vegeta's destruction, but perhaps it was due to the Elosyian's simplistic lifestyles did their attitudes become more serene.

Bardock no longer went on any missions, and instead became a member of a patrol squad to watch the borders for beast attacks. Gine on the other hand, became quite well known in the marketplace, and everyone now goes to her butchery she set up there.

Anyways, both of them could be seen staring out their window, looking at the shining blue dot above the Palace. Gine then spoke out to Bardock.

"Bardock do you know what's going on up there? It's a bit hard to see, but isn't that Nao and his family?"

"I don't know, Gine. But seein' all this is makin' me calm for some reason."

"Haha, well you're right about that, Bardock! Perhaps this will do something good for our baby."

"Yeah. Speakin' of which, shouldn't you be sittin' down?"

"Don't you worry about me. I can still stand properly. My belly is getting quite big these days though."

After the two conversed for a bit, Bardock turned his head toward Gine. Gine's hair was even more unkempt than before, and her belly was quite round. That's right, Bardock ended up getting Gine pregnant once more!

Seeing her belly, Bardock placed his hand on it. Before long, he could feel faint heart beats pulsing into his hand. After feeling this for a bit, he took his hand away, and then locked hands with Gine.

The two then looked out the window once more. Gine then spoke out again.

"Still, what has been going on with Nao lately? Besides Sister Iona, the rest haven't been in contact with us. He didn't even tell us he's getting married soon!"

"Seriously? That boy is gettin' married?"

"Yeah! Sister Iona even told me he had a kid. Maybe we can even set up a play-date once our baby is born. It's a good thing you were able to salvage a growing pod, Bardock. I didn't think the Elosyians would have 'em."

"Well, our race did initially attack theirs according to Oscar. I'm just glad they accepted us. Somethin' else seems to be happenin' now. Let's continue to watch."


After the two said that, they continued to watch the spectacle. It wasn't just them either, everyone else around them now had their eyes on Palace Elosa!

Meanwhile, the particles of the divine energy pillar all seeped back into Nao's, body. It was no longer in sight. Yet before they could do anything, a bright blue sphere of light suddenly appeared within their circle.

This blue sphere of light expanded out into a another pillar. With the Saiyans at its center, the light encompassed them, and shot straight up into the golden clouds. Unlike the previous pillar of energy, however, it started to extend outward!

Before long, all of Palace Elosa was encompassed by this huge pillar of blue light. The others watching from inside the Palace couldn't even flinch as they too were encompassed by it!

Only a few moments passed before this giant blue pillar of light slowly began evaporating from the ground up. It didn't take long to reveal a huge whole in the sky.

This giant whole in the sky didn't reveal the planet's atmosphere. It directly cut open a hole into outer space itself! It was as if this turned the clouds into an eye of a hurricane!

Everyone, who could now see again, became stunned seeing this. Chelsea couldn't believe her eyes of what she was witnessing. Even Sayuri and Isabella who watched in silence, became stunned. Yet, they all felt serene, so they knew nothing bad will happen.

They soon saw Nao and the others start to descend. Once they touched the ground, everyone saw visible changed in the atmosphere.

In one moment, rain started to fall down. In the next moment, that rain changed into hail!

Seeing rapid changes in weather confused everyone. But before they could react, large thunderbolts cracked down from the hole in the sky. Boom. BOOM!

Even then, only a few thunder strikes clapped loudly before they suddenly vanished. Everyone then saw Planet Elosyia's two suns start to spin around the planet. In the end, it did two full cycles of day and night.

On the second night, it started to dump snow, even though no snow clouds had formed. Yet, that too, only lasted a brief moment.

After cycling through all the weather changes, the suns came up once again, and its sunlight started to shine brightly.

Everyone in the Palace watched this in awe. Even Beerus and Whis were attentive, not wanting to miss a single detail. Outer space could no longer be seen in the eye of the clouds.

Meanwhile, back inside the Palace, a momentarily silence spread out. Yet, before someone could raise their voice, they soon saw the six Saiyans begin to vibrate.

This vibrating soon became more and more visible to the eye, but the six Saiyans didn't to mind. Everyone now held their breath. Within a couple moments they could no longer see Nao, as he became encompassed by a golden-yellow aura of that of a Super Saiyan!

However, before anyone could say something, they saw that aura change into a vibrant red. This red aura soon seeped out, and widened!

As a result of seeing this red aura, the others backed away from Nao. After backing away a few feet, Nao soon floated upward again a bit. Losing their connection, the hair of the other five Saiyans returned to normal.

Seeing Nao clad in this red aura, everyone could now only see his silhouette. Still, just seeing this red aura alone caused Oscar to go into a fervor.

"This is definitely the ceremony Grandfather passed down to us, alright. It looks like it worked too! Are we really about to witness a Super Saiyan God only described in our legends!?", Oscar exclaimed.

''I think so, Papa. Thanks to the special connection I share with brother, I can tell he is feeling very serene right now."

"Serene, huh? Well if our legend holds true, we should see his hair change to red. Let's keep watching."

While Oscar spoke out to the rest, they nodded. Whis also took this time to speak softly to Beerus.

"It looks like I was wring about the dream you had, Lord Beerus. You may get to see a Super Saiyan God after all."

"See, Whis? Even the Oracle Fish said it was so. I do hope he won't disappoint me after this is done..."

After softly speaking, the two went silent again. Beerus looked at Nao's silhouette and soon felt an inexplicable feeling. For a brief moment, he no longer saw Nao, but two deep red eyes suddenly opening, looking straight at him!

"Huh...? Could it really..?, Beerus thought to himself.

These eyes only manifested for a brief moment, before they vanished. Everyone held their breath once again as the red aura began to fade. At the same time, Nao's silhouette shone a bright white light.

This only lasted for a couple moments, causing Nao to touch back down on the ground. The red aura all vanished, and the white light dispersed. This allowed everyone to see Nao again.

Once they did, everyone became stunned. What now appeared in front if them was a red haired youth who seemed to have lost a few pounds, and their muscles appeared to have become more tone and slim. Even a red tail at their waist moved around freely.

The ceremony was a success, and Nao had officially transformed into a Super Saiyan God!

But before anyone could approach Nao, they suddenly heard clapping, as Beerus began to applaud Nao.

Beerus and Whis soon walked up to Nao, and Nao took this time to turn around. Everyone could see his eyes, and his irises were now red. Even his pupils were golden!

Seeing Nao's new look, Beerus spoke out to him.

"So it looks like you finally became a Super Saiyan God, boy. Congratulations, you no longer have any mortal energy. How does it feel to have the energy of the gods?"