Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 148

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 148 142: Let The Battle Of The Gods Begin

Everyone heard a sudden applause as Beerus said that to Nao while him and Whis walked up to him. Nao was definitely different alright, yet for some reason he didn't say anything.

He formed a fist in one of his hands, ignoring Beerus's question. Nao felt inexplicably serene as he felt this new source of power within him.

Well, even though it was technically new right now, this power had always been locked away inside Nao's soul ever since Rebirth gifted it to him for creating this world!

He then looked back at Beerus, who was only a couple feet away from him now. Everyone then heard Nao's normal voice speak out to him, inwardly causing the rest to sigh in relief.

"Hey, Lord Beerus."

'What is it, boy?"

"I think you're being mistaken about something."

"Oh? I've met countless races, yet none of them dared to say I ever took something by mistake. Are you still too shocked you're on a similar level to me now?"

"Not exactly, Lord Beerus. I'm not like the other Saiyans. This power may be temporary for others, but this Divine Energy I'm now feeling is as if it's always been a part of me, and only now has it broken through!"

"Hoh? So you're telling me that you've always had Godly Ki?"

"In a way, yes. It's just I could never utilize until now. I know we still have our contract, Lord Beerus, but if I may so ask, would you care for a spar? I feel this would go to waste if i don't even use it, haha!"

After Nao let out a laugh, Beerus squinted his eyes. Even Whis let out a light chuckle after hearing Nao talk.

"Ohoho, Lord Beerus, you did manage to see the creation of the Super Saiyan God as you predicted. While you did promise to have a full match with Nao in seven years time, you can at least honor his request this time, can you not?"

"I don't see why not, boy. We can use this as a test to see just what extent your new power lies. In fact, if you humor me enough and manage to knock me down, I'll even start calling you by your name. You'd, like that, right?"

"It would be an honor, Lord Beerus."

"Heh, look's like we got ourselves a deal then. I do say I enjoy your mannerisms, boy. You treat others with respect. I have a hard time believing such a person was born among you Saiyans!"

"Thank you, Lord Beerus."

After the two conversed for a bit, they parted a few steps each. At this time, Whis stepped out in front of the two, and started to gather everyone's attention.

"Everyone it may get a bit dangerous, so you guys may want to relocate to a safer area. Lord Beerus and Nao are going to have a sparring match."

"What do you mean dangerous? Isn't it just a spar?"

At this time, Chelsea, who still couldn't believe Nao's new look, walked up to Whis, and asked that. Seeing Chelsea approach him, Whis placed his hand over his mouth, letting out a light chuckle.

"Ohoho, you are that other outsider, if I'm not mistaken. I'm not sure of the concept of power you're familiar with, but Lord Beerus here is the God of Destruction of our universe. His power is nothing to be trifled with, miss."

"Seriously...? So there really are other gods?"

"Yes. Even Nao just converted his mortal energy into Divine Energy. You should join the others for now."


After Chelsea said that, she walked up toward the other girls. She felt a bit awkward seeing them up front, and for some reason she felt like she lacked in comparison. 'An elf, a Is that a succubus too? Moreover these girls are really beautiful...This isn't going to be easy', Chelsea thought to herself.

However, Chelsea stopped comparing herself to these girls. At this time, she saw the fiery red-head wave her hand at her, signaling to come closer. Chelsea could only sigh in her heart, and complied.

Though to Chelsea's surprise, she heard, she heard Miya something whisper into her ear. Her eyes turned wide in shock once she heard it.

"I hope you take good care of Mist for me, big sister Chelsea."

"Y-you...but how--!?"

Yet before Chelsea could finish her sentence, she felt Miya place her fingers on her lips, as if she was trying to shush her.

"Big sister, please keep quiet about this for now. Mist and I come from the same place after all. But for now, let's just watch brother's fight, okay?"

Hearing this, Chelsea calmed down, and lightly nodded her head. Seeing this, Miya smiled and parted her fingers. Chelsea could only place her hand over her chest, and look at Nao again.

Queen Elena, Elsa, Fie, Sayuri, Isabella, Miya, Chelsea, Oscar, Iona, Roti, and Neo soon gathered together next to the throne along with the Supreme Kai of Time. Seeing this, Whis nodded, and turned around to see Nao and Beerus currently standing off.

Without saying anything, Beerus and Nao slowly began to lift off from the ground. The group saw the the two start flying until they were well above the Palace roof. The two didn't stop there, and they kept floating upward, even past the atmosphere's clouds.

The distance they had now until outer space was relatively small now. Everyone in the Palace could no longer see them.

Whis took this time to activate his staff once again, and the black orb started to shine a

green light. It soon expanded into a large three dimensional sphere, and before long, Nao and Beerus appeared on it. Whis did this, as besides him, Fie, and the Supreme Kai of Time, no one else could sense Divine Energy.

Everyone began to watch on full of anticipation, while Chelsea watched on in worry. They soon saw the two enter their stances...

Meanwhile, back above the clouds over Planet Elosyia's atmosphere, Nao and Beerus now remained still in the sky. Nao then saw Beerus tighten his stance, and lifted his right arm, bending it upward.

Beerus then moved his left arm behind his back. Nao saw Beerus move his fingers toward himself, and heard him speak with a taunting tone.

"You can come at me whenever, boy. Let's see what this Super Saiyan god really is!"

"I will, Lord Beerus. But before that..."

Nao began to cycle his Godly Ki, causing his red aura to burst forth, and enlarged it well over his body. He proceeded to clasp his hands together, and interlocked his fingers. Seeing this, Beerus raised his eyebrows. He soon started to hear loud screeching sounds. Screech!

Condensing his Ki into one point in his palm, Nao began to slowly separate them. Beerus soon saw what appeared to be a Pole of sorts, purely made of Nao's Ki. Its white and gold color remained, and it now contained hits of red! Nao kept moving his hands away, until it became a width of eight feet. He had created his Ki Pole once more!

After his Ki Pole materialized, Nao grabbed the left end of it with his left and the right end of it with his right hand. He began to move it to where he aimed it at Beerus, and was seen elevated at a forty five degree angle. Nao then shifted his right leg back, turning his body to where his left shoulder now faced Beerus.

Seeing Nao create a Ki Pole weapon, Beerus spoke out to him with intrigue.

"Hoh, since when have you learned to create a weapon made of Ki?"

"Shortly after settling down here, Lord Beerus. To be honest this is sort of a special tribute to someone I know."

"Someone you know? Who would that be?"

"Hmm...let's just say he's a Saiyan like me. In fact if things are supposed to go the way they are supposed to go, you will even end up battling him in the future, just like you are about to battle me, Lord Beerus."

"I will get to fight another Saiyan in the future? Whis did mention you have the ability to foresee it. But you know boy, knowing too much may cause a burden too heavy to bare."

"I'm fully aware of that. But enough about that. Here I come!"

After Nao finished his preparations, Beerus saw Nao instantly vanish from sight. Within mere seconds, he immediately reappeared to the right of Beerus. He swung his pole to the right, hoping to catch Beerus off guard, but Nao heard a large bang echo in his ears. BANG!

Nao aimed at Beerus's right side, but before he could even reach him, Beerus reached out his hand, and actually stopped his pole midair! A huge gust of wind burst forth from their first impact, causing the clouds around them to vanish. Chelsea became wide eyed seeing how fast these two suddenly moved, even she couldn't see them if it weren't for Whis's observation panel.

This gust of wind even went as far as down to the Palace, and everyone had to shield their eyes. Yet, once they regained their sight, they saw Nao and Beerus smile at each other. The battle between two gods had officially begun!