Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 149

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 149 143 Nao Vs Beerus I

After Beerus and Nao had their first clash which left everyone down below stunned, Beerus smirked and spoke out once more.

"Do you really think you'd be able to hit me with this thing?"

"Well, maybe not at first, but I haven't even warmed up yet. I'm just getting started!"

As Beerus latched onto the center of Nao's Ki pole with his hand, he saw suddenly Nao twist his h.i.p.s. Nao raised his right leg, aiming straight for Beerus's face.

Yet, with Beerus's other hand, he easily blocked Nao's kick as well with seemingly little to no effort used. Both of them entered a temporary deadlock. Beerus then went on the offensive, and released his hand gripping the pole.

Forming a fist, Nao's eyes barely saw Beerus strike at his chest before the hit connected causing a loud boom. He coughed out a bit, and was sent flying backwards!


Feeling Beerus's attack head on for the first time felt almost unreal. After flying backwards for several meters, Nao came to a sudden halt. He soon tasted a bit of metal inside his mouth, only to see blood trickle out of the right side of his lips.

Taking this time to wipe the blood away, Nao spoke out to Beerus.

"You really aren't holding back, are you, Lord Beerus?"

"This may just be a spar, but a battle is still a battle. I can tell you're still adjusting to your new form. Come at me with everything you got!"


After Nao said that with a laugh, he yelled out and expanded his red aura once again. He then shifted his body inward, and fiercely kicked the air behind him. He rapidly started to fly toward Beerus, yet Beerus suddenly saw Nao's figure begin to distort.

It distorted and soon vanished from sight! Yet, a glint streaked across Beerus's eyes, and he leaned backward a bit. He then saw Nao reappear behind him, only to see Nao strike down empty air with his pole.

Nao did not wait and proceeded to do the same thing once more, only this time he upped his tempo. Beerus saw Nao distort out of sight again. Every so often, Nao would strike out with his pole or with his fist.

Any time Beerus tried to block Nao's incoming strikes, he would only hit air. Nao would vanish before each hit connected. Before long, one of Nao's fist strikes approached Beerus's face once more. He tried to grab Nao's fist with his own hand but still felt that empty air feeling.

In the next moment, he felt a large impact strike against his cheek, causing a loud bang to echo. BANG!

Nao's assault finally connected for the first time! Yet Beerus was not sent flying. In fact he didn't move an inch. A light cut appeared, only for it to close in mere seconds.

Nao then backed away a bit, revealing his figure to Beerus once more. He looked at his fist, and saw some smoke wafting from it, knowing that he had hit him. Beerus touched his cheek for a moment, before looking back at Nao.

"Looks like you finally managed to hit me. I'm impressed. Still getting used to the power of the gods?"

"Yeah. This power feels amazing. I can't believe such a world exists out there."

"Heh, you've only begun to scratch the surface. I could see you distort space around you every time you vanished. Being able to manipulate space is quite dangerous."

"Don't you worry, Lord Beerus. Out of the elements I'm attuned with, Space is currently sitting at number one."

"Is that so? Maybe I should start attacking now."

After Beerus said that, Nao saw him crouch his body. He proceeded to zip through the air, arriving in front of Nao. Without any warning, Beerus struck out with his fist.

Responding to him, Nao did not vanish, and instead took aim with his pole. The end of it started to glow a pale white, and almost instantly, it extended outward! This caused screeching sounds to echo around them, followed by a large bang. BANG!

A fist and the tip of a pole met head on, Beerus smiled seeing this and he struck out with his other fist. Nao couldn't see this strike fast enough so he could only put up his arm to block it. Another bang echoed. BANG!

This time Nao was sent flying backward again, but its not like no result showed up this time. Beerus soon saw his hand that struck the pole start to freeze over. Before long his whole body became encased in ice!

Yet Beerus seemed unperturbed by this, as his eyes still moved around.

Meanwhile, back down below, everyone but Whis could be seen gobsmacked watching their fight on Whis's observation panel. Even Whis let out an 'Oh my' as Beerus became encased in ice.

Out of everyone present, Chelsea was probably the most shocked. Fie and Oscar on the other hand felt really excited. Sayuri couldn't believe what she was seeing either, and her tail started ro twitch in anticipation. Heck, even Isabella became excited, even though all of them saw Nao was currently on the losing side.

"Is this...really Naoto? I'm really having a hard time what I'm currently seeing.", Chelsea asked.

"Yes. Though from the looks of it both Nao and Lord Beerus haven't even reached fifty percent of their power yet.", Whis answered her.

"They haven't even used fifty percent of their power yet!?", Queen Elena exclaimed.

She too had been watching this unbelievable fight. Whenever she tried to look up at the giant hole in the ceiling, all she could see was large bursts of air, only to be followed by sonic booms echoing in the sky. None of them could even see their figures as the two fought.

In the end, they could only rely on Whis. Meanwhile, things began to heat up even more up above, as the ice just plainly disintegrated around Beerus as if it was never there in the first place.

Seeing the ice shatter and disintegrate was something Nao had been expecting to happen. He then started to cycle his Ki again once more, waiting for Beerus to launch another attack. Yet he heard Beerus speak out to him instead.

"That felt rather refreshing. It felt like I was taking a cold bath for a few moments. Is this really the best you can do, Super Saiyan God?"

"Surely you jest, Lord Beerus. I'm still getting acquainted with all of this power flowing within me. I'm not even halfway there yet, you're the same aren't you?"

Hearing this, Beerus let out a chuckle.

"Heh, so it looks like you found out. I thought since that day from way back when you first sensed me was just a fluke. Looks like it wasn't. I'm not even using thirty percent of my power. Interested in taking it up a notch?"

"With Pleasure!"

After the two spoke to each other, Nao started to yell out once more. For the first time since the two began their spar, Beerus also yelled out, revealing his deep purple aura! Much like when Goku did this, the two's auras burst forth l, climbing higher and higher into the sky.

Seeing a massive purple and red aura appear in the sky caused a disturbance down below. But before the Elosyians started to panic, Queen Elena was able to alert the city guards to have everyone retreat inside their homes. The marketplace didn't take long to become deserted.

Once the guards learned that the fiance of the Queen's daughter was currently in a spar, they couldn't believe it. What everyone was witnessing was a battle far outside their comprehension!

Yet everyone soon saw the two auras stop climbing. Seeing Beerus become more serious, Nao let his pole vanish. For a brief moment, Beerus's purple aura soon congealed together, creating a fierce dragon over his head!

A figure above Nao also started to coalesce together. Yet it wasn't a red dragon. What appeared instead was a giant red muscular ape, much like when Saiyans become great apes!

Both the purple dragon aura and red ape aura roared at each other, causing the planet to shake a bit. At this time, both Nao and Beerus smiled at each other. In the next instant, they both vanished from sight, and the phantoms above them vanished as well.

An incredibly loud sonic boom resounded he sky, causing a massive wind gust to blast toward the Palace. Thankfully the giant oak tree absorbed most of the impact, but it tore up a lot of its trees. Many leaves started to fall down.

Everyone inside the Palace weren't off the hook either, they had to brace for the impact. Those on the weaker side even got blasted into the walls. Yet they still kept staring at the screen, only to see Beerus and Nao locked in another deadlock, striking at each other's fists! A single lunch caused this much of an effect!

Yet before they could say anything, Beerus actually doze in, striking Nao's chest with his head. BOOM!

After another large sonic boom echoed, they immediately heard a loud crashing sound heading straight into the hole of the Palace. For a brief moment, everyone saw Nao collide into the walls near the table, yet he didn't stop there.

The force of Beerus's head kept pushing Nao downward, heading straight into the middle of the marketplace. Seeing this, Beerus grinned, and he immediately started to follow.

Nao allowed his body to keep falling. Seeing him arrive at the marketplace he turned his head to a certain tree-house. Nao soon saw a wide-eyed Bardock, and their eyes locked onto each other for a brief second.

Bardock saw Nao smile, yet before he could say anything, Nao's body created a giant hole into the ground, and could no longer see him. It started to burrow further and further into the ground!

Beerus arrived shortly after, and halted his flight. He remained hovering over the giant hole just appeared. He waited for Nao, as he wasn't expecting he wouldn't go down without a fight. Sure enough, after a moment passed, red aura burst out of the hole, and Nao somersaulted a few times, before landing right next to Beerus.

Several scratches now appeared on his body, and blood seeped out, yet he wasn't panting one bit. He still remained calm. Nao decided to return the favor, and Beerus saw him vanish before his eyes. Yet unlike the previous times, the moment he saw Nao, it was too late. He suddenly felt a large impact strike against his chest, and he soon started to fly backwards, heading straight into the myriad of trees beyond the city!