Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 15

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 15 12: Two Years The Tuffle's Final Struggle Final

Year 729 Palace Vegeta Training Grounds

The next day soon arrived as the sun dawned over the planet. Unlike the first three years after being born into this world where they slept in the pods, Nao and Miya slept on the hard ground, as if they were camping out in the wilderness. The sunlight soon warmed their bodies and they slowly woke up. Miya started to rub her eyes while Nao's mind soon became fully awake, in anticipation for their first combat training. Nao tried to gently shake Miya awake but she still continued to nod her head and doze off a bit. Nao shook her a bit more firmly causing Miya's eyes to finally open, and she looked back at him.

"Miya, if it were any other day it'd be fine to slack off a bit but not today. You need to prepare yourself so don't get hurt!"

Seeing Miya not fully awake yet, Nao sighed deeply in his heart again but, Miya was really acting like a child just now. However, considering the both of them were still 4 1/2 years old it was only reasonable for her to be acting like this. But as he knows the original story of what's to come and since the Saiyans are a warrior race where the strong thrive, he debated that he should discipline her sooner than later, but perhaps the combat training they would soon receive would serve a favor to him. Nao eventually stretched his legs and donned his battle armor that was provided by his mother ever since the first day Iona sent the two to the Palace. Not far away he could he see Nappa in front of the five Saiyans, who were at this time standing which surprised Nao. He saw Nappa approach him and Miya with the five in tow. Without saying anything the five elite Saiyans suddenly released their aura towards the two, which was completely unexpected for Nao. As Nao managed to withstand King Vegeta II's aura before he even started to train, he only felt his blood run cold for a bit before he released his own white aura. Unlike hiding behind Nao earlier in the training, Miya braced herself this time and let out a bright red aura. The five auras clashed against their two and once he felt the strength of the five Saiyans, he felt pretty surprised as it was quite stronger than what he was told when the training started. He could feel that each of the five Saiyans in front of him contained a battle power of 4000-6000 and appeared they did not slack off in training while the two were holed up in training room.

Red and White mixed together and crackling noises soon resounded the area. The two's auras clashed against the yellow auras of the five Saiyans. Frost soon spread out beneath Nao's feet and small embers formed around Miya. Every now and then the embers would fall down onto the frost and would melt it, emitting the crackling noise as if it were a small firecracker. Nao now had his full attention on what was in front of him and silence soon spread out. All of the sudden, the aura of the five Saiyans receded back into their bodies causing Nao and Miya to not feel anymore pressure. Nao tilted his head in confusion and then saw the five Saiyans smile at him. He had yet to see the five smile at him even once since their training began so this only increased his doubts. While Nao was lost in thought Nappa stepped forward and actually introduced the five to Nao and Miya.

"Nao, Miya, these five Saiyans will be your new combat instructors. Each one of them specializes in certain techniques such as close combat fighting, Ki control., long range fighting and so on. They'll only say their names once so listen up! If you forget your hell will only get worse."

The first Saiyan had his hair cut short, colored dirt brown and had a brown tail wrapped around his waist, a typical Saiyan attire. Out of the five present this person appeared to be quite muscular and several scars could be seen on his fists. His eyebrows slanted diagonally making it seem like he was angry most of the time but he actually introduced him quite gently to the two, surprisingly. He called himself Fynn and he was going to instruct them on close combat techniques and grappling. The next three who were next to Fynn introduced themselves as, Oliver, Gin and Parsi. Oliver appeared more slim but the hair he and Gin had were almost identical. Gin was the taller of the two Saiyans and they introduced themselves as brothers. Oliver was better at using Ki for long distance battles while Gin mainly focused on defense. Oliver also appeared quiet while Gin was rather talkative but both of them gave Nao a feeling of warmth. Both of them had bushy spiky hair that was longer than Nao's and brown tails wrapped around their waists. Parsi on the other hand had long brown hair with it tied up into a ponytail. Her bust was quite small but she had a very slim figure. She was not energetic like Gin and had a rather cold personality. One of her best points was her footwork so Nao and Miya would learn how to maneuver, dodge and other techniques that would assist the two in fighting. Altogether, Fynn Oliver Gin and Parsi donned pitch black battle armor and gave off a sense of superiority. It was no wonder that they were part of the elite guard that assisted His Majesty.

The four briefly introduced themselves to Nao and Miya before stepping back in line behind Nappa. The four then looked towards the last figure who slowly approached the two. Nao saw a figure of a man with hair pointing straight up similar to Vegeta's hair in the original story and immediately spotted a white cape over his pitch black battle armor. It was also crested with gold and it appeared this person was the leader of the five. Nao sensed a great feeling of pride emanating from him. He then saw a scar going down his left eye, and upon seeing this he soon felt familiar feeling as if he saw this man before. What he heard next shocked Nao greatly.

"You may call me Paragus. His Majesty graciously instructed me to help you two develop a strategic mind as you battle against Fynn, Oliver, Gin and Parsi. While we are a warrior race battling isn't just about strength! There are plenty of other factors to achieve victory over your opponent. However be warned that us five will not be lenient. You two must continue to work hard and over come your limits. You two will spend these last six months of this scheduled training covered in your own blood!. Since there are five of us, each day will be covered. On Saturday you will fight against all four and Sunday you will spend all day in meditation, reflecting on your experiences. Don't forget His Majesty has high expectations of you two. You better not disappoint him!"

Paragus then sized up the two kids front of him. Perhaps it was because of how his face looked but he saw the girl cower a bit and hid behind the boy. Miya was surprised at Paragus as he lost one of his eyes but she then stuck her tongue at him. This action caused a sudden burst of anger in Paragus and Paragus suddenly vanished in front of the two, only to appear directly in front of Miya and delivered a punch directly to her stomach. Miya was not ready for this sudden attack and she ended up coughing out a bit of blood and falling forward. She felt the wind got knocked out her and passed out for a few seconds but slowly started to recover. Seeing this infuriated Nao a bit but perhaps Paragus might be the best person to discipline her regardless of what they would go through. Nao pulled Miya back into his embrace and rubbed her head.

"This is not all fun and games! We Saiyans take pride in our strength as warriors and are one of the fiercest races in the galaxy! You better not do anything like that again. Focus and gain power so you can reach His Majesty's expectations. His Majesty would be disappointed if he saw this but thankfully I'm currently here and not him. We will train you to become elite warriors through and through."

Nao nodded as he took Paragus's warning seriously. The world of DBZ was a really harsh one where the strong thrived and the weak perished, eventually leading to their worlds vanishing. He still was shocked at the sight of Paragus though. Nao remembered it was still three years before his son Broly was born. But as Nao and Miya came to this world, since King Vegeta II had high expectations of the two and that he knew of the Nao and Miya's battle power, perhaps when King Vegeta III became enthroned, would he be able to save Paragus's son from such a tragic fate awaiting him? Nao and Miya had far higher latent potential than Broly so perhaps King Vegeta III might not see him as such a threat once King Vegeta II introduced the two to him. But that still won't occur until the Tuffle War ends so Nao soon shifted his thoughts to the man in front of him again. It appears he and Miya were going to be in a world of hurt if they don't pay attention seriously...

Paragus soon shifted his attention to the boy and saw a firm resolve in his eyes. However he saw Nao was focused on his little sister Miya and in the next moment he twisted his waist and swiftly rose his right leg, kicking him in the side of the stomach. The force released by Paragus's kick caused Nao to skid in his butt a few feet away. A bruise soon appeared on the skin and Nao felt the pain immediately. It was not strong as previously but still caused Nao to grit his teeth. Paragus finally grinned at the two receiving two swift attacks, as it would only get worse from here on. If the two brats weren't bloody and in pain by the end of every day, he couldn't begin to imagine what His Majesty would say. He then informed the other four again to not be lenient in their training and the four nodded back at him.

Today marked the beginning of the week again and the order was quickly decided who went first. Fynn would teach on Monday, Gin Tuesday, Parsi Wednesday, Oliver Thursday and finally Paragus on Friday. It was an eventful day after Fynn started to teach the two the basics of physical combat. It took Nao and Miya a bit of time to get adjusted but they soon started to fight, utilize their Ki and maneuver about during each day. Unbeknownst to them the sun starting to spin faster and faster around the planet and the days went by quickly. Every day Nao and Miya would fall asleep dizzy from lack of blood and pain from being hit countless times. However as time moved on the two's bodies adapted and started to get strengthened. During around half the time Nao and Miya no longer felt dizzy. Loud booms could be heard in the back of the Palace, with magenta rock blasting by every now and then. After learning the basic techniques, they immediately began to spar with their instructors...

As Nao and Miya continued to spar with their instructors, King Vegeta II could been sitting on his throne in the throne room. Every now and then he would hear loud booms in the background behind him and this caused King Vegeta II to grin, as he knew what was going on. Further down his sight he saw another guard on his knees, and seemed the guard was ready to give another report. Not having much patience anymore, the guard quickly gave His Majesty a report.

"Your Majesty, we've detected numerous figures approaching on the horizon. We sent out a few scouts and were shocked at what they saw. It seems the Tuffles are putting up their last struggle and are planning to invade our city!"

"So those damn Tuffles finally managed to show themselves. Quickly tell this King how many there are."

"Your Majesty, our report says that they number about 5000, which appears to be the last of their population. However the report details of an unusual situation. Each Tuffle appears to have been estranged with a red aura and it doesn't feel right!"

"Red aura you say? It doesn't matter what those damn Tuffles are up to, our race wiped out most of them six years ago. I'd like to see them try that again! No matter what they do they will be crushed to death once and for all. Go inform Nappa that their training is finished. We have new targets now."

"B-But, Your Majesty, the report hasn't finished yet."

"To hell with the report. The Tuffles finally brought themselves to our our doorstep. It's time to end this damn war!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"