Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 150

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 150 144: Nao Vs Beerus Ii

Sounds of branches snapping and trees falling over kept resounding as Beerus kept flying backward in this massive forest, yet his eyes remained locked onto Nao who could be seen flying straight at him at a very fast pace.

Any time the trees caused scratches to appear on Beerus's body closed only in mere seconds. Beerus's regeneration ability was quite potent!

A couple noteworthy abilities Beerus had besides the fact he was the God of Destruction, was his regeneration speed and the ability to nullify all energy that he can match up to, at the extent of his full power. An example that he couldn't would be if Lord Zeno decided to attack him.

Well, even if that did ever happen, Beerus wouldn't even have time to react, as Lord Zeno can make entire universes disappear with a raise of his hand.

Anyway, it only took Nao a few seconds to arrive back at Beerus's side. Without saying anything, both of them entered a full frontal assault on each other, rapidly firing off punches and kicks.

Beerus would block most of Nao's attacks yet some managed to slide in. He would feel impacts strike mostly against his face or his chest. Nao on the other hand started to see where Beerus would strike next, managing to block more and more attacks.

Every time they had a head on collision, the surrounding trees would get blasted away into nothingness. They left a line of destruction everywhere they went. Thankfully the planet was mostly covered in a dense forest besides its outlying mountains, so what they destroyed was only a drop in a bucket.

Deep purple aura constantly danced around a fierce red aura as the two long regained their footing. Everyone could only watch on with their jaws hanging wide open. All they heard were either loud bangs or the booming of sonic booms..

Before long the two made their way back up into the sky above. Without warning, Beerus started to launch several small orange spheres straight at Nao! This was the first time Beerus went on the initiative firing off energy blasts!

Nao too responded to him, and both of them rapidly thrust both of their hands in quick succession. Nao's blasts remained white in color, and they began to distort out of sight.

Some also managed to collide head on with Beerus's energy blasts, and they actually became small frozen balls of pure energy!

The others that distorted out of sight reappeared next to Beerus, striking at him in all directions. Yet instead of blocking, he rapidly struck out his fists, managing to block every single one of them!

Once those Ki blasts disintegrated into nothingness, a large earthquake resounded around them. It took a few moments, but after the massive amount of smoke settled, he soon saw Nao's red aura mixed in with a golden aura, looking quite fierce.

His eyebrows raised seeing several frozen balls of orange energy encased in crystal blue ice now swirling around Nao in random directions. He took this time to speak out to him once more.

"So you can even take others' energy and use it for yourself. Color me impressed. Let me guess, you're manipulating the space around them to act toward your will?"

"Haha, nothing can escape from your eyes, Lord Beerus. It's exactly as you say. Even so, my body is tingling all around now. You really don't know how to hold back."

"Well what can I say? I am a God of Destruction after all. Destroying things is second nature to me. You're not going to hold onto those things all day, are you, Nao?"

Hearing Beerus ask that, Nao raised his eyebrows. Beerus just called him by his name for the first time since their spar began! This was akin to acknowledging him since Nao managed to send Beerus flying only a few moments ago!

"So you're finally calling me by name, Lord Beerus?"

"What, you don't like it?"

"That's not the case at all! It feels great to be recognized by someone who has this much power!"

"Heh, so you're even complimenting me now? I'm your enemy you know."

"Well that may be true, but that's only because we're currently battling, right?"

After Nao asked that, he suddenly heard Beerus laugh.

"Haha! I'm beginning to like you, Nao. It's a pity I can't destroy this planet until our contract ends. This isn't the fullest extent of your new power, is it?"

"No it's not, Lord Beerus. Even now I'm only about halfway there from what I can tell. Shouldn't the rest be kept a secret though for when we fully battle it out in seven years?"

"There's no harm in wanting to show a bit more, is there? Still I fear we should wrap this up soon. You'd best toss those things away, Nao. They're packed with energy belonging to a God of Destruction."

After he said that, Beerus started to take aim at the several sealed ice energy spheres flying around Nao in random directions. Hearing him say that, Nao smiled and spoke out to him.

"You should know well with what I'm about to do with these, Lord Beerus."

After Nao said that,he saw Beerus grin. He then spoke out with a confident tone.

"Guess I'll just have to respond with my own!"

As soon as Beerus said that, he clasped his hands together, interlocking his fingers. Nao also responded, and he started to wave his hands concurrently in front of him, as if he started to bend the air.

Right as he did that, golden aura burst forth from his hands. Before long, the sealed ice energy spheres came to a halt, and started to line up all around him.

Meanwhile, purple Ki began to condense inside Beerus's palm. He soon separated them, and Nao saw a bright purple ball of Ki floating in the middle of his hands. Two white rings crisscrossed around it.

Without saying anything, Beerus extended both of his arms put after he created the first one. Immediately following that, many more came out, and before long, their numbers soon evenly matched Nao's.

The battlefield high in the sky approaching the beginning of outer space now had many spheres of Ki waiting to be launched at each other.

The others down below started to grow fearful seeing this on Whis's observation panel. Do keep in mind a single one of these dense Ki spheres had enough energy to wipe out a planet. If Nao or Beerus miscalculated their trajectories right after shooting them in just the slightest way, the result would be devastating.

Whis however, currently had a strange smile on his face as he proceeded to look up in the sky. Yet, his eyes didn't lock onto Beerus or Nao. His eyes looked beyond the two.

Even though both Beerus and Nao were only using a bit over than fifty percent of their maximum power, before they could even launch their final attack, a deep voice suddenly echoed in the sky around them, yelling at the two.

"That's enough!"

Hearing this sudden voice cause the two to come to a sudden halt. Yet before they could do anything, an invisible wave of energy passed by them. This immediately caused all the spheres to disappear all at once, as if they were never there in the first place!

Not only that, it also forced Beerus's purple aura and Nao's red aura to vanish as well. Nao's red hair still remained though.

In the next moment, they suddenly saw large rainbow pillar descend from nearby outer space. Beerus became wide eyed, as he finally remembered who this voice to.

Meanwhile, back down below, the others suddenly saw Whis vanish from sight, leaving them confused. Yet he still allowed the panel to remain so they can watch.

Well, with the clouds clear, and having the two halted, they could see the two in the sky again. Yet the panel gave a more closer look.

Anyways, seeing this rainbow pillar descend, Beerus slouched his arms and let out a sigh. His fighting spirit waned. He could only let out an awkward smile as he spoke out to Nao.

"Sigh...just when we were getting to the good part. Looks like I'll have to take my leave, Nao--"

However, before Beerus could turn around to fly away, he was suddenly struck on the back of the head by a staff. Whis's voice then reached their ears.

"And where do you think you're going, Lord Beerus?"

"Kuh...if it isn't Whis. How nice of you to show up. I was just about to make a tactical retreat!"

"A tactical retreat, is it? You just looked like you were about to run away, my lord."

"If I say it's a tactical retreat, then it's a tactical retreat, damn it! Now let's hurry and leave at once, Whis."

"Sorry, but no can do, Lord Beerus. Father will be arriving soon so we must welcome him."

Seeing these two act like this caused Nao to chuckle inwardly, yet he didn't show it. The sparring match had come to an abrupt halt. Although Nao was disappointed they couldn't continue, he was very satisfied with the result of becoming a Super Saiyan God.

Even though his new power didn't match up to Beerus at first, he became adjusted to it. They were even able to fight evenly for a good while! To be honest, Nao was inwardly glad that the many Ki spheres suddenly vanished like that. Each one had insane destructive power held inside.

Such energy posed a very high risk to the planet itself and the surrounding planets, but he no longer had to worry about that. Anyway, Nao was definitely familiar with the voice that echoed around them a moment ago.

It was none other than the Grand Minister's! As soon as Nao thought that, the rainbow pillar vanished, and out came the Grand Minister, next to Beerus, Nao, and Whis. A serious look could be seen in his eyes.