Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 151

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 151 Not A Story Progression Ii

Hey guys it's Aht. Work was really busy today so I'm planning to take a rest so no chapter. So instead, here is some story progression updates again for you guys!

As all of you are aware, MC's wedding is now only one month away. While the details have not yet been revealed, I will reveal some of them now! I'm planning it to be a very grand event, and by grand, I mean HUGE.

Maybe some of you might already have gotten a few hints. I mean huge in a literal sense, it won't only encompass Universe 7, but all 12 Universes!

As for that point, here is the first question for you guys. I won't say much, but MC will get a chance to fight any of the Gods of Destruction after this, which one would you like to see? I got inspired by this after remembering when the Gods of Destruction fought each other in the manga. In the anime, it was the danger trio vs Goku, Buu, and Gohan. Me personally I enjoyed the manga fight way better.

This will obviously take place some time after the whole event. After that happens, I mainly have slice of life planned until the Tournament of Power begins.

For those not so familiar with the timeline, it is currently Year 743. I guess it's time to reveal some ages too! At the moment, Nao is 18, Miya is 18. Chelsea is one year younger, marking 17. Sayuri is the next youngest, being 21. Elsa is actually 36, and Isabella being the oldest around 50. The latter three have quite large life expectancy compared to Nao and Miya, so they still appear to be young a.d.u.l.ts. Nim himself is over 1,000 years old. Oscar and Iona are about 43 years old. As for Queen Elena? Let's just say she's old enough that she wants grandchildren.

The second main event after the wedding I have planned is none other than the Tournament of Power, which isn't held until Year 780. Meaning, there is a full 37 year gap that can either be slice of life, passing of time, or something else. Zeno will likely wake up from his nap 5-7 years prior to this.

That something else is my other question for you guys. I originally am planning to have Nao stay in secluded meditation to improve his Time Affinity, take care of his family and interact with the Z Fighters here and there, but would you guys like to see something happen? Let me know!

If not, you guys can just tell the author take a couple days of rest, and start back up on Sunday. jk, or am I? xD