Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 152

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 152 145: Announcement

The rainbow pillar finally descended in the air next to Beerus, Whis, and Nao. The others down below, besides Miya, became confused seeing a person who looked much like Whis, but much shorter, appeared out of nowhere.

But once the Grand Minister arrived, it caused Beerus's and Nao's duel to come to a close. With the dust finally settled, the Grand Minister appeared wearing a serious look on his face.

Beerus had tried to run away before the Grand Minister showed up, but he was stopped by Whis. In the end, Beerus sighed once more, and proceeded kneel down in front of the Grand Minister. He then welcomed him with a shaky voice.

"G-grand Minister, what an unexpected arrival. It's always a pleasure to meet your acquaintance."

Hearing this, the Grand Minister raised his palm in the air a bit, and spoke out to him with a serious tone.

"I was mainly waiting for you to finish your spar with Nao before arriving. It was a splendid fight. I do apologize for stopping it before ended, but I've come with a message for Nao."

"For me?"

"Yes. Whis, you are welcome to stay, but Beerus you will have to return back to your planet, as this will affect not only you but the other Gods of Destruction as well. Since that is the case, by being an Angel, we cannot show favoritism. I do hope you understand."

As the Grand Minister spoke that, Beerus became confused. He then spoke out to him in a polite tone.

"G-Grand Minister, if I may so ask, is L-Lord Zeno planning another All Universe Tournament of sorts?"

Hearing Beerus ask that, Nao also raised his eyebrows. The two saw the Grand Minister didn't react to his question, and instead, he proceeded to snap his fingers.

Space suddenly distorted in front of them, soon revealing a large oval gate. Only darkness could be seen within. Beerus became quiet after asking that and seeing this portal appear. He could hear the Grand Minister speak out once more.

"As I've said previously, we cannot show favoritism. Beerus, please leave now. I cannot say anything else as it is classified."

Hearing the Grand Minister speak that with even a more serious tone this time, cold sweat started to pour down Beerus's back.

He could only nod. Beerus got up from kneeling down, and turned back toward Whis and Nao. He spoke out to the two before he slowly entered the portal.

"Whis, don't take too long. Looks like I'll be heading off first. Nao, let's call this spar a draw. It will resume in seven years time. I'll ask Whis to create a separate dimension for us so we can go all out in there."

"Sounds good to me, Lord Beerus."

After Nao said that, Beerus saw Whis wave his hand goodbye with a smile. He then turned around once more, and vanished into the portal. The portal then closed, causing the atmosphere to return to normal.

Now, only the Grand Minister, Whis and Nao remained. A calm breeze flew by as a moment of silence passed. Nao then saw the Grand Minister ease his expression and spoke out to him.

"It appears you've been doing quite well these past years, Nao. You must be wondering why I'm here?"

"Thank you for your praise, Grand Minister. You typically don't leave your domain, so I'm guessing something is going to happen?"

"Yes. But first I must say some congratulations are in order."


"That's right, Nao. You happen to be the first mortal become a Kai in Universe 7. The Supreme Kai of Time bestowed this position to you for having brought a new Supreme Kai into existence. Such a thing will give rise to the power scaling each Universe holds. For that, I commemorate you."

After the Grand Minister announced that, Whis lightly applauded for a couple moments. Nao wasn't expected to be congratulated, and by the Grand Minister himself no less! Nao proceeded to bend over, giving him a bow.

Seeing this, the Grand Minister waved his hand again and spoke out to Nao once more.

"There is no need for formalities, Nao. We are on common speaking ground now. In tandem with that, besides one more announcement, I've come to repay the favors you gave me and Lord Zeno. Whis."

As Nao heard this, he blinked his eyes staring at the Grand Minister. Meanwhile, Whis stepped forward, ad answered him.

"Yes, Father?"

"Please rewind the time this planet has back to where it was before spar happened. Once you are done, please wipe the citizens' memories of Beerus with the exception of the people in the Palace down below."

"As you wish, Father."

"Grand Minister, you...really don't have to do this..."

Nao tried to interrupt the Grand Minister as he spoke to Whis, but Whis still acknowledged hi. To put what the Grand Minister said in layman's terms, he just ordered Whis to revert all of the damage Beerus and Nao caused to Planet Elosyia!

Sure he did give information about where he came from and about the future to the Grand Minister, but Nao didn't expect he would get repaid like this. From the looks of it, he still had more to say too!

In the end, Nao shifted his eyes, and saw the obsidian orb on Whis's staff start to shine a pale green. Nao then had a look below, and sure enough, the Planet soon started to fix itself right up, as if Whis actually re-winded its time!

The many broken trees in that huge line of destruction got moved back in place and the leaves and branches re-connected themselves. The huge whole in the marketplace also restored to normal.

Following that, the Palace also had its wooden tiling spiffied up, and it now looked sharp and new again. The others became shocked seeing the massive amount of damage suddenly vanished as if it never happened in the first place.

With the Palace restored, Whis even redid the bedroom tiling, even though that happened well before the start of the spar, thanks to Nao's nightly activities with Isabella.

Speaking of which, once Chelsea figures out Nao is no longer a v.i.r.g.i.n, she would be in a shock for her life. Who knew she would find out about it so soon too? Anyways, even the clouds in the planet's atmosphere returned to normal. Seeing all of this happen in rapid succession surprised Nao greatly.

To top it off, Nao then saw Whis reuse his staff. The glowing light continued, and after a couple moments, he returned his staff into an upright position. Whis then lightly bowed at the Grand Minister.

"Father, the planet has been fixed and the citizens will no longer remember Lord Beerus or the spar he had with Nao."

"Excellent work Whis. I'd rather not waste time and move along with the next order of business, okay, Nao?"

"That's fine, Grand Minister. I truly thank you for doing all of this."

As he heard Nao say that, the Grand Minister let out a chuckle before he replied to him.

"Nonsense, Nao. The information you've provided us about you and about the future is a lot more important than you may realize. Even I find it hard to believe there's a vast, 'multiverse', as you say, waiting to be explored. Besides, with that Tournament of Power information you provided as well, it even gave Lord Zeno something to look forward to. He even acknowledged you because of that. As such, I too must respond in kind."

Hearing the Grand Minister say this all at once, Nao took a good moment to absorb it all in. Seeing this, Nao saw the, Grand Minister smile.

"So, may I please continue with our next topic?"

"By all means, Grand Minister."

"Excellent. What I had Whis do just now counted as one of the favors being repaid. The second is more of an announcement for you, Nao. It is regarding your wedding to be exact."

"My wedding, huh? All I know it's being held in one month. I was not told any specific details as of yet. Are you involved with it, Grand Minister?"

"You can say that."

After the Grand Minister said that, he smiled. Nao then saw him take out a very ancient scroll. The Grand Minister talked to Nao once more after opening it.

"Nao, your wedding will commence on day 3,135,486,800 of the Royal Calendar. To translate it into your time, it will be held in July of Year 743, one month from now. As for its location, it will be held in none other than the Null Realm!" (A/N I did a rough calculation with the date provided in the anime)

Hearing the Grand Minister announce this, Nao's eyes became wide in shock. Sure enough, it does appear the Grand Minister was behind Nao's wedding!

To bring things up to date, Queen Elena had gotten into contact with the Supreme Kai of Time during these six years, requesting her to be the planner. She wanted this turnout to be huge. The Supreme Kai of Time accepted it easily, who then sought out Whis once more.

Whis remembered the favors Nao gave the Grand Minister, so he brought up the topic with him. This was also to test the waters for the Tournament of Power, as all twelve Universes will get invited!

Nao soon recovered from his stupor, and spoke out to the Grand Minister.

"So its going to be held in the Null Realm...but why are you going so far out just do this for me, Grand Minister? This us much more than repaying any favor!"

"Is it really, Nao? If you really want to thank someone, then thank that Elosyian Queen down there. She is the one who initiated everything, and the story eventually made its way up here. I figured this would be an opportune time to repay for the information you provided me. On top of that, this event will act as a bridge for each Universe. To test the waters of the Tournament of Power, an exhibition match will be held."

After the Grand Minister spoke that, Nao became shocked once more. This sounded just like the Zeno Expo that was held prior to the Tours of Power starting!

"An exhibition match? Are you saying that each Universe will partake in it?"

"Yes. Though this one is a bit special, it can be counted as my wedding gift to you, Nao. All of the gods will be invited. Mortals will be welcomed too, but they won't fight. The exhibition match will include none other than the Gods of Destruction of each Universe!"

"W-what!?", Nao exclaimed in shock.

"You didn't hear me incorrectly, Nao. Once this match is over and a winner is declared, you will be given an opportunity to fight said winner. I was unsure about this part, but as you've officially ascended into becoming a god, it will be possible for you to fight with them."

"Grand Minister... this really sounds like a whole lot. Are you fine doing all of this?"

"Yes. I'm really interested to see how far an outsider like you can achieve. I've not much else to say regarding this event, but the stage is currently under construction. The wedding itself will be held in a mobile Palace you will be able to take with you back to your own planet."

"Grand Minister...I truly thank you for doing this."

"You don't need to give your thanks, Nao. With this being said, the favors have now been repaid. Should you have anything else impacting the Universes as a whole, you are welcome to reach out to me. Don't forget about the promise you made with Lord Zeno either. He now considers you a friend."

"I understand, Grand Minister. You don't need to worry."

Hearing this, the Grand Minister smiled once more. He then turned to Whis, and spoke out to him.

"Good. Nao. Whis, I'll be taking my leave. Whis, you are free to return to Beerus's side. Make sure he does not fall asleep until after the exhibition match ends."

"As you wish, Father."

Whis said that with a light bow. The Grand Minister gave one last nod to Nao. Yellow light soon danced around the Grand Minister'a feet, and turned into a rainbow pillar. The Grand Minister left in a flash!

Only Whis and Nao remained in the sky. Nao then proceeded to speak out softly.

"So my wedding will have all of the gods invited, huh? I will even be given a chance to fight the winner of that exhibition match...Looks like its about to get really busy from now!"

As Nao said that, he calmly looked up toward the rest of the sky. Anticipation could now be seen in his eyes, and he is looking forward of what's to come!