Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 153

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 153 146: Setting Off To Earth Once More

Year 743, June, Planet Elosyia, Royal Bedroom, The Next Day.

The two suns of Planet Elosyia dawned once again. Their sunlight slowly peered into the sliding glass window that lead to the veranda connected to the royal bedroom.

If one had a close look at the wooden flooring outside, numerous small dried up stains could be seen, causing the wood to be darker in several areas. Meanwhile, the sunlight drew closer to the bed, and soon landed on the closed eyes of a n.a.k.e.d white haired man with spiky hair. This of course, was none other than Nao.

The sunlight started to strike his eyelids, causing them to flutter a bit. Nao opened his eyes, and woke up. As he did, a pleasant aroma immediately struck his nose, an aroma he was all too familiar with.

His eyes first laid upon a n.a.k.e.d beautiful pink haired woman currently curled up into a ball. She could be seen resting peacefully on top of Nao's lower body, even though she was taller than him. Even though she wasn't a cat, she still lightly purred every now and then, obviously appearing to be very content.

Hearing Isabella purr like this made Nao really happy. His eyes wandered down further a bit, and saw a small stream of white liquid dripping down one of her thighs.

Seeing that, Nao confirmed that last night wasn't a dream. He soon started to recall what happened after the Grand Minister left.

Everyone began to express their worry and astonishment seeing Nao's fight against Beerus in action. Nao did not receive major injuries surprisingly, and that calmed them down. After talking for a while, Nao, or rather, Naoto, started to introduce himself to the group alongside Chelsea.

Well, he didn't have much to introduce, as he avoided explaining the Rebirth system. Instead, he told them that he remembered a past life, the one he had back on Earth. Concepts of past lives weren't as strange here as they could be in other universes.

Plentiful amount of gods existed here. Alongside the Gods of Destruction, there also exists Gods of Life as their counterparts, even though none of them have ever been introduced in the original story. They have been alluded to several times, however. They merely make up both sides of a coin.

As such, the topic of reincarnation wasn't as strange to them as normal humans would think of in Nao's past life.Yet to learn that Nao had been reincarnated still surprised them greatly.

Even though he didn't explain the existence of Rebirth, he did mention to them that he has a 'unique ability', meaning that once Nao dies, his soul will enter the cycle of reincarnation and reincarnate somewhere outside their Universe.

As to where that next place was, well it's currently being voted for! But in all seriousness, the group a hard time hearing all of this. Even more so after Chelsea introduced herself, describing her as one of Nao's friends he had in his past life.

Regardless, Queen Elena, and even Iona could obviously tell that Chelsea had feelings for Nao. Nao also explained to Chelsea that he now goes by Nao, instead of Naoto. It would obviously take her some time to get used to this, but hopefully not too long.

In the end, the two welcomed her with warm arms. She ended up crying in Nao's embrace for well over an hour after telling the group about their situation. This day was probably one of the most eventful and stressful days Nao had ever had since he was reborn.

Not only had he become a Super Saiyan God, he fought with Beerus and while he appeared to be on the losing side the whole spar, he did not get as heavily injured as Goku did. When Goku first fought him, he ended up losing clearly, even passing out as a result. Yet Nao withstood his ground, and ended up getting a draw.

Even though the spar was interrupted at the end, it was an excellent fight he had thought. Perhaps the 50% legendary Saiyan veins he had probably contributed as well. He still had to unlock the other 50%, but after seeing that vision several years ago, Nao may not go the full route, seeing as he lost control of himself and became induced into a rampage.

Anyways, after the atmosphere returned to normal, the group held a celebratory feast. It was quite grand as they had a lot to celebrate for. With the wedding details announced, they now knew where it was going to be held, the Null Realm!

After they had their fills, the Supreme Kai of Time left back to her own Domain. Oscar and Iona retreated back into their rooms. Fie currently had to stay with Queen Elena to not interfere with Nao's night activities.

Speaking of nightly activities, its been a while since the girls and Nao were finally left alone together as one group. The last couple days, besides Nao and Isabella, the rest had to stay at their villa in the Other World. Well, technically, it was Nao's villa.

Yet the moment they were left alone, Light pants escaped from Isabella's mouth. Before the other three, with a newly addition, Chelsea, could do anything, they saw Isabella lunge straight at Nao, immediately entering a deep kiss.

Elsa could only sigh seeing this. She turned to Chelsea, who immediately became beat red, and saw she was trying to cover eyes with her hands. She then spoke out to Chelsea in a calm manner.

"As you can see Chelsea, the boy you used to be familiar with is no longer innocent. It looks like Sister Miya, Little Sister Sayuri and I are going to have spend another night at the villa. What do you want to do?"

As Chelsea heard that, she continued to watch Isabella interlock her lips with Nao's. She even began to press his body against his. Her eyes shifted downward, only to see a large bulge over Nao's lower robe. Chelsea then looked back at Elsa, removing her hands away from her face.

Taking in a deep breath, Chelsea spoke out to Elsa.

"Phew...I did see this coming after hearing this the first time...but Sister Elsa, I think I'm going to stay tonight. I've come so far already. I won't back down now!"

After Chelsea said that, Elsa saw a look of determination in her eyes. Elsa then spoke out to her once more.

"Alright. But Sister Chelsea, can you promise you will not do the real thing until the wedding? Mother already approved of you so you'll be joining the rest of us. I made Sister Miya promise the same thing. You can do that too, right?"

Hearing Elsa ask that, Chelsea slowly nodded.

"Good. Just to warn you ahead of time, Sister Belle can be...quite wild to say the least. Sister Miya, Little Sister Sayuri, let's head to the portal."



Elsa heard Sayuri reply somewhat slowly. She turned her eyes to look at her, only to see Sayuri's tanned skin become deep red and her orange-brown auburn fox fur in full bloom. Elsa could only sigh once again seeing Sayuri enter an excited state.

She then walked toward Sayuri and started to push her towards one of the rooms. Miya followed behind them. Sayuri's eyes remained locked onto Nao until they were officially out of sight, leaving behind Nao, Isabella and Chelsea.

A wild night of passion soon ensued, which now brings us back to the morning, after summing everything that had happened yesterday. Nao and Isabella weren't alone. Chelsea could be seen clinging to his right arm, blissfully content as light snoring escaped from her mouth.

Her n.a.k.e.d body was in full view for Nao to look at. Her brown hair appeared very beautiful when it wasn't tied into a ponytail. Her b.r.e.a.s.ts were about the same size as Miya's, yet he couldn't see her That was because they were currently hiding out of sight, only to be replaced by two folds of pink a.r.e.o.l.a. To put it simply, Chelsea had inverted

Her body didn't contain a hint of fat nor muscle, it was super slender. But with that said, Nao was currently in a predicament. He couldn't move away unless he forced his way out!

He had another look at the two. Chelsea even had some drool going down the side of her lip. Seeing this, Nao closed in, lightly kissing her on the forehead. He then stretched both his arms, gently shaking them. He then spoke out in a soft voice.

"Belle, Chelsea, it's time to get up. We need to get dressed soon. I've decided to go visit a place."



As Nao spoke that, the girls started to move around a bit. Chelsea was the first to open her eyes. She soon saw Nao, and started to rub her head into chest. She lightly spoke out to him as if she was still daydreaming.

"I won't ever let you go, Naoto..."

After hearing her say that, Nao gently shook Chelsea once again.

"Chelsea, you're not asleep anymore. It's morning already."

Naoto's words seem to have finally reached Chelsea causing her eyelids to fully open. She immediately saw Naoto's bare chest. Her eyes then looked down at herself, only to see she was fully n.a.k.e.d as well. Nao saw her turn beet red in an instant.

Immediately following that, Chelsea became really fl.u.s.tered. She then backed away from Nao closer to the edge of the bed. While covering her body with her arms, she yelled out at Nao.

"W-w-what we did last n-night wasn't a d-d-dream!?"

Hearing this, Nao let out a nostalgic chuckle.

"Now there is the shy Chelsea I loved back then. You really haven't changed a bit."

After Nao spoke that, Isabella's eyes also opened up. She saw Nao, and also Chelsea appearing very fl.u.s.tered. She grinned seeing this.

"My, Sister Chelsea, you were quite lovely last night. Why are you acting shy all of a sudden?"

As Isabella asked that, she tried make her way toward her. She immediately felt a jolt struck up her body. Looking back, she saw Nao grasping onto her tail.

"Don't tease Chelsea first thing in the morning, Belle. While I'd love to spend more time with you two, you two need to get cleaned up. I've plans to visit another planet after breakfast."

"Oh? What planet would that be?", asked Isabella.

"Earth!", Nao answered calmly.

However, as soon as Nao answered, Chelsea's body started to tremble a bit. She then spoke out to him.

", Nao, is there really an Earth here?"

Hearing Chelsea ask that, Nao nodded his head.

"Yeah, but it's not the Earth you're familiar with, Chelsea. I've some acquaintances there. Our wedding is only one month away, right?"

"That's right, Nao. Do you want to invite a couple people on that planet? I did my research on it after the first time you told me about it, but I didn't think it'd be in such a backwater location. It's at the edge of our Universe!", Isabella exclaimed.

"Well, something like that. But enough about that for now, let's go get changed."

After Nao said that, the two nodded their heads. Nao gave Chelsea another light kiss, and got up from the bed. Isabella soon followed him. The white liquid soon poured further down her leg. She frowned seeing this.

"Such a waste...Hey, Nao, do we still have time for one more round?"

As Isabella asked that in a teasing tone, Nao sighed. He then gripped onto her tail once more, causing another electric shock to spread throughout her body. She then heard Nao speak.

"Sigh...As much as I would love to Belle, I will have to take a rain check on that. Chelsea, come hurry up so we won't be late."

"Boo, well fine. Doing it on different planets also counts toward the list we made, so guess we'll have to wait till then, hehe!"

"What list is that, Sister Belle?", Chelsea asked.

"Well, you see--mmph!?"

Isabella tried to answer Chelsea, but Nao covered her mouth with his other free hand. He then spoke out to Chelsea.

"That's something you don't need to know about, Chelsea. Now come, the others are already waiting. I just sensed them arrive."

Hearing Nao speak that while preventing Isabella from speaking, Chelsea's eyes slant down about halfway for a moment while watching the two behave like that. In the end she could only shrug her shoulders, and proceeded to get off the bed.

She then remembered that she was fully n.a.k.e.d, and became fl.u.s.tered again. Nao saw this, he quite enjoyed her shy reactions. Perhaps that's one of the reasons he fell in love with her. She was technically his first love.

However, he was soon struck with a pillow, only to hear Chelsea yell out to the two.

"Y-you guys go on ahead. I-I will follow in shortly!"

Hearing that, Nao laughed. He and Isabella then vanished into the bathroom. Sounds of running water soon echoed in the room. Chelsea gazed at the retreating figures as she entered her own thoughts.

'So last night or yesterday really wasn't a dream...Naoto really is here! I-I even ended up doing all of that perverted stuff with him too...', Chelsea thought to herself while she became red once again.

She then shook those thoughts away, and chased after the two. Time started to speed up again, and an hour passed before they realized.

Coming out refreshed and fully dressed, Nao, Chelsea and Isabella made their way back to the throne room. His eyes then landed on Queen Elena, his parents, Elsa, Sayuri and Miya. Yet Fie wasn't being held in Queen Elena's arms.

That's because Nao immediately heard the sound of air breezing by, only to feel something fly straight into his chest.

"It's Papa! Good morning!"

Feeling Fie inside his embrace, she picked her up in the air, allowing herself to rest gently on his left arm. He then spoke out to her.

"Good morning to you too, Little Fie. Say, would you like to go somewhere interesting?"

"Somewhere interesting? Where!?"

As Nao asked that, he saw Fie'a eyes start to sparkle. He chuckled hearing her reaction, and proceeded to rub her head.

"Well it's actually another planet Little Fie. It's called Earth. I've some acquaintances down there, so I was going to see if they wanted to come to the wedding."

Hearing this, Sayuri tilted her head a bit, and spoke out.

"Planet Earth, that name sounds familiar...wait, isn't that one of the planets Jaco is assigned to?"

"You know of it, Sayuri?"

"Yeah, somewhat at least. Didn't think you'd know about a planet like that, Nao."

"Well, Miya and I went there a little over ten years ago. You interested in coming, Sayuri?"

"Nah, I'll pass on that. Even though I retired from the force recently, it'd be rude to pop in on someone else's assigned territory like that. Plus with what happened yesterday, I really feel like lazing around today."

"Sounds good to me. Chelsea, Elsa and Miya, would you be interested in going? I know Belle and Fie wants to, but what about you three?"

After Nao asked that, they pondered his question for a bit. The three soon shook there heads. Out of the three, Elsa spoke out to him first.

"Maybe another time, I also feel wiped out after witnessing such an event yesterday. You feel the same way, right Sister Miya?"

"Well, something like that. Brother, you can go on without me. I feel like soaking my skin today!"


"That actually sounds really nice. I think I'll join Sister Miya on that. I won't go either, Nao,", Chelsea said.

Hearing that, Nao blinked his eyes before he spoke out to her.

"Are you sure, Chelsea?"

"Yeah. If it's as you said, then it won't be the same Earth I'm familiar with. Besides, I really need to relax my body. I also want to see what it's like down in the city below. I didn't think Elves would actually be real!"

After Chelsea said that, Queen Elena, who had been silent all this while, let out a laugh. She then spoke out to her.

"Fufufu, I can show you around the city if you want, Chelsea. This planet does belong to me right now after all."

"I-is that fine, Miss Elena? Aren't you the acting Queen?"

"Don't sweat the small stuff. I know where all the good places are! Speaking of which, I heard your story a bit from Nao. Is it true you no longer have any parents?"

After Queen Elena, asked that, Chelsea became dejected a bit before nodding.

"Yes...I was able to part with them at least before coming here. Their souls are now resting in Heaven."

"I see...Well, after hearing that puts my mind at ease now. I already adopted Little Sayuri into our family. Chelsea, would you like to be adopted too?"

As Queen Elena asked that, Chelsea blinked her eyes for a moment, trying to comprehend what she had just heard. She then yelled out.

"HAH!?", Chelsea exclaimed.

Hearing Chelsea yell out, Queen Elena laughed once more. She then spoke out to her.

"Fufufu, well just think about it for now, okay? I don't know how close you were with your parents, so I apologize if I sounded rude."

"Y-you don't need to apologize, Miss Elena. I was just not expecting a question like that out-of the blue Moreover, from a Queen..."

"Well, I'm not like other royalty. But as I said, you don't need to force yourself to answer.".

"I understand. I will think about it for now. I apologize if in advance if I end up not choosing it."

"Fufu, very well. Well, Nao, it looks like you'll be leaving soon yes?"

"That's the plan. Father, Mother, would you like to join?"

"No, I'm going to stay and get to know my newest soon to be daughter-in-law. What about you, dear?"

"I'll pass. Its been a while since I last visited Bardock, so I'll drop by and meet up with him and Gine. When well you be back, Nao?", Oscar asked.

"Well, I'm not sure. Maybe a day at most. But first I need to eat breakfast. I'm already starving."

After Nao said that, the group laughed as they heard his stomach grumble. They all then spent breakfast in the throne room dining table. After another hour, Nao, Isabella and Fie said goodbye to the group.

Nao then created a [Gate], and before long the three vanished from sight. Their destination? Planet Earth. More specifically, The Lookout!