Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 154

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 154 147: Meeting Kami Again

Year 743, June, Planet Earth, The Lookout.

Everything seemed to be peaceful here on the lookout. Mr. Popo could be seen watering the couple floweer beds as well as the two rows of trees near the entrance. These trees appeared similar to that of palm trees.

If one had a close look at Mr. Popo, a small scar in the middle of his pure black chest could be seen. This was the result from a relatively fresh wound. For those who don't remember, this wound was caused by Miya ten years ago!

During their trip ten years ago, one of Mr. Popo's responses enraged Miya. She ended up punching him straight in the chest and knocked him out in one blow. It appears the wound has been healed, but it still left a scar.

He could be seen humming as he slowly watered the plants and trees. Meanwhile, an aged green skinned figure could be seen standing still holding a long wooden staff in his hands. His eyes could currently be seen closed, standing near the center of the giant white marble platform.

All of a sudden, his eyes flickered, causing them to open. He then smiled, and calmly spoke out to Mr. Popo.

"Come, Mr. Popo, it appears we have some guests coming. Please wrap up what you are doing."

"Guests, Kami?"

"Yes. I can't feel their energy but I can sense a disturbance in the air close to here. It probably won't be long."


After Mr. Popo said that, he set his watering can down at the side. He was also wearing a woven straw hat, and he placed that sown as well. Putting his hands behind his back, he got up and walked over to Kami. His eyes then looked outward.

A couple moments later, space suddenly distorted a few meters away. A huge pristine golden gate appeared out of nowhere, about three and a half meters tall. It was wide enough to allow two people to cross through.

Kami raised his eyebrows seeing this golden gate appear, and the eyes of Mr. Popo went wide. He even backed up a couple feet.

" can't be!", Mr. Popo exclaimed.

After Mr. Popo yelled out, thegate finished materializing. The two then heard a male voice escape from it.

"It looks like this place hasn't changed a bit."

After Kami heard this voice, they saw a figure exit the gate. It wasn't only one either. The other figure soon came out and they were currently holding hands with the first figure. Kami even saw a child propped up in the first figure's spare arm.

Kami saw his white hair and tail. Yet as soon as his eyes laid on the yellow Potara Earrings attached to his ears did his eyes turn wide. However, the white haired man spoke out to Kami before he could do anything else.

"Yo, Kami. You haven't changed a bit either. How have you been?"

After Nao asked that, he saw Kami dazed for a moment, but he immediately shook out of it. Kami then proceeded to answer Nao while walking up to him.

"It indeed has been quite a while. Seeing that gate appear, I had my suspicions. You are no longer the boy I saw. It's good to see you again, Nao. You've grown quite tall."

After Kami said that, he extended his hand out. Nao let go of Isabella's hand, and proceeded to shake his. He then let out a light laugh as he continued to talk

"Haha, that's definitely true. Even I wasn't expecting to grow this tall. A lot has hsppened but I'd like you to be introduced to my family. We've come back to Earth to meet a few acquaintances."

"Your family?", Kami asked.

"Yeah. Little Fie, stop hiding already. Come say hi to Uncle Kami."

"Uncle Kami?"

Hearing Nao say 'Uncle Kami', Kami's face lightly twitched as he responded with that. The small figure, who had their head buried in Nao's chest now turned around. Kami then saw a light blue skinned child with long white spiky hair similar to the West Supreme Kai's style.

Kami became stunned seeing this child, she appeared very similar to King Kai! The child then spoke out to him.

"Uncle Kami, I'm Fie! Are you one of Papa's friends?"

"You could say that, yes. Nao, is this child really who I think it is?"

After asking that, Kami proceeded to extend his arm out to try and rub Fie's head, only to see Fie immediately turn it back around, and burrowed her head into Nao's chest once again.

"No! Only Papa can rub Fie's head!"

Hearing Fie pout, Nao laughed. Even the tall woman next to Nao giggled as well. Kami then heard her speak for the first time.

"Hehe, so Mommy can't rub your head either?"


After Fie said that, Kami saw the couple laugh once more. As Nao began to rub Fie's head, he spoke out to Kami once more.

"You're wise as it is, Kami, so I know you can probably guess Little Fie's identity. Can you keep it a secret? I'll be heading off to the world of the Kais after I'm done here on Earth next."

Hearing this, Kami nodded seriously. He even bowed, csusing Mr. Popo yo become shocked.

"I understand. You truly are out of the ordinary Nao. I apologize for not giving you a proper recession. It's no wonder I can't sense your energy anymore. You're a god, aren't you?"

"Yeah. Like I said, Kami, a lot has happened. I'm mainly here to invite you and a couple others to our wedding."

"Wedding? You're getting married?"

Once Kami asked that, Isabella answered him.

"Yep! Nao and I are getting married. I'm Isabella. Nao mentioned you were the guardian of this backwater planet. It seems liike a pretty nice place if you ask me."

After Kami heard Isabella introduce hersrlf, his eyes twitched once again for having his planet be called 'backwater'. Yet he could only respond to her calmly.

"I indeed am, Miss Isabella. It's a pleasure to meet you as well. I offer you two my congratulations. When will the wedding be held?"

"One month from now. I will drop by again to bring you if you want to come, Kami. Mr. Popo, you're welcome to join as well."

Hearing Nao say that, Mr. Popo, who had been quiet all this while, faintly nodded. He even saw now lightly bow his head next, before spesking out to him again.

"Also, Mr. Popo, I apologize for what my sister did to you ten years ago. She was quite rash at the time. I do hope you'll forgive her if you haven't yet."

After Nao said that, Mr. Popo panicked a bit. He then spoke out to Nao.

"Y-You don't need to worry about that, Nao. It's an old wound by now. I've mostly forgotten about it anyways. You don't need to apologize."

Once Mr. Popo said that, Nao smiled. He then held onto Isabella's hand. Nao then spoke out to Kami once more.

"Kami, Belle, Little Fie and I will take our leave now. We'll be heading to Capsule Corporation. Say hi to Korin for me okay?"

"I will, Nao. You guys have a safe journey."

Bidding Kami and Mr. Popo farewell, Kami suddenly heard Nao speak out a chant.


After chanting Kai-Kai, the three immediately vanished ftom sight. Sinilar to [Gate], Kai-Kai is also a teleportation technique. One could even teleport multiple people with it if one so desired. Seeing Nao chant this, Kami let out a sigh.

"So you even know Kai-Kai...Still, a wedding in one month's time, huh? I myself no longer have much life left in me. Would be nice to go, but I can't really leave The Lookout for too long...Maybe I'll have Korin watch over it...", Kami uttered to himself.

Meanshile, Mr. Popo stood there in a dazed manner not believing what he had just witnessed. Kami then proceeded to look up into the sky.

Nao had finally met Kami once again after ten years have passed. He was no longrr the boy Kami knew. With that being said, Nao's next destination is none other than Capsule Corporation!

Nao would be in for a suprise too! Last time he visited the place, Bulma was only a baby less than one year old. Ten years later, she is now ten years old! He is sbout to meet one of the main casts!