Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 155 2

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 155 148: Meeting An Overly Rambunctious Teen Part 2

West City, Capsule Corporation.

West City was buzzing around with activity as usual. The huge yellow-orange dome building, which is the main building of Capsule Corporation, could be seen smack dab in the center of this city.

Off to its right consisted of West City's downtown area. The opposite side consisted of mainly residential houses with a huge monorail crisscrossing through it. As for Capsule Corp. itself, it hadn't changed a bit in these ten years.

Moreover, Jaco's spaceship was nowhere to be seen, so it was likely he was off in space somewhere. With that said, three figures suddenly materialized out of nowhere. They arrived on the grass near a corner of a four-way paved walkway which connected to smaller white-dome buildings beside the main building.

Thankfully no one was around either. Nao, Isabella and Fie safely made their arrival without any troubles. This time he opted to use Kai-Kai instead of Gate, as Gate can be pretty eye-catching.

As a result of fully converting his previous energy into divine energy, Nao became aware of the other abilities the Grand Kai had given him. He could only use Heal at that time but now he can explore the other abilities Kais can use, such being the case with Kai-Kai!

Not only that, but Nao managed to perfect his space affinity in these last six years as well. He had yet to create any more techniques but he vastly improved Gate. Gate can now be active for an indefinite amount of time, and he can create more than one now. This gives the opportunity for other people Nao allows to traverse between them!

When Elsa refereed to going back to the villa Nao has on his own planet in the Other World, she was referring to his Gate!

But with that being said, it was currently very calm outside Capsule Corp. Isabella was actually the first one to speak up after seeing it in person for the first time.

"So this is the famous Capsule Corporation, huh?"

"You know of it, Belle?"

"Yep! Since the Galactic Patrol is protecting this planet, they've been introducing the Hoi-Poi capsules into the general galactic market recently. I haven't personally been here but it looks like a pretty decent place."

"Is that so?"

As Isabella and Nao began to converse while they walked to the entrance, Fie started to rub her eyes after getting a good take of a place that was new to her. She then yawned while soeaking out to Nao.

"Papa, I'm getting sleepy again..."

Hearing Fie start to get tired, Nao rubbed her head. Fie closed her eyes enjoying this sensation, and smiled. Nao then spoke out to her while cradling her in his arms.

"You really do get tired quickly, Little Fie. Well, you're still less than a year old. Do you want me to take you back to Grandma's place?"

"Papa, can I sleep here for a bit?"

"Fine, but only for a bit. I'll take you back to Grandma's after we get reacquainted with the Briefs' family. Your Mother and I will want alone time after as well. Isn't that right?"

"Hehe, you know me so well, Nao."

"Yay! Thank you, Papa!"

After Fie and Isabella answered Nao, Nao stopped rubbing her white hair. He then saw Fie curl up into a little ball. She closed her eyes, and fell asleep almost instantly. Nao soon heard light snoring.

Nao blinked his eyes seeing Fie curl up into a ball, only to start resting inside one of his arms. He then let out a sigh.

"Belle, do you think I'm spoiling Fie too much? I mean, she isn't even one year old yet..."

As Nao spoke that out in worry, he heard Isabella let out a giggle while she replied back to him.

"Hehe, that's nonsense, Nao. You're already turning out to be a very caring Father. Don't you see how much she loves you already?"

"Well, yeah, but I still can't help but worry..."

"What use is there to worry about? You'll be having a second child in no time!"


After Isabella said that, Nao saw her run her left hand down her stomach. She was currently wearing a short pink sleeveless t-shirt and light grey sweatpants, allowing her to show off her curves.

Isabella could wear what she wanted to freely without any worry. She was after all the number one galactic idol and on top of that, she had a dragon bloodline running through her veins.

Thanks to the love Nao showed her already, her b.r.e.a.s.ts have already started to swell ever so slightly. It wouldn't be long until they became larger than Elsa's. Isabella's hand soon rubbed over her lower abdomen in a circular motion.

Seeing her do this, Nao spoke out to her.

"Belle, don't tell me you're already--"

As Nao spoke that, Isabella shushed him with her spare fingers. She then spoke out to him once more.

"This shouldn't be a surprise to you Nao, should it? But I haven't shown any signs yet really. It's only been a couple days. But once I am pregnant, you're going to be in for one hell of a ride, hehe."

After Isabella said that with a giggle, Nao calmed down a bit. He then talked to her once more while Isabella parted her fingers from his lips.

"What do you mean by that, Belle?"

"Oh you'll know soon, Nao. I can talk about it later with you. But for now, let's go inside shall we?"

"Sure thing."

After Nao said that. Isabella let her tail wrap itself around her waist, much similar to Nao's. Locking arms together while trying not to disturb the sleeping Fie, they heard the shuttering of the automatic doors, and proceeded to walk inside...

As soon as they entered, they were greeted by the same reception area Nao remembered when he first entered ten years ago. He could even see a receptionist near the long counter table off to the right.

Both Nao and Isabella were relatively tall so once this receptionist lady first saw them, she had to look up a bit. Putting on the same business face she always does, she spoke out to Nao.

"Welcome to Capsule Corp. I haven't seen you guys here before, what brings you two around?"

"Good morning. We're here to see Doctor Briefs. Is he available?"

"Doctor Briefs, is it? Did you have an appointment scheduled with him? He's been rather busy as of late. Probably as a result to those Red Ribbon Army bastards running among these days."

Once the lady finished saying that, Nao saw visible anger appearance her eyes. A thought then streaked across his mind.

'So the Red Ribbon Army is running around, huh? Well that makes sense, seeing as Goku hasn't begun his adventures yet as a child. That won't begin for another six years...', Nao thought to himself.

Yet, to not keep the lady waiting, Nao quickly answered him. The lady found his calm demeanor pleasing even though he looked quite muscular. She probably thought he was a noble of sorts because of the purple posh Kai robe he was currently wearing.

"No, I haven't made an appointment unfortunately with him. You can let Doctor Briefs know an old tailed friend had come to pay him a visit. I'm sure he'll know what I mean."

"An old tailed friend...?"

As the receptionist lady began to question that, her eyes couldn't help but wander downward. She soon saw Nao's white tail and Isabella's black spade shaped tail around their waists. Nao immediately saw confusion in her eyes.

"Excuse me, sir, but are those...real?"

After Nao heard that, he chuckled lightly and replied back.

"Haha, well that's up for you to decide if they're real or not. Can you go call him over?"

"I'll see what I can do."

After she answered Nao, the lady picked up a phone and started to dial the intercom. The other side picked up, and she told Doctor Briefs about some guests arriving.

"Doctor Briefs, it appears there are some people in the lobby waiting for you. One of them has a white tail."

Once she spoke that, she heard the other side go flat after hearing loud crashing noises echo over the intercom. Nao even had to cover Fie's ears with his hands to not disturb her. He was not expecting such a reaction over the intercom.

Yet the voice he heard next didn't belong Doctor Briefs. It was a female voice that seemed very familiar to Nao. He could hear this voice yell out.

"Did you just say a white tail!? Tell me, does this person have white hair too!?"

'This voice...', Nao wondered to himself.

As he thought that the lady replied back to the panicked voice she just heard.

"Yes, if possible he would like to--"

"Just wait a damn minute! I'll be right out!"

The voice cut off the lady and the intercom went flat again. Before long they heard a nearby door shutter open and a rapid sound of moving feet coming from the right long hallway. Nao soon saw a figure approach them coming at a very fast speed.

Nao then saw this figure stop, and she let out some heavy breaths from running out of one of the nearby rooms. This figure had disheveled hair as a result. Nao saw it was cut really short, not reaching beyond her neck.

It was blond as well. She was wearing long jean overalls with button straps leading over the shoulders. A dark gray shirt with cut sleeves could be seen underneath. She even had a screwdriver in her hand since Nao interrupted her maintenance work.

After slouching over on her knees, she took a few deep breaths in. She stabilized herself and looked up, only to see a white haired man holding arms with an even taller long pink haired woman.

Seeing this, this figure spoke out to Nao.

"So it really is you, Nao! You finally got the nerve to come back here!"

"It's nice to see you again, Tights. How have you been?"

That's right. This figure was none other than the rambunctious Tights who he had met ten years ago. She was still an early teenager back then but now, she is not a teen anymore. She was now twenty three years old!