Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 156

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 156 149: Tights

"How have I been? How have I been!? Is that really the first thing yer askin' me since you poofed out of existence for the last ten years!? Thanks to you the rest of my childhood was a complete wreck! You didn't even bother to contact me!"


Tights unexpectedly yelled at him. He could even see tears start to form in her eyes, which soon turned into anger. Removing one of her leather working gloves from her hand, she walked up to Nao. He was almost a foot taller than Tights was but she didn't care.

Nao saw Tights raise her hand, and took direct aim right at his right cheek. Immediately following that, a loud slapping sound echoed at the reception area. SLAP!

A small red hand print soon became visible on his cheek. It didn't hurt but he could still feel a strong impact strike against it. Isabella even whistled seeing Tights do this.

Yet Tights ignored her reaction She only turned around, and started to walk back towards the circular hallway. After taking some steps, she stopped, and yelled out to him once more.

"Nao, get the the hell out of my sight. Yer not welcome any longer!"

Hearing this, Nao raised his eyebrows. Even though Tights had her back turned the other way, Nao saw small droplets of water start to drop onto the floor. He frowned, as it was clear Tights was now crying.

Without saying anything she began to run away, slowly disappearing into the hallway to the right. Seeing his, he looked at Isabella. She too frowned seeing Tights run away.

"Hey, Belle can you take Fie? I'm going to go after her."

"You don't need to say that twice. I didn't think you'd manage to get such a cutie to like you, hurry up and go. I'll take Little Fie back to the Palace. I'm also able to freely travel to places as well like you do. Don't underestimate a galactic idol."

"Thank you, Belle. Once I settle this matter with her, you're free to come back."

After Nao said that, Isabella smiled. Nao then passed Fie to her. Nao spread out his Ki sense, only to find Tights closing in onto the elevator leading up to the second floor.

He wanted to act fast, so without saying, Nao vanished from sight. Isabella also took out her high tech tablet phone, and after pressing some buttons on it, she, along with Fie, soon de-materialized and vanished from sight.

As the two slowly vanished from sight, Fie actually had her eyes open, since the disturbance just now caused her to wake up. She then uttered a word before they were out of sight while she watched Nao disappear.


With the three no longer in sight, the receptionist lady could only stare on in shock with her mouth agape, seeing that the room was now empty again.

"...Am I missing something here?", she uttered to herself.

With that said, Isabella and Fie returned to Planet Elosyia, while Nao reappeared right at the door leading to the elevator. He then felt something bump into him.

Tights proceeded to stumble onto the floor as a result of running into him, but Nao acted quickly, and brought Tights into his embrace.

"Tights...", Nao spoke softly to her.

"Get off of me! Didn't I tell yer not welcome here anymore!?", Tights yelled back at him.

As she did, more tears began to drop down to the floor, and even onto his robe. Nao felt Tights try to struggle and part ways, but he put enough strength in his embrace to where she couldn't escape.

Feeling this, Tights switched things up and started to hit his chest with her fists. Nao proceeded to ruffle her hair with his hand.


"Tights...I didn't know you liked me...I apologize for not keeping in contact with you these last ten years. A lot of things happened..."

As Nao tried to console her, he kept hearing her cry.

"Y-You stupid idiot! How could I fall in love with one of the first aliens I ever met...I thought something bad happened to you!"

"That doesn't matter anymore. What's important now is I came back. You're secretly glad you're able to see me again, aren't you, Tights?"


As Nao spoke that, Tights remained quiet. Letting her heart cry out in his embrace, she soon no longer fought back. Several minutes passed as Nao didn't say anything. The tears eventually stopped falling, causing Tights' eyes to turn puffy and red.

In the end, Nao wiped the rest of her tears away. she Tights then spoke out to him, still clearly shaken up.

"Yer really took yer sweet time, didn't you? Why the hell are yer even holdin' me? Wasn't that yer family back there? Just let me wallow in my sorrows in peace!"

"No can do Tights. It is true Belle is part of my family, but she isn't the only one. Like I said, a lot has happened."

"She ain't the only one? Are you two-timin'!?"

"Not exactly, Tights. It's more like, five?"


Hearing Nao say that, Tights' eyes became wide as she yelled out to him.

"Yeah. But I didn't even take your feelings into consideration at all. I really apologize for leaving you like that. What can do to make it up for you?"

As Nao asked that, Tights soon calmed down by a considerable amount. Nao then heard her sigh.

" think I'd be in love with such a pervert as well. Nao do you really think I'd forgive you for this? I mean one or two years might of been fine, but a whole frickin' ten years passed!"

"Is there really no way to start over, Tights?"

"If you really think you can start over with this, Nao, then be my guest. There is a proper order for everything!"

"What do you mean?"

Hearing Nao ask that, a hint of annoyance streaked across Tights' eyes. Grabbing his chest once again, she yelled out to him once more.

"Geez, can't take a hint already!? Just kiss me already, you fool--Mmph!?"

Even though Nao knew what she wanted, he still ended up teasing her a bit. Yet before Tights could finish her sentence, she saw Nao's head dive straight into hers.

It didn't take long before their two lips came into contact. Nao took the lead and ended up kissing her!

Yet he didn't stop there. Nao used his tongue to open the rest of her mouth. It soon met its mate, and two tongues started to dance around each other. Tights' eyes went wide once more and soon started to let out muffled m.o.a.ns.

As a result, she felt the strength escape from her legs, and Nao ended up falling on top of her. Tights' back ended up hitting the loud floor, causing a loud thud to echo in the hallway.

Yet the two ignored that, and Tights' expression soon became more gentle. She even proceeded to wrap her arms around his head.

Even though Nao saw her eyes close at this time, he knew she was enjoying it. Tights soon felt her body become hot, and enjoyed this new sensation she had never experienced before.

However, at this time, something unexpected happened. The two suddenly heard a door open nearby in the same hallway. Before long the two heard a small girlish voice who tried to reach out to Tights.

"Big sister, is everything alright? You were causing such a loud ruckus earlier...huh?"

As soon as the two heard thus voice, they paused for a moment. They still had their lips pressed against each other. Yet they still saw a relatively small figure come out of one if the nearby rooms in the same hallway they were in.

Nao soon saw what appeared to be a ten year old girl. Light blue hair that didn't even go past their heck could currently be seen tied into two small ponytails. She was currently wearing a pink-white one piece dress with black spats underneath it.

Seeing this figure appear out of the blue stunned the two for a bit. Yet before they could do anything, they saw the ice cream the small figure was currently licking suddenly drop onto the floor.

A moment of shock appeared in the small figure's eyes, but soon they started to sparkle seeing Tights kissing a man she had never seen before.

Almost instantly she turned around and started to dash toward the other end of the hallway. As she did, she shouted out with a hint of excitement.

"Papa, Mama, Big Sister finally snagged a man and brought him home!"

Hearing the small figure yell this out, Nao felt Tights start to struggle in his embrace. She finally parted her lips from his. Turning her head, she reached out her arm towards the small retreating figure. She then yelled out to her while Nao prevented Tights from leaving his embrace.

"W-Wait, Bulma, this isn't what you think!"

Hearing Tights yell that out, Bulma stopped running, and turned her head around. Bulma then spoke out to Tights with a giggle.

"Ehehe, Big Sister you can't fool me. I'll go tell Papa and Mama the good news! I won't disturb you two."


Tights tried to speak out to Bulma once more, but Bulma darted off into the shadows of the other hallway. The two soon heard the sound of an elevator opening and closing.

Nao watched this happen in amus.e.m.e.nt. He enjoyed seeing Tights react like that. He figured that other figure was Bulma, but after hearing Tights say her name, only then did he confirm his assumptions.

In a teasing tone, Nao spoke out to Tights once more.

"Well, Tights, with that out of the way, let's continue, shall we?"