Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 16

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 16 13 Explosive Growth Foreboding Crisis

Year 730 Palace Vegeta Training Grounds

The start of the next year soon arrived as Nao and Miya were focused on their last month of training. Deep within the cliffs only one figure could be seen standing while another was kneeling down next to him. The standing figure was currently Nappa, who was currently looking up the sky, with his eyes darting left and right. Two figures vanished and reappeared every few seconds causing loud booms to be heard. Nao and Miya soon reappeared again and Nao was surrounded with a snow-white aura while Miya currently had a blaze-red aura. Each aura gave off a pressure that was far stronger than the four other auras confronting them but the two could be seen panting heavily with blood dripping off their bodies. Fynn and Gin immediately rushed again while Oliver and Parsi started launching Ki volleys ahead of them, aiming at Nao and Miya. Nao and Miya still had strength to spare and quickly swerved out of the way, which the Ki volleys eventually landed on the cliffs causing magenta rock to be blasted off, falling to the ground.

Seeing Gin and Fynn rushing towards the two, Nao quickly formed white Ki around his fist and punched out at Gin. Not wanting to back away, Gin decided to meet his fist head on. Meanwhile Miya condensed fire in her palm and shot it out at Fynn.

"Flame Burst!"

"Iron Punch!"

Fynn took Miya's flame head on, He directly punched the flame causing the Ki to disperse, leaving behind small burns on his fist. Fynn continued his path, arriving directly in front of Miya and punched her right in the cheekbone in a downward motion. Miya did not expect to be hit so suddenly and received an impact causing her to fall down from the sky. Nao saw Miya get hit pretty hard but his focus soon returned to Gin. Frost soon appeared on his fist, causing it to slow down. Just as Gin tried to shake off the frost Nao quickly delivered another punch at Gin's gut, causing Gin to lean forward. This revealed his head and Nao clutched both of his hands together before he chopped down at Gin's head. Gin coughed out some blood after getting hit in the gut and he suddenly received a strong below to the head. His body then slid diagonally downwards before getting buried in the magenta sandstone. Nao then quickly flew over to Fynn and within distance he suddenly kicked out at him in straight line. Fynn saw Nao kicking at him but he soon grinned, and once Nao arrived at Fynn a second later, Fynn grabbed Nao's leg. Fynn then fiercely spun Nao around in circles, causing Nao to get dizzy, before flinging him at Miya with a strong force.

Before Nao and Miya could recover as they were flying downwards, Oliver launched another Ki volley at them and had a direct impact, causing more blood to spatter on their bodies. Parsi soon vanished from her spot only to arrive directly in front of Nao and Miya and her fist quickly launched out at them. Receiving one final impact Nao and Miya soon struck the ground and burrowed into the sandstone, just like Gin did earlier. However the two landed on their backs, causing them to spit out more blood. Several injuries could be seen on both parties, with Gin, Parsi, Fynn and Oliver being worse than Nao and Miya. The two struggled to stand up in the sandstone but their legs gave out, and panted heavily while lying on their backs. Seeing the two unable to move any longer, Nappa decided to conclude the spar between the two parties and signaled the three to come back down. Oliver was the first to reach the ground and he immediately went to go treat Gin, as he appeared to have the worst injuries of the four and was currently unconscious. Ignoring the bloody wounds on his own body, he quickly retrieved Gin, and struggled while lifting his heavy body. Parsi and Fynn soon approached the two and started to dress their wounds.

Nao and Miya were in a pit pretty far down, and after resting for a few minutes the two managed to struggle out of the hole, making it safely on to the ground. Miya soon started to wipe the blood off of Nao's body as Nao struggled to remain conscious. Out of the spars they've had with their four instructors, this one was by far the most intense one. Perhaps it was still due to lack of experience but he still could not defeat all four, and only managed to defeat one of them. Having three gang up on him at once still appeared too much for him, and wondered when he would be able to fight more appropriately against many opponents. This session was now the last session they had in these six months and had a total of twenty four spars against the four. Out of the twenty four matches, while Nao and Miya were not able to win once, they still managed to beat one or two of the four about half of the time after the first few matches ended. It did not take for Nao and Miya to get in sync with each other either but maybe that was because they were born as twins and knew how to cover each other's backs. Out of the four Nao managed to beat first, it was actually Fynn despite being the most close-combat orientated instructor.

The moment Nao rendered Fynn unconscious for the first time during their spars, he unexpectedly received another message notification from Rebirth.

*Ding!* Congratulations to host for beating their very first opponent. Host has defeated a level 20 elite saiyan. Due to the massive level difference bonus experience has been granted. Experience has doubled for host's first victory. Received 200K experience points!

Nao had a look at his status window and saw his experience skyrocket, as he only required 100 experience to reach level two. It did not stop upon reaching level 3, 4, 5....all the way to level 9. He noticed that every level he was to obtain next had an exponentially larger requirement than the previous one. After level 2, he needed 200 experience, level 3 400 experience level 5 2500 experience, level 7 12000 experience, up to his current level, which is 9. Level 9 needed a total of 65000 experience and what he saw next he could only sigh deeply in his heart. He had read a few novels in his past life where the main characters were in similar situations and it seemed Rebirth was going to put him through this as well, as he saw level 10 require 100K experience. He currently saw his experience points sit at 200,000 and was only a few thousand away from level 10. Nao wondered if he was going to ever achieve level 10 in the quest he had received but just from the first battle alone gave him so much, and he slowly started to get excited for what was to come. He also saw that he obtained stat points he could distribute.

Of the six months and twenty four matches, the intense training put his body under more stress and found that he broke past his limits more often than what he experienced back in the training room. He felt it about half of the time this time around, and unlike receiving a 50 point increase, he felt his BP go up by 100 every time he broke his limits! He heard 11 other notifications during the 24 matches and an additional 88 notifications, making it 100 overall. Besides the 11 notifications that increased his level even further, every other one he determined to be an increase in his BP and his right eye started to twitch after the first few dozen notifications occurred.

*Ding! Host has defeated a level 20 elite saiyan. Received 75000 experience. Host has leveled up!

*Ding! Host has defeated a level 22 elite saiyan. Received 90000 experience.

*Ding! Host has defeated a level 24 elite saiyan. Received 105000 experience. Host has leveled up!

*Ding! Host has defeated a level 25 elite saiyan. Received 120000 experience.





BP has increased by 100!

BP has increased by 100!

BP has increased by 100!





Nao soon became numb to the flurry of notifications received by Rebirth within the last six months. After seeing his final notification end, he decided to have a look at his status window and was pretty surprised on how much he has gained.


Name: Nao

Race: Saiyan, *hidden*

Level: 13

EXP: 950,000

EXP Needed for next level : 191,200

HP: 1660

MP: 205

Battle Power: 25155

STR: 23

DEF: 23

DEX: 10

INT: 24

WIS: 11

LUC: 6

Available Points: 130

Rebirths: 1

RP (Rebirth Points): 30,000

Planes (worlds) created: 1

Inventory: N/A

Titles: First Player, Plane Creator, Reincarnator



-Frost Fist : Level 0

-Ki : Level 1

-Fly : Level 1


Before Nao could have a further look on what stats have changed, he suddenly heard another notification from Rebirth.

*Ding! Host has met the qualifications for Training I. Host has achieved the three requirements, and the rewards have been given out. Host must immediately choose between a 10x Gacha ticket or 1 Rebirth Wheel spin. If host does not choose within 60 seconds the bonus reward will be forfeited.

Nao did not hesitate at once and immediately chose the Rebirth Wheel spin, as the latter was far more rare than the Gacha tickets that he could buy in the shop once he had enough RP. He also saw that he had a total of 30K RP. Before having a look at the skill he acquired, he saw the Rebirth Wheel flashing, and decided to open it, causing the imaginary wheel to once again appear at the back of his mind. He saw it start to spin faster and faster and after 60 seconds, the spinner stopped on a blue panel, and the blue panel shone, revealing another item.

*Ding! Host has received Rare Item, Instant Transmission Tablet (1 use)


*Allows host to use the Instant Transmission skill the Yardrat civilization has developed over time for one use only. Tablet will break after it is consumed. Tread carefully on when to use it!

Slightly disappointed that the wheel only gave Nao a rare item and not a super rare item like previously, he was expecting something a bit more than what he just received. However as it is only a one-use item, it was probably best for him to save it as he currently did not have a use for it. Nao then decided to look at the skill he received.

Frost Aura : Level 1


*Frost Aura empowers the ice and frost released by host's aura. Further improvement increases the aura's radius and chilling power. Host appears to have an affinity with ice.

Nao became pretty excited upon receiving a new skill that benefited his aura. Subconsciously, he decided to release his aura once again to test it out. White aura soon began to appear around Nao again and frost started to spread out, 1...5...10 meters...his aura did not stop spreading and soon reached 50 meters. The five elite saiyans and Nappa soon noticed white aura released from Nao and noticed the ground start to change color. As they were not too far away they got caught up in the radius and felt cold once the frost reached them. As it was only level one Nao did not have the power to completely freeze them over yet but he immediately saw the effects regardless. A few moments later Nao's breath started to turn ragged and his remaining Ki was rapidly consumed. Before long his aura soon dissipated and once he felt no more strength in his body, Nao's vision soon went black and collapsed on the ground. Miya noticed this immediately and became worried, but after looking at him for a bit she could see Nao sleeping peacefully and let out a sigh of relief.

During this unexpected short event, the saiyan guard gave a report to Nappa and Nappa approached Gin, Oliver, Fynn, Parsi and Paragus to inform them of the situation at hand. The news they received shocked them greatly and knew that a battle would soon be inevitable. The five nodded at each other and Nappa then dismissed the guard. Before long the guard soon vanished within the tunnel leading to the Palace. After the guard was gone, Nappa approached Miya and the sleeping Nao with a grin.

"Listen up Miya. This spar concludes the scheduled training we had prepared for you two. However while the training is mostly done we still have one final thing His Majesty asked for you two to partake in. Those Tuffles have been sighted near our city and is approaching with an army as we speak. You two, together with Gin, Oliver, Fynn, Parsi and Paragus will assist His Majesty to kill the rest of those damn Tuffles. War is finally upon us, Haha! It's time to put your training to use. Inform your brother once he wakes up. We will depart tomorrow."