Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 160

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 160 153: Merus Returns

Year 743 June Planet Elosyia, Palace Elosa.

Four figures soon emerged from the long hallway that connected the royal bedroom to the throne room. Whereas nine other figures stood around the throne.

Planet Elosyia itself had come a long ways since its massacre that happened over thirty years ago. Among its royalty, only Queen Elena and Princess Elsa remained alive.

As for the rest of the population, only around two hundred remained. After thirty or so years have passed, despite their low birth rate, they managed to increase it to around five hundred. Everything now appeared brighter in their eyes and they were able to restore the planet's forests back to their former glory.

On top of that, Elsa's engagement and wedding was recently announced to the public, causing all of the Elosyians to enter a festive mood. Bardock and Gine weren't left out either. He ended up getting Gine pregnant again, meaning Goku would soon have a younger sibling!

While everything was fine and dandy on the outside, a huge headache was brewing inside Palace Elosa. More specifically, Elsa felt a huge headache coming as she saw a figure she hadn't seen before currently locking arms with Nao.

Once Nao came within distance of Elsa, Fie tried to rush toward him, but Queen Elena held her back. Queen Elena suspected that something would happen, so Fie could only watch on from her embrace.

Elsa rubbed her temples a bit and started to tap her right arm with her fingers as she watched Tights and Nao. She then spoke out to Nao with an angry tone.

"And exactly who is this supposed to be, Nao? You know our wedding is less than a month away now. You can't just keep bringing more girls home without my prior consent. Don't tell me she is to be added to the wedding too?"

Hearing Elsa start to yell at him, Nao could only scratch the side of his cheek with his finger before replying back to her.

"Haha, I must say this was rather unexpected, but Elsa, this is Tights. She will be a member of our family starting today, but you don't need to worry. We already have a mutual agreement to remain as lovers."

After Nao spoke that, Elsa's eyes twitched a bit. Yet she heard Tights speak up before she could.

"So yer really gettin' married, Nao?"

"Yeah. I originally wanted to invite your family to our wedding, but I didn't know it would turn out like this. Would you still be interested in attending, Tights?"

"Of course I would! Heck I still can't believe I'm standin' on an alien planet god knows how far away from Earth it is. Goin' to a alien wedding sounds really excitin.", Tights said with an excited look in her eyes.

Hearing Tights' accent caused Elsa to freeze for a moment. She was not expecting to hear her speak like that, but before she could do anything, Chelsea walked up beside her and spoke out to Tights.

"Excuse me, but did you just say you're from Earth?"

"That's right. Born and raised as the first daughter in the wealthiest family on planet Earth, the Capsule Corporation. I'm Tights. Who are you?"

"It's nice to meet you, Tights. I'm Chelsea. One of Nao's fiancs. Hearing that name Capsule Corporation rings a bell for some reason..."

As Chelsea began to introduce herself while trying to think of where she heard that name, Elsa could only let out a sigh. Getting angry over this will lead them nowhere, especially since they have a dinner to attend. All of them were currently in their formal wear after all.

While Chelsea was not as into Anime and Manga in Nao's past life, she did dabble in it here and there. She did know she was currently in the D*Z world, but she hadn't watched much of it. This name remained on the tip of her tongue, but in the end she heard Elsa cough slightly before speaking out to Nao and Tights once more, causing Chelsea to turn silent.

"Well, I'll forgive you this time, okay, Nao? Our family is getting pretty big as it is already. I might as well introduce myself and the others too. Welcome to the family, Tights. I'm Elsa, the sole Princess of this planet you're currently on, which is Planet Elosyia. I will be Nao's First Wife and acting manager for his harem. You will be able to consult with me if you have any problems that arise."

Elsa began to introduce herself to Tights in a formal tone. She even stretched out her right hand, allowing Tights to shake it. After she took the helm, the others began to introduce themselves, starting with the rest of Nao's family. Oscar, Iona, their two maids Roti and Neo, his sister Miya. Queen Elena introduced herself next, and Tights couldn't help but stare at her large chest for a brief moment while she introduced herself as Elsa's mother.

Following Queen Elena, the other fiancs introduced themselves as well, Sayuri and Isabella. Nao currently had a total of five fiancs, being Elsa, Miya, Sayuri, Isabella, and Chelsea. Chelsea wanted to spend the rest of her life with Nao, so she did end up proposing to him a while back. She is similar to Tights in a way, but Chelsea was ready for that commitment, whereas Tights only wanted to start a family with Nao. Tights did not care for marriage.

And last but not least, Nao slowly walked over to the throne where Queen Elana was currently sitting. He removed Tights' arms along the way, and bent down to pick up a small light blue skinned child with pointy ears wearing a similar robe to him, appearing no taller than three feet into his embrace. This was none other than Fie, the newborn Supreme Kai that hatched out of the golden apple at the beginning of this year. She yelled out in joy seeing Nao pick her up..

"Yay, it's Papa!", Fie exclaimed as she started to rub her head against his chest.

Seeing this, Nao began to ruffle her spiky white hair. He then spoke out to her with a loving tone.

"Did you enjoy a good nap, Fie? We're about to head to dinner, you must be hungry too."

As if it were on cue, after Fie heard Nao say that, her stomach started to growl. This incited everyone to release their current tensions, and let out a laugh. Nao spoke out to her once again.

"Well I guess you are hungry after all, haha!"

Hearing Nao say that, Fie began to pout.

"Don't tease Fie, Papa! I haven't eaten anything yet after waking up from my nap!"

"I'm sorry, Fie, but you're just so cute, I couldn't help but tease you a bit. Come, I'll let you say hello to Auntie Tights."

"Auntie Tights?"

After Nao said that, Fie blinked her eyes at him. With Fie now in his embrace, Nao walked back over to Tights. Nao then introduced Fie to her.

"Tights, this is my daughter, Fie. She was just born this year. Her situation is rather special, but I do hope you'll get along with her."

After Nao said that, he brought Fie right up to Tights. The two of them had a good look at each other without blinking. Tights then smiled, and ended up pinching her cheek.

"She really is cute, Nao. So yer name is Fie?"

"Yeah! I like you, Auntie Tights. You're a lot better than that old wrinkly green person Papa introduced me to earlier today. I didn't like him."

"Haha, well that's a plus hearin' that from you. Say, Fie would you like a little brother or sister to play with?"

"I do! I really love Papa and everyone else already but I'm an only child right now."

"Well, it may not be long until you get to see one Fie. Yer Papa has a lot of hard work ahead of him."

Hearing Tights say that, Fie's eyes started to sparkle. Nao then saw tights caress her lower abdomen. The others stood there dazed seeing Tights do this. Elsa could only let out another sigh, as she tried to urge everyone on.

"Looks like things are going to get hectic soon. But Nao, Sister Belle said that we were going to attend a dinner. We're not running late are we?"

"No, I made sure to have everyone get ready before it started. We'll be heading off to Planet Earth. Chelsea, please do keep in mind this isn't the Earth you're familiar with."

"I know, Nao. I'm curious to see what the difference is. Let's get going, I'm starving!", Chelsea exclaimed.

After Chelsea said that, even her stomach started to growl a bit. This appeared to cause a chain reaction, and everyone else's stomachs reacted the same way. The group let out another round of laughs. Queen Elena got up from her throne. Everyone proceeded to gather around Nao.

However, they all heard suddenly heard a voice echo in the throne room before they were about to to depart. It wasn't just one voice either, but it turned out to be multiple voices!

"Oh my, it looks like you guys are off to something fun. Would you have room for two more?", said by a polite voice.

"Gahaha, it looks like we're not the only ones doing a surprise visit. Hopefully you guys can have room for four of us!", said by a deep voice who let out a guffaw while speaking that.

"Well, well, guess I wasn't the only one planning to drop down on your guys' parade. Looks like everyone has already gathered as well. Fantastic!", a girlish voice said.

"Even though I dislike comin' inside here, we were still offered an invite. Can't really turn that down from someone like you, Nao. So what's this gatherin' for?"

After everyone gathered around Nao, the group heard voice after voice echo in the throne room. To start them off, a rainbow pillar suddenly descended from the sky. Thankfully it didn't destroy the roof this time, but nonetheless, it revealed Whis and Beerus, who dropped down next to them. Beerus could be seen scratching one of his teeth with his claw while yawning.

After Whis and Beerus, a giant pale blue portal tore itself from space nearby, revealing four more figures. Two very tall purple haired men with two black spade shaped tails each wearing black tuxedo suits came out. A short haired pink mature woman with one black spade shaped tail, along with another long haired pink woman who appeared quite shy, shortly came out after those two. These four were Nim, Jake, Isabella's Mother, and Princess Dia respectively!

Following those four, four more figures materialized out of nothingness. A Kai-Kai chant resounded in the room as that happened. They were the Supreme Kai of Time, Xeno Trunks, Xeno Vegeta and Xeno Goku respectively! The latter three appeared more serious this time, and each of them had a calm demeanor, as though they weren't looking for trouble.

To top things off, the last voice belonged none other than Bardock! He calmly flew up the stairs leading into the throne room right above the giant red carpet along the way. He was currently carrying Gine, whose belly was rather large, expanding almost a foot long. Yet despite that, Gine spoke out in complaint while Bardock carried her.

"Come on Bardock, I can at least walk. You don't have to take me all the way there personally. The baby's been doing fine."

"No can do, Gine. You're in a precious state right now. I want to try actin' like a father for once in my life since we no longer take missions from that bastard. I've got a lot more free time on my hands and a stable income now too. Bein' a hunter in the patrol groups huntin' in the forests nearby has been quite enjoyable."


Hearing Gine speak out once more, Bardock sealed her lips with his finger. They stopped exchanging conversation and soon touched down beside by everyone else. By now it had become a massive group of people.

Nao, Miya, Oscar, Iona, Roti, Neo, Fie, Queen Elena, Elsa, Sayuri, Isabella, Chelsea, Tights, Nim, Jake, Isabella's Mother, Princess Dia, the Supreme Kai of Time, Xeno Trunks, Xeno Vegeta, Xeno Goku, and now Bardock and Gine, totaling twenty three people! This was turning out to be quite the gathering!

Nao could only smile wryly seeing this many people show up. Whis and Beerus he had expected, but the others he did not. Whis and Beerus went wherever delicious food went, so of course they couldn't have been left out. He then took a glance at Isabella, who locked eyes with him. She grinned back, as if she knew this would happen.

Well, Nao did dismiss Isabella and Fie early back on planet Earth, yet he didn't know that Isabella actually went ahead and sent invites to everyone! He did have plans ti do that himself, but Isabella jumped the gun.

Anyways, Nao turned his head again and saw Bardock and Gine arrive. He hadn't been in contact with the two lately besides the news his mother gave him every so often. This was his first time seeing Gine pregnant!

Everyone had now gathered around, so Nao took this time to walk toward Beerus. The Supreme Kai also ignored the people she brought with her and walked up next to Nao. The both of them knelt in front of Beerus, causing surprise to appear in the guests that arrived, but not Nao's family as they were used to seeing this.

"Lord Beerus, welcome. I know Belle had sent invitations to the others, were you two observing as well?"

"You could say that. I dare say you've been keeping such a great secret from me, Nao. This Planet Earth must contain some really tasty food if you're planning to visit it in person. I must try some for myself."

"Your presence is always welcome, Lord Beerus. We really must be going now though. There aren't any more surprises, are there?"

Hearing Nao ask that, Whis put his hand over his mouth, letting out a light chuckle as he spoke back to him.

"Ohoho, maybe just one more, Nao. Oh, it appears they're arriving now."


After Whis finished saying that, another rainbow pillar suddenly descended right next to them. It wasn't the Grand Minister this time either. Yet an Angel of height similar to him could be seen.

Once the pillar vanished, a light purple skinned humanoid appeared. An Angel staff was seen held in his left hand, and it had two small blue rings floating around its obsidian orb. A larger light blue halo floated around his neck and he had his hair still shaped like a cut bowl.

That's right, this was none other than Merus, Universe 7's Angel in training! He had finally descended onto the mortal realm once more. He had yet to make an appearance ever since the Grand Minister brought him back back to the Angel Realm for self reflection.

Seeing Merus appear surprised everyone, and some didn't even know who he was. Yet before anyone could act, Sayuri quickly dashed forth, appearing right beside Nao. She was now within a couple meters of Merus, and her cat tail started to swing back and forth happily.

"Brother Merus, is that really you!?", Sayuri exclaimed.

"Well if it isn't Sister Sayuri, how have you been?"

Hearing Sayuri ask that, Merus smiled. He then slowly walked up to her and Nao. Reaching out his spare hand, he tried to rub Sayuri and her fox ears.

Sayuri became dazed for a moment, but Merus saw her blush and she quickly moved her hands over her head, protecting her ears from Merus' hand. She then stuttered as she spoke out to him.

"I-I'm sorry, Brother Merus, but I made a promise that only Nao can touch my ears...Have you heard the news about us yet?"

"Is that so? I do apologize for doing that then, Sister Sayuri. And yes, Father told me. He too wanted to come, but he sent me instead. He is guarding Lord Zeno so Lord Zeno won't wake up from his nap. I'm still in my self reflection period but he granted an exception this one time. I must offer my congratulations to your engagement. Please take good care of her for me, Nao. I treat her as family."

"Ehehe, thank you, Brother Merus!"

"Don't you worry, Merus. I will take good care of Sayuri."

Hearing Sayuri giggle and Nao's reply, a warm smile was brought to the group. Yet that didn't last for long. Typical as Beerus can be, he soon started to get bit irritated, and yelled out.

"Can't we go ahead and leave already? Planet Earth's food better be delicious Nao, otherwise you can count me out. I'll head back to my own place if it isn't."