Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 161

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 161 154: Goku Bardock

Once Beerus said that with an irritated tone, it caused Nao to let out a light chuckle. His chuckle soon caused the rest of his family to let out a small laugh. The rest of the guests stayed quiet, however.

Especially for Bardock. He was still taking in everything tat he was observing right now. He clearly remembered the fight Nao had with Beerus. Even though his eyes locked fir a mere moment with Nao's, he could see his red hair!

Bardock couldn't sense Nao's energy either. He could only assume that Nao had achieved a form beyond the Super Saiyan. He did mot know about the legend of the Super Saiyan God as that was a strictly kept secret within Palace Vegeta and was only passed down orally among the righteous Saiyans when they were still alive.

Even Iona never told Gine about it. It was very tight lipped. Still, Nao's fight had shocked Bardock to the core, he had no idea Saiyans could get that powerful. And seeing him kneel before that purple n.a.k.e.d cat humanoid shocked him even more.

Bardock could only assume this figure, who was none other than Beerus, was far stronger than Nao! Yet those thoughts soon vanished and his heart soon went into turmoil. His gaze shifted to the man with the Power Pole strapped on their back standing still, who was observing the Supreme Kai of Time.

Bardock could only see their back, but he could see the back of his black spiky hair as well. 'Why is this guy givin' a familiar feelin' to me, just who exactly is he?', Bardock thought to himself.

Yet before he could say anything, Nao stood up and with another chuckle, he started to speak out to everyone.

"Haha, I won't keep you waiting any longer, Lord Beerus. Come gather closer to me, everyone. I will teleport us all there directly. Please form a circle around me and link your hands together."

Hearing Nao say that, Miya went up first to place her hand on his back. The Supreme Kai of Time went next, placing her hand on Fie. Fie smiled as its been a while since she had last seen her. Her eyes then darted back and forth seeing over twenty people start to huddle together.

The girls and Nao's family joined after Miya while Whis and Beerus went behind the Supreme Kai of Time. Before long only Trunks, Goku, Vegeta, Bardock and Gine were left.

Seeing these five not moving, Nao decided to speak out to them. Nao could see Bardock standing still in a daze staring at Goku's back as well.

"What's keeping you guys? If we don't hurry we're going to be late."

Once Nao said that, Vegeta clicked his tongue before speaking out.

"Tch, looks like no matter where we end up, I'm always stuck with you, Kakarot."

Hearing Vegeta complain, Goku rubbed his nose and laughed.

"Haha, don't be like that Vegeta. We're gettin' free food. Don't tell me you don't want to grab Lord Beerus' hand? Or are you still scared after you remembered him?"

Once Goku said that, Beerus grinned, and purposely extended his spare hand out. He then spoke out to Vegeta.

"So it looks like you finally remembered who I am, Prince Vegeta. Even though you're of a different time, I wouldn't see any difference between me and another me. Come on now, I don't bite."

After the three started to make light conversation, a bolt of lightning seemed to have cracked down inside Bardock's mind. He then approached Goku, and spoke out out with a serious tone.

"Hey. Did you just say your name was Kakarot?"

Hearing Bardock ask that, Goku finally turned around for the first time. He soon saw a spitting image of him, only with a cross shaped scar on his cheek and appeared more rough. This confused him, yet he could feel a strange familiarity coming from Bardock.

He soon saw a brown tail wrapped around his waist, while Gine's dangled down below it. Gine became shocked hearing Bardock ask that. She then came up to Bardock, and held his hand.

"That's right. I do go by Kakarot which is my Saiyan name, but I usually go by Son Goku since I was raised on planet Earth. You look exactly like me and you're even a Saiyan too. Who exactly are you?"

Hearing this, Bardock ended up smiling. As it turned out this figure was none other than their son, Kakarot! Yet he was all grown up. Bardock knew their son was only six years old this year, so he reached the conclusion that this was a different Kakarot.

He found it hard to believe, but he himself has the power to glimpse into the future. Knowing that Gods exist as well, nothing would seem impossible anymore. With that said, Bardock decided to keep the conversation short.

This Kakarot had his own life, while his son had his.

"The name's Bardock, and this my wife, Gine. We're indeed Saiyans born and raised on Planet Vegeta. It's nice to meet you. Same goes for you, Prince Vegeta. We can talk more if you two would like after we eat."

Hearing Bardock introduce himself, even Vegeta looked at him, who was now holding onto Beerus' hand. Gine tried to speak at this time, but she saw the look in Bardock's eyes, as if it were telling her to stay quiet.

Without saying anything more, Bardock walked up next to Vegeta and grabbed his hand. Gine followed him in silence while she had a good look at her grown son, and gave him a smile along the way.

This now let Goku the last person to join the circle. He kept quiet as they passed him, and he could only shrug this feeling off for now. He then joined up, and held his hand with Gine's. As soon as he did that sense of familiarity struck him once again.

Gine only smiled back at him, but just this alone seemed to have triggered something inside Goku's head. Despite losing all of his memories by falling into a deep ravine and getting hit in the head as a child, triggers could still happen.

Goku suddenly saw a very brief glimpse of an unkempt black haired woman standing next to a black spiky haired man yelling out to him with tears falling down her eyes. Yet this brief vision vanished just about as quickly as it came. His eyes turned wide a bit as he tried to speak out to Gine.

"Y-You can't possibly be--"

As Goku tried to speak out to Gine, he was suddenly interrupted her finger which Gine placed on his lips.

"Let's talk more after dinner, okay?"

Hearing Gine say that, Goku could only nod. The circle was now fully formed. Nao stayed quiet as he wanted to see how this would play out between Goku, Bardock, and Gine. Based off Goku's reaction just now, he probably just figured out who these two were.

Thankfully Bardock decided to keep quiet for now, and it looks like the three will talk more after eating.

Nao still wanted to keep things moving along. Cycling a bit of his Godly Ki, he suddenly spoke out a chant.

"Let's get going, everyone, shall we? Kai-Kai!"

With that said, all twenty four people soon vanished out of sight, leaving Palace Elosa quiet once again. Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, these same twenty four figures reappeared inside the lobby of Capsule Corp.

Thankfully it was nighttime now and the receptionist lady went home for the day. Everyone let go of their hands, and started to laze around. Tights took this time and approached Nao.

Giving him a quick peck on the lips, Tights then spoke put to him.

"I'm going to go call for Papa so we can get this party started!"

Nao felt the warmth of her lips after she kissed him, and before long, Tights vanished from sight. The other girls weren't expecting Tights to kiss him all of a sudden, causing them to be left behind, dazed.