Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 162

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 162 155: Eve Of The Banquet At Capsule Corporation

After Tights left, the group began to laze around. Merus, Whis and Beerus went off to one end of the hallway where Beerus soon leaned his back to it. Nao saw them enter idle chatter.

It didn't take long before the Supreme Kai of Time, Trunks, Vegeta and Goku walked to the other side. The Supreme Kai of Time took a quick glance at Nao's hand, only to see the two Time Rings still on it.

She then let out a sigh before she closed her eyes after reaching the end. 'One of these days you're going to have to overcome this hurdle, Nao. Suppressing the power of Time may come to harm you...The Time Ring can only do so much.', She thought to herself.

As The Supreme Kai of Time entered her own thoughts, Goku had another look at Bardock and Gine, before he started to talk with Vegeta and Trunks.

Oscar and Iona soon walked up toward Bardock and Gine, and they also split off from the group, and headed inside toward the Green Room, an indoor park-like facility to where they can relax. Gine was still pregnant after all, and she was due very soon.

This left Nao with Fie, the girls, Queen Elena, Nim, Jake and Isabella's Mother. Queen Elena took this time to approach Nao, and spoke out to him.

"This place feels pretty cozy. You came here when you were a child, right, Nao? How did you even find this planet? I can sense we're at the edge of this Universe, it's really far away from ours!"

"Simple really, Auntie Gine actually knew the coordinates. According to her this planet is very low in power but it has really great scenery. I decided to go on an adventure at that time with Miya to train. The first time I used Gate to come here it almost depleted my stamina. If I didn't use Gate, I think it would take about ten months of space travel to reach here from my home world."

"Ten months, huh? That's pretty long. Do the natives here know about the existence of other races?"

"Well that's only without any space warps. But still, only a select few know but most of them are ignorant. This planet is actually under protection of the Galactic Patrol. I met Jaco here actually."

"Is that so? I was going to invite Little Fie to do some exploring. Would that be fine with you?"

Hearing Queen Elena say that, Fie's eyes started to sparkle.

"Papa, can I go explore with Grandma? Please?"

After Fie asked that, Nao ruffled her hair a bit before answering her.

"Of course you can, Fie. Just don't cause any trouble okay? It's probably going to take thirty to sixty minutes to set up the party. I'll entrust Fie to you as always, Miss Elena."

"Don't you worry Nao. I had my Mana scan the surrounding areas and you're right, the natives are insanely weak. Come, Little Fie, let's go outside."


After Queen Elena said that, she walked up right next to Nao. Nao passed Fie to her and before long the two exited the building. Nao was now left alone with the girls and Isabella's family.

Nao soon saw a short pink haired beautiful mature woman clad in a dark purple one piece dress walk up to him. She too had a black spade shaped tail like Isabella's. She did a small curtsy, before she spoke out to him.

"So you must be the man my daughter has been infatuated with. It's finally a pleasure to meet you, Nao. You can call me Vivian, or Vi for short."

To respond to Vivian in kind, he did a light bow.

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Vivian. Meeting Belle was a great blessing. She has been great to me in more ways than one. I'm sure you already know, right? Haha!"

After hearing Nao said that, he let out a laugh. Isabella smiled and walked up next to him. She then placed her arm over his shoulder.

"That's right, Mother. I'm really glad you and Papa could make it. Speaking of which, how has Papa been? He still seems to be dazed most of the time."

Hearing Isabella ask that, Nao saw Vivian place one of her hands over her mouth and let out a chuckle.

"Fufu, you two are to blame for that one. Jake still hasn't recovered yet. I've been showering him with love here and there but it's going to take some time to heal him. I didn't know you could be so dirty, Belle."

"But I was just upholding our tradition, Mother. It's not like I'm the only dirty one though, right? I heard about your time with Papa from Grandpa too hehe."

As Isabella and Vivian exchanged some laughs, Chelsea, Elsa and Sayuri looked on with confusion in their eyes. Elsa raised her eyebrows, then turned over to Miya who was strangely quiet. She saw her face beet red. Seeing her act like this, Elsa spoke out to her.

"Are you okay, Miya? Do you know what she's talking about?"

Hearing Elsa ask her, Miya didn't respond to a moment. She then became fidgety, twirling her fingers around together.

Pulling down Elsa toward her, Miya whispered something into Elsa's ears. Nao saw Miya do this, and figured she was going to explain what happened that day.

"Sister Belle and I...may have live-streamed us doing it with Brother to Sister's Belle family..."

"You...DID WHAT!?"

As soon as Miya said that, Elsa's long ears turned slightly red as she yelled that out. Her yell immediately caught everyone's attention for a brief moment, before they resumed their own conversations. Elsa quieted her voice. She then dragged off Miya, Chelsea, and Sayuri off to the Green Room, leaving behind Nao and Isabella with her family. Nao could only sigh as they saw the girls retreating.

"Guess some things can't be kept a secret for too long, right? Well, it was a once in a lifetime experience. I don't see myself doing something like that again, anyways."

"Well I was going to break it to them sooner or later, but I guess Mother beat me to it, hehe. Why don't we head inside there as well? I couldn't go in the last time I was here. I'm sure my Mother wants to meet yours as well, right?"

"Sure, we can do that."

"Sounds good to me. Jake dear, let's go."


After the group acknowledged that, Isabella removed her arm, and moved it downward, grabbing a hold of Nao's hand. Seeing the two act intimately in public and not be shy about it brought a smile to Vivian's face.

Yet Jake could feel nothing, as if he had the life sucked out of him. Nim, on the other hand, let out a bellow. Seeing Jake not react, Vivian could only walk around to his back, and started to push him forward.

It was quite funny to watch seeing Jake get pushed by a woman a little more than half his height into the Green Room, but she could do it with ease after Vivian activated a bit of her Ki onto her hands.

The moment she did caught Vegeta, Trunks and Goku's attention, but Vivian vanished from sight before the three could do anything. Nim, Nao and Isabella soon followed behind the two. Isabella watched her Father with a worried look as they began to walk.

'Guess letting Papa see that took a toll on him. He'll likely snap out of it soon though. Daddy Nao is working hard to give him a grandchild, hehe. Hopefully it won't take long before signs start to appear. Once Nao learns how long our pregnancy usually lasts for, he'll be in for a hell of a ride...', Isabella thought to herself.

After Isabella thought that, the group soon joined the girls and Nao's family inside the Green Room. Idle chatter began to echo in the first floor. Meanwhile inside a certain room on the second floor, two figures could be seen.

They were none other than Bulma and Tights. Tights had long informed Doctor Briefs that about twenty people had arrived for the dinner tonight, and she wanted him to make it an actual banquet instead of a casual dinner. Doctor Briefs and his wife acknowledged her wish and started to set things up around the second floor balcony.

The very same balcony where the feasts usually happen in the original story! With that said, Bulma and Tights were currently in Tights' room.

Bulma was swinging her legs up and down as she laid on her stomach with her arms propping her head up while she watched Tights. Tights could be seen n.a.k.e.d with only a pair of white panties on, standing in front of a mirror.

She currently had two one piece dresses, one in each hand, and she moved them back and forth, comparing each one over her body. One was pure white while the other was pure black. Indecisiveness could be seen in her eyes. She then spoke out to Bulma.

"I still can't decide which one is best for me. I don't wear dresses much. But I'm leaning more toward the white one. What do you think, Bulma?"

"You should wear the black one, big sis! It looks quite s.e.xy on you. Your boyfriend will love it for sure!"

"Tch, you don't even know what s.e.xy means. Yer still just a brat, Bulma. Where did you even hear that word, anyways?"

"From those dirty magazines underneath Papa's bed."

"Those are somethin' a brat like you shouldn't even look at yet! I would like to yell at you some more for even venturin' under there, but we're short on time. Help yer big sis get this on. I hope it's not too tight..."


Tights wanted to scold Bulma for saying that, but she had little time to spare. In the end, Tights tossed the white dress aside, and chose the black one. It would definitely bring out her allure. Nao even had taken her purity away just a few hours ago. Remembering that, her cheeks began to blush, and unconsciously began to rub her lower abdomen.

Seeing this, Bulma became confused, and spoke out to her.

"Big sis, why are you rubbing your belly? Are you not feeling well?"

Hearing Bulma's question snapped Tights out of her daze. She retracted her hand, and proceeded to rub Bulma's head.

"Nah, I'm feelin' fine, Bulma. It's a blessin' to me either way. Hopefully sooner than later...But for now, come, Bulma. I'll tell you the story of how I met Nao while I get this dress on."

After Tights said that, Bulma began to smile. She then happily answered her.


'With that said, with Bulma's help, Tights began to put on the black dress. Even though the stars were likely to be Nao and his fiancs tonight, she did not want out to lose out. This was her own way of competing against the others for his affection, but it would only be a small one at best.

Tights valued healthy and harmonious relationsh.i.p.s quite high. She wanted to get along with the other girls to the best ability she could. The other girls also seemed to welcome her with a warm heart, and that caused her to smile.

(A/N : For those who have been clueless up to this point, there will be no heavy drama shit in this story relationship-wise. I hate drama lol.)

Anyways, while Bulma helped Tights get her dress on, the sands of time slowly began to churn again. The outside balcony became complete with several tables spread around. Even food stalls containing five star chefs were lined further in the back.

It just went to show that Capsule Corp. was indeed the richest family on planet Earth. Before long, Tights, along with her family, began to make their back sown to the first floor.

Nao had sensed this, and started to gather everyone up. Beerus let out a yawn, and complained it was about damn time for the dinner to start. Queen Elena and Fie also returned at this time and were rather famished as well.

Yet despite that, Tights could only walk stiffly along the long curved hallway. She even had black heels on. Panchy had to support Tights so she wouldn't fall down.

Along the way, Panchy let out a giggle and spoke out to her.

"You'll get used to this in due time, Tights my dear. Nao has been waiting for a while, you should hurry to his side."

"This is really uncomfortable, but I'll try my best..."

After Tights said that, Panchy released her. Tights soon managed to stabilize her footing. Tights then entered the receptionist area and the first thing she saw was Nao.

Seeing Tights in her black dress caused Nao's eyes to turn wide with shock. Even the girls beside him became stunned. Without saying anything, Tights walked up beside Nao and turned toward the gathered group.


Tights did a light curtsy, and spoke out to them while introducing herself.

"I'm Tights, and I welcome you all to Capsule Corporation. A banquet is now ready on our balcony. I hope you guys will be able to enjoy the feast we have prepared tonight. With that said, let's get this party started!"

Light applause echoed in the reception room. Everyone soon began to head toward the second floor. The banquet had officially begun, but little did Nao know he was about to taken to a certain place. A place where he would least expect it!