Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 163

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 163 156: A Slip In Time Entering Historia

After Tights finished her speech, light applause echoed in the reception area. Everyone but Tights, Isabella and Nao began to follow Doctor Briefs and his family into the hallway. It didn't take long before the group split into two to go inside the elevator.

Vegeta ended up getting stuck beside Beerus inside the elevator, and could only curse his bad luck. Goku chuckled seeing Vegeta's expression as the door closed on him. Goku remained behind with Bardock and Gine since he was planning to sit with them during the banquet.

Speaking of which, even those three weren't exempt from wearing suits either. The Saiyans did not have it easy for the event tonight. Vegeta ended up wearing a black suit, Goku a light tan one, while Trunks a pure white tux.

The Supreme Kai of Time made that a mandatory requirement if the three were to attend this, even though Goku and Vegeta were now members of the Time Patrol. Even a high rank member like Trunks had to comply with her.

But with that said, the second group soon entered the elevator and before long, Tights Isabella and Nao were left alone. Tights then turned around to Nao, and Nao found her very alluring. She then twirled her dress around before she spoke out to him.

"So, what do you think, Nao? It's rather uncomfortable since I don't like to wear dresses much, but I think it looks it fine?"

Hearing Tights ask that, Nao brought her into his embrace. After giving her a kiss on the lips, he spoke out to her.

"Of course it looks fine on you, Tights. You look really great wearing black. I almost mistook you for someone else. It's a shame I can't eat you right now."

After Nao complemented Tights, she clasped her hand against his. She finally noticed the two exquisite silver and green rings he had on his two fingers. She had seen him wear them during their rounds of s.e.x as well, but she was too occupied at that time and couldn't ask him about it. She then spoke out to him with a smile.

"We will have plenty of time for that durin' the afterparty, Nao, but I've always been wonderin', why do you wear these two rings? They look far from weddin' rings to me..."

As Tights began to inquire about Nao's Time Rings, he soon turned quiet. Tights did not expect this reaction and grew a bit worried. She only saw Nao turn his head toward Isabella, and spoke out to her.

"...Should we tell her, Belle? I'd feel bad to leave her out of this since she is part of our family now. She has a right to know."

"I agree. We can talk along the way. Let's head up to where everyone else is."

Hearing Isabella say that, Nao and Tights nodded. They began to walk toward the elevator and talk about the Time Ring the Supreme Kai of Time had gifted him many years ago. Before long they walked through the second floor, and eventually made it to the balcony.

Tights was shocked after finding out the origin pf these two rings. But what saddened her even moee was learning about the nightmares Nao had suffered at the beginning of the last six year period thanks to the result of witnessing a heart-crushing vision. There were even times he stayed awake for a week straight, refusing to sleep.

Thankfully the nightmares have stopped for a good while now as Nao became distracted with the constant love his girls showered him with. The harem was formed as a result of this, and now Tights became an official member of it. Even though she won't marry him, she only wanted to stay by his side.

Along the hallway of the second floor, the two girls saw Nao touch the silver Time Ring with a couple of his fingers. He then spoke out to the two.

"Looks like we made it, Belle, Tights. If Master approaches me tonight about this situation, I think I have enough confidence to handle it accordingly. But until then let's keep this matter aside. I'm starving!"

After Nao said that, he moved his fingers away ftom his hand and rubbed his stomach a bit. The two girls heard a light growl, causing them to giggle. They then entered the balcony and joined the others.

After everyone gathered the food they wanted to eat, dishes and plates soon piled over on each table. Each table seated four. Whis, Merus, Beerus, and Vegeta sat in one.

Boy could you see the look on Vegeta's face sitting next to Beerus. Beerus enjoyed teasing him a lot in the original story, and he still did the same here.

Meanwhile, Goku, Trunks, Bardock and Gine sat in another. Nao, Tights, Elsa, and The Supreme Kai of Time on the third. Isabella's family on the fourth. Roti, Neo, Oscar, and Iona on the fifth, and lastly, Queen Elena, Fie, Sayuri and Miya on the sixth table.

Even though Fie wanted to sit in Nao's lap and have him feed her, Queen Elena ended up taking that role. Queen Elena could see a serious look in the Supreme Kai of Time's eyes, and knew she probably had something serious to talk about with Nao.

With that said, the banquet officially kicked off once some light contemporary music began to play in the background. Everyone toasted to Nao's upcoming wedding with the girls. Doctor Briefs and his family were surprised Nao would be marrying five girls, but they saw how kind he treated Tights.

They became even more shocked after they received an invitation to it, but they happily accepted it. Well on top of that, Bulma kept pestering her parents to go and wouldn't accept no otherwise. She had entered really hyperactive state after meeting a room full of aliens for the first time.

It was obvious she wanted to go! It would be full of aliens after all. But with that said, more time seemed to have passed without the group noticing. The sun had now descended.

One hour later, empty plates stacked upon more plates could be seen piled up high on the side of each table. Each table also entered their own conversations during this time. Nao's table was no exception either.

Nao saw the Supreme Kai of Time rest her chin on her hands, propping her elbows onto the table. Nao, Elsa, and Tights saw a serious look in her eyes. After tapping her fingers together, she spoke out to Nao.

"I'll get right to the point, Nao. Is there a reason why you've been avoiding me? I've been working my ass off, especially this last year to help coordinate your wedding. Look I appreciate you taking care of Little For as your own daughter, but the least you could do is visit my domain! You haven't even come by a single time yet!


Nao tried to speak out to her, but the Supreme Kai of time cut him off with her own words.

"Nuh-uh, you can't give me any excuses, Nao. Are you really that scared to train in the power of Time under me?"

After she asked that, Nao calmly snswered her.

"Well, I won't deny that I do see that as a mental block of sorts, Master. But a lot of time has passed since then. I was actually looking to go to your place for training once the wedding is over."


"Yeah. It's probably time I take these rings off now too. My Ki is really pure now after becoming a Saiyan God, so if something does happen I should be able to handle it fine...I just hope it won'tbe anything too crazy like last time. In fact, the best outcome would be if nothing happened."

After the Supreme Kai of Time heard Nao's future plan and his suggestion to take off the rings, she blinked her eyes at him. Elsa and Tights immediately became worried though. Elsa placed her hand on his, and spoke out to him.

"I know this is something that must be overcome eventually Nao, but...are you sure you want to do this?"

"That's right, Nao. Even I still find it hard to believe such things, but I see yer situation like a trial of sorts. You must be completely ready."

Hearing Elsa's worry and Tights' encouraging words, Nao smiled at them. The girls could now see the resolve in his eyes.

"Thanks, you two. This is something I've been wanting to do. Master, I will proceed to take them off."

"Let's hope nothing happens."

Hearing her say that, the four nodded. Nao slowly began to remove his two Time Rings. He began with the green one, which was an alternate timeline containing a mostly destroyed Universe 7. Placing it on the table, he saw no reactions hqppen.

Seeing this, Nao let out a sigh. He then began to slip off the silver Time Ring. He placed it right next to the green ring on the table. Nothing immediately happened either, and he did not feel his Ki start to go out of control.

Feeling this, Nao let out a big sigh of relief. He then spoke out to the Supreme Kai of Time, who also let out a sigh of relief seeing nothing happen.

"Looks like everything turned out fine, Master--!?"

However, just as Nao cut himself off from finishing his own sentence, he suddenly felt a foreboding feeling spread throughout the atmosphere around them. Before the four could do anything, everywhere around them began to crack like a mirror. CRACK!

Cracks and cracks began to distort the space sroubd them, and it didn't stop there. It seemed to have encompassed the whole planet! What's more, was after these cracks appeared, time seemed to have stopped!

Everyone now currently stood frozen in place. All but Nao, the Supreme Kai of Time, Merus, Whis, and Beerus. Yet before they could do anything, two voices struck deep inside their minds.

[Your time is nigh.], a girlish voice spoke.

[Wielder of Flux!], a boyish voice spoke.

After the five heard these two voices, Beerus immediately stood up.

"Whis, did you hear that?"

"Yes. I just felt strong fluctuations of time occur. Please stand by, Lord Beerus, I want to see what's going to happen."

"If you say so..."

After Beerus said that, he remained standing. Both Merus and Whis watched on out of curiosity. Meanwhile the Supreme Kai of Time spoke out in worry.

"W-what's going on!? Why did Time suddenly distort itself here!?", the Supreme Kai of Time exclaimed with a worried look.

"Those can't be!", Nao yelled out.

Yet before Nao could do anything, his body start to flash a bright white. The Supreme Kai of Time soon saw Nao start to fade out of existence after she shielded her eyes.

"Oh no you don't!", she quickly said.

She then reacted quickly, and flew toward Nao. Yet by the time she reached him, all she could feel was empty air and crashed down onto the other side of the floor. Seeing this, Whis got up from his seat, and walked over to her. Whis then helped her back up.

"Lady Chronoa, you don't need to be alarmed. It appears Nao was taken to a different realm just now. I felt no malice from those voices. You can be at ease."

"Thank you, Whis. I wasn't expecting this to happen. To think there would be such a person who is this powerful over Time! Please stay safe, Nao..."

After the two said that, they saw their surroundings flash a bright white a couple more times. They then saw an object distort into existence near the entrance of the balcony. An ancient looking book suddenly appeared.

It started to constantly spin around endlessly, surrounded by a circle of blue aura. Whis couldn't help but speak out after seeing this.

"Is that...a book?", Whis asked out of curiosity.

That's right. It was indeed a book. A very special book to be exact. The place Nao was taken to was none other than Historia, known as the Flux Realm! A very big suprise awaited him there!