Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 164

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 164 157: Meeting Lippti And Teo

In a blink of an eye, after a few sudden bursts of white light, Nao's body faded away from sight. Yet the cracked window-like atmosphere did not vanish, everyone but the gods remained frozen in place! Time had actually stopped!

A very ancient-looking book appeared near the balcony entrance which constantly kept spinning around in circles hovering above a circle of blue aura. While Whis looked at this with intrigue in his eyes, he began to search for Nao's Ki, and calmed the other gods down. The others could only wait for Nao to return...

Meanwhile, in an unknown location, Nao's body materialized itself before it crashed onto a white square platform of sorts. His vision was blurred for a bit, but he soon shook out of it, and spoke out with a groan.

"Ugh...what just happened to me...?", Nao spoke in a soft voice.

However, before Nao could do anything, he suddenly heard two voices speak out to him, the very same ones who caused those time distortions mere moments ago.

[Welcome, Young Traveler.]

[Welcome, Wielder of Flux.]

Hearing two voices speak out to him, Nao stabilized his footing on the white platform beneath hm. It was fully solid too so he didn't have to worry falling through it. Once his head looked up, he became shocked.

His eyes saw an endless black space that seemed to go on and on for mikes, much similar to his own Void Realm that Rebirth created for him. Yet it wasn't empty.

White platforms, white staircases and cubes as far as the eye could see floated around endlessly without crashing into each other. The white staircases also could be seen upside down, leaning diagonally in all four directions, and upright, much similar to a certain painting that became really famous in Nao's past life.

Nao became fascinated at this sight, and his eyes soon wandered upward. His gaze landed on another white platform floating outward and above several meters from his head. He then saw two pairs of dangling feet moving back and forth, which were connected to two relatively small figures with very ponty ears, almost as long as Elsa's.

"...Children?", Nao couldn't help but speak out as he witnessed these two for the first time. Yet they disregarded his question, and spoke out to each other once more.

[Looks like he is coming around quicker than what we had thought, Brother]

[Indeed, Sister. It makes sense, the Flux inside him is much more pure than I expected. Welcome, Nao. We've been expecting you for quite some time now.]

Hearing these two speak in a sequence once again, Nao's eyes wandered upward even more. His eyes soon saw what these two figures looked like.

On the left of Nao sat a a child around four and a half feet tall with violet eyes. Pale blond hair stretched all the way down her back, even past her knees. She wore an exquisite light purple robe gown which dr.a.p.ed over itself at the shoulders. The robe itself had two vine-like patterns etched on the bottom, which extended upward on each side.

Even her arms couldn't be seen, as they were currently hidden within her robe. She even had a small purple choker around her neck. Her hair had two very long bangs going down each side of her head. The right side flew down about a foot longer than the other, and it was braided as well, while the one wasn't.

Meanwhile, the figure to the right of Nao was a boy of similar height, he was only a couple inches shorter than the girl. Unlike her, he had orange eyes and his hair was short and ruffled. It also had one braided bang going down the left side of his face.

The boy appeared more apathetic than the girl did, but the girl didn't really show any emotion. To top it off the boy wore an orange robe gown, with intricate black patterns curling down its center. He too had his arms hidden beneath his robe.

Seeing these two figures calmly moving their dangling feet back and forth in the air, Nao slowly came to realize who these two were. Going along with his suspicions, Nao spoke out to them.

"...Who are you two? Where am I?"

Hearing Nao's question, the two remained quiet for a moment. The girl was the first one to speak out.

[Well, I suppose introductions are in order for bringing you here so suddenly. I am called Lippti.]

[And I, Teo. This place is known as Historia, born from the almighty power of Flux. The very same energy that is dormant within you.]

"...So this place really is Historia? But why was I allowed to enter here? I'm not a Holder."

[So you know how this place operates then. As expected from the Wielder of Flux. But you are mistaken about one thing. It is because of that dormant energy resting inside you. Before we knew it, Historia started to develop an attraction.], Teo said.

"An attraction?"

[Yes. Before we knew it, Historia was able to locate yiou, Nao. It has granted you access, even though you do not wield the Light, Black, or Red Chronicles. A barrier had prevented from us from making first contactt, but it ended up dispersing. We do apologize for being you here so suddenly.], Lippti said even though she showed no emotion.

"You don't need to apologize, Lippti. It is a pleasure to meet you both. It seems you two know who I am as well. Knowing you two, you don't really like idle conversations, you must have brought me here for a reason?"

[Indeed. Both of us may have lived for over 180 years, but you seem to have a good degree of wisdom yourself. I wish we would talk more but time is of its essence. To put it bluntly, we require your assistance.], Teo said.

Hearing this, Nao became serious before he spoke out to them.

"Is your world still in bad shape?"

[Unfortunately, it is. No matter how many attempts we use, the desertification still spreads endlessly, before engulfing our entire continent. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated, but we actually have another matter to attend to first. This is far more important as it could even pose a risk to Historia itself.], Lippti said.

"Something that could threaten Historia? Is such a thing possible?"

[We wouldn't have thought so too, but we underestimated the power of the world you live in. It was a big blunder on our end, but we require your assistance in rescuing someone. I fear this person may not have long to live if left alone.], Teo said.

"A rescue mission? Who is it?"

[A creature born from Flux, much like this world. We had sent her to investigate you Nao to ascertain the power of Flux inside you, but as Brother said, she is currently warring against someone far stronger than her. We do not know long she can remain alive. Please lend her your assistance, Nao. If there is anything we can do in return, we will try to do so], Lippti said.

[Yes. In fact you even met her before. She named herself Eir.], Teo said.

"Eir...? Wait, don't tell me, is that same Eir who entered thar tournament alongside me!?", Nao exclaimed.

[The very same. Also please take this with you. It could prove useful in your mission.], Lippti said.

After she spoke to Nao, space suddenly began to distort in front of the three. Before long an ancient looking white book landed in Nao's hands. Nao blinked a couple times before his eyes turned wide.

"Isn't this...the White Chronicle!? Is it okay to give a non-Holder this?"

[Do you truly believe yourself to not be a Holder of the Chronicles? Do not underestimate the power of Flux, Nao, for it is almighty.], Teo said.

[That's right. Plus we have someone who would like to meet you as well. You can come out now, Aht]

"Is it fine for me to appear? I feel nervous for some reason!"

Hearing a third voice suddenly appear behind the two siblings, who were in fact twins, a dark blue circle of aura suddenly shown beside them to the left. Before long, another figure materialized inside of the mana circle. Nao had a good look at ths new figure.

She was a bit taller than the two twins, but not by much. Her body was rather small and thin. Her lower half down to her legs was covered in white fur, with two black hooves for feet. A white furry tail extended out of her butt, which was mostly covered by a large tan woven mantle she wore around her neck. Her belly all the way up to the bottom of her chest was exposed.

Two small white linens wrapped around her chest. A red beaded necklace with a light teal crystal in the middle was equipped over her mantle. She had teal eyes, long pointy ears and two black curved horns that protrude upward. She had beautiful teal hair with four large bangs that flew down past her shoulders.

This figure then hopped on the ground a couple times, and twirled around, before she introduced herself to Nao.

"It's nice to meet you, Nao! I'm Aht, the one and only Shaman of Celestia! I hope we can get along!"