Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 165

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 165 158: Calm Before The Storm

Nao saw a barely clothed little girl suddenly appear next to Lippti and Teo inside a dark blue mana circle, introducing herself as Aht. Even though Nao had an outward calm demeanor, he was extremely excited on the inside.

Let alone knowing that Historia even existed and even entering it, he had no idea he would come across Aht, which was one of his favorite characters. It seemed she was going to accompany him back as well!

To keep the conversation going, Nao replied back to her.

"So you call yourself Aht, huh? It'd a pleasure to meet you. I'm Nao. I hate to be blunt why was a child brought here?"

Hearing Nao say that, Aht puffed her cheeks out a bit, pouting. After lightly hopping a couple times, she spoke out to Nao.

"I'm not a child! I just turned ten years old a while ago!"

"Haha, I hate to break it to you but you're still a child in my eyes. I do suppose you're not human either?"

"Nope. I'm a member of the Satyros tribe! So is Big Sis Eir, even though she was born from Flux. We have to help her!"

"While I'm all for that, Aht, there is a certain order of things. I have met Eir before and she owes me a favor for healing her after she got knocked out in that tournament. But first thing's first, how the heck do we even get out of this place?"

Hearing Nao ask that, Aht jumped in place a couple times once more, as if she were raising her hand to answer him, and spoke out. (A/N : Aht does this quite a lot in the game, so you guys will see her do this quite often. And I mean, A LOT)

"You can use the Light Chronicle, Nao!"

[It is as Aht says, Nao. That is one of the reasons we decided to lend you the White Chronicle.. Aht will act as a guide on your mission. Should you place your trust in her, she will help you develop the Flux resting within you. You must make haste, for now will the Light Chronicle and it will show you the way.], Teo said.

"So all I have to do is will it, huh? It's not like I'm new to doing that. Still, what about you two? Are you going to stay here?"

[Yes. We have been given roles as guardians to protect Historia ever since the late Emperor of the Old Empire passed away. Even though the Old Empire was swept away in the passage of time only to give rise to countries like Granorg and Allistel, our mission to stop the desertification has not ended. Until we have done so, we will remain as Historia's guardians], Lippti said.

"...What exactly is this desertification?"

[That will be a tale for another time. We have halted time for too long in your world now. You can come back here on your own time when time is unfettered. Make use of Aht during this period as you see fit.], Teo said.

"Yeah, let's go, Nao!"

After Aht said that, she jumped off the platform above Nao's head. She didn't stumble at all, and landed perfectly beside him. Her really short white leather-like skirt fluttered in the air.

She was quite small compared to his height, being over two feet taller than her. But Nao decided to cycle his Ki and get himself attuned. Nao thought it would be similar to attuning himself to the elements he knew, and it was just that.

Before long he felt a connection form with the White Chronicle, and it started to twirl around in the air in front of Nao. It even began to open its pages on its own, only to get encompassed by a white light. This white light then enveloped Nao and Aht, and after it faded, their bodies were no longer visible. Lippti and Teo were left alone.

[Good luck, Young Traveler. May the blessing of Time be in your favor.], Lippti said.

[Farewell, Wielder of Flux. May we meet again soon.], Teo said.

With that said, the doors to Historia closed once more. Meanwhile back on planet Earth, the whole atmosphere still appeared cracked as if it were a broken morror. Merus, Whis, Beerus, and the Supreme Kai of Time, who were near the hovering book near the balcony's entrance, suddenly saw it shown a bright white light.

After another moment, not one but two figures slowly materialized beside it. The Light Chronicle soon landed back in Nao's hand. His eyes soon landed on the gods, but before anyone could speak up, the distorted atmosphere suddenly returned to normal.

Time began to flow freely once more. Conversations resumed around the table, but the closest two suddenly noticed a difference. Elsa, who was talking to Nao just mere seconds ago before time froze, did not see him or the Supreme Kai of Time in their chairs.

Vegeta was also alone now at his table, and the two raised their voices.

"What the..."

'What the hell? Did everyone just up and vanish?"

As those two said that, they gathered the attention of everyone else. Thry stood up from their chairs and began to walk over. It didn't take long for thrm to spot Merus, Whis, Beerus, The Supreme Kai of Time and Nao near the balcony's entrance.

They then saw the hovering book, and another smaller figure who clearly wasn't a human standing next to eyes. They saw this figure hopping in place with sparkles in their eyes

"Wow, there's so many people here! What's going on, Nao? Is this a party?"

"It was yeah, but It's mostly over now. I can introduce you to my family. But before that I'm sure you guys must have questions, right? Especially you, Whis."

"Ohoho, I indeed do, Nao. Who exactly is this little fellow? How strange, I can't sense her energy at all."

After Whis asked that, shock spread in Beerus's eyes. He then approached her, and started to check her out. Lifting her arms up, poking her horns, touching her muscle, and such. He then spoke out with a look of disinterest.

"Well, whoever this brat is she isn't much of a fighter. Even though time stopped, the four of us could still act freely since we're Gods. I had plenty of delicious food, Nao. I feel like taking another nap again. Yawnnn..."

Seeing this purple skinned n.a.k.e.d cat check her out without her permission, only to disregard her shortly after caused anger to appear in Aht's eyes. But before she could do anything, Nao covered her mouth with his hand. While a muffled voice escaped from it, Nao spoke out to Beerus.

"It was a pleasure to have you come here, Lord Beerus. This is Aht. Due to special circ.u.mstances, she's with me for now. I do apologize but I'm afraid I'll have to dismiss this party sooner than expected. Something urgent came up."

"Is that so? Well we did spent quite some time here alreaady. I will save the inquiries for later then. Lord Beerus, let us return. You come along too, Merus."

"About damn time, Whis Nao, I look forward to our next meeting. If you're up for sparring against a God again, you know who to call."

"Of course, Lord Beerus."

After Nao said that, Beerus let out a rare smile. He, along with Merus, soon walked up to Whis and placed their hands on Merus' back. Merus took this time to speak out to Nao.

"It was a pleasure to meet you again, Nao. Once again, congratulations on your engagement. Please take care of Sayuri for me."

Hearing Merus say that, Nao smiled and nodded. The three didn't have anything else to say. Whis tapped his staff on the ground. After he did so, rainbow light enveloped them, and a huge rainbow pillar took off into the sky. They could no longer be seen.

Aht's eyes turned wide seeing them leave. Nao then let out a sigh, and removed his hand from Aht's mouth.

"Big Sis came to such an awesone place...", Aht uttered in a low voice.

As she uttered that to herself, Nao saw Elsa and the others slowly walk up to him. The Supreme Kai of Time finally breathed out in relief seeing Nao back in one piece. Elsa took this time to speak out to him.

"What exactly happened here? Everything feels so misplaced. Why does it look like something important happened? All I know is we were chatting but now you're over here, along with this...person?"

"Haha, indeed quite a bit has happened. Let me tell you guys from the top..."

As Nao began to recall the events that happened, shock appeared on everyone's faces. The Supreme Kai of Time immediately saw this to be confidential, snd ended up sending Trunks, Goku and Vegeta back home.

Isabella's family also took this time to dismiss themselves. Most of them were rather drunk by this time, and after introducing Aht to them, they left via the portal they arrived in. Nao also sent Bardock, Gine, Queen Elena and Fie back home. The prior were quite tired and Fie could already be seen sleeping in Queen Elena's arms.

Only the girls, the Supreme Kai of Tie, and Nao's family remained behind. Doctor Briefs, Panchy, and Bulma also dismissed themselves as Bulma was tired out and needed to sleep. With that done and over, time started to churn once more while Nao continued to recall what happened to the rest of the group.


Little did he know he was going to come face to face with an adversary. One that he was quite familiar with and met before! But Nao had planned to head to Eir's place tomorrow.

Even though a lot had happened during this time, Nao still wanted to give Tights the best day she could ever dream of. The night was still young for these two lovebirds. Things were about to get heated up in more ways than one!