Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 166

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 166 159: A Lovely Sight To Behold Partly 18

The dust had settled and the doors closed to Historia once more. After dismissing everyone, Nao, Aht, The Supreme Kai of Time, the girls, Oscar, and Iona remaimed behind.

It was well into the evening now after Nao had introduced Aht as another Outsider to the group and explained her situation. Everyone decided it was best to start the rescue mission first thing in the morning.

Out of everyone left, The Supreme Kai of Time became the most shocked, as Aht was essentially in a similar situation to Nao, who wasn't of this world! She soon started to feel a bit dizzy, and spoke out to Nao after hearing all of this.

"Nao, I think I'm going to go and leave for the night. I need to lie down and digest all of this...Don't worry though, I will keep all of this information confidential back at TokiToki City."

"I know it's a lot to take in, Master, as it's similar to our situation. Rest well, okay? The next few weeks are probably going to be hectic but I plan to go into a training period after that. I will be sure to come visit you then."

"Sounds like a plan. I wouldn't be your Master for nothing if I don't do something, right? Everyone, I'll see you guys at the wedding. It was nice to meet you too, Aht. Kai-Kai!"

After the Supreme Kai of Time chanted that, her body suddenly vanished and the group no longer saw her. Aht's eyes became wide once again, and she hopped in excitement.

"How did she do that, Nao? Was that teleportation!? Even I don't know how to do that yet and I've been training my Mana ever since I became a Shaman!"

"You know how to use Mana?"

Elsa took this time to speak out to her. Ever since she first saw this person appear, she felt something similar about her. Turns out she also trains in Mana just like Elsa and her family does!

"Yeah. Out of everyone here I could only sense yours and that older lady who looks exactly like you. Your Mana is really pure, Big Sis!"

"...Thank you? I've been training it ever since I was a little girl after that incident. But anyways, something serious really did happen, huh?", Elsa said with a hint of worry in her eyes.

"Yeah. The reason you all felt misplaced was because time stopped. Only the gods could resist it. Well it turned out fine though, if anything this presented more opportunities for me to work with. That will have to be put aside though for now. Aht, would you mind going back with my parents? You'll enjoy our room, it has a really big bed."

"Aww, can't I stay and chat with you guys some more? I want to get to know you guys better!"

Hearing Aht's persistence brought a smile to Nao. He then rubbed her head.

"I apologize Aht tbut I want to have some alone time with the girls here. I'm not sure how tomorrow will go but I can tell you Eir is doing just fine right now. It didn't take me long to find out where she is."

"Really!? I tried to sense her but she's too far away. As long as you stick to the mission, I guess I can retreat for the night."

"Good. Father, Mother, please look after Aht tonight. The rest of us are going to stay here for a while longer."

"Gahaha, you can leave her to us, Nao. Make sure you come back safely, ya here me? I doubt whoever this foe of yours is could put up a match since you're a Super Saiyan God now, but you should never be complacent."

"That's right. We will take care of Aht, Little Nao. You guys go have your fun."

After Oscar let out a guffaw, Iona let out a strange smile to them. Nao probably knew why she acted that way and could only sigh in his heart. He originally wanted to keep Isabella, Miya and Tights behind, but he went against that, and opted to have all the girls enjoy this special night.

Without saying anything, Nao cycled some of his Space Ki, and a Gate soon formed beside them. Seeing new things like these kept causing Aht to jump in place with sparkles in her eyes. Iona then grabbed Aht's hand, and the three soon vanished through the Gate.

Aht looked back at Nao one last time to have a good look at him. For some reason she felt a strange connection ever since she first saw him. Perhaps it was because of the Flux resting inside Nao's body? Only time would tell. She was much too young to develop romantic feelings now, but she now had a chance to stay with him.

Before long, Nao, Isabella, Miya, Tights, Chelsea, Sayuri, and Elsa were now the only ones left on the balcony. The hired chefs had long since retired themselves. They could even see the bright starry sky above them as there was not a single cloud to be seen. The girls then approached Nao.

"So Tights, the night is still young. This is still your special day and I want not only myself but for everyone to make the most of it.", Nao asked as he spoke out to Tights.

"That's right. All of you are now in our afterparty. INone of you will be escapin' tonight. I want for all of us to enjoy it together!", Tights exclaimed.

"Enjoy what? It is true us girls got nothing planned tomorrow, can't be talking about, THAT, right?", Elsa asked nervously.

"I've never been to a party like this let alone an afterparty, but I've heard those usually lead into...", Chelsea said as she began to enter her own little world, with reddened cheeks to follow.

"...", Sayuri could only silently stare at Nao, she probably knew what was going to ensue. She had her fair share of parties back at the Galactic Patrol every time they completed important missions. (A/N Sayuri is still a v.i.r.g.i.n, don't let this thought get to you guys)

Miya on the other hand, remained silent. Out of everyone present, she was the furthest behind them. The other girls were focused on Nao. This allowed Miya to move her hand up inside of her red dress, only to slowly remove her red panties.

Miya still had her dress on though. She proceeded to crumble her panties into a ball with one of her hands. Miya then walked around to the left, and approached Nao's side. Tights couod be seen on his other side.

She nonchalantly passed her panties into Nao's hand, causing him to raise his eyebrows while Miya spoke out to them.

"Come on, Sister Elsa, let's just enjoy the night, okay? We can still comply with your wish but it won't be too much longer until we're all in this together, right?"

AAfter Miya said that with a smile, Elsa also raised her eyebrows. She saw Miya do something but couldn't see what it was.

"Sister Miya...What did you just do right now?"

"Teehee, don't be like that, Sister Elsa. Let's get your clothes off first!"

"Now just hold on a sec--!?"

However, before Elsa could finish speakimg her line, Miya dashed forward. The wind blew the backside of her dress up a bit, allowing Nao to catch a glimpse pf her slit with a drop of evening dew on it. He became dazed, but he remembered Miya passing her panties to him.

Miya latched onto Elsa's shoulders and her dress. With a single heave, she managed to pull off her dress and throw it off into the air. This revealed Elsa's very large chest covered in a light blue bra and light blue panties.

Elsa became stunned seeing Miya do this, bit dhe could only speak out with a sigh.

"Sigh...Listen, Sister Miya, if we're going to do this, can't it be done in a more normal way?"

"Hehe, it's much quicker doing it like this! Sister Chelsea is off in her own little world, Sister Sayuri has her eyes locked onto Brother and Sister Belle looks like she's raring to go. Besides, why act like this? It's not it's like the first time Brother has seen you n.a.k.e.d."

"I know...but there is still a time and place for everything...Are we really going to do this outside?"

"It's Sister Tights' wish to do so so of course we are! Lets go round up the others."

"If you say so..."

As Miya snd Elsa talked to each ither Nao watched on from the side. Tights, who was beside him, also saw Miya n.a.k.e.d below her dress. Moving her head behind Nao's back, she could see her red panties in Nao's hand. Sseing this, she grinned.

"It looks like I got beat to the punchline."


Hearing Tights say that, Nao shifted his eyes onto her. She only smiled back at him. Before he knew it, Chelsea regained her clarity, only to find her standing n.a.k.e.d with nothing but her white panties on. She became fl.u.s.tered but followed behind Miya and Elsa.

Issbella also joined in, only leaving behind her pink panties. Sayuri also silently took off her two piece dress, revealing her fully tanned body and white panties. Light pants escaped ftom her mouth as her fox ears twitched like crazy. They followed silently behind Miya, who also was now fully n.a.k.e.d.

Sering five n.a.k.e.d girls line up in front of Nao with loving expressions soon caused a tent to rise up in his robe down below. Seeing this, Tights also removed her black dress, revealing a fresh pair of black panties. She then walked up next to Miya, and joined the line.

With a giggle, Miya leaned her chest forward a bit, causing it to bounce. She then spoke out to Nao who appeared dazed.

"You now got six lovely girls waiting to be caressed by you, Brother. Who are you going to choose first?"