Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 168

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 168 161: Planet Aero

The next day soon dawned before them. Nao's eyes began to flutter as he could feel something soft and fluffy strike against his face. Slowly opening, he was met with the rays from the sun and Sayuri's bushy tail slapping against his face happily.

He looked toward his left and saw Sayuri clinging to his arm, and had a content smile on her face while she was off in dreamland. She was fully n.a.k.e.d of course, and he could feel her body's heat against his.

Seeing this tail still bloomed, Nao raised his eyebrows.

'Does Sayuri have the ability to stay in this form for longer than I thought...?', Nao thought to himself.

Shaking that thought away, he still saw the rest of the girls still snoozing peacefully. They deserved it. After all, last night was one of the best nights Nao had with them thus far ever since he was reborn into the D*Z world.

Nao proceeded to gently remove Sayuri from the left side, allowing her to cling onto Tights. Getting out of the blanket, he stretched out his limbs. Even though he enjoyed the night with the girls, he was constantly checking Eir's Ki signature throughout the night with his Divine Ki sense.

As soon as he gave her's another check, it caused Nao to frown. He proceeded to walk toward the edge of the balcony, despite still being n.a.k.e.d with his white tail dangling beneath him, and looked up at the clear sky.

He could currently feel Eir's pure Ki fluctuate here and there. As to whether she wss in currenly in a fight or not, he couldn't tell. But it was likely she was currently fighting someone with how her Ki was fluctuating.

"Shit, looks like I need to head there sooner than later...", Nao uttered to himself.

Well, he had planned to go there first thing in the morning anyways. He would have liked to hop into a shower first, but he didn't want to waste anymore time. Cyling a bit of his Ki, he let out a chant in the Divine Language of the gods.


After he chanted that, Nao's body shone a bright blue for a moment, and before long he felt refreshed as if he had take a shower. Any lingering smells from the long night of s.e.x he had with the girls vanished.

Without saying anything, he opened his pocket dimension, and brought out his obsidian-like plated black battle armor with two shoulder plates, the very same one his parents gifted him evee since came out of the pod with Miya back at their house.

Wearing this did make him appear quite fierce now that Nao was a lot older and also being about 6'3, but it also gave Nao a personal reminder that he was a Saiyan. After pulling that out, he pulled out his other bodysuit, which was teal, along with white gloves and boots.

Without any delay, Nao put on his clothes. He then slid on his battle armor, and topped his appearance off with his white gloves and boots. Yet he didn't stop there. Nao proceeded to clasp his hands, causing a light noise to resound around him.

Thanks to that, the eyelids of a couple of the girls who were still sleeping suddenky fluttered a bit. A long pale white-blue and gold Power Pole made of Ki appeared out of his hands as Nao slowly released them.

After it was formed, he hoisted it on his back Seeing this, he smiled. He then entered his owm thoughts again.

"There's just something about forming Ki weapons that always get me excited no matter how many times I see it...But there is still something else I want to try. Whis said my Ki fully converted itself into Divine Energy so becoming a Super Saiyan God again shouldn't prove that difficult, right?, Nao uttered to himself.

After he uttered that, Nao unleashed his Ki from within. He didn't let it flow toward his knees to become a Super Saiyan, and just decided to let it roam free inside his body. In actuality, it didn't take long before his white hair changed to red, and a fiery red aura wrapped around his body.

Seeing him transform successfully into a Super Saiyan God, Nao smiled. His aura caused his Potara earrings to lightly flutter from side to side. He then clenched both of his fists tofether, as the Godly Ki inside him kept surging higher and higher.

"This really feels amazing. There's so much energy inside me and I'm only at fifty percent of the Legendary Super Saiyan status! Wait, wouldn't that be called the Legendary Super Saiyan God at this point? Is such a thing even possible?", Nao uttered to himself once again.

However, thanks to his actions, both Miya and Isabella woke up and yawned. Yet after they rubbed their eyes open, they saw Nao fully ready for combat, and had even transformed. They immediately spoke out to him in worry.

"Brother! Is something wrong? Why are you looking like you're ready to head off into a war?"

"Yeah, Nao. Don't tell me its regarding that rescue mission Aht mentioned to us last night, is it? Though I must say I haven't seen you wear this in a while. That red hair and aura of yours makes you look even more fierce, hehe."

"Now that you say that, Sister Belle..."

As Miya said that, she soon had a good look at her twin brother. She did indeed see him very fierce like that, which caused her heart to speed up a bit. Isabella grinned seeing Miya start to blush. Miya then hid back under the blanket out of embarrassment.

Hearing Miya's and Isabella's voice caused Nao to turn around, and he managed to see Miya's reaction just now, which caused him to chuckle. He then walked up, but not too close as he was still transformed. Nao proceeded to speak out to them.

"Haha, I'm sorry if I woke you two. I was about to head out. I think I know who this enemy is and to be honest if it's such the case, what I'm doing now is probably a bit overkill. I'm not trying to sound arrogant by saying this but there probably isn't a single mortal who could seriously wound me now, at least in our universe. It would be a different scenario if I refer to the other Universes."

"...Other Universes? There's more than one?", Isabella questioned him as her eyes became wide with shock.

"Yeah. Twelve in fact. I was going to wait to talk about this until the All Universe Tournament comes closer, but that's still a few decades away still. Besides, we need ten members to enter, and if the Grand Minister grants an exception for us, we'll be able to participate."

"Another tournament? That sounds pretty exciting! I haven't fought in ages. Not since I settled down with you, Nao."

"That's right. Well we still got many years to prepare for that, and a good time to start a family too."

Hearing Nao say that, Isabella smiled. Miya also popped her head back out and giggled. Isabella then started to count with her hands, as he heard ten members were needed for this tournament.

"If we count Nao, me, Sister Miya and the other sisters...that only adds up to seven. If we include your Father, that still leaves two spots open..."

As Nao saw Isabella start to speak to herself he could only sigh. Yet something clicked in Isabella's head, causing her to grin. She then spoke out to Nao in a teasing manner.

"Nao, don't tell me you're going to bring that Eir into this? Are you going to make her another one of our sisters? I could see your eyes set on Aht too. She may be a child right now but she could be quite a beauty in few years. Hehehe."

Hearing Isabella say that with a giggle, Nao coughed a bit and almost tumbled over. Yet he regained his footing. He then answered her.

"T-that's not the point I'm trying to make here Belle. I'm not sure who will fil those last two spots, but that's not something to worry about right now. I need to head out. You can stay here with the others, or you can head back to the Palace. It's up to you."

"It's fun to tease you Nao, but I understand. I think I'm going to stay and give some more love to Sister Miya here. By the time our wedding happens, I'll make sure she's well ready for her to receive your love."

Hearing Isabella say that, Miya blushed a deeper red, and hid back under the blankets again. Nao loooked at Isabella with a straight face and replied back to her.

"Well then you got a lot of work ahead of you, Belle, haha! Let the others know I've already left. I shouldn't be gone for too long. Kai-Kai!"

After Nao laughed, he chanted Kai-Kai and soon his figure vanished from sight. Isabella also popped her head under the covers, and saw Miya's face still deep red. She then spoke outto her.

"Now then, Sister Miya, why don't we continue where we left off from last night~?"

After Isabella asked that, Miya only nodded silently. Meanwhile, the other girls were still fast asleep as those two entered their own little world. Elsa, who was an early riser, saw all of this happen while she hid most of her face in the blanket. She then uttered one line as she stared out into the now blue sky.

"Good luck out there, Nao. We'll be waiting for your return...", Elsa silently uttered to herself.

Meanwhile, several galaxies away stood a beautiful green planet very much similar to Planet Elosyia, yet three moons currently surrounded it. Massive white clouds drifted over it in its atmosphere, and small blue dots were scatterd here and there. The bulk of this planet mostly consisted of very tall dense trees and grassy fields. It did have a mountain here and there as well.

Nao's figure soon reappeared over this planet, and his ears were immediately assaulted by the sounds of beams attacks going back and forth above the atmosphere and loud screeching while massive wind gusts tore through it.

Before long Nao saw one figure constantly chasing around the other while the other launched Ki wind blasts back at the first figure. The latter appeared as if they were trying to run for their life.

Even though Nao was quite a ways away, he soon heard a familiar male voice speak out as he continued to launch small purple beam lasers at the retreating figure.

"Hmph, how long do you keep planning to run from me you shitty bird? You know you can't beat me. You couldn't even do so the first time we fought. Even though it took me such great lengths to track you down, I'll give you a swift death if you end this farce!"