Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 169

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 169 162: Cooler's End

Standing still in outer space over the beautiful green planet, which was aptly named Planet Aero after Eir's race, Nao saw what appeared to be a game of cat and mouse. He was able to hear an arrogant male voice say that, and he saw a closer look at him.

Sure enough this figure was mostly purple skinned. White bone-like, anklet-like armor was on their legs as well as a white bone-like chestplate over their chest. Four large white bone-like spikes stuck out of their head while their face as hidden behind a shutter-like mask. His purple tail fluttered atound as he dashed toward the other figure.

It was indeed none other than Cooler, who was actually in his final form! He was currently chasing a beautiful lime green short haired woman with extremely large b.r.e.a.s.ts. They were a couple sizes bigger than Elsa's and once again these reminded Nao of a certain goddess. Yet Eir was quite tall now but not as tall as Isabella.

The two piece light green tunic she was currently wearing had the majority of it torn to shreds, revealing most of her body. It was riddled with cuts and blood spots. Yet despite that she seemed to be very focused on fleeing with her tattered wings so Cooler won't catch her.

Both if them would pop in and out of the plaent's atmosphere, causing destruction everywhere they went. Many of the insanely tall trees of each forest were either obliterated or ended up collapsing on top of each other

There were signs of life further down below, Cooler's army was currently on a rampage against the Aerons. Seeing this from up above infuriated Nao, but he hept his cool. Nao soon entered his own thoughts as he continued to observe the ongoing battle.

"Now how should I go about doing this...Thankfully I'm able to keep my presence hidden, mortals can't sense Godly Ki after all. Should I aim for Cooler right off the bat or eliminate his army? His army is slaughtering them like cattle with no remorse...There's at least a few thousand of them. Better get rid of the trash first."

After reaching a conclusion, Nao calmed himself. Even though he was outnumbered thousands to one, he had the advantage of a suprise attack, and compared to Nao's current level of power, Cooler's army were essentially ants.

Nao began to cycle his Ki and his red aura surged forth. Eir and Cooler were currently in a deadlock beneath the planet's atmosphere, so they did noe see Nao. Without saying anything, Nao pulled out his Ki pole.

This weapon had a wide variety of attacks it could give to Nao. On top of usng it during close combat, he could it separate and extend it by his will. If Nao infused his Ki with it, he could turn it into a cannon that would launch an endless amount of Ki beams to where ever he aimed at, very similar to Gogeta's Stardust Fall!

Such an attack was what he had in mind to eliminate such large numbers. Thanks to his Divine Ki Sense, he could accurately locate where members of Cooler's army were.

With that said, Nao took aim at the planet. Shifting his body sideways, he dropped back his right leg. He then grabbed the lower end of his pole with his right hand and the upper portion of it with his left. He started to condense his Ki into his right hand, and the pole started to radiate a golden-blue aura as it pulsed from one end to the tip of it.

Nao could even feel his Ki pole warm up like crazy. Knowing that his preparations were complete, he spoke out into the solitude of outer space.

"If only you had remained in the East Area, Cooler. But now not only you crossed into the North Area, you are trying to kill one of my acquaintances. Even though King Kai manages this area, he is not much of a fighter nowadays, and as a Kai myself I cannot let this go unchecked. You brought this upon yourself, Cooler. I'm not much for naming techniques, but here goes nothing, Heavenly Rainfall!"

Even though that sounded corny to Nao after he yelled that out, he didn't care. All he cared qbout was eliminating Cooler's army before he woild go after Cooler himself. Before long the other tip at the end of the Pole shone very brightly. In a mere moment, golden-blue beams shot out. It didn't take long for them to congesl into arrows.

It wasn't just one or a couple either. Hundreds of golden-blue Ki arrows began to rain down ftom the heavens onto the planet. It covered a good portion of it but Nao didn't feel tired at all, thanks to the massive amount of energy his Divine Ki gave him.

The arrows started to act as they rained down into the atmosphere, as if they had a mind of their own. It didn't take long before they started to hunt down members of the Cooler Force. It was easy to spot them since they all wore standard battle armor.

Intense wooshing sounds screeched across the sky while the sounds of piercing flesh and cries echoed down below. Each arrow either struck through their heart or made their head implode, causing alien blood of varying colors to splatter onto the ground like a rainbow.

The sound of fists colliding, blasters, and Ki blasts shooting the Aerons soon died down. The remaining Aerons became stunned seeing this sudden development. Even Cooler came to a halt seeing his army get massacred in a blink of an eye out of the blue. He couldn't help but be shocked, just which enemy had he provoked this time?

Cooler soon felt a dense of dread creep to his heart, but he shifted his attention onto the massive incoming attack. With a grunt, he yelled out.

"Hmph, so it looks like someone cane here uninvited. You won't be able to stop me, I've killed most of this shitty bird's race by now. It doesn't matter if you kill my army or not as long as I'm still around!"

After Cooler yelled that out he disregarded Eir and flew toward the arrows. Eir herself was wide-eyed in shock, unable to comprehend what was happening. She too halted but kept flapping her wings.

Speaking of which, her wings also went through a qualative change. They no longer appeared to be all green, but more white with light green tips, which nade her appear more of an Angel now instead of an eagle, but she still looked beautiful nonetheless.

She saw these zrrows

Taking this chance to cool down, she saw the arrows striking against her foes, and let out a sigh of relief. She couldn't see who was creating these but she could finally catch a break. Still she wondered who was it that came to help her. Her race didn't have that many acquaintances aside from the Galactic Patrol.

A thought soon struck her mind. 'Wait...don't tell me it's...him?', Eir thought to herself. Little did she know that her suspicion would turn out to be true!

Meanwhile, Cooler arrived at the continuous stream of arrows. He soon noticed that none of them were targeting him. Seeing this, he grinned. He then yelled out once more.

"I'll just have to tear these arrows apart myself. Hah!"

After he yelled out, Cooler linked both of his palms together, and started to fire off a huge amount of purple Ki blasts. Screeching noises followed, and loud booms crashed as they struck the arrows.

Yet it didn't take long to realize his blasts did not take any effect at all. The arrows continued their hunt on his army as if nothing happened. His blasts just got evaporated into smoke! Cooler became shocked seeing this.

"I-Impossible! To think there could be someone besides that bastard who could reach my strength. But even if I can't stop this, I just need to eliminate its source!", Cooler yelled out in anger.

After that, he soon glided besides them. Each passing moment, more and more members of his army were reduced. Thousands soon crumbled down into hundreds. Cooler's anger soared trough the sky before he reached outer space.

Before long he spotted a red haired youth wearing obsidian-like black plated battle armor in a slanted stance, wielding a long gold-white pole of sorts. Yet he remained calm while he launched his attack and actually saw Cooler approach him.

The two were now no more than a few meters apart before Cooler came to a halt. Obvious anger could be seen in his eyes as he yelled out to Nao.

"So you're the bastard who ruined my hunt, huh? I don't lnow who you are but you're dead. Prepare to die!"

Yet before Cooler could act, his legs suddenly clamped him down, stopping him in his own place. This was a result of Cooler trying to sense Nao's Ki.

He felt as if he ran straight into a brick wall. He could hear loud booms crack inside his mind. It didn't take long before Nao saw Cooler shiver in fear.

Well that made since, as this was essentially the same when Piccolo tried to sense Shin's Ki for the first time. Nao and Cooler were now two whole dimensions apart. Seeing him react like this, Nao could only sigh.

"So this is all you could muster up to, Cooler? Succ.u.mbing to Godly Ki is quite the cheat, isn't it? Well you won't be alive much longer, you will join your so called friends in the fiery pits of Hell soon enough."

Hearing this, the feeling of dread crept even closer. Cooler could only yell out at this point. He couldn't even flee if he wanted to!

"How could a Frost Demon such as I feel fear!? What did you do to my body, you bastard!? Who the hell are you!?"

"Me? I did nothing. What you're feeling right now is the vast difference of our powers. Must feel nice, right? I might look like this right now, but surely you haven't forgotten me already? Looks like Father beating you wasn't enough apparently."

"Father...? Wait, don't tell me, you're that bastard's son?"

"Finally getting a clue now, are we?"

After Nao said that, Cooler saw his eyes flash a gold hue. He then saw Nao release his grip on the Ki pole, which was still firing Ki artows. It actually hovered in place as Nao willed the space around it!

Nao then floated toward Cooler. Nao wasn't really expecting much from him now that he had become a Super Saiyan God, but he couldn't even move. He then spoke to him once more.

"You know Cooler, I wouldn't have touched you if you stayed within the East Area, but you crossed over into my territory as a Kai. Got any last words?"

"Tch, you think you can threaten me just because I can't move? If you think you can kill me then go ahead and try!"

After Nao heard that, he let out another sigh.

"Sigh...Even though you're supposed be the older brother, a Frost Demon is still a Frost Demon in the end, huh? I wasn't looking to stall things anyways. Enjoy your trip to hell."

After saying that, Nao used Vanish and reappeared a few meters further behind. Raising his left hand, his golden irises flashed a golden hue once more, before golden Ki started to swirl inside his left palm. Nao then took aim, and let the ball of Ki expsnd out several feet.

It soon became much larger than his person, and Cooler became wide-eyed seeing this. He tried to move his body and flee, but the dimension difference held him place. Nao even wrapped his fiery red sura around it, making it appear quite menacingly.

It soon finished forming, and Nao yelled out as he released it.

"Godly Spatial Blast!"

Yelling that out, Cooler saw a giant golden-red ball of Ki hurl toward him. Only a couple moments passed as his body was touched by it. He felt instant pain, causing him to shriek. It didn't take long before the ball absorbed him completly.

Only the sounds of bones crunching echoed in Nao's ears for a while as Coolers's body imploded on itself. Blood splattered but evaporated thanks to the heat of the Godly Ki Nao released a moment ago.

It didn't take long for Cooler's screams to stop. The giant golden ball of Ki soon dissipated as well. Nao also ceased his Ki pole and it soon vanished, as he no longer sensed any more members of the Cooler Force.

Everything quieted down around Planet Aero, leaving behind a stunned Eir. The dust had settled and Cooler was no more. Nao had killed him!