Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 17

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 17 14 Berserk Ghost Warrior Tuffles

Year 730 Palace Vegeta Training Ground

Nao's conciousness drifted back and forth in dreamland but he soon felt something squishy beneath his head and his eyes slowly opened. He first saw the stars in the sky and saw night had approached unexpectedly him. Still feeling the squishy feeling beneath his head, his eyes wandered a bit only to see Miya dozing off and saw that his head was resting on her legs, just like it was a lap pillow. It's already evening, huh? Feeling a gaze, Miya rubbed her eyes only to see Nao looking right at her.

"Brother, you're awake!"

"Yes. It seems today was quite eventful wasn't it? I'm still feeling quite sore from it."

Nao noticed that the injuries he received earlier today have subsided for now and he was not covered in blood anymore. He saw the five other Saiyans including Paragus around a pit fire not so far away from Nao and Miya and were currently eating roasted meat. A feeling of warmth soon embraced Nao as he saw Nappa closer by who lit another pit fire with several sticks stuck into the ground around it with raw meat. The meat soon started to get roasted, causing Nao's stomach to start rumbling. Nappa heard Nao's grumbling stomach and let out hearty laugh, inviting him and Miya to join him around the fire. Seeing this, Nao finally lifted his head off Miya's soft thigh and slowly stood up, feeling sore all over from the battle royale from earlier. Nao then had a look back at Miya who was now happily looking back at him, and reached for her hand. She stumbled for a bit upon getting up as her leg fell asleep while Nao rested on it but they eventually reached the pit fire and sat down next to Nappa while waiting for the meat to roast. Seeing Nao's focus return, Nappa then took the opportunity to report what he received earlier from one of the Palace's guard as Nao will not have another chance to restore his energy and rest after this night is over for the next while. Seeing Nappa turn serious, Nao gave him his full attention.

"Nao, once you finish eating, you and Miya better rest well for the night. We received a report that Tuffles have been spotted within our city's vicinity and are marching with an army of soldiers as we speak. I informed Miya of this earlier but you were unconscious at the time so I'm now taking the time to inform you properly. While you two may only be five years old, His Majesty will have you two partake in this war. Training alone can't make warriors, warriors need to go through life and death, and war is a great opportunity! The report concluded that there are about five thousands soldiers being led by Hatchiyack. But with that being said, the meat will soon be ready, so eat up and rest well! "

Nappa really dropped a bomb on Nao this time. He wondered what would happen next as their two year training finished but the last thing on his mind was a war between two races. Nao knew the Tuffles were not strong like Saiyans were but who knew what would happen as Hatchiyack was included. His battle power was at a measly 25K but per his knowledge it was reported that in the original story Hatchiyack's power was at a massive 1.4 billion. Several decades passed when Hatchiyack was first launched into space but as the story has already diverged, all Nao hoped was that in these six years Hatchiyack's strength wouldn't be as monstrous as it was in the original story. This would technically be his first boss fight after all. Another 10-15 minutes passed and an aroma of roasted meat soon wafted towards Nao and it seemed the meat was ready to eat. Nao and Miya then took their respective sticks and started to devour it, and before long all of the roasted meat vanished into their stomachs.

Nao rubbed his belly, feeling full from all the meat he just ate moments ago. A sleepiness spell soon hit him afterwards but he still struggled trying to stay awake as Nappa's words still clearly rung in his mind. He soon recall after the massive increase in his levels did he realize he still had stat points to invest. Nao decided right now was probably the best time to invest his points as he probably wouldn't have another chance until after the war ends. To best prepare himself for the oncoming war, he decided to directly invest 77 of his current points into his strength. He immediately felt a warm flow of energy spread throughout his body and saw that Rebirth spammed several more messages at him. However what surprised him was that once his strength value reached 25, he started to receive 20 points of battle power per stat point and after his strength reached 50, he started to gain 30 points in battle power per stat increase. Upon his strength becoming 100 points, he received one final notification from Rebirth.

*Ding! Strength has received 100 points. Congratulations to host for starting the path on becoming a true warrior. Battle power has been permanently increased by 10%.

Nao suddenly felt another burst of energy spread out through his body, as he saw his battle power reach 29,000. He had 53 points remaining and he decided to evenly distribute it to his other stats. His other stats became an even 30 and he was left with one stat point left, which Nao decided to save for later. He then had a final look after his distribution.


Name: Nao

Race: Saiyan, *hidden*

Level: 13

EXP: 950,000

EXP Needed for next level : 191,200

HP: 1660->1800

MP: 205->265

Battle Power: 25,155 -> 29,000

STR: 23->100

DEF: 23->30

DEX: 10->30

INT: 24->30

WIS: 11->30

LUC: 6

Available Points: 1

RP : 30,000


Nao smiled has he continued to stare at the fire, and felt confident after he distributed his stats. Miya looked at Nao and smirked, as she also felt the increase in power. Nao felt more confident in what was to come tomorrow but Nao still had his rebirth points to spend. He decided to stop saving them and focused his mind to the Rebirth Shop window. What appeared his mind was rather surprising, as all he saw was a giant golden sphere, and other unknown gray spheres that appeared to be locked. Nao assumed that each sphere pertained to a world and the golden sphere in front of him was the one he currently was in, and after his mind dove into it all he could see was endless clouds, similar to that of Heaven that he saw in his previous life. However he was not alone in this vast space and in front of him stood a wooden stall with a small red fairy hovering behind it that he was oh so familiar with. He almost forgot that Miya's soul originated from an AI so it didn't surprise him too much seeing her in this space. Nao approached the stall window and saw various 3D panels that covered different items, such as skills, consumables, weapons, armor etc. After he approached the window Miya saw him and flew at a fast pace landing directly in his embrace, causing a slight distortion in the 3D panels as she passed through them.

"Brother! So you finally decided to enter the shop. Took you long enough seeing as you have a lot of points to spend now."

"Yes. Today I'm mainly here to look at the available skills. Hopefully there will be at a few to choose from."

"Brother, while 30,00 isn't a small number Rebirth is pretty harsh for its requirements. Don't be surprised when you see the prices."

Nao suddenly felt a foreboding feeling after he heard Miya say that but then he saw Miya leave his embrace only to fly back behind the counter. She then dismissed all but one of the 3D paneling and Nao approached it, only to see one word on it : Skills. Nao tapped it and the window split into three main categories, cultivation, active and passive skills. Nao actually had two specific techniques he wanted to purchase but didn't know if he had enough points for them. Hatchiyack was rather formidable in the original story and didn't want to take any chances, he saw that the skills were alphabetized and soon found the P section. Upon seeing the skill he wanted his heart bled a bit.

Power Ball : 25,000 RP

As Nao remembered he had a title that gave him a discount in the store, the 25,000 became 22,500 and he bought the skill which then showed up under his skill list at level 1. He then had a further look at the description.

Power Ball


Causes massive strain on the body to condense Ki from the atmosphere to create an artificial sphere made of blutz waves. If launched into the sky host can receive blutz waves from the sun's reflection.

Good! If worst comes to worst Nao may need to rely on his race'a great ape transformation, and since he was born with higher blood purity being in the high class district he may be able to control it and not give in to his emotions unlike the low and mid class warriors. He then scrolled down the list to V and found what he wanted next, Vanish.

Vanish - 8000 RP

Upon buying Vanish, he spent another 7200 RP thanks to his discount. Vanish will help his movement in the long run and he was already familiar with the skill as he saw many characters in the story use it. The more he improved his speed, Nao thought Vanish would help supplement it. After the two purchases he only had 300 points left and decided to save it. He felt even more confident now and said goodbye to Miya who was still tending the shop. His mind returned and he saw the crackling fire in front of him with Miya to the left of him and Nappa to the right. Nao couldn't stay awake for much more and decided to close his eyes and soon saw darkness, sleeping for the night.

Time flashed by and dawn approached the horizon, signaling a new day. Nao slowly opened his eyes only to see Miya stretched across his legs in an unsightly manner. Nao shook her awake and Miya opened her eyes only to see that it became the next day. Not too far away Nao saw Nappa, Fynn, Gin, Oliver, Parsi and Paragus walking towards them with their battle armor equipped. Seeing them approach, Nao quickly straightened himself and got up with Miya in tow. Nappa informed the two that it was time to leave for the West Gate to join the war. Knowing that everything was said last night, the group quietly left for the exit tunnel and eventually made their way back to the Palace. Upon arriving at the Palace the guard immediately noticed the group and informed Nappa and the group that His Majesty has already departed for the battlefield.

Nappa dismissed the guard after receiving the information and the group descended, making their way to the middle class district. Nao found that it was strangely quiet with not much activity. As they made their way through the West Gate, they soon started to hear shouting and big explosions. An army of what appeared to be normal humans soon came into their view and Nao assumed these were the Tuffles that he had heard about. However they soon saw a dark red aura weave in and out of each soldier and each soldier appeared to have lifeless eyes. This caused Nao and Miya to turn grim knowing that something had probably happened but Nappa soon brought the group to His Majesty upon finding him and knelt down.

"Your Majesty, the training has now finished. The group can now be deployed. Do you want to send them over now?"

"Nappa, there appears to be an outside influence this time, otherwise those shitty Tuffles wouldn't even be standing right now. They all appear to have gone mad with power. We need to get rid of that damn aura as their power levels are currently showing around 3000-4000. Even most of are warriors can't stand up to them! You are to assume command and have this group penetrate their defense so we can start pushing back. I will personally bring Nao and Miya to hunt down that shitty computer. We can't let them overtake our city!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

After receiving their orders, Nappa and the group of five soon flew towards the Tuffles at a fast pace, launching a flurry of attacks. As their onslaught ensued King Vegeta II grinned at the shocked Nao and Miya and brought them into the heart of the army, soon heading towards Hatchiyack that remained in the back. Nao and Miya started to launch Ki attacks along the way and as they blasted the Tuffles, he started to get more notifications from Rebirth. He couldn't be bothered by this now so he shut them out of his mind and focused on what laid ahead, and soon spotted Hatchiyack. The gems on Hatchiyack's body soon started to glow green...