Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 170

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 170 163: Eir And Aht

Cooler's torment on Planet Aero had finally come to a close. The massive amounts of energy Nao released all vanished, and outer space once again became quiet and unperturbed.

Nao had just killed thousands of aliens he didn't know and even Cooler himself. The number one squadron, the Cooler Armored Squadron, who took direct orders from Cooler himself, also unfortunately met their end here today as well.

The pretty blue skinned blond haired boy with a French accent, who went by the name of Salza, was no more. He could only take an arrow through his head before it imploded in on itself causing an immediate death with no time to react.

To rub salt into the wound, Nao even used that same arrow to kill his two companions, Dore and Neiz. For those who didn't know, their names were puns which were derived from condiments and salad dressings. But enough about them considering they were dead now.

Nao returned to his calm appearance, and his red aura vanished leaving behind his red hair. Those who had Divine Energy were able to maneuver in the vacuum of space, much like the Frost Demons could even though they had to rely on their racial trait.

Since Nao was still in outer space, he wanted to give it a shot to see if he could survive in this vacuum without being transformed. Whis did say his body now fully consisted of Divine Energy. Taking in a deep breath, Nao powered down and his white hair returned.

Nao then opened his mouth and tried to breath in. He wasn't met with the cool air of oxygen as it didn't exist in outer space, but he could feel his Godly Ki doing its work, keeping his body under check. It felt pretty weird at first but at least for now, he was able to survive in outer space!

Wrapping that up, he decided to fly toward Planet Aero. More specifically, Eir, who was still within the planet's atmosphere. Eir couldn't believe her eyes seeing Cooler die just like that. She soon felt the strength leave her wings from constantly running away all this while, and her body started to drop from the sky.

Seeing Eir start falling in the sky, Nao sped up and arrived by her side in mere seconds. The wounds on her body appeard quite worse than what he had seen from far away, and blood constantly poured down from it. Yet Nao ignored that, and stretched out both of his arms, allowing Eir to fall into it.

Once Eir was in Nao's embrace, he could feel how cold her body was thanks to the amount of blood she lost thus far. Eir herself struggled to turn her head toward toward him, only to cough out some blood, which landed right onto his black plated battle armor. She smiled seeing his white hair, and weakly spoke out to Nao.

" really are the kid from back then...Looks like I owe you another favor, eh...?"

"Don't speak, Eir. You're seriously injured right now. I'm sorry I couldn't come sooner."

"These...are just external vitals are fine. What's important is is that bastard is now dead...I can finally rest for a bit."

"Rest well, then, Eir. You're in safe hands now. I"ll go round up the other survivors."

Hearing Nao say that, Eir closed her eyes and retracted her white green-tipped wings. Nao also saw her hands and feet change from claws and talons into human hands and feet, causing him to raise his eyebrows. Yet her retracted wings stayed on her back. 'So Eir is also able to do a transformation, huh? Looks like there really is a lot to explore in the D*Z world, since the original story mainly focused on planet Earth...', Nao thought to himself.

Nao saw Eir enter a stable state leading out steady breaths. Yet she continued to lose blood so he needed to act quickly. He spotted off in the far distance what appeared to be an insanely huge nest of trees which were carved out, and at its top stood a plain white Palace. Her race wasn't much for decor, so it made sense.

Making his way towards that Palace, he spotted destruction as far as the eye could see. The land was littered with corpses belonging to both Aerons and the Cooler Force. The Aerons also numbered in the thousands. Yet Cooler failed to finish the job as Nao could see groups of ten Aerons every so often, struggling to rescue or heal the others.

Seeing them self-sustaining themselves, he made his way directly toward the Palace. As soon as he landed, a dark green haired male wearing light armor approached him. A sliver of his hair in the middle was actually silver, and unlike Eir his wings were pure green. As a result, he received the nickname Silver among his fellow guards. Even Eir liked to call him that.

Seeing Eir in Nao's embrace, Silver got into a defensive stance, and yelled out to him.

"Halt! Put down Her Highness immediately and leave!"

Hearing Silver yell out, Eir managed to open her eyes and spoke out to him.

"It's okay...Silver. This guy is on our side. I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him..."

"...Is that true?"

Hearing Silver ask that, Nao nodded silently. Eir closed her eyes and began to rest again. Silver withdrew his stance, but he heard Nao speak out to him before Silver could approach him.

"You can stay right there. I'm going to perform emergency treatment on Eir. She's lost a lot of blood already. I was looking to do it in a more secluded place but I can't wast anymore time."

"You're a doctor?", Silver questioned Nao with a dubious look. Nao was still wearing his battle armor, so his currently appearance was quite far from what a doctor typically looked like.

Nao started to get a bit annoyed by Silver, and and spoke out to him in an irrated tone.

"You could say that. Now shut up and watch."

Hearing Nao's tone, Silver nodded silently, and closed his mouth. Nao gently placed Eir down beside him onto the what appeared to be a giant's bird nest situated on top of the nest of trees directly below it.

Nao expected the ground to be rather rough because of that but surpisingly it wasn't, and it felt quite nice. Still, he didn't waste any time. Cycling some of his Godly Ki, Silver soon heard Nao let out a strange chant in some language he hadn't heard of.


After Nao yelled that out while placing his hand over her really large b.r.e.a.s.ts, an immediate change took place. A calm yellow aura enveloped Eir's body causing some shock to Silver. Silver then saw Eir's wounds close at a visible speed with his eyes! Not only that, Eir herself started to feel her stamina get restored, and the power she received was really pure thanks to Nao's Godly Ki, and her face flushed as a result of it.

Eir's breathing became steady as more and more of her wounds closed up. All of a audden, her closed eyes suddenly opened, causing Silver to jump back a few feet. Another moment passed and Eir sat right up, and started to check her body.

Seeing Eir mostly recovered now except for her blood loss, Nao smiled. He then spoke out to her.

"How are you feeling now, Eir?"

Hearing Nao's question, she turned her head toward his, only to find Nao's head just couple a feet away. Yet this sudden action caused Eir to feel a dizzy spell, making her clutch her head with her hand. Seeing this reaction was normal, since Nao only recovered her stamins and closed her wounds.

"Don't move around so suddenly. I've only closed your wounds and recovered your stamina. You lost quite a bit of blood, Eir."

"Ugh...I can see that. I feel refreshed but dizzy at the same time. Such a weird feeling but it'll go away soon. Thank you for healing me. As I recall, your name was Nao?"

"Yeah, I'm Nao. It was actually thanks to someone else who notified me of your situation. I actually want to return something to you."

"Return something to me? I don't remember ever lending you something."

Hearing Eir say that, Nao did not say anything. Instead, he cycled some of his Ki, opening up his pocket dimension. Eir saw this and became shocked.

Yet once she saw Nao take out a very ancient white book out of it, Eir's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Especially once she saw its cover. On top of it had two small blue spheres at each corner.

In its center was a large intricately designed pattern with orange lines streaking across it, as if it were a circuit of sorts that was carved out of runes. Two small dark orange spheres were at the end of its etched lines, with a bigger and more lighter orange sphere on top of the two smaller ones.

Seeing Nao pull out the Light Chronicle so casually, Eir couldn't think straight for a moment. Yet she then grabbed a hold of Nao's chest with her hand and yelled out to him.

"Tell me, Nao. Why the hell do you have the Light Chronicle!?"

Hearing Eir yell was something Nao had expected. He didn't say anything and proceeded to place it on her lap. Feeling the Light Chronicle after what appeared to have been ages, Eir brought it into her embrace. Tears then started to drop down onto it.

Nao wasn't expecting her to suddenly cry like this, yet Silver approached the two before he could do anything. Silver then spoke out with a worried tone.

"Y-Your Highness, are you alright? What is this book you're getting so worked up for?"

Hearing Silver ask that snapped Eir back into reality. Her face then became extremely serious, and gave a command to Silver.

'Silver. Leave. NOW! This is classified information to the highest degree. Do I make myself clear?"

"Y-Yes, Your Highness!"

After Eir let out that sudden command, Silver went off sprinting back into the palace and vanished in mere seconds. Meanwhile, Nao stood up again, and opened a Gate nearby.

Eir blinked her eyes seeing a portal appear out of nowhere. Yet she no longer felt dizzy, and slowly stood up. The book covered her really large b.r.e.a.s.ts but Nao still saw them jiggle as she got up out of the corner of his eyes.

Eir arrived next to him and Nao spoke her.

"Come, Eir. Someone is waiting for you."

"Someone's waiting for me?"

Nao nodded to confirm her doubts. Without saying anything, Nao disappeared into the Gate. Eir looked back at her palace one last time, before she started to walk toward it.

Her heart started to beat faster hearing Nao say that someone was waiting for her. Especially since he knows about the Light Chronicle. With an anticipated look, Eir vanished through the Gate. Yet Nao made the decision to keep the Gate active so Eir could retrurn whenever she wanted to.

Eir and Nao soon moved throughout the endless cosmos at a really fast pace, arriving at the other end of the Gate, which led directly into Palace Elosa's royal bedroom.

Upon their arrival, Eir saw the massive white circular bed with pink sheets and pink pillows, spanning over thirty feet wide in diameter, covered with white on the outside of the bed. In the middle of the bed, a small figure could be seen sleeping in the middle of it.

Light snoring escaped from their mouth which had drool trickling out if it. The moment Eir saw Aht's two goat-like horns and her beautiful teal hair, her eyes turned wide. Eir then staggered toward the bed, and yelled out to her.

"A-Aht...Is that really you, Aht!?"