Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 171

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 171 164: Eir's Past Revealed

"Is that really you, Lady Aht!?"

Seeing a beautiful teal haired young girl sleeping peacefully in the middle of the bed, Eir's eyes became wide in shock, especially after she saw her rwo goat-like horms, which protruded outward from the top of her head by quite a bit.

Meanwhile, Nao raised her eyebrows hearing how Eir addressed Aht like that. 'Lady Aht...Wasn't there only the leader of the Satyros who called her that? As I recall, her name was Elm. It does appear these two share a unique relationship to say the least,' Nao thought inside his mind.

However his thoughts were soon interrupted by a large thud as the Light Chronicle slipped out of Eir's embrace, falling onto the wooden floor. Nao even felt a gentle breeze while Eir flapped her wings, heading straight toward her.

Eir than landed on the bed next to Aht. Eir saw Aht sleeping without a care for the world, and looking at her more closely, Aht was hugging a pink pillow with some drool trickling down the side of her cheek, as if she were in a good dream.

Seeing this, Eir couldn't help but lightly pinch her cheek, and softly spoke out to her.

"Lady Aht, you really haven't changed a bit, have you? Even though we haven't seen each other for a few years. Still, it's time to wake up. You wanted to see me, didn't you?"

After Eir spoke softly to Aht, Aht only smiled back as she continued to sleep. Feeling a familiar warmth on her face, Aht actually clung onto Eir, dropping the pillow in the process. Aht then spoke out in her sleep.

"Nao will definitely come and rescue you, Big Sis...zzz..."

Hearing Aht whisper this brought warmth to Eir's heart. After petting her head a bit with her hand, Eir wiggled her way out of Aht's hug. Eir then made her way back toward the edge of the bed, allowing her feet to dangle below it.

Nao saw Eir approach him, and eyes his saw her really large b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggle back back and forth as she did. Seeing his eyes wander, Eir grinned. She even squeezed her b.r.e.a.s.ts together with her hands, as if she was trying to mock him. She then let out a strange laugh.

"Shishishi, do you like what you see, Nao? I could let you touch them. I take great pride in these beauties."


"It's not like you don't know, right? I mean the favors I owe you keep piling up. Not only have you healed me once, but you even did so twice. You've even saved my life and my race from being killed off, let alone my planet from that bastard Cooler."

"Haha. I was suprised to see Cooler here in the North Area. I should have placed him higher on my priorities. Guess you were his first target."

"Well that bastard is dead now thanks to you. He couldn't even approach you and you killed him off in mere seconds. I truly thank you for rescuing me and my people."

"It wasn't a big deal, Eir. I'm just glad I made it in time before it got any worse. If there is anyone you should thank Aht."

"Ah yes, Lady Aht. Even I find it hard to believe she's here right now. I guess you know who I really am, huh?"

"I can take my own guess at your identity but Lippti and Teo did say you were born from Flux. Just what are you exactly?"

Hearing Nao say the twins' names, Eir's eyes went wide. She suddenly remembered she dropped the Light Chronicle. Thankfully it was right beside her down on the floor, so she picked it up and spoke out to Nao once more as she placed the Light Chronicle on her lap.

"Seeing as you know those two, I guess you actually went inside Historia?"

"Yeah. It was actually them who assigned me this mission, and brought Aht along to accompany me."

"Is that so? I'm really happy given a chance to serve Lady Aht again. Hopefully for a longer period this time. You know, I'd rather tell my story to you rather than to those perverted bastards who keep pestering me with marriage proposals. Would you be willing to listen, Nao?"

"Of course. I'm interested to know who you are, Eir. I don't sense an ounce of Ki within you. Maybe you hid it last time and that's why couldn't sense it."

"Well you guessed right. I didn't want people to know who I was during that tournament. To be honest I was there to just have s bit of fun, but I didn't think I would get my wings ripped from my body. That was the most excruciating pain I ever felt in my life, you know?"

"That's all in the past though. According to Lippti and Teo, you were actually born inside Historia."

As Nao began to inquire about Eir's past, his interest in her only grew more and more. Eir in return responded to him and started her story.

"I indeed was. Historia is essentially its own realm of existence, born from the power of Flux. I guess before I move on with the rest of the story, I should explain what Flux is."


"That would be helpful. I was told I could train in Flux with Aht's help."

"Well that's not surprising. The Flux inside inside you is really pure. It makes me a bit jealous seeing all that untapped energy, shishishi."

After Eir let out a light laugh, she continued to speak.

"Though I will say its quite difficult to explain what Flux truly is. But to put it in simple terms, think of it as an energy similar to Ki. Ki revolves around the essence of life in our bodies, the stronger we train it the more powerful we can become. Yet Flux is intangible, and it exists all around us. It directly impacts the elements, allowing people to control Mana inside their bodies."

"Interesting. I know there are multiple forms of energy, but to think Flux could be that impacting...Maybe that's why I could learn to use the powers of Space and Ice quite easily?"

"That's defintely possible. Flux can do pretty much just about anything. Since it can control Mana, it can even create life out of nothingness. That's how I came to be."


"Yep! I started out as a mass of Flux energy within a rather chaotic space inside Historia. Some places inside it have crazy spatial distortions, those are something you never want to venture into. Before I knew it, that mass of Flux energy created a body for me. I didn't know how long it took before my conscience was formed, but that's when Lippti and Teo found me."

"Well those two did say they were guardians of Historia. Yet considering its such a huge place, why did they take an interest in you?"

"To be honest, I'm not too sure myself. All they said when we first met was that they called me a Flux Beast. Yet they said I was different from the other creatures born from Flux. Those creaturss had no conscience, while I did. They never encountered a situation like this before so they decided to take me in."

"Those two actually raised you?"

"I wouldn't say they raised me to the extent of me seeing them as a father and a mother, but they did take care of me for a while. They didn't age a bit no matter much time passed. In the end, they reached a conclusion to send me to the place they watch over, which was called the continent of Vainqueur."

"Vanqueur? That doesn't sound like a place I'm too familiar with."

"Well, I wouldn't be surprised by that. The place we currently live in is extremely far away from Vainwueur. Heck it's not even in this Universe."

"Well I'd figure that much. Did the twins send you there to experience life?"

"That's a simple way to put it but that's indeed what those two did. Since my appearance at the time looked very similar to their Beastkin, I was sent to live with the Satyros tribe. They were a really friendly bunch, despite their hatred for humans. That's how I came to serve under Lady Aht. She was just a small child at the time, but she's grown by quite a bit now. Sister Elm welcomed me with a warm heart."

"Is that so? Then what happened after that to make you come here?"

"Ah, that. Well it's a bit embarrassing on my part. I decided to undergo a training of sorts, and re-entered Historia after a few years passed on Vanqueur. I was more naive at the time, and a spatial distortion occurred near my training area. Its suction was so strong it ended up pulling me in, and that's how I got here. I tried every means available to go back, but it didn't take the Light Chronicle with me so I eventually gave up, and settled down on my planet. And well, you know the rest."

Hearing Eir complete her story caused Nao to raise his eyebrows. He then responded back to her.

"That's...quite a lot to take in. But now that the dust has settled, do you have any future plans?"

"Not for the moment. I'll have to heal the wounds my people received from that bastard, but I did decide on something."

"Oh, what would that be?"

"Repaying the debt I owe you!"


After Eir yelled that out, she grabbed a hold of Nao's chestplate with one of her hands. She then pulled his head toward hers, and planted her lips against his, giving him an unexpected kiss! It was just a light one, but Nao still felt her warmth tickle against his nose.

Eir then let him go, enjoying that sensation along the way. This left Nao dumbfounded. Yet before he could do anything, he heard multiple footsteps approach the royal bedroom.

It was none other than the girls who finally returned from planet Earth. They stretched their bodies as they walked, only to see three figures inside the room, causing them to halt.

"Oh my, I didn't think this place would be occupied. We were about to enter the bath. You're back already, Nao? It looks like the rescue mission was a success then.", Isabella said with a curious look look in her eyes as she began to observe Eir.

"So this is the one?", Elsa also asked with eyes of wonder.

After those two said that, the girls approached them. Seeing it become quite rowdy, Aht started to squirm on the bed. She soon woke up and the first thing she saw made her eyes blink a few times, as it was none other than Eir!