Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 172

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 172 165: Aht's Request

"Big Sis, you're finally back!"

"So now you decide to wake up, eh? You're still the same brat I remember, Lady Aht."

Hearing Eir address Aht like that, she bounced on the bed next to her a couple times, and pouted.

"I'm not a brat anymore. I just recently turned ten! Also when are you going to stop calling me like that? You're just like Elm."

"That's a promise I made to Sister Elm, so you'll always be Lady Aht to me. Speaking of which, where are we exactly? I'm also seeing a couple of familiar faces. Some of you were at that tournament right?"

"This is our home actually. You're currently in my Palace on Planet Elosyia. Nao, I know were to bring her to Aht, but why exactly is she in our bedroom?"

"Your Palace? Don't tell me you're a Queen like me?"

"Well, I'm only a princess now, but I'm to wed Nao in less than a month. I'm Elsa von Elosa, and I'll assume the ruling position before long. Care to tell me what happened? It's obvious to see Nao healed you, were you in a rough fight?"

"Well I was in a fight for my life until Nao arrived. Nao killed that bastard Cooler like it was nothing. Don't tell me Nao, you actually have a harem or something? All of these girls are beautiful."

After Eir said that, she began to look at the girls one by one with a look of intrigue. She herself wasn't against the idea of a harem, even though her race only settled down with one mate. Besides, Eir came to a conclusion that it would be strange for him to not have more than one lover, after witnessing how strong he was.

"Well, actually that is indeed the situation here, Eir. Are you disappointed? I can still let you take back the decision you reached."

"What decision?", Elsa aaked curiously.

Hearing Nao ask that, Eir let out a giggle while she responded back to him.

"Shishishi, why would I be disappointed? I meant every word I said earlier. I would be dead if you didn't show you up, Nao. Besides, you seem to be interested in my body. I did just give you my first kiss as my resolve, didn't I?"

"First kiss...Nao, don't tell me she is...?"

Elsa's eyes of curiosity soon turned to that of doubt while Eir answered Nao. Nao could only scratch his head while he replied to Elsa.

"Well, from the looks of it, Eir will be joining our family. I don't think Eir is interested in marriage, though, are you?"

"Not as of now. I can finally silence those bastards who keep pestering me with marriage proposals at least. I'll just say I'm taken. I don't mind taking it slow. I'd rather get to know you better, Nao."

Hearing Eir say that, Aht blinked her eyes a couple times. Her eyes then shifted back and forth between Eir and Nao before she spoke out.

"Big Sis, are you joining Nao's family? Then does that mean you're going to stay here and not go back home?"

Eir's expression became serious after hearing Aht ask that. She then spoke out to her in a serious tone.

"Lady Aht, while I do miss those who accepted me back on Vanqueur, I also created a nest here on an uninhabited planet, after realizing I had no means of going back. In the short term, I'm going to spend my life with Nao here. I do apologize."

Eir expected Aht to yell at her after letting out an apology, but what Aht said next just left her dumbfounded.

"You don't need to apologize, Eir. If you decided to stay here then so will I!"

After hearing Aht's declaration, shock appeared on the girls' faces. Even Nao raised his eyebrows. Yet among them, it was actually Eir who immediately reprimanded her. Eir thought Aht was just going with the flow.

"Lady Aht, you can't stay here! Unlike me, you have your own role to fulfill. You're Celestia's current generation Shaman. There can only be one in existence at a time! I'm surprised you even managed to come here in the first place. How on earth did you find the Light Chronicle?"

As Eir began to reprimand Aht with serious tone, the girls became quiet. Even Elsa leaned toward Nao, and whispered into his ear.

'Nao, what exactly are these two talking about? This seems pretty serious. What's this about a Light Chronicle?'

Hearing Elsa whisper, Nao whispered back and replied to her.

'To be honest, I was kind of expecting this to happen. Unlike Eir, you can say Aht is essentially in the second highest position of her tribe. It may not be a big tribe but it's not like she can leave out of the blue. As for the Light Chronicle, that's the book in Eir's embrace right now.'

'The second highest position of her tribe is being held by a child!?', Elsa exclaimed back in shock.

After Elsa whispered that, Nao only nodded in confirmation. Nao then told Elsa to quiet down, as he didn't want to disturb the two. Everyone then heard Aht speak once more.

"That's what suprised me, Big Sis. Not too long ago, the Mana of our holy tree, the Boundary Tree, went wild. It caused a small spatial distortion, and the Light Chronicle appeared where I usually go to pray. I have a direct connection with the tree, so I could feel its worry once you upped and vanished like that. It was only able to find the book, and not you."

"Didn't I tell you guys I was going to enter a special area for training?"

"Well you did, but I didn't tell me you would be going inside Historia! But that's not the point I'm trying to make. I met Lippti and Teo inside Historia. They helped me create a homunculus with their knowledge of thaumatech from the Old Empire since their Father was an engineer in that field."

"A homunculus? That's something I haven't heard of. What is that?", Eir asked with curiosity in her eyes.

"Well it's a bit complicated to explain what a homunculus is, but its essentially another body. It can only register a Mana's signature once. After I infused my Mana with it, it took a bit of my soul, and created another copy of me. I can feel connected to it and so can it. It feels weird to be at two places at once but I'm slowly getting used to it."

"Two places at once...? Are you letting this homunculus stay in the Satyros tribe then?"

"You're quick on the uptake, Big Sis! That's exactly what I'm doing. So it's not like I didn't come prepared. I mean I would have destroyed it the moment I went back, but you decided to stay here. So that means I will too!"

Hearing Aht say that, Eir could only smile back at her. She then took Aht into her embrace and began to ruffle her hair. Eir then spoke out once more.

"Well I won't go against your resolve, Lady Aht, like Nao had accepted mine. It will be my pleasure to serve under you again. But what will you do? You've got no place in mind, do you?"

"Well that's something I wanted to ask about."

After Aht said that, she popped out of Eir's embrace. Her gaze then landed on the girls and Nao, before she spoke out once more.

"Everyone, would it possible for me to stay here with Big Sis? I promised Nao I would teach him how to use Mana. I bet Big Sis can teach him how to use Flux as well."

Hearing Aht's sudden request, shock appeared on their faces once again. Nao then turned toward Elsa and spoke out to her.

"I don't see why not, Aht. She does have a valid point. What do you think, Elsa?"

"Well, having Eir decide to stay here was a bit sudden, but thankfully we don't need to make any changes to our wedding plans, so Eir can stay here if she'd like. Aht asked properly too, and I can see you have nowhere to go. As long as you get adjusted to our lifestyle here on Planet Eloysia, you can stay here too, Aht."

Hearing both Nao and Elsa reply back to her with confirmation, Aht began to happily bounce on the edge of the bed, and her small white tail began to flutter around. She then spoke out to them in excitement.

"Thank you! I promise I'll chip in whenever I can. I'll be in your care then, Nao. Even though I introduced myself once already, I'll properly introduce myself to you guys. I'm Aht, Celestia's current generation Shaman. It's nice to meet you all!"

"Likewise, I'm Eir. I was Lady Aht's personal guard before an accident happened in my training, causing me to drift here. I now have a nest on Planet Aero. It's also nice to meet you all." (A/N : Just so there's no confusion, Eir is OC created by me, originating from the Radiant Historia world)

"Welcome aboard, Aht, Eir. I'm Nao, a Saiyan. This here is my fianc, Elsa."

"That's right. I'm Elsa, the sole princess of this planet, Planet Elosyia. Its nice to meet you two."

After the four properly introduced themselves, the other girls began to chime in and introduced themselves as well. The atmosphere soon became very cheerful with the new addition of Aht and Eir to the family.

Before they knew it the sands of time began to churn once more. Evening fast approached them, and everyone had a great dinner to celebrate.

The sudden rescue mission came to a close, and the Light Chronicle returned to Eir's possession. Dusk soon fell, and the royal bedroom became quite rowdy. Aht had to sleep in another room and she was fine with that, for obvious reasons.

Yet Eir stayed behind, and saw Nao begin his passionate night of s.e.x with the girls. She wanted to take it slow with him so she only observed them with interest her eyes, while Nao was still on a mission to i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e Isabella and Tights.

Before they knew it, dawn approached as their nightly m.o.a.ns died down, only to follow with light snoring. This next day was going to be busy for Nao as well. He had one last place to visit before his wedding started. That was to visit the Sacred World of the Kais!