Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 173

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 173 166: Onward To The Sacred World Of The Kais

The next day soon dawned on Planet Elosyia. The sunlight of its two suns peered into the veranda, bringing the warmth of its rays into the royal bedroom.

The room itself was was rather musty thanks to last night. Love juices could be seen pouring from Elsa, Sayuri, Miya and Chelsea as they were still fsst asleep in each others' embrace.

Tights and Isabella, on the other hand, had very blissful smiles as they slept in each others' embrace. Having a closer look at them, a large amount white liquid poured down from their two slits, trickling alongside their legs as it made the bedding below them quite damp, but that didn't bring them any discomfort at all.

Speaking of which, white liquid could be seen coming out from both of Isabella's holes. She made an exception and lifted that 'ban' last night, allowing Nao to enjoy her body to its fullest extent. She didn't feel much pain this time around. Still, she would only allow Nao to do that on special occasions, not every night.

As for Nao himself, he was sandwiched between Isabella, who was on his left, and their newest member, Eir, who laid next to his right, who was closest to the edge of the bed. Nao was also sleeping, and he soon turned his body over. His face plopped right on top of Eir's extreme large b.r.e.a.s.ts, which were a coupe sizes larger than Elsa's.

The sensation and fluffiness of Eir's b.r.e.a.s.ts was still relatively unknown to Nao, so his eyes started to flutter. Yet before he woke up, Eir felt Nao's warmth and smiled as she still slept. Unconsciously she wrapped her arms around his back, and even grabbed a hold of him with her white wings.

Eir then began to toss and turn, slowly rolling off to the side with Nao in her embrace. Isabella felt Nao's warmth leave her, causing her body to shudder a bit. Her eyes slowly opened, only to see Nao rolling towards the edge of the bed with Eir as the two slept. Rubbing her eyes, she yawned.


Yet, as Isabella tried to speak out to him, her ears were suddenly assaulted by a loud thud. THUD! Eir's tossing actually ended up having both her and Nao fall onto the ground. This noise abruptly caused Isabella's eyes to open. It was loud enough for the others to stir themselves awake. Elsa was the next to speak up, stretching her body at the same. She saw Isabella looking toward the edge of the bed.

"Good morning, Sister Belle. What was that thud...?"

Hearing Elsa ask that, Isabella giggled, and pointed toward the edge of the bed. Elsa soon saw Nao's face planted into Eir's chest, sleeping peacefully in Eir's embrace with her wings wrapped around him, on the ground of course. Isabella then spoke out to her.

"Hehe, I think our new sister is going fit in just fine, Sister Elsa. She looks really happy already. Didn't she say she was going to take it slow though?"

"She did say that...maybe Sister Eir has a bad sleeping habit?"

Hearing Elsa say that, Isabella grinned.

"So you really made your decision, huh? You're already starting to address Eir like that."

"Well of course. I saw how firm her resolve was yesterday. That alone was enough for my decision. Besides, any additional distractions will benefit Nao in the long run. I...don't want to see him like that ever again. Those soulless eyes are still haunting me every now and then."

"Soulless eyes...You're referring to his re-occurring nightmares?"

As Isabella and Elsa began to chat after the morning began, Tights also joined in, and questioned them.

"Good morning you two. What's this about nightmares?"

"Oh, you're up already, Tights? Well it's no surprise you wouldn't know, we can inform you later. But enough about that, are you feeling fine? Nao went quite rough on you last night, hehe."

Hearing Isabella giggle while saying that, Tights soon felt her body become sore, as if there was a delayed reaction. Tights started to massage her lower area while letting out a small groan.

"Ugh...Yer tellin' me. Nao really doesn't know how to hold back. Still, it felt amazin'. I couldn't be happier."

Hearing that, both of them smiled As the girls began to chat among them while Sayuri, Miya, and Chelsea woke up, Nao also woke up. Nao was immediately struck with a very soft and bouncy sensation.

As his vision gained clarity, his eyes fell upon Eir's b.r.e.a.s.ts. It didn't take him long to notice that he fell down onto the floor, and he found it surprising that Eir was currently clinging onto him. Her wings also felt really soft on his back.

Seeing Eir still half-asleep, Nao wiggled his way out of her embrace, only to see his member proudly standing up. His eyes then landed on the other girls, and they were happily chatting away with each other. He then spoke out to them.

"Good morning, everyone. What happened just now?"

"Oh, you're finally up, Nao. Sister Eir rolled off the bed with you in tow. It looks like she is liking you already. Come, wake Sister Eir up. We're currently playing rock-paper-scissors to see who will take care of your morning wood."

"Well, I can't really start the day when I'm like this, haha! Still, once you've guys decided, it will have to be short. I'm planning to take Fie to a special place today."

"A special place?", Isabella asked with curiosity in her eyes

"Yeah. I'm going to be taking her to her home world. I wish I can bring you guys too but that place doesn't allow mortals or anyone who aren't Kai to enter."

"Little Fie's home world is such a special place? Got it. I guess we'll take the day off then and enjoy some more girl time. You don't mind that, do you Elsa?"

"Not at all. I wish I could go with you Nao but since that's the case, so be it. But first things first, someone needs to win this game."

After they conversed for a bit, Nao proceeded to wake Eir up. She was surprised seeing herself on the floor, but Nao lent her a hand and got up, only to stand beside him.

Eir became amused seeing the girls throw out their fist at the same time over and over. Several minutes passed before a victor was decided. It was actually Chelsea who came out victorious. She immediately turned a deep red, knowing what was about to come after. Taking in a deep breath she consoled herself.

'Come on Chelsea, you can do this. Sleeping n.a.k.e.d is already really embarassing as it is...but I really do love Nao, even if I have a hard time expressing it. I really was shy during our high school days. Just imagining his thing going inside me after our wedding is just...', Chelsea thought to herself as her cheeks continued to turn a deeper red.

The other girls made way for Chelsea to approach Nao. She didn't blink for a moment as she stared at Nao's member standing tall while he made his way back onto the bed. Chelsea then nervously spoke out to Nao.

"I-It looks like I'll be in your care for this morning, Nao. This will be my first time doing this sort of thing, but I have watched the others do it. I hope you'll be able to enjoy it."

"Are you sure you're up for this, Chelsea? You could always swap out if you're not ready."

"I want to do this, Nao. I can't fall behind the others!"

After Chelsea answered firmly, Nao didn't push any further. Along with Eir, Nao then enjoyed the morning with the girls with Chelsea being the star of the day. Her clumsiness excited Nao and it felt really enjoyable as she pleased his member. Yet all fun times come to an end eventually, and he could only give her one load before getting ready. Even then, one load was enough for Chelsea to get full.

The girls decided to hang around the Palace for the day, spending time with Eir and Aht to get to know them better. After Nao got a shower, he walked out of the hallway with his purple-white posh kai robe. His two Portara earrings could be seen on his ears, and the Time Rings back on his fingers. He wanted to have the TIme Rings on until he started his training with the Supreme Kai of Time.

Nao soon made his way to the throne room where he could see Queen Elena talking to a few of her retainers with Fie in her arms. He then approached the two and spoke out to them.

"Good morning, Miss Elena. Looks like you're busy today. I'm planning to take Fie somewhere, I'll take her off of you."

"Oh my, if it isn't Nao. This is a rare occasion, where are you taking her?"

"I wish I could say but you can speak about it with Elsa later. It's regarding Fie's home world."

Hearing Nao say that, Fie also turned her attention toward him. She then flew out of Queen Elena's embrace, and went into Nao's. Seeing this, he smiled.

"Are we really going to go to Fie's home, Papa? I consider this place my home though!"

"Yes. I mainly want to meet a couple of acquiantances there, even though it will probably be our first time actually meeting. I can see how the Origin Tree is doing as well. Are you interested, Fie?"

"Yeah! There's tons of places to explore there! Let's go!"

As Fie said that, she had a look of anticipation in her eyes. Nao then looked back at Queen Elena and spoke out to her.

"Miss Elena, I'm not sure how long we will be gone, but I'm sure it probably won't take any longer than a day. But if something does happen unexpectedly, I will let you guys know."

"Sounds good. I guess I'll also take the day to get to know our new family members some more. Their names were Eir and Aht, if I remember correctly?"

'You indeed did, Miss Elena. If there is nothing else, I will go ahead and go with Fie."

"Take care then, Nao."

Hearing that, Nao smiled once more and nodded his head. Cycling a bit of his Ki, he let out a chant, "Kai-Kai!"

After he chanted that, Nao and Fie disappeared from the throne room. Their destination? It was none other than the Sacred World of the Kais!