Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 174

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 174 167: A Casual Talk With The East Supreme Kai Shin

After Nao woke up with the girls rather roughly thanks to their new addition, Eir, Chelsea won a rock-paper-scissor match with the others, and ended up pleasing his member with her mouth. That time was cut short however, as Nao had plans for the day. He was also able to converse for a bit with Queen Elena after getting dressed and ready, before grabbing Fie, the newborn Supreme Kai. He chanted a Kai-Kai spell, and directly teleported to none other than the Sacred World of the Kais!

Meanwhile, the planet itself hadn't changed a bit ever since the Supreme Kai of Time last visited it with Whis. It was very serene, and it didn't even have the chatter of animals like other planets had. Still, that didn't mean this planet was void without life, Most of the planet consisted of grassy plains with large mountain hills. It had crystal clear water lakes every so often and taller mountains in the far distance, which were known to have icecaps.

Among its many grassy plains stood a relatively small lake. In the middle of this small lake stood a very large stone pedestal which consisted mostly of brown granite stone that extended upward hundreds of meters into the air.

On top of the pedestal was a flat surface, and in the middle of it was a very intricate designed hilt of a silver sword that was jabbed into the ground. This was none other than the Z-Sword, which was still sealed within the pedestal. In another thirty one years, Gohan would be the lucky one to pull it out, yet that was still far into the future.

Off to the side of this very large stone pedestal and next to the lake were two figures. One appeared to be rather short and the other a lot taller than the shorter one. The shorter figure was currently sitting in a lotus position with the taller one standing behind him with their arms paced behind their back.

The shorter figure was currently wearing a very dark blue posh Kai robe with red edges. A light blue robe was undernearth the posh kai robe. It was topped off with an orange belt at their waist and red boots on their feet. A white mohawk similar to Fie's could be seen on their head, but Fie's extended further past her neck whereas this mohawk extended more forward over their face. This was none other than Shin, the East Supreme Kai, and the only living Supreme Kai left in existence besides the Supreme Kai of Time and Fie!

Behind him was his faithful Kai Attendant, Kibito. He was over twice Shin's height, his body alone provided some shade for him. Even though Nao was now a Kai on his own for bringing Fie into existence, he was still technically a Kai Attendant to the Supreme Kai of Time, so he and Kibito shared similar ranks.

But enough about that. Shin could currently be seen meditating on the ground beside the lake which lead to the Z-Sword. However, all of a sudden, his eyes snapped open. He then calmly spoke out to Kibito.

"It appears we have a guest coming, Kibito."

"A guest? Is it him, Master?"

Hearing Kibito ask that, Shin slowly got up from his lotus position. He then turned around, and nodded at him.

"It should be. Lady Chronoa praised him a lot and she even accepted him as her one and only disciple. I wonder how far he has come lately? I really do look forward to meeting him."

"Lady Chronoa's words mustn't be taken lightly. I hate to say it but her praise far outweighs yours, Master. If this person is as any as she praises him to be, then he will be worthy of coming here. Is he coming here alone?"

"No. I can sense another with him. This one has such pure divine energy, it almost makes me a little jealous. Even I only started to recently train in sensing Godly Ki thanks to Lady Chronoa's persistence. I've been in that shell for far too long ever since that bastard Majin Buu almost wiped us all out..."

As Shin aaid that, a look of reminiscence appeared in his eyes. Yet before Kibito could respond, the two suddenly saw a white haired man wearing a purple posh kai robe teleport out of nowhere a few meters in front of them. A white tail could be seen around their waist, and they were holding a light blue skinned child with pointy ears no bigger than three feet in his arms who wore a similar purple posh kai robe to his.

Just like that, with the convenience of the Kai-Kai spell, Nao and Fie had arrived at the Sacred World of the Kais. Nao originally sensed two signatures on that planet before he arrived, so he figured those two would be Shin and Kibito. From the looks of it, his assumption was correct, as he appeared a few meters beside them. He then spoke out to the two with a smile while Fie looked at them with interest.

"Greetings. I do apologize for my sudden arrival here."

"Haha, do not worry. I was wanting to meet you for a while. Lady Chronoa has praised you quite a bit lately. It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Nao. You can call me Shin. This here is Kibito, my attendant. Who is this little one beside you?"

After Shin said that, he walked up to Nao, and extended his hand. Nao responded in kind, and shook him. After releasing his hand, Nao did a light bow in return, before introducing Fie.

"It's nice to meet you as well, Shin. This here is my daughter, Fie, actuallly. She was just born earlier this year. Did Master give you the specifics?"

Hearing Nao ask that, he saw Shin nod his head.

"Lady Chronoa did indeed tell us about this little one, but it was only for a brief moment. She is almost the spitting image of the West Supreme Kai...Was Fie really born from that golden apple?"

"I was! Papa has been looking after me ever since Auntie gave me to him. Papa, can I start exploring?"

"Sure you can, Fie. Feel free to explore to your hearts content. I want to talk with Shin in regards to a certain manner. You can come back when you get tired."

"Yay! Thank you, Papa!"

After Nao said that, Fie left his embrace, and flew past Shin and Kibito. She flew pretty quickly into the horizons before her small figure vanished, causing the two to raise their eyebrows. Shin then spoke out to Nao with a look of curiosity in his eyes.

"So she can already fly on her own...that's quite a feat even for us Supreme Kai. She isn't even one year old yet."

"Yeah. I was quite surprised myself the moment she was born, she flew right into my embrace. Master wants her to experience the life of a mortal before revealing her duties as a Supreme Kai, so I'm in charge of her in regards to that."

"Is that so? That definitely sounds like Lady Chronoa after all. I'm also in the same boat as her. I was a Kai myself before the other Supreme Kai were killed off, and I ended up getting promoted as a result. She was just a Kai as well before she rose up as the Supreme Kai of Time."

"Master did mention that a while back, but I actually want to talk to you about a couple things. On top of showing Fie the place where she came from, I came here in hopes of speaking with you Shin."

"Well it's not like I have any plans right now. Kibito, go prepare us some tea."

"Yes, Master."

As Shin commanded Kibito, the three soon got together next to the small lake. Shin and Nao sat down while Kibito remained standing. Shin and Nao soon entered their conversation. The first topic Nao brought up was his spar with Beerus. He was the first to speak out to Shin after enjoying some tea Kibito prepared.

"Say Shin, I was wondering. I happened to notice a particular Ki signature who was observing the spar I recently had with someone. I was able to trace it back to this location after looking into it since that match ended. That wouldn't have happened to be you, would it?"

Hearing Nao's question, Shin let out a chuckle before he answered him.

"Haha, guess I was found out, eh? I'm still new to this whole Divine Energy thing but I did happen to see two massive divine energies class against each other for a while a while back. Are you saying that one of them was you? One of the energies was insanely destructive, who was your opponent?"

"It indeed was me, Shin. You wouldn't happen to know who Lord Beerus is, would you?"

However, as soon as Nao mentioned 'Lord Beerus' to Shin, who was currently taking a sip of tea after speaking, suddenly spat out all the tea he had in his mouth. Yet Nao was quick to react, and leaned his body to the right, allowing the leftover tea to fall down onto the grass behind him. A look of shock appeared on Shin's face, even Kibito as well. Shin then spoke out to Nao with a shaken voice.

"L-Lord Beerus, you can't possible mean THAT L-Lord Beerus!?", Shin exclaimed. (A/N : In the original, Shin didn't konw who Lord Beerus was until the Old Kai told him. I adjusted this~)

"Hahaha, there's only one Lord Beerus you know, Shin? The spar I had was none other than with him."

"Y-You managed to spar with Lord Beerus and come out still living!? You're not a Supreme Kai in disguise are you, Nao?"

"Unfortunately no. Master had only promoted me to a Kai recently. I mainly wanted to know who was it that observed us, but knowing it was you, I can be relieved."

"Is that so? Who was it that won?"

"Well about that actually, that will lead into the next thing I wanted to talk to you about. Someone ended up coming and halted our duel so it ended in a tie."

"A tie with a God of Destruction, seriously?"

"Yeah. It was a blast fighting him. But enough about that. My wedding is coming up soon and its being held in a rather special location. Other gods including Lord Beerus will also be attending. I came here to extend my invitation out to you two, Shin and Kibito. Would you be interested in coming?"

"A wedding? Lady Chronoa did mention she will enter an extremely busy period, was that pertaining to this?"

"You're right about that, Shin. Master has been coordinating things on the back-end to make sure this event goes smoothly. If you two are interested in attending, you can contact Master before the wedding begins or I can make a second trip here."

"You don't need to do that, Nao. Kibito and I will go. We've much spare time on our hands lately. Besides, it'll give us a good chance to see what the other gods are like. I'll offer you my congratulations as well."

"Thank you, Shin."

After Nao thanked Shin, the two began to casually talk to one another. Kibito would serve more tea every now and then. Before the three knew it, the sands of time began to churn once more. It soon became evening.

Yet what caught Nao's attention was Fie. She soon started to become visible again on the near horizons. It didn't take long before Fie landed in Nao's chest. Feeling his warmth, she rubbed her head against yet while Nao proceeded to ruffle her hair. Nao then spoke out to her.

"Welcome back, Fie. Did you have fun exploring?"

"I did! I even went to check out the Origin Tree Auntie mentioned last time. Yet Fie found it really surprising. Someone else was there, but I didn't like him, so I ran away!"

Hearing Fie say that, Nao frowned. He then entered his own thoughts.

'Who else would dare step into the Sacred World of the Kais? Even Fie said she didn't like this person, that isn't a good sign...', Nao thought to himself.

Yet he dispelled those thoughts from his head, and smiled back at Fie. He then spoke out to her.

"Thank you for telling me this, Fie. It seems I'll have to personally investigate this."

Hearing Nao and Fie talk to each other, Shin's and Kibito's eyes turned wide with shock. Yet before they could say anything, everyone suddenly heard a sound of hands clapping and feet walking through the grass near them. Before long a light purple skinned figure with pointy ears, who was wearing a rather tight black body suit which outlined his muscles along with yellow pants, stood out from one of the nearby trees.

They then came to a halt and waved their finger back and forth, speaking out to the group with a sarcastic tone.

"Hmm, hmm, you don't need to go out of your way for that. Looks like I made the right decision. Letting this one fly back made it a lot easier to track you, Nao."

Hearing this familiar voice, Nao's eyes soon became wide with shock after seeing who this person was!