Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 175

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 175 168: Mysterious Youth

Nao, Fie, Shin and Kibito suddenly saw a mysterious youth appear out of the shadows of a nearby tree. They then heard him speak in a sarcastic tone after coming to a halt as they clapped their hands slowly. This figure waved their index finger back and forth as they spoke.

Nao then had a closer look at this figure after they finished speaking that. It was obvious Nao could tell he was male.

The top half of their body had a tight black bodysuit-like shirt worn over it. Its sleeves were cut rather short, which revealed his large biceps. Yellow circlets could be seen on their wrists. He was even wearing yellow pants.

He wore a pair of glasses as well, but the most surprising thing about him was the black scabbard equipped on his back. He actually had a sword!

Nao immediately spoke to this figure with a serious tone.

"What are you doing here, Fu?"

Hearing Nao asked that, the mysterious youth, who was none other than Fu, clapped his hands as he spoke out to Nao.

"That's nice! So you already know who I am even though we haven't met before. How much do you actually know in that head of yours?"

"Enough playing games, Fu. What do you want?"

"Well aren't you a pushy one. Can't we get to know each other better? I've come a really long ways you know."

"What would I gain from associating myself with a deviant like you? Don't you know time travel is forbidden?"

Hearing Nao ask that, Fu let out a laugh while he slapped one of his thighs with his hands. Fu then began to taunt Nao.

"Don't worry about the small stuff, Nao. I'm more interested in the fact you haven't used that Time Ring of yours yet. You actually have a means to bend things to your liking! Are you still trying to get over that mental block of yours?"

Hearing Fu start to berate Nao, he ignored it and instead he raised his eyebrows. He then replied back to him with a question of his own.

"You say we haven't met before, yet you somehow know my name as well?"

"Hahahaha! I like you. You're not like the other fighters I've been gathering."

After Nao asked that, Fu let out another big laugh. Nao soon had his suspicion as to why Fu showed up here out of all places. Was he waiting for Nao to leave his home by himself? Even though he still had Fie with him, he hadn't left the others' side for quite a while now.

Nao did not want to attack Fu blindly, even though he really wanted to. Fu himself kept his power hidden throughout most of that spinoff series, D* Heroes. He only showed bits and pieces of his power every so often.

Yet Nao knew well Fu's power far outclassed Super Saiyan Blue. Heck he even stopped C.u.mber's, an ancient Saiyan, rampage while he was in his Great Ape form like it was nothing. He appeared to be gathering fighters right now. Thinking this caused Nao to frown.

Fu noticed Nao's suble change in his attitude, and after he saw Nao frown, Fu smiled. Fu then spoke out to Nao with a happy tone.

"Great! It looks like I don't need to explain things much, seeing as you're starting to get the big picture, Nao. See, I hate explaining things to incompetent fools. I'll keep things short. Join me."

After Fu offered Nao, Nao began to laugh back at him. He then replied back with a hint of disgust in his tone.

"Haha! Don't you already know the answer to that, Fu? If you coming all the way here was just to offer your hand, then I'm afraid you'll be disappointed."

After Nao answered Fu, Fu waved his index finger back and forth once more as he began to hum.

"Hmm, hmm. That's where you're wrong, Nao. You see, I've already traveled through many different timelines, all in hopes to achieve my goals. Yet only in this timeline do you exist here. You even created another by your own hands, and you ended up becoming one of the most notorious criminals in it for causing all of that destruction! Witnessing that was marvelous! A criminal like you would benefit a lot more working under me. Just think of the enemies you'll be able to fight to your hearts content!"

Hearing Fu start to go on a rant, Nao frowned once more. Fie could see this, and she spoke to him in worry.

"Papa is not a criminal! Papa is Papa!"

After Fie said that, Nao's heart settled down. He then moved her behind him. Nao spoke out once more.

"You're absolutely right, Fie. I'm no criminal. Fu, get the hell out of here. My answer will always remain the same. Each time is of its own."

"Aww, why the sudden cold shoulder? But that's fine. You may deny me now, but I'm not in a rush. Eventually you'll see the light after you come about the truth of that other timeline you created."

"The truth? What truth could there possibly be after witnessing such hell in person!?'

"Oh, if only you knew, Nao. But where would the fun be if I told you right away? The game has only begun! You may be strong in your own right but I too am capable of doing marvelous things, such you'll see in the future. But for now I'll just leave you off with a little warning."

"A warning...? What exactly you going to do, Fu!?"

Nao soon yelled that out to Fu. At this time Nao really wanted to punch his face into the ground, but he still kept a calm look on his face. He had no idea where Fu's strength currently lied, but going against him blindly could backfire on him. Yes, Nao could contend with a God of Destruction, but maybe Fu could as well!

In the end, Nao saw Fu grabbed ghe scabbard of his sword. With a 'shing', Fu suddenly cut open the space to the left of him in a motion so fast even Nao had trouble seeing it All of a sudden, a spatial crack formed a few feet in diamater.

Nao then saw Fu reach his right hand into the spatial crack, as if he were about to take something out of it. Sure enough, Fu soon pulled his arm back out slowly.

As he did, something soon took shape in his hand. A slender black tail appeared from the spatial crack. As soon as Nao saw the black spade-like shape at its tip, a crack of thunder suddenly boomed inside his mind. His eyes then turned wide in shock.

After Fu pulled out pulled out the tail, he decided to yank put the rest of the body in one go. This figure was rather tall, and had long beautiful pink hair. That's right, Fu had torn through space and actually brought out Isabella!

Seeing Isabella show up, who currently had a disgruntled appearance, caused Fu to smile He then let her go, allowing her body to float next to him. Nao immediately yelled out to Fu in anger seeing one of his family in his grasp.

"Fu, do you honestly think I'll just sit by and do nothing!?"

"Hahaha! You're welcome to try, but your current strength is far below that than what you released in that other timeline you created. Still, I'm not on a suicide mission you know? I'm only here to collect some material, it's not like I'll be taking this person with me. Even so, seeing a living specimen of the Gemmed Dragons is simply marvelous. It's no wonder they almost went extinct."

Hearing Fu treat Isabella like that, Nao couldn't contain his anger anymore and it immediately erupted forth. Nao soon cycled his Ki to its max, and his hair turned red while a deep red fiery aura encompassed his body. Without saying anything Nao vanished from sight.

Nao reappeared a second later in front of Fu. He then aimed straight at his head with his fist. Yet Fu reacted quickly enough. He grabbed his scabbard once more, and brought out his sword. He then blocked Nao's fist with his sword.

A loud bang echoed around them, causing a wind blast to blast away Shin, Kibito and Fie. A small sized crater suddenly appeared beneath the two after Nao launched his attack. Seeing this, Fu's eyes turned serious and spoke out to Nao.

"Hey now. I can't collect my material if you're like this. Take a rest why don't you?"

After Fu said that, he too released his aura, which was a dense purple aura. Feeling this alone caused Nao to freeze up. Fu then twisted his body in a circle, and struck Nao on top of his head, creating another large bang. Nao then flew into the crater, only to make it larger.

While this happened, Isabella immediately regained her clarity as she a rather creepy aura. Her instincts kicked in, causing her to automatically release her crystal heat armor, something she hadn't done ever since the Other World Tournament.

Beautiful pink gems covered her whole body, including her tail. She then began to release an insane amount of heat, but that didn't other Fu. Isabella then saw Nao struggling in the crater below.

"Nao! What's going on!? I can't move!"

Yet before Nao could answer her, Isabella suddenly felt a large pain strike against the right half of her body. She then felt something slice slice through it, resulting in many of her gems falling off. Blood splattered against it dying the gems in red. This made Isabella cry out, but it actually didn't last long.

Fu then immediately collected all the Heat Gems he sliced off into his arms after sheathing his sword away. Nao then regained his clarity, only to see an injured Isabella and Fu, causing him to yell out once more.


Hearing Nao yell out his name, Fu grinned. Fu pushed his glasses back a bit with his fingers. Then, with a wave of his spare hand, he flung Isabella toward the crater which Nao resided in. Seeing Isabella fly toward him at a fast speed, Nao jumped up and grabbed a hold of her. Feeling her in his arms, he sighed. The wound Fu caused wasn't deep either.

Yet, before Nao could do anything, Fu spoke out to him.

"These gems are really beautiful, aren't they? I will be able to stay focused on my research for a while now. We probably won't meet again for the next several years, so I look forward to see how strong you can become, Nao. Ta-ta!"

After Fu said that, his body flickered, and immediately vanished from sight. The atmosphere soon returned to normal, as if Fu had never been there in the first place. The only difference now was there was a large crater below Nao.

The blood also stopped flowing from Isabella's right side. He saw her mend itself, becoming a pinkish-red where the gems once stood. He then felt Isabella wiggle in his embrace, and saw her eyes look at his.

"Looks like you're safe, Belle. Are you okay?"

"For the most part, yes. Who the hell was that guy? How could he be so strong!?"

"That's good to hear. That person you saw just now was Fu. I was not expecting for someone like him to show up here out of all places.."

"Fu, huh? Well whoever that bastard is I'll tear him to shreds for slicing my gems off like that the next time we meet."

"I have no idea when he will show up next though, but it looks like it won't be for a while. We must relay this to the others. Looks like I'll have to adjust my planned training after the wedding to include you all."

"Yeah, that aura was very creepy to say the least. I have to get stronger too!"

Hearing Isabella say that, Nao could see the resolve in her eyes. It looks like she now as another goal to work towards besides getting pregnant with his child.

Dusting themselves off, Nao apologized to Shin for the disturbance that was caused. He would report this to the Supreme Kai of Time as well since Fu appeared to be travelling through time, which was a grave crime.

Nao decided to let Shin handle that. He then took Fie who was worried for Nao after seeing him get attacked, but calmed down afterward knowing that he wasn't injured. Nao then took her his arms, and left the Sacred World of the Kais with Isabella in tow after chanting a Kai-Kai.

It looks like not all is about fun and games.This was a clear reminder for Nao that he had to start up his training once more so he would be able to protect his family and loved ones.

Nao wasn't sure what exactly is going to happen after his wedding and his future fight with one of the Gods of Destruction concludes, but he knew it wouldn't stay quiet, especially after what happened just now. To say the least, if the D* Heroes characters are showing up, it may involve Time Travel!