Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 176

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 176 169: And So Time Marches On..

Nao left the Sacred World of the Kais with Fie and Isabella in his embrace. Shin acknowledged Nao and would report this directly to the Supreme Kai of Time.

Little did he know that Tokitoki City was already in a state of chaos after she saw a disturbance in the True History through the Time Scroll inside the Time Vault. Many Time Patrollers could now be seen gearing up, including Xeno Trunks, Vegeta and Goku.

Meanwhile, as Tokitoki City entered a busy state, A loud crashing sound struck on the bed in Palace Elosa's royal bedroom. Nao, Isabella and Fie appeared over it, and crashed on top of it. This crash was loud enough to startle the other girls who were taking a bath.

As Elsa rushed out while still wearing her bath towel, she was struck by an intense heat wave, causing her to wince her eyes.

" everything alright!?", Elsa tried to yell out to the three.

Yet, as her eyes regained clarity, Nao was suddenly struck with a large impact, as if it was delayed from Fu's earlier attack. It didn't take the wind out of him, but he still felt a blow nonetheless. He soon tasted iron in his mouth. Nao then coughed up a large amount of blood, splattering right into the bedding, dying it red.

Both Isabella and Fie immediately yelled out to him with worried looks.



Hearing their worried voices, Nao calmly spoke out to them.

"I'm fine...That bastard actually caused some sort of delay with that attack from earlier. I wasn't expecting that. I"m more worried for you, Belle. Are you sure you're fine?"

After Nao asked that, Isabella smiled. She then wrapped her gemmed tail around him, spreading the warmth her body and armor was releasing into his body in the process. Nao also felt soothed by it as Isabella spoke out to him.

"I'm truly alright, Nao. It was frightening I couldn't move like that but we made it back safely, didn't we? Look, Sister Elsa seems pretty shocked, we ought to explain what happened."

"You're right."

After Nao said that, he calmed himself down. His eyes then wandered toward Elsa, who was near the entrance to the bathroom. Her ocean blue hair was still wet, and her curves could be seen as the towel wrapped around her body. It didn't take long before the towel got wet either, but Elsa disregarded that as she spoke out to the three in worry, especially after seeing the bed dyed in red.

" that blood? What exactly happened? Did you encounter some trouble during your visit? Moreover this heat...I haven't seen this form of yours in years, Sister Belle."

"Something did happen, Elsa. It looks like you were in the middle of bathing. Are the others still inside?"

"Yes they are. Do you want me to gather them?"

"That will be helpful. To put it simply, we were attacked even though we were on one of the most sacred worlds in existence. By a Time Traveller no less."

"Attacked by a Time Traveller? That does sound serious. Hold on, I'll go get the others out of the bath so we can know what happened."

After Elsa said that, Nao nodded in confirmation. He then looked down at Fie who was still hugging him out of worry. Seeing this, he ruffked her hair.

"Fie, can you go to Miss Elena's side for now? I'm fine now. I'm sorry you had to see that but this injury wasn't too serious. I've mostly recovered by now."

"As long as you're alright Papa. I will go to Grandma. Rest well okay?"

"Don't worry Fie, I've no plans for the rest of the day."

Hearing Nao say that, Fie smiled. Fie then flew out of Nao's embrace and soon left the room, leaving behind Isabella, Elsa and Nao. Elsa also retreated back into the bathroom, and before long a wet haired Miya, Sayuri, Chelsea and Tights came into the royal bedroom.

Upon seeing a slightly injured Nao and transformed Isabella, everyone frowned. Tights especially only walked in for a brief moment before she was blasted by the heavy heat Isabella was releasing

Among them, only Tights was a non-combatamt, so she was struggling to stay in the room, and had to remain inside near the entrance. As for Fie, she too felt Isabella's heat but to her it was more comfortable, as she was protected by the Supreme Kai's divine energy.

Anyways, with that said, Isabella powered down. Her gems started vanish one by one, and her form returned to normal. The heavy heat she released also vanished shortly after, allowing the others to hop onto the bed.

Seeing the others next to him, Nao began to retell the events that unfolded on the Sacred Wotld of the Kais. It actually didn't take him long, as he mainly got acquainted with Shin and Kibito there.

Knowing that those two would attend the wedding, everyone became happy. It was going to be quite the grand event since it was being held in the Null Realm by the Grand Minister no less.

Nao then told how Fu appeared and what he looked like, causing anger to appear in the girls' eyes. Yet he warned them to not approach Fu under any circ.u.mstances until Nao gets an understanding of what his power truly is capable. The girls acknowledged that.

Still, Fu probably won't show up again for the next several years. Nao also wondered if him leaving was the result of being kicked out of the True History, just like Goku Black was when he first met Goku and fought him on planet Earth in his own history. But for now, he could only shake those thoughts away, as Fu was no longer there.

Before the group released, their talking churned the sands of time, and it became evening. The girls decided to leave Nao and Isabella alone to where they cuddled together the latter half the day. It didn't take long for the two to fall asleep in each others' embrace.

Meanwhile, as evening approached, two figures suddenly appeared from one of the active portals inside what was now known as the Portal Room. It was none other than Eir and Aht, who returned back to the Palace.

Eir had business to attend to back at her planet. Even though only a couple days had passed now since her rescue, her people have already started to rebuild their lives back on planet Aero. She also made a public announcement that she was finally in a relationship, causing the Aerons to enter a festive mood.

Yet out of the remaining Aerons, Silver was probably the most shocked, as he had been one of her past suitors. He was rejected by her instantly, as she didn't like his attitude a few years back, even though it had improved a bit now.

Eir currently had a tired look on her face while Aht still had sparkles in her eyes. She had no idea Eir had her own race of people now, let alone being the Queen of them. She took this time to join her on a tour of her planet. Aht even had more reason to stay here now.

Once the two arrived in the royal bedroom, they immediately spotted Nao and Isabella cuddled together, fast asleep. Elsa had already cleaned up all the blood splattered on the bed earlier with her cleaning spell.

Yet that didn't stop Eir from spotting the torn clothes Isabella worn. It caused her to raise her eyebrows, but before Aht could jump on the bed, she stopped her. Eir saw the other girls relaxing on the veranda enjoying the night view of the massive oak tree and the activities in the marketplace beneath it.

Eir took Aht and joined the others, letting Nao and Isabella sleep in peace. Those two also came to know what happened, and visible anger appeared in Eir's eyes. Yet the girls could do nothing as this enemy wasn't around any longer. Eir also vowed to herself she would get stronger.

And just like that, the days soon passed by in a blink of an eye. Days soon became weeks, and the fight that occured was swept away inside the tides of time. Before everyone knew it, over three weeks passed.

Planet Eloysia became busier and busier as Elsa's marriage approached. Planet Aero also returned to their normal lives after everything was rebuilt.

After a few weeks passed, the next day soon dawned. The girls could be seen n.a.k.e.d together with Nao sleeping peacefully. Only one day now remained until their wedding began!

Things were about to become even crazier!