Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 177

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 177 170: Eve Of The Wedding

Year 743, Mid July, Planet Eloysia, Royal Bedroom, Morning.

The sands of time churned once more and before everyone realized it, three weeks had passed in a blink of an eye.

It was a rather auspicious day, as dark clouds hung over the ancient massive oak tree. Pitter and patter of rain constantly poured down from the clouds, hitting the wood of Palace Elosa. Claps of thunder would boom every so often.

Yet despite the massive amount of trees below, lightning would not strike any of the trees. Overall it was a pleasant sound to listen to as Nao and the girls peacefully slept while they cuddled together.

It rained quite frequently on Planet Eloysia, as they lived in a giant rainforest where rivers crisscrossed the endless sea of trees.

A lot has happened in these three weeks actually. As a result of Fu's sudden appearance a little over three weeks ago and his attack on Nao while he was on the Sacred World of the Kais, everyone became resolved to get stronger.

After the first few days of rest, Nao made another trip back to planet Earth. He didn't go alone either. He brought Isabella along with him. Miya, Elsa and Sayuri visited the villa Nao had back on his own Planet gifted by the Grand Kai in the Other World, where they could train without any distractions.

Chelsea stayed behind on her own. She managed to clear the old man's Babel Tower, all one hundred floors of it. But she had no idea where her strength laid in the D*Z world.

The floors closer to the top consisted of Lower Gods and Demigods, but it never crossed the threshold to the Gods of Beerus's level. She could probably slay those on Goku Black's level after putting in some effort. She was akin to a sleeping tiger despite her outward shyness!

Those two pitch black katanas around her waist weren't just for show! However, the old man parted a suitable technique to train in before she started her climb in Babel Tower. It put emphasis on breathing and meditation, so that's what she focused on during their time before the wedding.

Tights on the other hand, could only sit by and watch the others. She was a non-combatant, at least for now. Nao had plans to use the Dragon Balls once they were revived again to increase her talent and lifespan at a later date, even possibly her race. Humans had one of the shortest lifespans after all.

Saiyans also had short lifespans as well, very similar to humans. Yet they could easily train their Ki unlike humans. Ki was known as the breath of life, so the better they trained in it, the longer they would potentially live on. It existed in all living beings regardless of race.

Besides, Nao stopped being mortal once his Ki fully converted into Divine Energy, thus eliminating his mortal lifespan. This may give some complications for when he is to reincarnate into the next world of his 'choosing', but he didn't want to worry about that for now.

Nao could also go to Planet Namek for that too. Heck he could gather the Super Dragon Balls but would need the radar for that, unlike the other two methods.

Besides, Nao was stuck at 50% of his legendary saiyan veins being locked, so perhaps visiting Guru will benefit him. Guru did have the ability to unlock anyone's latent abilities after all.

But all of this would wait until the original story made some more progression. Goku was still enjoying his life as a child, Nao was unsure whether Grandpa Gohan was alive at this point. Goku himself still had another six years before he would start his first adventure with Bulma.

As for Nao himself, he dove back the Rolm of Spirit and Time on The Lookout. Contrary to Kami's expectation, Nao and Isabella stayed in there for a full three years!

Kami ended freaking out and almost passed out in the process seeing Nao tear a hole through Space from inside the Room of Spirit and Time after the door from the inside vanished. Nao had basically found a loophole, and determined the original guardian who created this space wasn't as strong as Nao.

Which made sense as even Gotenks could create a tear through space with his power alone. Anyways, Nao only wanted to spend three years at most in there for now, The rest of his training will be begin under the Supreme Kai of Time's care.

During these three years, Nao either sparred with Isabella or improved his Ki through meditation. He didn't forget to have s.e.x with her either during their downtimes. It was weird having their m.o.a.ns travel into the endless pink clouds.

Isabella also vastly improved her fighting capabilities. She was now at the threshold of achieving her own Divine Energy, but she had no idea what to do to give it that final push. But that was the least of her worries once the two's training period came to an end. She had something more immediate to attend to.

Miya, Sayuri, Elsa and Chelsea also made some improvements to their strength but it was a farcry to Nao and Isabella's training, as they only had a little over twenty days to work with instead of three years. Out of the girls here, Miya made the most improvement!

Even though her power no longer matched Nao's once Nao became a Super Saiyan God, she still strived to become better. It didn't take much to unlock her Super Saiyan form, but she was quite a ways from Super Saiyan 2.

Elsa and Sayuri became a more dynamic duo and improved their fighting capabilities together. As for Eir znd Aht, they didn't join the training, and decided to relax around with Tights, though Aht became mad as she couldn't teach Nao the way to use Mana yet. Nao left before Aht could even approach him.

He had to apologize for that, but in the end, everything turned out well. Nao especially, as he finally achieved the Super Saiyan Blue state! It wasn't hard for him to achieve it. He essentially had to become a Super Saiyan while in god form, and once that happened, his hair turned from red to blue! Even his tail turned blue!

Becoming a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is a mouthful in itself, so it was cut short and dubbed Super Saiyan Blue. The other gods had no idea Nao achieved this so it will be a nice reveal during his spar with one of the Gods of Destruction after the wedding cermony finishes.

Out of the twleve Gods of Destruction, Nao had long picked out who he wanted to fight against. Speaking of weddings, it was now one day before Nao's wedding with the girls commenced. The rainfall and thunder continued endlessly, and it was very pleasant to listen to.

On the massive circular bed, Nao currently laid in Isabella's embrace, who was to his right. Eir was further to the right of Isabella, and her arms and kegs could be seen stretched out. Tights clung to Nao's left side. A train consisting of Elsa, Sayuri, Miya and Chelsea followed suit after Tights.

Of course they were all n.a.k.e.d. Upon having a closer look, Nao's member currently resided inside Isabella and blissful smiles could be seen on their faces as they slept peacefully.

Before long Nao's eyes fluttered before they slowly opened. A wave of pleasure immediately struck his lower body, or more specifically his groin. He then remembered how intense last night was. It wouldn't be much longer until the other four girls officially become one with Nao either. Only one day remained!

A look of anticipation appeared in Nao's eyes as he slowly got up. His limp member pulled out of Isabella, which caused a large amount of white liquid to pour down from her hole onto the bed.

Isabella's eyes fluttered feeling Nao's warmth leave her body. Her eyes then opened. Slowly stretching her arms, she saw Nao. As if it were a chain reaction, Tights' eyes also began to flutter.

Tights soon woke up and strectched as well. Isabella and Tights then raised their bodies out of bed. They saw Nao staring out the big sliding window that lead into the veranda. His eyebrows raised after seeing the constant rain hit the window.

Nao then spoke out to the two, welcoming the morning.

"Good morning, Belle, Tights. Looks like we won't be able to have much fun outside today. This storm seems like it last quite a while."

Hearing Nao say that, Isabella lightly giggled. She then responded black to him.

"Hehe, that's fine by me. Our big day is tomorrow. We can sit back and relax inside today while spending some quality time with the little one. That's fine by you, right, Daddy~?"

After Isabella teased Nao like that, he blankily stared at her. She then grabbed a hold of his hand, bringing it to her lower abdomen. Unlike her previous appearance, Nao could see that her stomach was now bulging outward by a few inches. That's right, Nao had finally managed to get Isabella pregnant. He was on his way to be a father himself!

He knew he wasn't dreaming either, as he could feel the faint pulse of life forming inside her stomach. Seeing Isabella do that, Tights also hugged Nao from behind before speaking to him.

"You two were hard at work, weren't ya? Relaxin' today sounds good if yer askin' me. But it's not yer the only one with a little one growin' inside. It's rather faint but I can feel somethin' inside me too. I really want to thank you for doin' this, Nao. My parents will finally be able to see their first grandchild soon."

"You don't need to thank me, Tights. We're family, aren't we? Still, its a rather new feeling seeing that I will be a father soon. Speaking of which, light night was rather intense. Are you two feeling fine?"

"I sure am. Last night was really excitin'. I reckon I can still go on for a few months until I'm off limits."

"Same here, Nao. I'm feeling great. I did say you would be in for one hell of a ride once I did end up getting pregnant."

'Glad to hear that you two. I do recall you saying that, Belle. You've been pregnant for over a couple years technically speaking now. Exactly how long does your race stay like that?"

"Hmm, it's hard to tell, really. I was inside my Mother for over fifteen years. That amount if time is really short, considering our race can live up for several thousand years. Considering it's your child, maybe an upward to twenty years?"

""Up to twenty years!?"", Both Nao and Tights exclaimed together.

As the two yelled that out, Isabella only smiled as she enjoyed the warmth Nao's hand gave while it was placed on her stomach. Their yell caused the other girls ro wake up as well.

They all saw the heavy rain outside and could only let out a sigh. Still, it was best to relax today as it was going to be super busy tomorrow.

Yet the start of their relaxation today was short lived as Nao began to hear gurgling sounds escape from both Isabella's and Tights' stomachs. Both of them immediately frowned, as they soon received an urge.

Without saying anything, Isabella and Tights rushed out of the bed. The other girls only saw their fast retreating figures before they vanished into the bathroom.

Before long two sounds of retching echoed from inside of it. Nao and the other girls could only smile helplessly as Isabella and Tights began to throw up inside there. Their morning sickness came early for both of them from the looks of it.

'Looks like it's going to be a long road from here on. Still, I'm really looking forward of what's to come. I've got a debt settle with Fu as well, but for now, let's focus on the wedding and the duel. I'm coming for you, Belmod...', Nao thought to himself. (AN : Universe 11 God of Destruction)

And with that said, Nao and the girls spent their day lazing around in the Palace. Fie and Aht also joined them and played around a lot. Before they knew it, their special day soon arrived. Who knows how it will turn out!