Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 178

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 178 171: The Big Day I

The next day.

The heavy rainfall from yesterday lightened up and the rays of Planet Eloysia's two suns peered into the royal bedroom. Nao decided to take it easy yesterday and conserve his stamina, and only cuddled with the girls during the night and play with Fie and Aht during the day.

He did have an upcoming fight today with one of Gods of Destruction as well. He chose who he wanted to fight against, and it was Belmod, the God of Destruction from Universe 11. The very same Universe Jiren is from!

Unfortunately for Beerus, he wouldn't have his rematch with Nao anytime soon. With that said, the auspicious day began after Nao's eyes fluttered.

Waking up, Nao stretched his body, and sat up from the many pink pillows beneath him. For some reason, Nao felt less warmth than usual. After his eyes opened, he actually saw five of the seven girls missing, causing him to raise his eyebrows.

To his right laid a messy Eir with an erratic sleeping pattern. Drool could be seen dripping from her lips as she smiled, still sleeping. Her extremely large b.r.e.a.s.ts could be seen partly covered by the bedding, and her short light green hair was tied in knots from tossing and turning during the night.

The Light Chronicle actually laid next to Eir. It provided her a sense of comfort after its long period of absence.

To Nao's left laid Tights. Her slightly protruded stomach was in full view. Her b.r.e.a.s.ts actually grew a size larger thanks to Nao's fondling despite being very sensitive, and was no longer the smallest out of the girls. Tights was fully covered by the bedding but was still able to be seen by Nao.

Yet before Nao could do anything he suddenly heard two pairs of footsteps walking slowly to the bedroom from the halkway. Before long two figures appeared inside the bedroom. One of them even yawned. Nao was wondering when these two would show up but he didn't expect it right after he woke up.

The figure on the left chuckled while placing their hand over their mouth before they spoke out to Nao.

"Ohohoho, a pleasant morning to you Nao, is it not? I do apologize for disturbing your privacy so early in the morning."

As this figure spoke out to Nao, the other one began to look out aeound the room in interest as they've yet to be here. Nao then responded back to the first figure.

"It's not a problem at all, Whis. Welcome, Lord Beerus, I apologize as well for you two seeing me like this. I wasn't expecting you two to enter our bedroom."

"No need to worry. Whis and I came here on our own. I must say your living quarters is quite nice, Nao. Still, why must there be such a large bed? Mine isn't even a tenth as big as this one is."

Hearing Beerus say that, Whis let out another light chuckle before replying back to Beerus.

"Ohoho, that's because you sleep alone, Lord Beerus. Speaking of which, I do see a new face here. How intriguing, I can't sense the energy of that girl to the right of you, Nao."

After Whis said that, Beerus' ears perked up. Nao responded to him in the meanwhile. as he began to shake Eir and Tights awake.

"Eir's situation is a bit special, Whis. I can talk to you about it later. Eir, Tights, it's time to wake up. We've already got guests."

Once Nao said that he began to lightly shake Eir and Tights. It didn't take long for both of them to stir awake. Tights was the first one to stretch and yawn.

"Mornin', Nao. What's this about guests...?"

After Tights said that with her eyes half open, she rubbed them. Her eyes soon opened, only to see a purple skinned cat humanoid with pointy ears sticking straight upward with a grin on his face.

A light blue skinned tall humanoid with a relaxed expression on their face stood next to Beerus. They wore a maroon robe with a black cuirass hung over it,which was Whis's formal and only attire. Beerus was in his formal God of Destruction attire.

Beerus then raised his hand, and waved it back and forth while grinning at Tights, who was looking at him with a blank stare.

"Yo, Earthling.", Beerus said with a teasing tone.

After Beerus said that, Tights continued to stare at him without blinking. Her eyes then wabdered down below the bedding, only to realize she was still completely n.a.k.e.d under the covers. Tights' cheeks turned a deep red, only to hide herself in the covers without saying anything.

Seeing this earned a light chuckle from Nao while Beerus clicked his tongue.

"Tch, you really don't know how to greet a God of Destruction, do you? Well, I'll let this slide for now, since the banquet you hosted last time was really good."

"Haha, I apologize for Tights behaving like that, Lord Beerus. We've only just woke up ourselves."

Hearing Nao say that, Beerus grinned once more. His eyes squinted a bit after he observed Nao for a couple minutes. He then spoke out to him once more.

"You've got a big day ahead of you, you know. It looks like you've been preserving your stamina, as expected. But you cant hide from my eyes. Your Godly Ki is a lot stranger than before, did you secretly train for a while?"

"That's right. I spent a total of three years training in a special dimension of sorts where time flows more rapidly there. To be honest I'm quite eager to show it off. You'll be in for a surprise, Lord Beerus."

"A surprise, huh? I'll be expecting it then. We've come to give our blessing and whatnot, but Whis will handle things from here on. I'll be waiting outside the room once everything is good to go, Whis."

"As you wish, Lord Beerus."

After Whis acknowledged Beerus, Beerus turned around and soon exited the royal bedroom. Beerus didn't forget to wave his hand goodbye as he left. Before long, only Whis remained.

Whis then let out a light chuckle as he spoke out.

"Ohoho, you can come out now, Tights. Lord Beerus is no longer here."

After Whis said that, Nao saw Tights take a deep breath inside the covers. She then popped her head out of it once more, but still kept her body hidden by the covers. Tights let out a sigh before speaking out. Eir was still out cold.

"Ugh...No matter how many times I see it, that guy is scary to talk to. Yer much more relaxin', Whis. Is everythin' ready to go for today?"

"It's no wonder you find Lord Beerus scary, Tights. He is a God of Destruction after all. Everything is indeed ready to go. I've also brought a message from Father."

After the two started to converse a bit, Nao raised his eyebrows. He then spoke out to Tights.

"Tights, it looks like you're more familiar with Whis now. What were you up to these last few weeks? After I finished my training I meditated for the rest of the time."

"That's right. Lord Beerus came to pester me a few times after seeing how wonderful the food on Earth was. I agreed but only made it a point of discussion to talk about the weddin' progression."

"Is that so? Seeing the girls already gone I assume its already underway. What was the message, Whis?"

After Nao asked that, Tights smiled and soon rested her head against his chest. Nao then looked at Whis who remained calm as he answered Nao.

"Father indeed does have a message for you, Nao. Father has already taken your fiancs to the Null Realm. He wants you to be ready within the next hour. The duel will commence first before the wedding comcludes. On top of the Mobile Palace he created, the duel is his gift to you. With those, the favors Father owed you have now been settled."

"Got it. Will the rest of us be leaving with you then?"

Whis nodded his head in confirmation while he answered Nao.

"Yes. Your family has already prepared your outfit to wear for the day. But you're free to wear something more suitable for the duel befire the wedding commences. I must say every one of your fiancs is quite beautiful. The bonds people share is truly one of life's greatest things, isn't it?"

After Whis said that that, he placed his hand over his mouth once more and let put a chuckle. Anticipation appeared in Nao's eyes as he nodded his head.

"That's right, Whis. We will meet you in the throne room once we're ready to depart. we'll be sure to be ready within the hour."

After Nao said that, Whis nodded. Without saying anything else, Whis soon vanished back into the long hallway connecting to the throne room. Seeing Whis now gone, Tights took this time to give a peck on Nao's lips.

She then giggled as she spoke out to him.

"Haha, that was a bit unexpected but today is only startin', Nao. You just need to focus on yer fight and for what's of come tonight. You won't even get a wince of sleep, so be ready!"