Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 179

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 179 172: The Big Day Ii

Before long Beerus and Whis excused themselves, leaving behind Eir, Tights, and Nao alone in the royal bedroom. Tights spoke out to Nao after giving him a peck on the lips.

And after she finished speaking to him, Nao turned to look at the still sleeping Eir. Tights then wrapped her arms around his neck, pushing her chest against his back. Tights also proceeded to stare at Eir, who was snoozing without a care in the world.

"Looks like we still need to wake someone up. What do you think we should do?"

"Let's pour some cold water over her! I'll be damned if Eir decides to sleep through all of today. She did say she was keen on takin' long vacation, but really...Eir is much more a deep sleeper than you are, Nao."

As Tights said that, she let out a sigh. Nao felt her warm breath tickle his neck, but his eyes remained on Eir.

"That's a bit harsh, isn't it, Tights? Even though Eir has been sleeping with us for the last month, she hasn't done much but enjoy her peace. Why don't you take this time to find out where her sensitive spots are? I'm going to go get cleaned up. I've decided what to wear for my duel."

After Nao said that, Tights eyes lit up. She gave Nao another quick kiss on the lips before separating her body from his. Nao proceeded to get off the bed, but Tights spoke out to him one last time.

"I can definitely do that. But yer goin' to have to help me put on that dress afterwards, okay? Everyone else has left already so yer the only one who can help me fit into it. Wearin' that really is a pain in the ass but you really enjoyed it last time."

Hearing Tights say that, it was Nao's eyes who lit up this time. He then spoke out to her.

"You'll be wearing that same black dress you wore on our special night a while ago?"

"The very same one. Now off you go, I'll wake up Eir."

After Tights said that, Nao jumped off the bed. As Nao headed into the bathroom, Tights saw his retreating figure. Once he vanished from sight, Tights shifted her gaze onto Eir.

It didn't take long for Tights to pounce on Eir. Before the three realized, time sped up once again. Tights soon figured where Eir was weak at, especially after ruffling the feathers of her white green-tipped wings.

After Eir woke up with a startle, Tights calmed her down and mentioned morning came. Eir too soon realized what day it was, and made a mad dash into the bathroom to get cleaned up, leaving behind a stunned Tights.

Tights could let out a sigh as she was left alone, but that sigh soon turned into a frown. She felt an urge to retch after her stomach growled a bit. She then dashed into the bathroom as well but she went straight to the toilet. Nao could only smile wryly after Eir and Tights entered after him.

An hour soon passed and out came Nao, Tights and Eir dressed up and ready for the event today.

Nao was wearing his purple posh Kai robe that had its white outlining around the hem and edges. He chose his black bodysuit to wear undernearth. Topping it off with slick black dress shoes, he wore his pale yellow Potara earrings and his two Time Rings. His medium length white spiky hair shot straight up and his white tail wrapped around his waist.

Tights, on the other hand, wore her exquisite black dress. She also wore black heels causing Tights to walk very slowly as she wasn't so used to wearing them. Even a blue pearl necklace could be seen around her neck. Nao found her both adorable and s.e.xy at the same time. She still had those very large beady eyes of hers.

Nao then looked at Eir, who still had slightly reddened cheeks from earlier. Yet Nao still found her very beautiful. She was wearing her green tunic dress and a light green crown embedded with emerald gems fitted on her head. Her wings were retracted into her back but they were still visible. Her lime green hair was cut short like Tights but it was a bit longer than hers. She obviously had her claws and talons hidden, only to be replaced with that of a humans'.

Seeing the two girls ready, Nao nodded at them. Tights had to walk together with Nao so she wouldn't fall over constantly, and he was fine with that, considering this wasn't the first time they had done this. But they still made it to the throne room within the hour Whis provided them.

Upon arriving, on top of seeing Whis and Beerus, Nao saw the Supreme Kai of Time wearing her usual posh Kai robe standing beside them. Once she saw Nao and the two girls arrive, she waved her hand. She raised her eyebrows seeing Eir for the first time as well. Eir was already off at the sidelines during the Other World Tournament, so she never directly interacted with Eir until now.

"Hey, Nao. Looks like you're ready. I see a new face here too."

"It's nice to see you again, Master. This here is Eir. we formed a special bond of sorts within the last month. She'll be tagging along with us."

Hearing Nao say that, Eir raised her eyebrows. Eir then walked closer to the Supreme Kai of Time, and had a look at her. Eir then turned her head back toward Nao with a confused look in her eyes.

"Nao, you didn't mention you already had a Master. Who is this little squirt anyways?"

Nao was about to sigh after hearing Eir ask that but before he could, the Supreme Kai of Time stomped her foot in anger. She then yelled out at her.

"Don't you dare call me little squirt again! I'll have you know I'm a lot older than all of your ancestors combined! Don't look down on someone born over seventy million years ago!"

After she yelled that out, Eir's eyes became wide in shock. Nao soon saw Beerus walk foward and yawned before speaking out to the group.

"Its as the brat said. You mortals always get suprised over everything. Even I'm hundreds of millions of years older than she is. Can we please get a move on?"

After Beerus said that, Nao could only lightly chuckle speaking out to Eir.

"Haha, we won't keep you waiting any longer, Lord Beerus. You'll get accustomed to things slowly just like the others did, Eir. The Universe is a lot bigger than you know."

Nao said that with a smile. He then brought Eir back to his side after she nodded silently, all the while Tights remained silent watching this unfold. Seeing everyone ready, he turned to Whis and spoke out to him.

"We're ready when you are Whis. How long is it going to take us to arrive?"

"Excellent. It won't take us long this time actually. Father, we are now ready for transit into the Null Realm."


As soon as everyone heard Whis say that, a deep voice suddenly echoed around the throne room. Soon after that, the group entered a barrier of sorts. Whis also tapped his staff on the ground to strengthen the barrier so Tights or Eir wouldn't suffocate inside the Null Realm.

He then spoke out to the group once more.

"Everyone, we will now begin our transit. Tights, Eir, please keep inside the barrier at all costs until we reach the Palace. The Null Realm is a special realm where it exists in nothingness. It has no life, light, or air. Not even time nor space exists there."

After Whis said that, more shock appeared on the girls' faces while they nodded in confirmation. The Supreme Kai of Time placed her hands on her h.i.p.s and grinned seeing their reaction. She then urged Whis to begin.

"Let's go already, Whis! Even I'm looking forward to this!"

After the Supreme Kai of Time said that, Whis said nothing more. He didn't wave or tap his staff aroundxlike last time before their barrier became rainbow in color. It didn't turn into a giant rainbow pillar like how Whis usually travels, it only shone a bright light.

Before they realized it, their bodies vanished from sight inside the rainbow barrier. They were off to the Null Realm!

Year 743, Mid July, Morning, Null Realm.

Everything was all peaceful and quiet inside the endless black expanse of the Null Realm. Literally nothing existed here besides this darkness. Yet that recently changed thanks to the work of the Grand Minister.

The Grand Minister could currently be seen floating outside of what appeared to be a very very large white Palace which consisted of multiple floors. Tall windows strectched on its outside every so often Supported by many white pillars, it was over a couple hundred meters in length and over twenty meters in height. It was quite imposing for a Palace but simplistic at the same time.

Seeing everything finished, his eyes soon wandered to the figures rushing back and forth straightening things on the inside. Further inside the myriad of rooms he could see five really beautiful women dressed up in different wedding dresses with white veils over their faces, chatting away with their family members nearby.

Meanwhile, stacks and stacks of wedding gifts could be seen near by the giant reception hall which led to the outside of the Null Realm. Not to mention the white Palace had its own throne room as well.

Sering everything complete and ordely, the Grand Minister nodded. He then let loose his thoughts.

"I wanted to keep things simplistic. The others took a liking to it immediately so I'm sure Nao will too. Speaking of him..."

As the Grand Minister started to mutter to himself, his gaze shifted to the right. Further off to the right of the Palace stood a very large fighting stage similar to that of the Martial Arts Tournaments held on Planet Earth, consisting of the same white-gray tiling. Yet he infused it with the hardest substances known throughout the Universes so it wouldn't be destroyed, as Nao would be fighting against a God of Destruction.

The fighting stage was complete as well, and a large grassy area stood off up in the air beside it, allowing for the spectactors to watch. All of the Universes were gathering here after all, it wasn't a private event.

The Grand Minister smiled seeing that everything was now in place. Before he knew it, bright rainbow spheres one after another began to emerge inside the Null Realm near by. Everything was about to unfold!