Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 18

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 18 15 Hatchiyack I

Deafening explosions could be heard around Nao. Every time Nao blasted away a Tuffle, it turned into a dark red aura mist that got absorbed back into Hatchiyack. The trio couldn't even make it to Hatchiyack before he started to charge up his attack. Several Tuffles tried to rush at Nao from all directions but Nao soon unleashed his aura and started to power up. Unlike Goku who was a slow starter in reaching his peak state, it did not take long for Nao to reach his peak state and upon unleashing a battle power of 29000 it caused King Vegeta II who was nearby to shiver, as he felt a power that was almost three times as strong as him.

As Nao remembered he only had fifteen seconds before Hatchiyack's beam finished gathering its energy, he knew he had to act quickly. After Nao reached his peak state, he then unleashed his Frost Aura which started to slowly freeze the ground, impeding the Tuffles movements. As his Frost Aura was still level one, he could not freeze the Tuffles completely but light frost soon spread around their feet and every time a Tuffle got hit with the Frost Aura Nao saw its experience bar slightly increase. He also wanted to start increasing his Frost Fist, seeing it was still at level 0 so he could develop it properly. A second later white aura formed around Nao's fist and he launched out in front of him, causing several Tuffles to be blasted away. These Tuffles soon vanished into a dark red mist that got absorbed back into Hatchiyack. Nao finally saw that he had an opening between him and Hatchiyack and while they were still several meters apart, Nao used Vanish to close the gap. He formed more white aura around his fist. Once he got within reaching distance he finally saw Hatchiyack up close and clearly noticed the difference in height. Nao was only about a meter tall yet he when he looked up at Hatchiyack, it was as if he was seeing a giant, which really surprised him. He saw that his skin was indeed red and his chest area had pink muscles but he was most fascinated by the gems on his head, arms and legs.

However as the 10 second mark passed Hatchiyack's gems started to shine more brightly causing Nao be slightly blinded. Immediately after Nao he shook his head a bit, then crouched and leaped up in the air, arriving in front of Hatchiyack. Hatchiyack tilted his head slightly, confused by the presence who suddenly appeared in front of him. The white aura Nao released earlier converged and frost soon appeared on his fist, He struck out at Hatchiyack's head.

"Frost Fist!"

As if he were hitting a wall of steel, a loud impact resounded as Nao struck Hatchiyack's face. This impact caused cracks in the magenta earth to appear beneath them. However Nao's main goal was to disrupt Hatchiyack and he accomplished that seeing the shining gems slowly dim down again. After his attack connected he all he saw was Hatchiyack's neck bend backwards a bit and felt slightly disappointed. Nao then struck out with his other fist at Hatchiyack's chest causing another loud impact, and this time Hatchiyack slid back a couple feet and saw a light green liquid start to pour out the injury he caused just a moment ago.

Hatchiyack, who had yet to experience the concept of pain suddenly felt something that he never felt before. It wasn't a sharp pain that Nao constantly experienced during his training but he still felt it, and he then saw the green liquid slowly coming out of his body. He then looked back at the small boy in front of him and noticed a white tail dangling down below. Immediately after, Hatchiyack's arm vanished from sight and grabbed Nao by the neck. Nao was not expected to suddenly be grabbed by Hatchiyack and started to struggle but found that his grip was too powerful. Nao soon felt himself being launched into the magenta earth skidding several meters away from him, causing blood to spray out of his back and felt the wind escape from his throat. Without any moment to spare Hatchiyack resumed his offensive stance and the gems started shine brightly again, and this time he took aim at Nao.

There was quite a bit of dust in Nao's way but in the midst of it he saw the familiar green gems start glowing again. Shit, he really doesn't allow time for one to breath does he? Nao inwardly cursed in his heart and struggled to get up. After dusting himself off he felt a few stings in his back. Miya soon caught up to him and saw that he already got injured and Miya became angry.

"Brother! That bastard! Let's go attack him together."

Before Miya could rush at Hatchiyack after her suggestion, Nao grabbed her by the shoulder shaking his head.

"No, Miya. We currently have no time to waste."

Nao didn't have enough time to explain to her about Hatchiyack's oncoming attack. Nao took another second to tell her to assist King Vegeta II with clearing the Tuffles. However at this time, perhaps it was because Nao was injured, but time seemed to speed up faster than what he experienced previously and 15 seconds soon passed. Nao frantically shoved Miya away and sent her flying several meters away towards a group of rushing Tuffles. Landing a few feet away from King Vegeta II, Nao sighed seeing that she was out of Hatchiyack's range. Nao didn't have the time to interrupt Hatchiyack again and the only thing he could do was unleash his aura to its max to brace himself. A mass of white soon shrouded Nao and frost started to spread out. Screeching soon resounded in the air and Hatchiyack's gems soon shone brightly one last time before green light began to converge together in front of him.

"Revenger Cannon!"

Almost instantly, a huge green beam of light launched out of Hatchiyack's body and swiftly flew towards Nao. It was a few meters wide and a few seconds later it struck Nao. Nao's aura crumbled away as if it were a piece of bread and sent him flying. The beam continued onward all the way until the Saiyan's city wall and all the nearby Saiyans could only see a figure being blasted away, striking against the city wall, and left a huge hole in it.


After Nao struck against the hard wall, more blood soon started to seep out of his chest, dripping down towards the ground. Gravity soon took over and Nao's body fell hard down onto the ground, struggling to remain conscious. A few moments later Nao eventually lifted one of his legs and could be seen panting heavily. He regained a bit of strength and soon lifted his other leg up and finally stood up, only to see a large bullet-like hole in the earth going straight from Hatchiyack to the the wall. Meanwhile Miya regained her footing, only to stare dumbfounded at the large bullet-like crater that was shot out of Hatchiyack and Nao was not in her sight anymore, but she could vaguely determine a figure standing, out in the distance. She then started to dart her eyes back and forth between Hatchiyack and Nao figuring out what her next step was but before long she heard more energy screeching behind her. She then looked behind only to see a mass of purple energy forming in King Vegeta II's right hand.

Several Tuffles stood in King Vegeta II's way as he was charging up so Miya decided to help him out and unleashed her fiery aura. Small flames appeared in both of her hands and she launched out a Ki volley at the approaching Tuffles. The Ki volley hit a few of them, causing them burst open in flames and soon vanished into a dark red mist. Miya was able to clear a path for King Vegeta II directly leading to Hatchiyack, who then started to look at the two. Confirming his next target, Hatchiyack slowly started to march at the two, as he was able to see two Saiyan tails attached. Miya soon saw King Vegeta II vanish and reappeared in front of Hatchiyack. King Vegeta II jumped up and struck Hatchiyack's face with his knee, followed by another punch. King Vegeta II then unleashed the purple energy he was condensing in his right hand.

"Orga Blaster!"

A stream of purple energy soon struck Hatchiyack's body lasting several seconds, causing dust to fly up into the air. Unlike Nao's punch who was able to push back Hatchiyack a couple feet, after the dust settled King Vegeta II saw Hatchiyack remain unscathed. King Vegeta II then started to curse at Hatchiyack.

"Impossible! How could a shitty computer remain standing after getting hit by this King's attack!?"

As King Vegeta II was still up in the air after launching his attack, Hatchiyack swiftly grabbed his left foot with a strong grip. Seconds later Hatchiyack flung King Vegeta II towards the ground. Being treated like a flail, every time his body struck the ground Miya could see blood fly out of his mouth. Seeing both King Vegeta II and her brother not last long against this guy, Miya started to get frightened but she still made her way towards Hatchiyack so she could attempt to recover King Vegeta II. A fiery red aura soon converged around her right fist and she flew at Hatchiyack at a fast speed.

"Flame Fist!"

Miya punched out at Hatchiyack's chest, seeing the injury caused by Nao previously and the force caused Hatchiyack to fly back several feet this time. More green blood splattered out of Hatchiyack's chest and landed on her fist, and as Hatchiyack was launched back, his grip loosened, causing King Vegeta II to drop onto the ground. Miya soon rushed towards him and saw that his body was wrecked with injuries but he was still breathing. Before long King Vegeta II struggled to get up and he looked ahead of him and he saw that both Nao and Miya had an effect on Hatchiyack, seeing that he became injured. During this time, Nao didn't forget his conscious was connected to Miya, and proceeded to inform her that he had a plan. Several more moments passed and Nao eventually made his way back to Miya with the help of Vanish. Nao then approached King Vegeta II.

"Your Majesty, don't be alarmed but I can confirm that bastard's strength is a few times higher than mine. Both Miya and I currently have a battle power of 29,000 and even if you combine both of us, it would only be a third compared to his. It seems we have no option left than to transform, otherwise we can't match his power."

"What the hell are you saying, a shitty computer has a battle power of over 150,000!? However from the looks of it, it seems you two brats were not idling during the two year training. You two are definitely little freaks. But more importantly how the hell will you be able to transform without a moon?"

Nao grinned after hearing King Vegeta II's question.

"Just watch, Your Majesty, you will definitely not be disappointed. I do believe only the three of us will be able transform with this. Can you accompany Miya to try to keep him occupied? I need to focus."

"Don't tell me...are you planning to use Power Ball!? How can you use a technique only this King has!"

"Do we really have the time for questions right now, Your Majesty? I just need you two to stall Hatchiyack for a few moments."

"Humph. This King has definitely underestimated you two brats. Not only are you trying to order me but to think you can use this King's technique as well. However since we're currently in this mess this King let this slide. That shitty computer needs to be destroyed at all costs!"

After this brief conversation ended, King Vegeta II accompanied Miya and the two rushed towards Hatchiyack. Miya soon launched out another flame fist at Hatchiyack while King Vegeta II started to take a certain stance, and put one hand behind him. More purple Ki started to converge in his palm. Seeing the two become occupied, Nao shifted his focus towards himself. Nao's left hand gripped his right arm and lifted right hand palm to face upwards towards the sky. Although Nao only recently learned Power Ball and this was the first time actually using it, he still was able to strain his body to condense a bright ball of light Ki energy into his palm with the help of the planet's atmosphere. Similar to the size of a basketball, Nao finally shot the ball of light into the sky.

"Power Ball!"