Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 180

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 180 173: The All Universe Gathering

Quick A/N : Huge character infodump below, warning you guys now. For those who know the characters already you can skip it but for those who don't know know or want a refresher, let me know how it went! There are a couple of special guests too. All of them are canon and from the original story. Enjoy!













Deep within the black void of the Null Realm.

An awe-inspiring white Palace bobbed up and down very slowly as it hovered in place. A very large slick fighting stage consisting of hundreds of white-grey tiling inbued with the hardest known materials in the Universes stood still further to the right a long ways away.

A relaitvely small figure stood still in the void further behimd these two buildings. It was none other than the Grand Minister, who currently had his eyes resting upon the many rainbow spheres popping up one after another out of nowhere. Before long a total of twelve of these rainbow spheres appeared.

The one closest to arrive right next to the Grand Minister soon revealed Whis, Beerus, The Supreme Kai of Time, Nao, Tights and Eir. The latter two couldn't believe their eyes once they entered the Null Realm, but they knew better than to cause any disturbances, so Tights and Eir remained quiet.

The group remained still as they watched the other rainbow spheres gather around them beside the white Palace. It didn't take long for the light of each one to dissipate. All but three contained three figures each while the former contained five, four, and four figures respectively.

Let's get this done and over quick, shall we? The Angels have already been introduced during Nao's visit to Lord Zeno's Palace over six years ago, technically over ten years if you count it from Nao's perspective. Nao's true age was 22 as of now thanks to the Room of Spirit and Time.

The first figure of the three from the first sphere all the way to the left was rather short, and actually the shortest of all the figures who arrived. But don't let their height fool you.

Their whole body besides their hands, eyes and pink pointy ears, was covered in black fur. He wore a plain white shirt and the God of Destruction vest, which had blue baggy pants underneath. He wore a small hat adorned in the pattern of the God of Destruction attire. This man was Iwan!

Next to him was his attendant, the Angel, Awamo!

Behind the two stood a pink skinned humanoid who had rather short spiky white hair sticking out from the center of their head. Wearing a green posh Kai robe with orange lining and yellow Potara earrings, this figure was Anato, a Supreme! Kai!

All three were gods of Universe 1, which was known to have the highest mortal level ranking out of all twelve Universes!

Moving onto the next stood another three figures. The first was actually the only female God of Destruction, and her appearance was akin to that of Egyptian royalty. She would fit right into Egypt back on Nao's previous world. Together with her unique outfit to say the least, she had black hair that went past her neck, with each strand being attached to a golden bead at its end. This was Heles, the God of Destruction of Universe 2!

Next to Heles stood her Angel attendant, Sour! Standing behind the two was a pale teal skinned humanoid who waa quite short like Iwan, but appeared much older, as he wore a thick white beard which connected to a white mustache. He wore a black posh Kai robe with red outlining and had blue Potara earrings. This was Pell, the Supreme Kai of Universe 2!

Heles, Sour and Pell were gods of Universe 2, the very same one Ribrianne is from, who was one of rhe few survivors from Nao's vision!

Moving onto the next one stood yet again another three figures. The first of the three was probably the most unique out of everyone who showed up here. It was actually an old, large, pale green robot. with a black entrance hatch with a small oval window on its stomach. It had a singulgolden eye which could beep for its form of communication. This robot was named Mosco.

Inside of Mosco was the actual God of Destruction, Mule! His appearance was akin to that of a pale-red imp with black horns. Next to Mosco and Mule was their Angel attendant, Camparri!

Behind these stood a light purple skinned humanoid wearing a brown posh Kai robe with yellow outlining and a light blue robe underneath. He wore red glasses and had a single long strand of white hair going down the left side of his face. This was Eyre, the Supreme Kai of Universe 3!

Mosco, Mule, Camparri and Eyre were gods from Universe 3, a very intellectual advanced Universe!

Moving right along were another three figures. The first one was a yellow mouse humanoid with large mouse-like ears. His God of Destruction attire was mostly green. This was Quitela, the God of Destruction of Universe 4! Next to Quitella was his Angel attendant, Cognac!

Behind the two was a pale orange skinned humanoid wearing a blue posh Kai robe with yellow outlining and dark maroon robe underneath it. His hair was a straight mowak that went backward. He had green Potara earrings. This was Kuru, the Supreme Kai of Universe 4!

Quitela, Cognac and Kuru were gods of Universe 4! Quitela often liked to tease and harass Beerus for his incompetency in the past, and even now!

Onto the next three stood a rather old and rinkly figure, probably the oldest among them all. He didn't have a nose and only nostrils, and a red mohawk. He even had whiskers with tiny yellow bracelets at the end of each one.

He appeared quite menacingly with his deep purple eyes but was completely calm right now. An attire similar to Beerus's, this was Arak, God if Destruction of Universe 5!

Next to Arak was his Angel attendant, Cukatail! Behind the two stood a female Supreme Kai. Contrary to her peers she was quite overweight but she didn't appear to mind it. Medium sized spiky hair shot straight up and two large bangs dr.a.p.ed over her forehead.

She wore a deep purple posh Kai robe similar to Nao's but had yellow outlining instead of white. She had green Potara earrings. She was Ogma, the Supreme Kai of Universe 5!

Arak, Cukatail and Ogma were gods of Universe 5! Universe 5 was one of the four Universes that had the highest mortal level!

Universe 6 was next up in the line. Nao had seen both Champa, its God of Destruction and twin brother to Beerus, and his Angel attendant, Vados, back at the meeting the Grand Minister held at Lord Zeno's Palace, but Nao hadn't seen Champa in person till now. But he hadn't seen their Supreme Kai besides in the original story.

This Supreme Kai was also overweight like Ogma with white hair resembled that of a pineapple. He wore a magenta posh Kai robe with yellow outlining. With his light purple undershirt and blue pants, he wore dark green Potara earrings. This was Fuwa, the Supreme Kai of Universe 6!

Champa, Vados and Fuwa were gods of Universe 6! Champa to say the least always fought with his twin brother Beerus and competed against everything he did, including eating contests.

We all know about Universe 7 by now don't we? It was the Universe Nao was born in after all! Moving along, three more figures hovered not too far away from Universe 6.

First of the three was rather tall, and was actually a humanoid fox. But unlike Sayuri, his body was fully made up of golden fur. He also had three golden tails.

His attire was quite imposing for a God of Destruction, as it was mostly red. This was Liquiir, God of Destruction of Universe 8! Beside him stood his Angel attendant, Korn!

Behind the two was their Supreme Kai. He had a rather long face and really short spiky hair with light purple skin. He wore a white posh Kai robe with red outlining. To top it off he had green Potara earrings. This was Iru!

Liquiir, Korn and Iru were gods from Universe 8! Universe 8 was the third of four Universes with the highest mortal level.

Next to these three were three figures from Universe 9. The first one had long, bushy, orange hair with a bald head. He also had a mustache and a beard. He wore a white shirt underneath his God of Destruction attire, which was mostly purple. This was Sidra, God of Destruction of Universe 9! Next to him was his Angel attendant, Mohito!

Behind the two stood a teal skinned short humanoid who was quite lean. He wore a black posh Kai robe with a long purple sleeve undershirt. Unlike the other Supreme Kai, he wore red Potara earrings. This was Roh!

Sidra, Mohito and Roh were gods from Universe 9! Out of all Universes, Universe 9 was ranked the lowest on the mortal level!

Next to them were actually four figures from Universe 10, they had brought along a rather special guest. Starting with the first figure who was akin to a walking, talking pink skinned elephant wth a humanoid body. Their God of Destruction attire was mostly orange and black. This was Rumsshi, God of Destruction of Universe 10. Next to him was his Angel attendant, Kusu!

Behind them was their Supreme Kai. He was also old and wrinky with yellow skin. Wearing a black posh Kai robe with dark yellow outlining, he wore a long sleeve purple undershirt along with it. His Potara earrings were green. This was none other than Gowasu!

And the mystery guest they brought along was a green skinned humanoid wearing their hands behind their back. He wore the same attire as Gowasu did and had a white mohawk slanting forward down the right side of his head, but had orange Potara earrings instead. You guys probably guessed by now, it was Zamasu!

As Nao began to observe the gods of each Universe one by one, his eyes stopped for a moment onto Zamasu. He appeared quite calm right now, but he had no idea how twisted his ideals currently were. The events of S*per won't start for another thirty-five years after all, but to gods, that time was very short.

Zamasu also sensed Nao's gaze and their eyes locked together for a brief moment. Zamasu raised his eyebrows as he saw Nao wearing a very similar appearance to himself, but Zamasu's eyes soon shifted back toward the Grand Minister and disregarded him.

Nao didn't take this to heart since the two of them hadn't even known each other before this, Nao only knew what would happen to Zamasu in the years to come.

Nao resumed his observation of the last two Universes. Universe 11 still remained as one of his favorites, and he became inwardly excited after seeing the five figures.

The first figure had pale white skin and was dressed just like a clown. His God of Destruction attire was quite colorful as well. His hair was mostly bald with the exception of two large puffs of orange hair on each side.

He even had a clown's iconic big round red rose and large red lips. It was Belmod, Nao's opponent that he chose to duel against! Next to him was his Angel attendant, Marcarita!

Behind the two was their Supreme Kai as well. He had a really serious look on his face despite his short stature. He wore a red posh Kai robe with yellow outlining, and green Potara earrings. He also had their hands behind their back. This was Khai, the Supreme Kai of Universe 11!

They also brought two special guests along, which were two members of the Pride Troopers, who used to be lead by Belmod. Nao became both shocked and excited seeing Jiren and Toppo in person for the first time, but he remained calm on the outside. (A/N: Toppo is also known as Top in english dub but Toppo is way better in my opinion lol).

Nao's eyes soon landed on the last Universe to arrive, Universe 12. Their God of Destruction resembled that of a fishman similar to Arqua back at the Other World Tournament. His ears were shaped into fins and had pale green-blue skin. He appeared to be a seasoned warrior. This was Giin, the God of Destruction of Universe 12. Next to him was his Angel attendant Martinu!

Behind the two was their Supreme Kai, who had yellow skin. They were plump and only had simple black dots as eyes. He wore a dark green posh Kai robe with red outlining, and wore green Potara earrings. This was Agu!

Giin, Martinu and Agu were gods of Universe 12, the last of four Universes which were the strongest on the mortal level!

And with that, all twelve Universes have gathered in the Null Realm. Nao's eyes wandered back toward the Grand Minister, only to see him nod with a smile seeing everyone arrive promptly and on time. The Grand Minister then floated toward the middle of everyone, and gathered everyone's attention by speaking out to them.

"Welcome, everyone. I thank you all for gathering here today despite many of your busy schedules. I will now commence this All Universe Gathering!"

As the Grand Minister announced that, light chatter began to erupt in the empty void around them. It was actually Champa who spoke out first.

"So this really is an All Universe event huh? Say Beerus, don't try to screw up this one like you did to all of us like last time, hahaha!"

Hearing Champa yell that out intentionally gathered the others' attention. Quitela also chimed in, letting out a squeak-like laughter.

"Eekeekeek, that's right, Beerus. You better not disappoint us this time or I'll destroy you personally."

Hearing these two taunt Beerus, anger appeared in his eyes. His eyes landed on Nao for a moment, only to light up shortly after. He then spoke out to the two with a grin.

"It hasn't even been long since this event started but the two of you are already at it, huh? Well two can play it at that game. I bet you guys don't even know what this event about, do you!?"

It was now Beerus's turn to strike back at the two, and he yelled out at them. Champa flinched for a second, only to speak out with a stutter to follow.

"S-So what if I don't know anything about this, all we were told was that we had to come! It's not like you know anything about it either, do you!?"

After Beerus heard Champa yell that, his grin became wider. He then let out augh.

"Haha, now that's where you're wrong, Champa! You see--!?"

However, before Beerus could finish his sentence, two large bangs suddenly echoed around the large group. Whis struck Beerus in the back of his head as did Vados to Champa. The two of them rubbed their heads, wincing in pain. Cognac did nothing to stop Quitela from doing whatever he wanted, he remained aloof and uninterested. Quitela let out another laugh seeing this happen.

Both Whis and Vados then spoke out to the two in a serious voice.

"Now now, Lord Beerus. Please try to behave in front of Father. You can enjoy your quarrels with Lord Champa later."

"It's as Whis said, Lord Champa. The Grand Minister is currently present so please refrain doing anything unnecessary. I wouldn't mind hitting you again though, fufufu."

Hearing Vados let out a slightly sadistic laugh caused Champa to shiver. Beerus also turned quiet after hearing Whis. Both of them calmed down and nodded silently.

Quitela became disappointed seeing this result but he didn't do anything else as the Grand Minister soon spoke out to everyone again. Everyone's gaze landed back on him. He even did a light bow this time to the group.

"Once again, I thank you all for coming. With that out of the way now, I will now describe what we have planned for the events today. You all don't need to be alarmed as I am the one who is hosting this. Lord Zeno is currently fast asleep and won't wake up for the next few decades."

Once the Grand Minister said that, a look of relief appeared in everyone's eyes. Some even let out sighs. Before the Grand Minister spoke, it was actually Belmod who stepped forward with a look of intrigue in his eyes.

"Interesting, so the Grand Minister himself is hosting this? What exactly do you have planned?"

"I will get to that shortly, but Chronoa would you please step forward?"

After the Grand Minister asked that, he turned to his right and his eyes landed on the Supreme Kai of Time. She in turn became surprised for a moment, but she quickly nodded and floated toward him. She knew the Angels already but she waved both of her hands to the rest of the gods after arriving at his side.

The Grand Minister nodded, before speaking out once more.

"Most of you are not aware of who Chronoa is besides my children, but she helped me with today's events. Chronoa is the Supreme Kai of Time who manages the proper flow of our Timelines to ensure everything is in order."

"Hi, everyone. It feels weird to meet you guys in the True History but I've met you all countless of times in the divergences whenever errors appeared in the Timelines."

After Supreme Kai of Time said that, everyone raised their eyebrows for a moment and nodded, before their eyes landed back on the Grand Minister. He then continued to speak.

"Thank you, Chronoa. I wanted you all to get acquainted with her. But Chronoa, it seems you still have something else to say before we move onto the next thing?"

Hearing him ask that, she nodded her head. She then spokexout to him in a serious voice.

"Yes. Recently, a bastard managed to slip through Time and caused a bunch of our sensors to go off. It's been busy back at my domain for the past while we're continuing our investigation. I wanted to warn you all as we have no idea where this bastard will end up next. Even my disciple had a head on collision with him."

Once the Supreme Kai of Time said that, all eyes focused on her again, but she didn't back away. A glint streaked across Zamasu's eyes while he stayed silent.

Meanwhile, before the others could do anything, Toppo flew forward and clenched his fist. His voice resounded around the group, full of pride. He even did his justice pose as he spoke out to her.

"Miss Supreme Kai, worry not. As the leader of the Pride Troopers, we tolerate no injustices. We vanquish any evil, and Time Travel is a heinous crime! If this evil-doer dares to step foot into our Universe, we will vanquish them!"

Hearing Toppo come forth and say that, the Supreme Kai of Time nodded and smiled. She then returned to the Grand Minister's side. Toppo did the same to Belmod. Jiren remained calm and quiet but his eyes rested on Toppo.

The Grand Minister then spoke out once more to the group after hearing the two speak.

"Time Travel definitely must not be taken lightly. Thank you for your warning, Chronoa. Moving onto today's agenda, I have gathered you all here to witness a duel. After the combatant makes their decision, you all are free to leave. But if you guys decide to stay, there will be a bonding celebration the combatant will undertake after the duel. Full course meals and such will also be present."

Hearing the Grand Minister say that, some of the gods remaimed indifferent while others had a curious look in their eyes. The eyes of Beerus and Champa sparkled at the mention of food. Even Mosco began to make rapid, loud beeping sounds, but his translator Angel attendant remained quiet. Out of the Gods of Destruction, Both Heles and Belmod were the ones who took a step forward this time.

"A duel, huh? Someone is going to be fighting here? Are they even capable of reaching our level?", Belmod asked curiously.

"Who cares about the duel Belmod, I'm more interested in the bonding celebration afterward. That in itself can be said to be one of the purest forms of love! Who is the lucky couple?", Heles said with a teasing tone.

Hearing the two start another round of questions, the Grand Minister answered them calmly.

"Yes. The combatant this time is someone who I owed a couple favors to which have now been repaid. He even fought the God of Destruction of the 7th Universe to a draw."

After the Grand Minister said that, both shock and appeared in most of the Gods of Destruction's faces. The Grand Minister smiled seeing everyone's reaction. He then turned toward the right, and looked directly at Nao before he continued to speak and asked a him a question.

"Nao, please step forward. Have you decided who you're going to fight?" (A/N, If you guys forgot, Nao decided on Belmod prior to this)