Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 181

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 181 174: The All Universe Gathering Ii

"Indeed I have, Grand Minister.", Nao said with a look of confidence and anticipation in his eyes.

As soon as Nao's voice escaped from his mouth, everyone's eyes soon shifted from the Grand Minister to him. All but one, anyways. As Nao began to separate himself from Tights and Eir, he slowly flew forward and landed beside the Supreme Kai of Time.

Tights braced herself as Nao left and expected to fall down into the endless void, but she surprisingly did not. Once her stabilized herself, she felt as though she was standing on a solid surface.

Out of the rainbow barriers, only Whis's remained active while the other eleven had vanished by now. This would remain like this until Tights and Eir make their way inside the Palace to join the others.

Anyways, the one who didn't look at Nao actually now had their eyes dead set on the Palace hovering in place further away. Their three tails waved up and down slowly while a look of interest appeared in their eyes. It was none other than Liquiir who was looking at it!

Liquiir soon began to utter to himself, but both Korn and Iru could hear his words.

"How strange...I'm getting a very weird vibe coming from inside's almost I'm sensing something familial? How could this even be?", Liquiir uttered in a low tone.

"Hoh? I haven't seen you act like this too often, Lord Liquiir. Are you sure that's what you're sensing in there?", Korn asked with a look of intrigue in his eyes. He wasn't one to back away to express his thoughts, so he did exactly that.

"Yes, I'm sure of it now. This is really strange. Perhaps someone inside there is related to my bloodline?"

"A distant relative, is it? It wouldn't be strange considering how vast our Universes can be, but you were the last of your kind before you took the role of the God of Destruction, were you not?", Korn asked with a serious look in his eyes.

"I was indeed, but maybe that's not looking to be the case now. This silly event just piqued my interest a whole lot more than just a few minutes ago. Guess I'll stick around to see what that's all about."

"If that's as you wish, Lord Liquiir, then I will follow you. For now let's focus on this 'duel' the Grand Minister mentioned. It seems the combatant is stepping forward. Is that the robe of the Kais I see?", Korn asked to himself as his eyes shifted back to the front.

Liquiir's eyes also moved back forward, and also saw Nao, only to nod to Korn's words.

"It definitely is. It doesn't look to he the robes of a Supreme Kai though. Much more matching to those of that fellow the Universe 10's Supreme Kai brought here. What was his name again?"

"His name is inconsequential. Focus on what's in front of you.", Korn said with a stern voice.

"Geez, you can be really uptight you know, Korn. But let's not stray ourselves any longer."

After Liquiir said that, Korn became silent. Iru remained silent during all of this as he nervously watched the two speak. His eyes would shift between them and the Palace, but he could only sigh inwardly in his heart.

Meanwhile, after Nao arrived at the Supreme Kai of Time's side, everyone saw him turn toward her. A few of them even became surprised after they heard him reveal that she was his Master.

"Master, before I give my answer, could you hold onto these for me? I don't think anything will happen since we're in a realm where nothing exists."

After Nao asked that, her eyes looked downward, only to see him take off the two Time Rings on his two fingers. He then stretched his hand out, allowing the two to fall into her hand. The Supreme Kai of Time then spoke out to him with a hint of worry.

"If that's what you decided on Nao, then I will look after these for you."

With that said, Nao nodded to her words. Yet as he gave her the Time Rings, shock appeared on all of the Supreme Kai's faces. A look of disbelief apeared in Zamasu's eyes but he knew that doing anything now would be a very stupid idea. He could only watch on in silence. Gowasu on the other hand looked on with keen interest.

Nao then gave a bow to the Grand Minister, before giving him his answer.

"Grand Minister, the one I'm interested in battling against is Lord Belmod!"

As Nao announced that, everyone turned quiet as the Grand Minister was still present. Belmod himself started to look at Nao seriously. Toppo tried to go forward, but Jiren stopped him, causing Toppo to yell out to him.

"Why are you stopping me, Jiren?"

"We only came here as spectators, didn't we? Besides, Lord Belmod seems to have already taken an interest. It's already out of our hands."

"If you say so, Jiren. I can't be the leader of the Pride Troopers for nothing. Guess we'll have to see how this plays out from the side."

After Toppo said that, Jiren nodded, and didn't speak any more. Jiren was known for his silence and only spoke when he needed to.

Meanwhile, the Grand Minister smiled after hearing Nao's response. He then spoke out to Nao.

"An interesting choice. Seeing as you've made a firm decision already, I won't ask you again. Belmod, as this was my personal favor granted to Nao, you will fight him earnestly."

"Of course, Grand Minister. I may be retiring from my position as a God of Destruction soon, but who says I still can't a little fun?", Belmod said with a hint of arrogance.

Belmod then turned around and looked at Toppo before speaking out to him.

"Toppo, take this as a learning experience. I did appoint you as my successor after all. You'll be able to observe the power of a God of Destruction up front."

"Yes, Lord Belmod.", Toppo said while giving him a Pride Trooper salute.

Seeing that, Belmod nodded. The Grand Minister then spoke out seeing that he was now ready.

"Well then, everyone. This concludes the All Universe Gathering. The rest of you are free to leave, or stay for the duel and the bonding celebration later. I myself will be leaving once the duel is over. But do not worry, I will not report this to Lord Zeno, as he is currently resting."

Hearing the Grand Minister say that, everyone nodded. Some of the gods began to bow at the Grand Minister, before they vanished from sight, leaving the Null Realm. Before long, Universe 3, 4, 5, 9, and 12 left, leaving only 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 11 behind. Seeing this, the Grand Minister raised his eyebrows.

"This was more than I was expecting, but no matter.", the Grand Minister spoke out once more. He then turned over and lokked at Whis before speaking out to him. "Whis, go take our remaining guests into the Palace. You can join the others after."

"As you will, Father."

"Excellent. Now then, everyone, you can head to the fighting stage now. We will start this duel shortly."

After the Grand Minister said that, everyone nodded. Whis then took Tights and Eir inside the Palace. Everyone else soon flew off to the fighting stage. The Grand Minister stood hovering beside it and took it upon himself to be the judge while the others moved to the grassy area where they could sit and watch.

Belmod and Nao also made their way onto the stage. This duel was about to be underway!