Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 182

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 182 175: Nao Vs Belmod I

Belmod and Nao were currently standing only a few meters apart from each other on this massive fighting stage created by the Grand Minister. The Grand Minister himsef was hovering in the air on the inner side of the stage.

To the Grand Minister stood a large grassy platform where the gods of Universe 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 11 could be seen stretched out while the Angels and Supreme Kais sat next to them on their knees.

Those inside the Palace also now tuned in, as Whis created an observation scrern for them before he returned to Beerus's side.

Seeing everything now in place, the Grand Minister spoke out with a serious tone.

"Now then, everyone. I will now explain the rules of this duel. I will keep things simple. There will be no killing and no material weapons allowed, but Ki weapons are still fine. Anyone deemed unconscious, unable to fight, or gets knocked out of the ring will be the loser. Belmod, Nao, are these rules acceptable?"

"Yes, Grand Minister.", Nao said.

"Doesn't matter to me. I'm not expecting much out of this fight. Still a good time killer before my retirement at least.", Belmod said with a look of disinterest in hus eyes.

"Excellent. Also, Nao, if you manage to give a good performance I will reward you with some Origin Ki later. Your power has improved quite considerably since our last meeting but I've noticed you're stuck at a certain threshold. So don't hold back, okay?"

"Understood, Grand Minister."

Even though Nao said that with a calm look, he became inwardly excited. He indeed was stuck with only half of the Legendary Super Saiyan veins unblocked. He had zero luck lately on finding random encounters with it.

He was still a bit hesitant in pursuing it any further thanks to his first vision, but he was already on the path to become one. He should see it through the end! Just the thought of becoming a second Broly or a second Kale was really exciting in itself!

The Grand Minister then nodded hearing Nao's response. He then spoke out once more with an authorative tone. "Let the duel, begin!"

With that said, the atmosphere turned quiet All eyes turned toward Belmod on Nao. The Grand Minister put his hands behind his back as he saw Belmod and Nao jump back a few feet, and faced against each other.

Belmod soon entered his battle stance, very similar to Goku's but he doesn't drop his left shoulder all the way down. Belmod kept his chest square as he shifted his right arm upward.

Bending his elbow half way, he curled three of his fingers inward while he pointed with his middle and index finger. The same thing happened for his left arm and hand, but it was brought lower, closer to his chest. He moved right foot back a bit.

He then saw Nao not set up any stance, only to speak out to him with a smirk.

"As I recall, you're a fighter from Beerus's Universe. Seeing someone with Divine Energy besides him is a miracle in itself. I'm not sure if you know, but we all hate him for what he caused last time. It's going to be a pleasure getting to crush someone from his Universe."

As Belmod said that, his voice was loud enough to be heard by the others. Beerus became angry and he yelled out to the two.

"Nao, you better kick his ass and the wipe that smirk off his face! His power shouldn't be much higher than mine!", Beerus yelled with both of his hands around his mouth. Whis raised his eyebrows and sighed.

"Is that really necessary, Lord Beerus? We may not know how much Nao has trained in secret but do you really think he can beeat Lord Belmod?", Whis asked with doubt in his eyes.

"It's possible! He fought rather evenly with me and neither of us reached our full power during it. If it's as he says then it should be an interesting match."

"Kick my ass? With just this amount of Divine Energy?" You're already way out of your league.", Belmod said with another smirk.

"You needn't worry about that, Lord Belmod. The race I'm a part of is capable of multiple transformations. I'm in my base form right now."

"Hoh? A race capable of transforming? I've seen lots of those in my lifetime. Let's see what you're capable then. I'll even let you make the first move."

After Belmod said that, Nao didn't say anything else. He had plans to show all of the transformations he had available today. He was able to master blue in the Room of Spirit and Time.

Nao also managed to overcome the SSJ2 state as well during that long training period, stepping into the really cool SSJ3! Though unlike red or blue, SSJ3 was a lot harder to maintain, since it took a massive toll on his body much like the later Kaioken stages.

On top of what Nao could do now, he had one more special plan in mind, but that will be revealed later. For now, he squared his legs and brought his arns forward. Bending his legs a bit, he yelled out.


Once he yelled out, Belmod felt a clear rise in Nao's Ki. He immediately saw a golden-yellow aura with green streaks of lightning crack around him, before his hair changed from white to yellow. His irises also changed to a lime green. Nao then spoke out to Belmod after entering SSJ1.

"This is only the first form. I'll show you the others as we go."

Hearing Nao say that, Belmod didn't show any emotion. He then moved his two left fingers and said, "Come!".

Responding in kind, Nao vanished. Not even a second later, he reappeared at Belmod'a right side. He launched three strikes with his fist, but Belmod used his two fingers, stopping each one of them. It was expected, since Nao had just started.

He vanished once more, only to reappear in front of Belmod, and swept low with his right leg. Yet before he even reached Belmod's leg, Nao felt a powerful blow strike against the nerve of his left shoulder. His body drooped downward, and struck hard against the tiling below him.


"This isn't all you've got, is it? ,You won't be able to last even five minutes against me like this."

After Belmod said that, Nao jumped up and did a backward somersault, causing him to separate from Belmod. He then spoke out to him.

"I'm just getting started and testing the waters, Lord Belmod. Looks like I need to take it up a notch already. I won't waste anymore time! "

After Nao said that, Nao bent down a bit, and yelled out once more. Letting his Ki rise up, the streaks of green lightning became more prominent. His hair spiked up even more as did his muscles and body frame. He now entered SSJ2!

"This is the next step of the transformations I have, Lord Belmod. The last one you saw we like to call it Super Saiyan. I'm in now what you call a Super Saiyan Two."

"Super Saiyan? How plain. Your Ki did rise by a good amount from your previous state, but its still far ftom what I got. You got Divine Energy inside you, why waste your time with these petty gimmicks when you ought to be utilizing that instead?"

"Well I defintely can, but where's the fun in rushing things? I want to show you all I'm capable of!"

"You really want to go that far? Then I'll play along with your little game and crush you from the inside out. Let's see what you can do."

After Belmod said that, Nao didn't dare to waste any more time in SSJ2. He wanted to see Belmod'a reaction to each step, and this was far from enough. He let his Ki loose and flow freely inside his body. He even began to yell out more and more. His yelling even caused the fighting platform to start shaking!

Meanwhile a look of intrigue appeared on Whis's face as he sunk into his own thoughts. 'Oh? A massive amount of Ki is starting to surge inside of Nao. He hadn't shown this yet. What is he up to?', Whis asked to himself.

Once his Ki kept surging higher and higher, his voice became louder and louder. This transformation had much more voice compared to any other ones the Saiyans could do, and it almost split apart Earth the first time Goku revealed it. Nao smiled as he continued to yell out.

"And this to go even further beyond!"