Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 183

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 183 176: Nao Vs. Belmod Ii

But in all seriousness, Nao's yelling wasn't crazy like Goku's was. Sure he caused the fighting stage to quake, causing Belmod to look at him strangely, but the Null Realm didn't react to it.

Even a protective barrier was placed around the white Palace by the Grand Minister when he created it, if something did happen outside the stage.

Anyways, Nao felt his Ki become increasingly wild. While this Ki was still his Divine Energy, it wasn't the same calm Godly Ki his Super Sayan God form released. Almost the exact opposite in fact. It soon began to focus on one area of his body. Massives amount of Ki rushed upward into his head. Before everyone realized it, his whole body started to rapidly glow, flashing incessantly.

Nao crouched more as time passed. Even his family, more specifically his Saiyan family, felt as if their blood entered an excited state. Inside the Palace, Oscar, Iona, and a veiled Miya looked on in anticipation. Miya knew what Nao was doing, but their parents didn't.

As for Nao himself, he felt as though his mind started to revert back his own existemce. He even saw images of a pure golden Great Ape flash inside his mind. All the while the fighting ring shook more and more. Even Belmod had to stabilize his footing, causing him to turn serious.

Belmod took this time to unleash his purple Destruction aura. Snapping both of his fingers, rows of purple cards made of pure Divine Energy appeared in both of his hands, similar to how magicians brought them out with their slight of hand techniques.

After that, he pushed his arms out, letting his Energy Cards spread out around his body. If one counted closely, there were a total of fifty two of them! They even began to move around in random patterns as if they had a mind of their own.

He then saw Nao yell out even more as his body was encased by a flashing orb of light. It even had mixtures of green around it. Several stall-inducing minutes later he saw Nao's hair enlarge and extend outward from the back. It kept getting bigger and longer until it reached right above his waist!

That wasn't all. Unlike the normal SSJ3 transformation, his long spiky hair now had streaks of green going across it. With one final large burst of light stretching outward into the endless void, it caused everyone to squint their eyes. After that, the light vanished altogether. What appeared was a very long spiky haired Nao.

Every second or third large strand of his golden-yellow hair had bright green streaks going all the way down it. On top of that, green lightning danced around him every couple of seconds. Nao felt extreme bursts of Ki fluctuate inside his body, but he was able to maintain the power within. He then calmly spoke out to Belmod seeing his transformation complete.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Lord Belmod. I've only stepped into this form a couple times during my previous training but I've yet to reveal it to the outside world. I hope its to your liking."

"Your Ki is a lot denser I can tell you that. I've been ready for a while. Take this!"

After Belmod said that, he waved both of his fingers on each hand. Three Energy Cards on his left and three on his right shot out at Nao in erratic patterns. Nao only smiled seeing that. He instantly vanished from spot and dashed straight into them. Letting loose a few jabs, his fists came into contact with each one.

Every time his fist clashed against the Energy Cards, it was encompassed by Belmod's purple Destruction aura which clashed against his golden-yellow aura. Ear-splitting booms resounded shortly as they detonated upon each contact. Each explosion shook the fighting stage, and scars soon appeared on the tiling beneath them.

As this happened, Belmod decided to send the rest of his Energy Cards at Nao. He too vanished from sight and entered the mix. Nao had to rapidly strike against both the Energy Cards and Belmod, who he still trouble keeping up with. Every so often Nao would feel large impacts strike against his body as blood splattered, but he ignored that. His goal was to eliminate all of the Energy Cards.

And sure enough after several minutes, he managed to eliminate all of them! Altough massives amount of smoke covered the stage, the other gods and the Grand Minister could still see what was happening. Meanwhile those inside the Palace only felt the Palace shake after each explosion caused by the Energy Cards. As for Belmod and Nao, loud impacts resounded in between the explosions as Nao tried to land a hit on Belmod.

After several failed attempts, Nao could now be seen with various cuts on his body, blood spewing out from them, but he didn't feel much pain from them. His focus remained on Belmod. After launching out another strike with his right hand, he drew Belmod's attention. Belmod grabbed onto his right hand, and Nao struck out with his left. Another large boom resounded as Nao's fist struck against Belmod's side, sending him flying away!

Belmod flew several meters backward, but he was nowhere near the edge of the stage yet. Regardless, surprise appeared on everyone's faces. Even Toppo had shock in his eyes as he yelled.

"Impossible! This guy landed a blow on Master Belmod! Jiren, How's his energy been like?"

"It's still a far cry from what I currently have but according to him he still has hidden power to reveal. Let's keep watching."

Toppo could only nod to Jiren's words, and turned silent once more. As the rest observed in silence while Beerus continued to make jeers at Belmod, Belmod stabilized his footing after getting blown back, and hovered in the air looking down at Nao. Belmod then saw a light bruise appear on his right side, and frowned a bit.

"So you actually managed to land a blow on me. According to Marcarita you were a mortal before. How long has it been since you've stepped into the Divine Realm?"

"If we are speaking on technical terms, then I managed to convert my energy into Divine Energy four years ago, Lord Belmod."

"Only four years huh? Such a monster has appeared in that bastard's Universe. It'll make crushing you all the better then."

After Belmod said that with a smirk, he yelled out, releasing slightly more of his purple destruction aura than previously. He then upped his tempo and vanished before Nao could react, causing him to put up a guard. Nao immediately felt a large impact strike against his arms, becoming a bit numb in the proess. He too vanished and Nao and Belmod began to clash against each other.

Every clash caused destruction every where they went, but thanks to the Grand Minister's construction, the stage did not get destroyed once so ever. Still, everyone could only hear the sounds of defeaning booms as Belmod and Nao's fists clashed against each other. That was the only time Nao could get clear hits in, as Belmod evaded all of his other strikes.

Several minutes passed like this before a boom louder than the previous ones echoed in the void, and a shadow immeidately flew back, skidding against the stage several meters. This time it was Nao, and he coughed up quite a bit of blood along the way. His robe could also be seen torn in several places. After skidding for a couple moments, he used the momentum and flipped back upward.

Nao could be seen panting now as Belmod grinned at him, before speaking out in a mocking voice.

"You won't be able to keep up with my pace like this, challenger from Universe 7. I'm not even using thiry percent of my strength yet. Don't you have more transformations available? You ought to use them, cause these clashes are getting boring. You haven't been able to get a clear hit, was that last one a fluke?", Belmod said as he sneered at Nao.

Being the clown like he is, Belmod really like to make fun of others given the chance he had. Yet Nao wasn't inluenced by his words, and spoke out to him calmly instead.

"I defintely have more, Lord Belmod, but this next one may be a bit troublesome."

"Troublesome? Bring it on, I'll take everything you throw at me!"

Hearing Belmod say that, Nao grinned. He then dispelled his SSJ3 form, causing confusion to streak on some of the gods' faces, including Belmod. He then squared himself on the stage. Spreaing his legs apart, he bent his left elbow and raised his palm flat, pointing upward. He then grasped his left wrist with his right hand. Before long schreeching sounds eminated from Nao's palm.

Hearing these screeches while a white glow of light began to appear inside Nao's palm, Beerus raised his eyebrows, and actually stood up, drawing the attention of the other Gods of Destruction. He then spoke out to Whis in a serious tone.

"Hey Whis, this looks pretty familiar. DIdn't that shitty Saiyan King know this technique?"

"Yes. As I recall, this allows Saiyans to reveal their true form, since they show their true power under the moonlight of a full moon. I might take this time to study it in person. They're known to get quite massive."

"Massive, eh? Wonder how big Nao will reach? Belmod may not stand a chance, haha!"

"Full Moon? Massive? What the heck are you talking about, stupid brother of mine?", Champa asked curiously.

Hearing this, Beerus grinned back at Champa, and simply said, "Oh it's nothing. Just another trait Nao's race has. It'll defintely be an eye opener for you. Now's your chance to run away, stupid Champa."

"We're all watching this together, so it's too late to leave! Let's see this so called trait your fighter has then."

After Champa spoke that, Beerus sat back down next to Whis. Before long, a bright white ball of light appeared in Nao's palm. His eyes then gazed upward toward the void. With one thrust of his palm, he let out a yell, causing the ball of light to ascend upward.

"Burst open, and mix!"