Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 184

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 184 177: Nao Vs Belmod Iii

Turning back time a bit, just as Nao began the creation of his Power Ball, things began to stir inside the hovering white Palace. Inside its myriad of rooms, there was an indoor garden, littered with all kinds of exotic plants, trees, and it was styled after the Capsule Corp's Green Room.

But instead of a fountain, a large, crystal clear water pond could be seen in the middle while really soft grass was planted around it. Several figures could be seen sitting in a relaxed manner. The room was massive but the amount of figures weren't small.

All people Nao had met thus far in his life were present here, except those who died on Planet Vegeta when it was destroyed by Frieza, and the gods who were resting beside the fighting stage.

His closest family, Oscar, Iona, Miya, Roti, Neo. His future mother-in-law Queen Elena and his daughter, Fie. His fiancs and lovers, Elsa, Sayuri, Isabella, Chelsea, Tights, and Eir. Even Aht could be seen sitting in Eir's lap.

Miya, Elsa, Sayuri, Isabella, and Chelsea were all in exquisite, varying wedding gowns. Nao would receive a shock once he saw how beautiful they were, but he wouldn't be able to until the duel is over.

Next to them were the myriad of guests they brought along with them for the bonding celebration. Isabella brought her mafia-like family along, Nim, Jake, her mother, and a couple guards. A couple of Elosyian guards could be seen next to Queen Elena as well.

Sayuri invited several members of the Galactic Patrol. Of course this included Jaco, Jiya and none other than the Galactic King himself! She also wanted to invite Merus as well, but he was still in his self-reflection period back at the Angel Realm, so she had no way to contact him.

The Grand Minister already gave one exception to Merus to leave the Angel Realm for a day previously, so he wouldn't be able to do that again until it was time for Merus to return to the Mortal Realm.

Besides the Galactic Patrol was Tights' family, Dr. Briefs, Panchy and Bulma. Bulma kept bouncing everywhere interacting with each alien she saw until she met everyone. Once things began she sat down next to Jaco and pestered him like no tomorrow.

If Jaco had hair, it would have long since fell out thanks to the amount of stress he received from Bulma's persistence. But that wasn't the end of the guests.

The Grand Kai, as well as King Kai, South Kai, East Kai, and West Kai were brought along as well! The prior was self explanatory as to why they came, but the other three found out and decided they had to come along as well.

That wasn't all, there was one final guest sitting behind them all watching the ongoing fight on the large blue panel hovering over the large pond of water. This person was wearing a plain white gown and hard a large white beard and mustache with no pair on top. Next to him was a beautiful, busty, twelve winged golden Angel.

These two were none other than The President and his personal assistant, Michael! They had made an appearance for the first time ever since he gave Rebirth to Nao! The old man was currently a retired god, and he just wandered aimlessly throughout the multiverse.

So he took this time to meet up with Chelsea once more to see how she was fairing after clearing all of Babel Tower's trials. As to whether he would meet with Nao or leave before he arrived here, it was up to him to decide. Nao has been enjoying his life so far in this first world, so he didn't really have a reason to talk to him just yet. He was just here to enjoy some interactions, and watch the show.

It's not like he couldn't leave from his Golden Door and the secret realm inside of it, right? He had just as much freedom as Nao did!

Anyways, with all of that out of the way, all eyes were currently on the observation screen Whis created for them. All of Nao's family frowned upon seeing him create a Power Ball in his left palm.

Oscar even stood up and cursed, causing several people's attention drawn over to him.

"Shit, is Nao really doin' this? I haven't seen him enter a Great Ape before, is he sble to stay sane durin' it?", Oscar asked with a worried look.

"Great Ape? What's that?", Elsa asked curiously. Several of the girls had never seen Nao tranaform into a giant ape before. They would be in a shock once they saw him do that!

Oscar could only smile helplessly back at Elsa. Chelsea soon went into her own thoughts, before her eyes turned wide as if she had remembered something. She wasn't much of a manga or anime during her time back on Earth, but she still remembered bits and pieces of what Nao liked to watch and read. D*Z was one of his favorites after all.

Meanwhile, Miya let out a soft giggle hearing Oscar'a question, and responded back to him.

"Hehe, Papa you needn't worry. Last time Brother became a Great Ape, he was in full control of it. It shouldn't be a problem this time despite being much stronger thsn he was last time."

"Is that so? Well then lets see what Nao has to offer. Whis did say we are protected by a barrier of sorts, so we should be fine against the blutz waves it will generate."

Hearing Oscar say that, Iona, Miya and the two maids nodded in confirmation while the others remained confused. They could only watch on as Elsa began to pester Miya on what the heck they were talking about.

Miya only gave a vague reply to Elsa and her eyes returned to the screen. So did Elsa's and what she saw next shocked her to the core!

Meanwhile back on the outside, Nao finished launching the Power Ball into the darkness of the void above them. Belmod had a confused look in his eyes, seeing as this did nothing.

"So what's that supposed to be? A mere ball of light won't help you. Are you losing it already? Hah!", Belmod said with a sneer.

Yet Nao only smiled back at him. He then spoke out to Belmod. He already began to feel the blutz waves strike against his body as he did.

"It may appear just a normal ball of light to you, Lord Belmod. But you see, we Saiyans reveal our true form during nights of a full moon. This technique helps replicate said full moon. I hope you're ready cause its coming on fast!"

Once Nao yelled that out, it caused Belmod to look at him. Before Belmod could react, Nao's heart started to beat fiercely. Blood began to pump through his veins like crazy. Thump. Thump. THUMP!

Nao soon grew large fangs in his mouth. His nose began to extend out, becoming that of a monkey's, much larger than a human's mouth. Golden fur sprouted all over his body.

Belmod then heard the sound of a large roar as Nao yelled out.

"What the!?", Belmod exclaimed in suprise.

Yet before he could do anything, Nao's body expsnded upward and outward at a very fast pace. His height increased. It didn't stop at fifty feet like his last couple of transformations, and kept reaching higher and higher.

Belmod had to shift his eyes upward as he became a small dot compared to Nao's Great Ape body. In the end, Nao towered well over a hundred feet. Belmod could even see the pitch red hue in Nao's eyes, as his irises have long since vanished.

A look of annoyance then appeared Belmod's face while his eyes shifted back downward, looking at Beerus. He even saw Beerus grin as he yelled at him.

"I didn't sign up for this, Beerus! How could you keep such a monster hidden!?"

"Haha! Nao chose to fight you, Universe 11. You must comply with the Grand Minister!", Beerus yelled with a grin.

"Ugh, I know but damn it this is going to be a pain in my ass. Don't blame me if I end up using my full power!", Belmod could only curse out as he watched Nao finish transforming into a Great Ape.

Yet little did Belmod know that this form wouldn't last that long, as something magical would soon take place!