Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 185

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 185 178: Nao Vs Belmod Iv


Rumble. Rumble. RUMBLE!

A humongous roar echoed into the endless darkness of the Null Realm. It caused not only the fighting stage to quake but it even spread to the observation platform the gods were resting on and even the white Palace further away.

Most of the Angels looked on with disinterest but otherwise shock appeared on the faces of Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kais, besides Beerus and Whis at least.

After all, none of them expected for a humongous golden-yellow Great Ape to emerge out of nowhere, expanding upward of over a hundred feet from the ground. Yet even then Nao barely took up any of the fighting stage's space. It really was that big.

The Saiyans inside the white Palace looked on in anticipation, while the rest of the guests, and the girls especially, were shocked to the core. Nao had never revealed this form to anyone but King Kai, his Saiyan family, and to the Saiyans back on Planet Vegeta so long ago.

Back to the outside, it was actually Heles who spoke out first.

"My, such a vulgar beast. But that golden fur is really exquisite...what sort of twisted irony is this!?", Heles yelled out as she clutched onto her hair.

"Lady Heles, don't let his appearance trick you! He's just a beast!", Pell yelled out in worry.

"Mmm...the Ki this guy is releasing is massive. He mustn't be underestimated, that's for sure.", Iwan said as he stroke his black fur out of curiosity.

"Hey, Grand Minister, that bastard must be cheating! There's no way there can be a transformation like this!", Champa yelled out in annoyance.

Hearing everyone start to get riled up, the Grand Minister turned his toward the gods and calmly spoke out to them.

"Silence, everyone. There is no fault in the rules here. This transformation is indeed part of Nao's abilities. While it may be shocking to some, this match will continue. Please do not cause any interruptions again.", the Grand Minister spoke in a stern tone.

Hearing his seriousness caused Champa to let out a small 'Eep', closing his mouth instantly with his hands. The others could only calm down and nod silently.

Yet as they did, they saw Nao began to beat his chest. After that, dense white Ki soon formed in his mouth. Ear screeching sounds pierced the void as Nao launched an incredibly cold ice Ki beam.

Dense crystals of ice shot across the stage, freezing parts of it along the way The temperature around the too dropped drastically. Belmod saw the part of the stage suddenly turn into ice, and his expression turned serious as he cursed out.

"Hey, hey, you've got to be shitting me. This bastard can even freeze the stage!"

After Belmod cursed out, he flared his purple aura. He then clasped his palms together. A moment passed, and before long an atom-like purple sphere of destruction energy formed inside of his palms. Multiple glowing rings of white light appeared around it.

It then extended outward about a foot long. As Belmod completed his Sphere of Destruction, Nao launched more Ki beams in random directions, freezing more of the stage. One of them even launched straight toward the observation platform!

That beam struck against the invisible barrier placed around them.Some white smoke was created as a result but it soon vanished.

"Hey, watch where you're attacking, you bastard!", Champa yelled out once more.

Hearing Champa curse out, Beerus snickered and spoke out to him.

"Hah! What are you getting so riled up for, Champa? This is expected of a fight between Gods."

"Beerus, that's a fighter from YOUR Universe out there. Shouldn't you be at least worried!?", Champa yelled at him?

"Why the hell would I be worried? Just shut up and watch. You can feel it, can't you?"

"Feel what...?"

As the two conversed for a bit, Champa's eyes shifted back to Nao. Everyone then heard Nao's roars cease, as well as his Ki beams from his mouth.

Unexpectedly, his whole body started to glow!

Before all of this happened, Nao felt an indescribable rage surge inside of his body after he finished transforming. The intense feeling of anger was much, much worse than his previous two times that he had become a Great Ape.

The Great Ape relied on the Saiyans' anger due to it being the truest form of their race, the form displayed on nights of a full moon. On top of that, Nao was as Ancient Saiyan now, which was the most primal state of their race.

He lost control of his body as he fired those Ki beams in random directions. Yet his mind wasn't completely in the gutter. Slowly but surely, he was able to gain control of the rage surging within him.

The moment Nao's Great Ape body started to glow was exactly when he managed to gain control of himself! He had no idea what would happen during this transformation, but it could've been a lot worse.

Sure he had control during the normal Great Ape, but the Golden Great Ape was an entirely different matter. The Golden Great Ape was basically becoming a Super Saiyan while in Great Ape form.

With that said, the glow soon became golden-yellow, encompassing Nao's whole body. Belmod saw streaks of green lightning crackle from his feet upward. Some even struck near Belmod, causing him to jump away several feet.

The lightning danced at a very fast space. Nao began to crouch his body inward, letting out lower pitched growls. The glow of light then expanded outward beyond his body.

Before everyone realized it, something began to take shape. Nao's Golden Great Ape figure shrunk down bit by bit, and Nao's growls continued to deepen. Smaller, smaller, smaller did his body shrink.

Over hundred feet...seventy five feet...fifty feet...twenty five feet...

More moments continued to pass as Belmod was ready to launch his Sphere of Destruction. He could feel a heavy stage charge around them thanks to the amount of lightning Nao released. Yet he continued to stare at Nao as Nao's body kept shrinking.

From the remaining twenty five feet down to just six feet and three inches, did the shrinking finally stop. Nao let out one final roar as the bright glow of light vanished around him. The green lightning also ceased.

Everyone no longer saw the massive Golden Great Ape anymore. What replaced that was now a figure standing six feet and three inches tall. Half of the posh Kai robe was torn to pieces, as did his black bodysuit.

The upper part of his body had really broad shoulders and ripped muscles with a clear six-pack. But most of that was hidden away with a deep red fur. This red fur covered most of Nao's arms as well. His tail also changed from white to red much like his SSG form, but it practically doubled in size.

His hair had a massive makeover as well. One large bang of spiky hair went down the front-side of each shoulder. Longer strands of spiky hair stretched back further down beyond his neck, yet it wasn't as long as it was when Nao was in SSJ3. His hair color remained white as well.

Besides a look of confidence in his face, Nao's eyes changed. Well, more specifically, his eyes and eyelids now had shadows around them. It wasn't black or red either, it was green!

Nao's goal of achieving Super Saiyan 4 has been achieved at last. It was time to take Belmod down a notch!