Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 186

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 186 179: Nao Vs. Belmod V

A figure now stood 6'3 feet tall standing calmly several meters away from Belmod. He didn't say anything, only letting his red fur tail swerve around in random directions, which was now doubled in size.

Upon closer look at this figure, most of their upper torso was now covered in red fur. This extended down to his arms, only letting his hands remain bare.

He still wore the bottom half of his purple posh Kai robe with white outlines, and his black bodysuit underneath. His hair also largely increased in size, and his spikes became denser. It flew down most of his back.

This was Nao of course, having finally achieved the SSJ4 state! Imagine Goku's SSJ4 appearance, but with white hair and green shadows around his eyes.

Anyways, Nao didn't say anything. After getting a feel of overflowing Ki within him, he slowly began walking toward Belmod. The moment he spoke out to him sounded as if his voice became deeper. Nao could also see a Sphere of Destruction sitting idly in Belmod's left palm.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Lord Belmod. Shall we continue?"

"Here I was planning to go all out just now. But you sure do look different from that giant ape from earlier. Is that all you're good at doing?", Belmod spoke out with a sneer.

Belmod even began to to play around with the Sphere of Destruction he created, similar to how Beerus does it. It was as if he was mocking Nao.

Yet Nao still spoke out to Belmod calmly, letting this tail wave around freely.

"It's not that simple, Lord Belmod. You see the previous ones I showed were basically a step up from the Super Saiyan state. This form is essentially the truest state of the Super Saiyan. Its almost equal in terms of power to that of a Super Saiyan God."

"So it's basically your final form?"

"Kind of like that, before I go full God mode anyways. Enough talk. Here I come, Lord Belmod!"

After Nao said that, he yelled out. Dense golden-yellow aura appeared around him with green lightning screeching. He took a step forward, and instantly vanished.

Belmod felt a large gust of wind blast his way, before Nao reappeared right behind Belmod a couple meters away. Belmod blinked for a second, before he turned his head around. He now saw Nao standing on one foot, leaning forward a bit.

"Oops...", Nao said as though he was still getting used to the SSJ4 state. Seeing this, Belmod's smirk turned into a grin.

"Hah, it looks like your speed has increased quite significantly. Maybe you'll be able to keep up with me this time."

Once Belmod said that, he took advantage of Nao's instability. He finished playing with his Sphere of Destruction, and threw it straight at him!

Nao Immediately felt a sense of dread approaching at him at a very fast pace. He quickly stabilized his footing. Instead of dodging it, he wanted to see if he could take it head on while in his SSJ4 state.

Still having his back against the incoming sphere, he did a short hop into a back flip. With his head at a diagonal toward the ground, he spun his body in a full circle. He continued to up his tempo, rotating it faster and faster.

Once the sphere came into contact with Nao, Nao tensed the muscles in his right leg, and launched out with a drop kick. He felt an incredibly large impact strike against his foot, but he managed to stop the sphere's path! A large gust of wind blasted through the void as a result of their clash. Whoosh!

The blast of wind even reached the gods, causing their clothes to flutter about. Seeing Nao occupied, Belmod didn't relax. He released more of his purple aura, and spread out both of his arms. Snapping both of his fingers, another deck of fifty two Energy Cards appeared around him.

Meanwhile, Nao kept focusing his energy into his right leg. More and more force struck against the Sphere of Destruction. It didn't take long before cracks to appear on it.

Yet Belmod didn't act surprised, and actually grinned instead. Without saying anything, he snapped his right finger once more. Upon doing so, Nao saw the sphere start to glow, as if it were going to explode like a bomb.

"Shit!", Nao yelled out, cursing along the way.

Nao didn't think of anything more and vanished from sight. He could only reappear a few meters away before the Sphere of Destruction exploded. BOOOMMMM!

A large explosion blasted through the void, causing another large blast of wind. Yet this time it screeched loudly thanks to the Destruction energy. It struck Nao, causing him to cough out some blood as he was blasted backward.

Meanwhile Belmod remained standing still, as it was his own Destruction energy that caused this. Nao stopped flying backward, and stood still once again, closer near the edge of the stage. Trickles of blood seeped down the left side of his cheek.

Nao spat out some more blood while tasting iron in his mouth. Yet he didn't say anything and only smiled as he wiped it away from the backside of his hand.

Belmod also didn't say anything, and only grinned. Not even a moment later, Nao and Belmod vanished from sight. They immediately reappeared near the center of the stage, only this time several meters up from it!

Both of them reappeared right next to each other too. They began to enter close quarters combat. Nao jabbed out with both of his arms. He mixed up his pattern as well. Sometimes he would throw three rights and a left, or two lefts and a single right.

Belmod in response struck out with his own fists, using his Energy Cards along the way. Nao made sure every time Belmod used one of his Energy Cards, he would destroy it with one of his fists.

This all happened while two teleported around the stage. Sonic booms danced around. Huge wind gusts blasted the void. It didn't take long before things got intense. Belmod even took fist strikes to his face and body as Nao revealed the same.

Green lightning also crackled loudly as Nao kept increasing his Ki to fight evenly with Belmod. Both of them couldn't be seen with the n.a.k.e.d eye anymore either. If one looked normally, they would only see white circles blast in rapid succession.

Several moments passed in silence. The gods could even feel the heat rising around them thanks to the friction of Nao's and Belmod's fists colliding against each other.

Those inside the white Palace were all gobsmacked, unable to say a word witnessing Nao fight this intensely. The gods also didn't say anything, they were focused on watching as well.

It wasn't until Toppo spoke out was there a disturbance in the present atmosphere.

"I can't believe someone is able to keep up with Master Belmod like this...", Toppo uttered to himself.

Meanwhile, Jiren next to him could now be seen in a lotus position. The backside of his hands locked against each other. His eyes were closed. Jiren was currently in meditation!

Toppo could only let out a sigh seeing this. 'I know you are far stronger than Master Belmod is, Jiren. Does this mean you don't see the boy in your eyes, or are you actually starting to sharpen your mind in hopes of going against him? I'm not sure Master Belmod will even allow that...', Toppo thought to himself.

Yet Toppo's thoughts were soon interrupted after a huge bang echoed around them. BANG!

The result of this bang was none other than Nao's right fist. It lodged straight into Belmod's gut, causing him to cough out. Once Belmod leaned over, Nao took this time to initiate a Dragon Throw.

He grabbed a hold of Belmod's hands, and began to twist his own body. Nao's body sped up as he twisted it faster and faster. Another moment passed before he released Belmod, sending his body flying!

This alone caused Toppo's eyes to turn wide in shock. Yet he saw that Nao didn't stop there. Letting out another yell, his aura became pure white. Everyone felt the heat created earlier suddenly drop down, becoming cold all of a sudden.

Nao stretched out both of his palms horizontally. Dense white Ki condensed into two balls of Ki. Ice crystals started to form around it. Nao then brought his palms together, merging the two balls of ice Ki into one bigger ball.

He didn't give any chance for Belmod to recover. Nao simply yelled out once before a huge Ki beam of white crystal ice streaked across the air, freezing it along the way.

"Double Ice Blast!"