Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 187

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 187 180: Nao Vs Belmod Vi

"Double Ice Blast!", Nao yelled out while a huge condensed ice Ki beam streaked across the air above the stage, freezing it entirely along the way.

What was its target? Belmod no less. It aimed straight for him!

Belmod in response yelled out, allowing his Destruction aura.

"Don't think I'll back down from this. Break for me!", Belmod yelled out.

An intense purple aura encompassed his whole body. Around half of his Energy Cards remained circling around his body. Almost instantly, he arrived at the end of the incoming ice Ki beam.

Dense white-blue ice crystals struck against both of Belmod's fists as he struck out against it. He felt the air around him very cold, he could even see his own breath every time he breathed out.

A huge blast of ice cold wind blasted out into the endless void, yet it didn't bother the gods once so ever. The sound pf glass shattering also echoed around them.

However Belmod could only break some of the dense ice before became swarmed. Ice started to seep onto his skin, causing his skin to become frozen. He tried to pull out the one fist that was now covered in ice, but discovered he was unable to!

Belmod could now be seen with shock in his eyes! He then yelled out.


"Nothing is impossible, Lord Belmod. I'm infusing my own divine energy into this!"

After that short exchange, Nao yelled out once more. His Ki soared, and sent another huge blast of Ki into the ice Ki beam, enlarging it along the way. The air around them got colder, and white mist now spewed off to each side.

Belmod now could see this ice encroach his arm. It didn't take long to get covered, causing worry to appear in his eyes. He then used the remaining Energy Cards he had, launching them at different positions.

Rapid explosions boomed loudly in succession one after another. Boom. Boom. BOOM!

Each one caused huge dents into the ice Ki beam, yet it actually regenerated at a very fast pace. All remaining cards were used up, and in the end they had no effect. It was a futile effort!

Seeing this, Belmod's eyes turned wide, and cursed out once more. At this time half of his body was sealed in white-blue ice crystals.

"Shit, if this is how it's going to be, then I'm not going down alone! You won't be able to escape from this!", Belmod yelled out.


Yet before Nao could react, he felt his body was struck with a strange sensation while he had both of his arms locked together launching his Ki. He then saw Belmod raise his spare left hand.

Belmod's purple energy condensed onto it. Immediately after, Nao's body started to raise up, before a large purple ball of Ki struck out at an insanely fast speed from Belmod's hand.

"Imprisonment Ba--!?"

Yet before Belmod could even finish speaking, the ice crystals enveloped his head, sealing his voice along the way. It didn't take long before the ice to spread over to the left side of his body, and after a couple moment, he was now fully encased in dense white-blue ice crystals!

Belmod could no longer speak, or even move!

However, it's not like Nao was any better either. He was now sealed inside the Imprisonment Ball Belmod created a couple moments ago. His body now surrounded by a giant purple sphere of Destruction aura.

As a result, it effectively cut off his connection to the ice Ki beam, and no longer fed his Divine Energy into it. The ice Ki beam itself remained at still while white mist kept spewing from it. The atmosphere remained cold.

As of now, both Nao and Belmod were in a standstill, and an eerie silence spread put since no attacks were occurring. The gods took interest in this, Toppo still had shock in his eyes.

Beerus was the first one to speak out.

"So both sides can't take action right now, huh? Nao has impressed me quite already with the strength he has shown against Universe 11 thus far. He hasn't even used that transformation he used against me yet. Is this all you can do, Belmod?", Beerus said with a sneer.

"Ohoho, don't be like that, Lord Beerus. I can tell Lord Belmod is far from using his full strength. Even so, I can speculate he's used up more than half of it by now."

"Already more than half? Way to go!, is what I'd like to say, but I don't think Nao can hear me, can he?"

"I'm afraid not, Lord Beerus. Belmod completely sealed the space Nao currently is in. Unless Nao can break out of it, I'm afraid this will result in his loss. Lord Belmod won't stay in that state for long."

"Is that so? Well, you still have power hidden in you, right Nao? Let's see what you've got left.", Beerus said.

Hearing Beerus and Whis talk to each other garnered the attention of the other Gods of Destruction. Their eyes then wandered back.

It wasn't until Champa spoke out once again did Beerus get annoyed.

"Come on, Universe 11! Break out of that ice and knock that guy out of the ring already!", Champa yelled out.

"Shut it, Champa. Nao will break out of this for sure!"

"Hoh, where do you get all of that confidence from, Beerus?"

"Is your brain stupid enough that you forgot I personally sparred with him? He still has a lot of power to show!"

Hearing Beerus say that caused Champa to flinch for a second.

"Hey, I'm not stupid--!?"

Yet before Champa could finish speaking, a loud thwack suddenly resounded in the grassy observation platform. THWACK!

Vados had once again struck Champa's head with her staff, causing him to wince in pain.

"Oi, Vados, what the hell did you do that for!?"

"Stop disturbing the match, Lord Champa. You're making quite a lot of noise."

Hearing Vados say that, only now did Champa see all sets of eyes focused on him, even including the Grand Minister's. Seeing this caused Champa to shrink away a bit, and cold sweat poured down his back.

Yet he actually scurried on over to Beerus's side, and brought his head close to his. Champa then started to whisper into Beerus's ears while Champa covered own mouth with the backside of his hand.

"Say, Beerus, forget what I said earlier. Would you be interested in taking a bet?"

Hearing Champa say that, Beerus focused his eyes on him, replying in a serious tone.

"Every time you want to do a bet with me it becomes such a hassle, and way too serious. Count me out."

Yet Champa persisted and spoke out once more.

"But you always take them in the end, don't you my dear brother of mine? It's quite simple really. We'll place our bet on whether the boy loses or not."


"Hoh? What would be in it for me?"


"I'll give you these wishing orbs I've been collecting around my Universe lately!"

"Wishing orbs? Interesting. What exactly do you want out of this?"

"I will have the boy become my personal chef for the next year. I still hold a grudge against him for ruining my meal like that a few years ago! It was something not yet discovered and I was really looking forward to that!"

"Just that?", Beerus said questioningly.

"What? Were you expecting something more crazy? You'd be losing your mind, brother. Don't forget the Grand Minister is watching."

"That's true. Well then you're on. Nao will triumph anyways."

"We'll see about that, Beerus."

With that said, Champa hurried back to Vados, who in return looked at him in silence. Whis on the other hand spoke out to him in a whisper.

"Was that really necessary, Lord Beerus? Nao does actually have a good chance at losing you know. Your predictions are often wrong, are they not? Ohohoho."

"Shut up, Whis. I have a gut feeling Nao will win this one. I may even be so generous enough to let him use those wishing orbs."

"Well I guess we will find out. Look, it seems Nao is already going into action. Maybe he wants to end this sooner than later?"