Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 189

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 189 Chaptee 181: Nao Vs Belmod Vii

Year 743, Mid July, Inside the Null Realm.

A place completely void of all things. Life, air, time, space, you name it. Yet right now it was occupied by many gods and mortals alike, all inside a sealed space. Even an artificial small sun was created to shed light into its complete blackness.

Universe 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 10 and 11 could be seen enjoying some relaxation as they chattered with each other on a large hovering grassy platform. They were all looking at a very large fighting stage similar to that of the World Martial Arts Tournament stage on Planet Earth, yet this one was several times larger.

Despite that it was ruined in a lot of places even though it was built by the hardest materials in the known Universes. Most specifically toward its center, a huge beam of dense white-blue ice crystals stood motionless above it, spanning several tens of meters.

On one side stood Nao, who was currently sealed a thick purple ball of Destruction Ki. On his opposite end stood Belmod. Or more specifically what used to be Belmod, now sealed inside giant crystal-like pure white-blue ice. Essentially a human ice sculpture!

Even a look of shock appeared in his eyes. Meanwhile, the Grand Minister still stood hovering off to the right of the stage. His role was the referee for this match. He had yet to make any call, as he could sense some stirring energies inside the two.

He would not make any calls until there was a clear victor.

Back to Nao, his concentration was on full mast. The main reason was that at the last second, Belmod tweaked the Dimension Ball, adding a special effect. That special effect was what Nao was currently feeling!

'Kuh...That bastard actually did something to this...I can feel my Ki draining at a very fast pace. Well, I was planning to end this battle soon anyway. Let's see what Blue is all about!', Nao thought to himself.

With that said, Nao released his SSJ4 transformation. His regular appearance appeared once more. He was already cramped since this ball wasn't large so he had to make do with it.

Slouching over a bit, he let his Godly Ki roam free and unfettered. His hands formed two fists. Yet Nao did not yell out. The forms prior to Super Saiyan God and Blue relied on the surging of his Ki and powerful emotion, like anger, or in Nao's case the amount of S-Cells he had. Yelling out was an outlet for that.

Super Saiyan God and Blue on the other hand were completely different. Nao had to tap into his Godly Ki, and ease his mind and body to let his Godly Ki roam freely. Otherwise how else would one not be able to use Kaioken while in Blue?

Anyways, Nao knew he had to act quickly too, and so he did. In no time at all, his Godly Ki was way higher than what he could feel in his Super Saiyan God state, and the result showed immediately. A sparkly blue aura surrounded him! Miniature white dots floated and glowed in the aura!

Not to mention his hair turned blue as well! The moment he finished transforming, cracks began to appear on the Imprisonment Ball. Sounds of shattered glass echoed in waves. Crack. Crack. CRACK!

The gods now had all their attention on the Imprisonment Ball. Blue light shone brighter and brighter as more cracks appeared on it. With one final push, the Imprisonment Ball shattered into pieces! It slowly dissipated as it fell onto the stage.

Once Nao was released from inside, a very intense wave of Divine Energy streaked across the Null Realm, as if it were trying to give birth to something. Even the hairs on the Supreme Kais and even a few of the Gods of Destruction stood on end after feeling how intense that was.

This resulted in Beerus shooting straight up from where he sat.

"Did you feel that, Whis?"

"Yes. That was a really pure wave of Divine Energy. Moreover, Nao's hair is now blue, it was red when he sparred with you, Lord Beerus."

"Blue hair? Seriously, why do these damn Saiyans like to change the color of their hair so much? But seriously speaking, that Divine Energy was really powerful. I would hate to to say it but that blast could rival my peak strength, you know, before I enter that special state."

"Special state? Are you referring to Ultra Instinct?"

Hearing Whis whisper that to him caused Beerus's ears to perk up.

"Shhhh, Whis! I don't want to speak of that state. It always causes a commotion, especially since the other Universes are present here."

"Ohoho, but becoming void of all thoughts, letting instinct take over both your body and mind isn't something easily to accomplish, Lord Beerus. It's a state even Gods have trouble achieving. Even you have yet to perfectly master it."

"I know, and that is why this conversation ends here. Nao doesn't need to know about it. Just the strength he is currently releasing is powerful enough. Even I'm getting an itch to fight. The others may feel the same too."

"You know that can't be done since Father is overseeing this fight, Lord Beerus. Let's continue to watch.", Whis said in a calm voice.

Hearing that, Beerus nodded and sat back down. The other Gods couldn't hear their conversation as they were all focused on Nao's new appearance. Even Jiren had his eyes set on him, since that blast of Divine Energy disturbed his meditation.

On top of his new look, green lightning crackled around him every so often. At this point in time, Nao remained hovering in place. He wanted to see if Belmod could break free from his ice.

Sure enough, it didn't long before he saw a movement. The ice started to crack just like how the Imprisonment Ball did. An angry voice soon echoed around the stage. Bright purple aura seeped out of the ice, and in the next moment, it shattered altogether!

What was revealed was a haggard, pale Belmod. Blood seeped out from his mouth, and he could be seen frostbitten in several areas, but he ignored that. Anger was clearly seen in his eyes.

"Shit. I'm finally f*cking out of that piece of shit ice. You've really angered me now, you ba-...stard?"

Belmod trailed off for a bit after letting out a string of curses. His eyes became weird seeing Nao's new form, since he was feeling intense Divine Energy from his. Just as he was about to get serious, he saw Nao vanish.

Belmod could only hear a large bang right to his gut after Nao reappeared right in front of him. BANG! This resulted in Belmod leaning over, spraying out blood in the process. Yet Nao didn't even give Belmod move to breath.

Nao let out a flurry of punches, leaving behind afterimages of his fists. He chose various points on Belmod's body. Some struck out against his head. More onto his chest. Every time he did so Belmod became battered more and more.

Belmod finally became in-tune with what was happening. He started to try and block Nao but saw Nao's movements were far faster than his!

Belmod then saw Nao grab onto his two large puffs of clown-like hair. Rapidly bringing his head downward, Nao struck out with a high knee strike. His target was Belmod's nose, and a deathly crack suddenly echoed around them. CRAAACCCKKK!

"AHHHHHHHH!", Belmod screeched. This was the first time the others heard Belmod let out such a devastating scream.

A huge burst of blood sprayed onto Nao's bare chest. That's right, Nao had just broken Belmod's nose!

Yet Nao didn't even stop there. Finishing off his combo attack, Nao vanished and reappeared above Belmod. Clasping both of his hands together, he chopped down.

Belmod immediately felt a large impact strike against the back of his bald head. Perhaps Nao struck a few nerves, Belmod felt like blacking out. He could only look at Nao for a couple seconds before the force of Nao's strike blasted Belmod down toward the stage.

The moment Belmod's body struck the stage, a huge crater appeared. A huge boom immediately followed after. BOOOOOMMMM!

Dust rose over the crater Belmod's body created. A couple moments passed and it finally settled.

Belmod could now be seen a bloody wreck, head planted face down into the stage. No movement could be seen from his body.

Seeing no movement from Belmod, the Grand Minister finally spoke out, startling the other gods. His voice brought clarity back into their eyes.

"Belmod has fallen unconscious and is unable to fight! I declare Nao the winner of this duel!"