Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 19

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 19 16: Hatchiyack Ii

"Power Ball!"

Nao's breathing turned ragged after successfully creating the Power Ball in his right palm. His right hand started to feel a lot of pressure, as if it were trying to be crushed. Unable to bear the pressure any longer, he shot the Power Ball high up into the sky. While Fynn, Oliver, Gina and Parsi were focused on battling the Tuffles nearby the city, Paragus still stood on the city wall near the west gate observing the battle from afar. Far off in the distance he saw that Miya and His Majesty were confronting Hatchiyack and Nao stood behind them, focusing on a technique. However once he saw a ball of light form in Nao's hand, a flash of light streaked across Paragus's mind. Following that, Paragus saw Nao launch the ball of light into the sky, and soon shock appeared on his face. The Power Ball soon expanded once it entered the planet's atmosphere. It's appearance now became that of a full moon, and rays of nearby sunlight started to reflect off of it. While Blutz Waves are normally not visible to the eye, the Power Ball still produces enough Zenos, which is a unit of measure for this celestial light, for a Saiyan to transform.

It appeared Paragus knew what was about to happen and he quickly flew from the city wall to the four Saiyans. He only had one quick look at the Power Ball hanging up in the sky but he already start to feel his heart thump and quickly turned away from the sky, not daring to look at it any longer. Paragus was born in the high class district several years back and served His Majesty ever since his training was completed. As his blood purity was well off compared to the lower warriors he knew he would transform given enough time absorbing the Zenos from the Power Ball. Fynn delivered a final punch to the nearby Tuffles before they turned into more dark red aura mist that flew towards Hatchiyack. The four knew that Paragus didn't often fight on the battlefield and seeing him approach personally knew that something must've happened. Fynn rounded up the other three and Paragus landed down in front of them.

"Fynn, Oliver, Gin and Parsi, whatever you do, do not look into the sky. Those brats seemed to have comprehended Power Ball and just now launched one into the sky. They're going to use it to transform. Go round up the other Saiyans and launch a full retreat! Once those three have transformed into Great Apes there won't be much of a battlefield any longer. This war is finally reaching its end."

"As you command, Colonel Paragus!"

The four Saiyans soon vanished from Paragus and started approaching other nearby Saiyans. As they were currently doing this task, Paragus had one last look at the trio fighting Hatchiyack seeing red white and purple aura mix together, before flying back to the west gate wall. It did not take long for for the other four to round up the other Saiyans as only about a hundred elites joined the war. Soon roughly a hundred figures appeared back on the west wall and started to watch the battle from afar. As the retreat order occurred, Nao approached Miya who was currently watching His Majesty launch another Orga Blaster at Hatchiyack. Nao decided to have Miya transform first of the three. He then spoke out to her but kept it quiet enough so King Vegeta II wouldn't hear it.

"Miya, you may not be aware but Saiyans have something humans don't have, and we have the ability to transform! While we do have the legendary super Saiyan transformation we also have another one, one that relies on a full moon. I just created an artificial full moon. You must've felt a strange energy enter your body right, Miya?"

"Yes, brother! Don't forget that I've read your memories already. Do we really have to turn into giant monkeys?"

"Sigh...don't call them giant monkeys. It's officially known as the Great Ape form. I plan to become one myself but if you're willing I will have you transform first. It is known that in our Great Ape form, our power increases by ten times! As that bastard Hatchiyack is far stronger than us we've no choice but to transform. Do not let the rage consume you Miya, the blood we were born with and the power we currently have should be enough for controlling it."

As Miya spent time to confirm her decision, the two suddenly heard a loud bang nearby. Immediately after they saw a figure flying right towards them, of which Nao reacted quick enough to catch. King Vegeta II soon crashed into Nao and ended up coughing out a lot of blood. Prior to receiving the two year training, Nao was able to confirm His Majesty's battle power to be about 10,000 but comparing it to now it seemed that he also did not slack off in training either, and he could feel it to be about 13,000. Although it was a lot worse than what Miya and Nao were currently at he found it surprising to be able to contend against a monster like Hatchiyack for so long. More dust sprung up into the air after King Vegeta II collided into Nao. Within the dust Nao could see Hatchiyack several meters away and even though his view was slightly obstructed, he saw a flash of green light with Hatchiyack taking another offensive stance. Realizing he only has fifteen seconds now, Nao decided to quickly inform King Vegeta II and keep the conversation short.

"Your Majesty, the Power Ball has been launched. I will have Miya transform first."

"Cough, cough...To think you would be able to use this King's technique...but I hate to say this, I think that shitty computer got the best of me...I don't have enough energy left to transform. This King will watch over you two."

"Rest well, Your Majesty. Miya and I will take over from here. We'll ensure Your Majesty's safety."

King Vegeta II nodded and soon laid flat on his back, breathing heavily. Nao then informed Miya that it was fine to proceed. Miya confirmed in her heart that she was ready and nodded back at him. Immediately after Miya looked towards the Power Ball that hung in the sky and soon felt the celestial light enter her body. Miya's pupils started to dilate and fade. Not long after Miya's canine teeth started to extend out and her heart beating fiercely. Her torso then rapidly expanded, following her arms, waist and the other parts of her body. Letting out a loud roar, a massive figure soon appeared before Nao and King Vegeta II, and it appeared the transformation was a success. What now stood in front of the two was a Great Ape about forty feet tall with fire-like red fur and a giant red tail. After Miya first received the celestial light into her body her mind started to get attacked by negative emotions that she had never felt before but she eventually triumphed over her emotions and her eyes soon became focused again. Upon regaining focus of her mind, Miya soon saw two tiny figures next to her feet and then shifted her focus towards Hatchiyack who was several meters away and saw green light converge again in front of Hatchiyack.

"Revenger Cannon!"

15 seconds couldn't pass soon enough and a huge beam of green light was launched at the trio. Miya was still exploring her new form but as she saw a beam of green light shot at her, roughly about a 5th of her size, she moved her giant hand in front of her to block it. The green beam struck Miya's hand and after a few moments, it soon dispersed, leaving behind a bunch of singe marks on her fur. After transforming, Miya knew her strength grew by ten times and was unsure if Hatchiyack's attack would still have an effect on her but it still appeared it did. The force of the attack caused an imbalance as well and Miya started to tumble onto the ground. With a loud crash she landed on her butt and caused a massive crater to appear right before Nao and King Vegeta II.

Seeing Miya survive one of Hatchiyack's strongest attacks unlike he took it previously with rather serious injuries, he deeply sighed in relief. However perhaps it was due to Miya getting adjusted to her new form but she still struggled with her movement. Not wanting to waste anymore time, Nao moved King Vegeta II several feet away so he could recover and approached Miya. After confirming King Vegeta II was out of reach, Nao looked upwards toward the sky, at the Power Ball.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

As soon as Nao looked at the Power Ball that hung up in the sky, he felt an unknown substance enter his body. At this time he received another Rebirth notification but Nao dismissed it quickly, as he knew from the original story for it to be the celestial light. Nao's heart started to thump loudly and his eyes became faded. Shortly after his canine teeth became fangs and his body began to sprout a lot of fur. His whole body then started to expand and kept expanding until Nao became a fifty foot giant. Both Miya and Nao wore adjustable battle armor so he was relieved when he saw his armor became automatically adjusted to his current size. All this while his whole body felt as if it were being bitten by red ants and felt surges of anger within his mind. However his eyes quickly regained their color far quicker than Miya but perhaps that was because he experienced the pain of dying once already. Nao saw that King Vegeta II soon became a tiny figure compared to his current stature. Not surprisingly, Nao's fur and tail were pure white, just like a pearl. Once the surging anger subsided Nao felt far stronger than he was in his human form.

As Nao and Miya were getting adjusted to their new forms, Parsi approached Paragus back at the west gate wall. The other three also approached Paragus shortly after only to be shocked at the two Great Apes far off in the distance. Paragus nodded at them knowing that the transformation was a success.

"To think those brats would already be at the size of an a.d.u.l.t Great Ape after their first transformation. What's more is the color of their fur...Have any of you four seen such a thing before?"

"Such a thing is a first for us, Colonel Paragus. I've personally only seen Great Apes have brown fur, not red or white. Perhaps its because the two have a unique Ki signature."

Parsi further questioned on what the color could mean but perhaps only only time would tell. The four beside Paragus decided to continue watching the ongoing battle after saying that while Paragus sunk into the deep recess of his mind, trying to seek an answer for what he currently was observing. They finally saw Miya stand up again and Nao approached her. Before long the two marched towards Hatchiyack and quickened their pace. Hatchiyack on the other hand saw that the two Saiyans he was facing revealed their trump card by transforming and to face both on, Hatchiyack split his body into two, creating a clone exactly like him that maintained his current battle power...

Meanwhile, as the battle between the three started to reach its climax, a great unrest began to unfold in an unknown region deep in space within the Northern Area several hundred light years away from Planet Vegeta. Various circular spacesh.i.p.s surrounding one giant circular spaceship could be seen shooting beams of light against other alien-like sh.i.p.s. Once each beam landed on the other sh.i.p.s, it immediately broke their defensive barriers causing an explosion in rapid succession. Once all of the alien-like sh.i.p.s exploded, the giant circular ship took aim and shot of a giant purple beam towards a nearby green planet. The giant purple beam phased through the planet's atmosphere quickly and struck against the planet's green crust. The beam continued downwards cutting through the planet's crust as if it were butter and before long it reached the core, where a bunch of molten magma could be seen raging about, In the center of the core a miniature sun-like orb could be seen and the giant purple beam struck it. Upon impact the planet started to quake violently and the orb started to crack, and soon crumbled apart. Not long after massive cracks started to appear on the green planet and a huge whooshing sound resounded, resulting in the planet's explosion. Debris scattered in every direction in space and the planet ceased to exist.

After the planet vanished from view, a small pile of smoke puffed out of corner of the large circular ship. Within the Mothership fire could be seen in a large laboratory with a frantic yellow alien. Upon closer look the yellow alien had two antennae sticking out if their head and two eyes that were placed quite far away from each other. The creature also wore black battle armor with a green robe and had green plating. It was none other than Kikono, one of the top scientists on board the ship. He saw that one of the main computers erupted in flame after it detected a very large power level. Becoming frantic, he ordered the other scientists within the lab to put out the flame and he immediately left the room, running towards the deck.

Upon arriving at the main deck, Kikono could see a large glass pane and looking out he could see a bunch of debris floating around in space in front of him. He saw the familiar extension that supported a massive pod in the middle of the room and within it, sat a giant figure. He then saw a smaller pod floating next to it with a smaller figure sitting within looking at the planet that just got obliterated. Without any moment to spare he approached the front of the massive pod and knelt down.

"Your Imperial Majesty, we made a massive discovery!"