Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 190

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 190 182: Let The Bonding Celebration Begin

"Belmod has fallen unconscious and is unable to fight! I now declare Nao the winner of this duel!", the Grand Minister announced, causing the gods to wake up from their earlier stupor.

Yet before anyone could react, Nao suddenly felt a heavy weariness struck his entire body. He cursed Belmod in his heart once again as the energy drain on him still lingered. He released his blue state, and his normal appearance returned.

His purple posh Kai robe could be seen torn in half and various bruising and swelling now appeared on his upper body. Blood seeped from various cuts, he didn't win unscathed. Yet Nao felt it was all worth it.

He had defeated a God of Destruction, one of the strongest known entities in any of the Universes!

Nao wanted to feel happy knowing this, but all he could feel now was the strength leaving his body. His limbs went limp and he started to fall down toward the stage. Gravity existed here since they were inside a sealed space created by the Grand Minister.

However his didn't body fall for long. Back over on the grassy platform, Whis saw Beerus vanish from spot, causing him to smile. Not even a second later, he reappeared beside Nao. Beerus actually caught Nao, and allowed him to sling his arm over Beerus's shoulder.

Seeing this surprised Nao, but Nao only had the strength to talk. He couldn't move much of his body.

"Lord Beerus...?"

"Don't talk, let your body rest. You've used a lot of power today, even I was surprised. Still, you did good, heh. You actually managed to beat Universe 11 into an unconscious state."

Hearing Beerus say that, Nao nodded silently. Beerus took this time to fly back down onto the stage next to the large crater Belmod currently resided in. Belmod still showed no signs of waking up anytime soon.

Seeing this, the two actually saw Marcarita to fly on over. Khai, Toppo and Jiren flew behind her in silence. The latter also landed outside the crater. Marcarita on the other hand hovered above the crater.

Marcarita then waved her Angel Staff, and it shown a green light. A green sphere of light enveloped Belmod's unconscious body. She then lifted him up in the air, bringing him to her. The green light also started to repair his wounds!

As Belmod was getting healed, Marcarita actually flew toward Nao. She then spoke out to him.

"That was a splendid match. It's nice to meet you for the first time in person as well, Nao. You've changed quite a bit since us Angels last saw you. Don't worry about Lord Belmod, I'll make it so he won't bear a grudge against you for breaking his nose."

Nao saw Marcarita let out a creepy smile, causing a shiver to go down his spine. Marcarita was Belmod's martial arts teacher, and the same went for the other Angels and Gods of Destruction accordingly. She would probably discipline Belmod in some way after this for losing.

Anyways, with that said, she turned toward the Grand Minister, who also arrived near them.

"Father, I'm going to go take Lord Belmod and leave. Thank you for hosting this event. It was great to watch."

"Are you sure you don't want to stick around for the celebration? I'm not planning to myself but the others are free to."

"No. We will leave immediately. You three, place your hands on my back, or else you will be stranded here."

After Marcarita said that, she gestured for Khai, Toppo and Jiren to come to her. Khai and Toppo responded immediately. Jiren, however, silently looked at Nao. Jiren then walked over to him, causing Toppo to raise his eyebrows.

"Jiren?", Toppo tried to reach out to him. Yet Jiren didn't respond. All Jiren did was approach Nao in silence.

A moment passed in silence as everyone saw these two not saying anything. Yet in the next moment, Jiren cracked a light smile, before speaking out to him.

"You fought well with Lord Belmod. It would be interesting if you had a spar with me as well, but it seems our time is cut short here. If you ever drop by Universe 11, you can look for the Pride Troopers. I hope in the future there will be a chance for us to spar."

Usually Jiren liked to keep sentences short and simple, so hearing Jiren speak all of this at once caused Toppo's eyes to remain on him. Nao was also surprised by this, and could only nod.

Without saying anything else Jiren turned his back toward Nao and activated a tiny bit of his aura. It was pure red, and he flew straight toward Marcarita. He even waved his right hand back and forth, signaling Nao goodbye.

Just feeling this sliver of Ki alone felt very imposing. Nao could tell right there Jiren was far stronger than Belmod!

Seeing Jiren do this, Toppo couldn't help but feel the need to do a pose. After everyone placed their hands on Marcarita's back, Toppo did his signature pose.

"Justice!", Toppo yelled out.

In the next instant, a large rainbow pillar enveloped them. The pillar tore through the Null Realm and left in a blink of an eye! Universe 11 had left!

Seeing the first Universe leave, a few others followed suit. Three to be exact. Universe 1 left in silence after praising Nao for having a good match. Quitela from Universe 4 taunted Beerus one last time before Universe 4 left.

Universe 10 was the last one to leave. Nao silently looked at Zamasu as he left in the rainbow pillar. He then entered his own thoughts.

' someone I don't need to worry about. Future Trunks, Goku and Vegeta will take care of him. His situation won't happen for another thirty five years or so. On top of that, once this wedding ends, I'll be entering a very long seclusion with Master. Besides, I'll only be spending time with my family during that, or meditating. Time will be very difficult to master...', Nao thought to himself.

Yet he shook those thoughts away. He had a look at the remaining Universes. It was Universe 2, Universe 6, Universe 7, and Universe 8! The first three Nao was able to figure out.

Heles was the embodiment of love in Universe 2, she wouldn't want to miss out on this wedding. Champa and Beerus most likely stayed because of the many full course meals prepared. Liquiir, however, Nao wondered why he remained behind.

He could tell Liquiir often looked into white Palace, as if he were trying to search for something, but he didn't reveal any hostility by doing so. It was more of that of curiosity than anything.

Anyways, the other gods, and even the Supreme Kai of Time made their way to Nao, and awaited the parting words from the Grand Minister. The Grand Minister himself flew toward them. He then spoke out.

"Everyone, I hope you enjoyed the event I had planned for today. For those who decided to stay, there will be a party after the bonding celebration begins. With this I will take my leave."

Hearing the Grand Minister say that, everyone nodded in confirmation. The, Grand Minister then continued to speak, but this time in a more authoritative tone.

"But before I leave, I do have one final message to pass along. Lord Zeno is currently sleeping, and will wake up in around thirty five years. He will have an announcement for you all, so please cone to Lord Zeno's Palace then. I will also inform the other gods and Angels of this matter."

Once he spoke that, cold shivers went down the Gods of Destructions' spines, while the Angels remained indifferent. Seeing no one speak out against him, the Grand Minister decided to conclude things.

"Well then, with that said, I bid you all farewell. Until we meet again at our next meeting!"

With that said, another rainbow pillar enveloped the Grand Minister. He soon vanished from sight, heading straight back to Lord Zeno's Palace.

After everyone had left, only about thirteen people remained. All the important matters were out of the way now, and it was time to start the bonding celebration!

The Supreme Kai of Time now took this opportunity, and landed beside Nao. She then spoke out to him in a gentle tone.

"You really fought hard out there, didn't you? Let's get you patched up and head inside, okay? The others are eagerly awaiting you, Nao."