Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 191

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 191 183: Settling In

"Let's get you patched up Nao. That was a really intense fight. Lord Beerus, I'm going to take him inside ahead of you guys."

"You can do that, brat. I'll be looking forward to the food you guys are serving later."

Even though the Supreme Kai of Time wanted to retort him for saying that, she only let out a small sigh instead. She proceeded to grab Nao's arm, slinging it over her shoulder. She had more trouble in doing so since her stature was a lot shorter in height compared to Beerus, but she still managed to make her way inside the Palace.

Before long, only the gods remained floating near the Palace. To the right of it remained the mostly destroyed fighting stage. Beerus, Champa, Heles and Liquiir could be seen with their Supreme Kais and Angels in tow. Heles actually took this time to approach Him.

"Say, Beerus that boy is from your Universe, isn't he? I'm really interested in seeing this bonding event. It's one of the purest forms of love! Normally I find you repugnant but I may let slide this time, hoho."

"And you're looking like you just as you'll ever be, Heles. That's right, Nao is part of my Universe. I even know what the girls who will be pledging themselves to him look like!"

"Oh? More than one girl pledging themselves to that guy? Must be a lucky man then. But it doesn't matter if its polygamy or monogamy, as long as love exists, love will triumph! How many girls will there be? I'm already getting excited!"

Hearing Heles ask that, it was Whis who let out a chuckle this time, placing one of his hands over his mouth.

"Ohohoho, Nao is indeed a very lucky man. Five girls will be offering their hand in marriage in today's celebration. He even has two more as lovers, but they won't be taking the pledge. I had expected for Lord Beerus, Lord Champa and Lady Heles to stay behind, but seeing you stay as well Lord Liquiir, I can't help but ask. Is something arousing your interest here?"

After Whis asked Liquiir that, Liquiir turned to him, and slowly nodded. He let his three tails swerve around freely as he spoke.

"Yeah. Something inside got my attention the moment I stepped into this place. It's as if I'm getting a feeling of a long lost kin or something. It's something I haven't felt for a really, really long time."

"A long lost kin, is it?", Whis said. He stopped speaking right then and there, and only smiled instead. This confused Liquiir even more, but he didn't inquire about it.

Whis then continued speak.

"Well, whatever suspicion you have, Lord Liquiir, I'm sure it will be cleared once we head inside. Speaking of which, as Father left, we are no longer bound to a schedule. You guys can relax and do as you please, but for now, let's head inside. I'm sure the ceremony will start soon."

Once Whis spoke that with a serious tone, everyone complied by nodding. The four Gods of Destruction were the first to fly toward the Palace. The four Supreme Kais followed after, and the four Angels were the last to enter.

Once everyone was inside the massive white Palace, its doors suddenly closed, as if they had a mind of its own! The Null Realm returned to its peace and quiet once more!

Meanwhile, back on the inside, the group arrived in a very large reception hall. It was decorated in white marble flooring with a multitude of different colored tapestry hanging high above, and room itself was supported by large white marble pillars. This was the main room of the whole Palace so to say. It directly connected into a large staircase, leading directly into the throne room. On top of that staircase was a giant red carpet.

The reception hall also had many, many branching hallways which lead to other rooms and higher floors. But in the reception hall itself, modern couches and tables could be seen, and most of them were either black or tan. Seeing this, the Supreme Kai of Time immediately took Nao to the closest cough, placing it on top of him. Nao winced in pain during this.

"O-O-Ouch! Please be careful setting me down, Master. These injuries are worse than I thought."

Hearing him say that, anger appeared in the Supreme Kai of Time's eyes. She then let out a retort.

"You idiot, of course they should hurt! I'm still shocked you even managed to come out as the victor in that crazy duel. Let this pain be a lesson for you."

"I know. I do have the means to heal myself, but both them require the use of my energy. I should have brought out a few Senzu Beans from my pocket dimension beforehand. Lord Belmod completely drained it all at the last minute. I'm lucky to have come out on top despite that."

"Well you should never underestimate a God of Destruction, especially one like Lord Belmod. He was always really a crafty fellow in other timelines. Hold on, let me go get Kibito for you, he should fix you right up."

"No need, Lady Chronoa. I'm already here."

As soon as the group heard a rough voice echo around them, they soon saw Kibito and Shin walk into the reception hall from the big hallway on the left side. Kibito always had a serious expression. He then walked up to Nao and placed his large palm over his chest.

Kibito raised his Godly Ki, and soon chanted a word in the Divine Language. One that Nao knows very well.

"LaeH!", Kibito shouted.

Once Kibito shouted that, his whole arm was soon enveloped by a calm, pure yellow light. He then fed this light into Nao's body. Nao felt an immediate effect, as his energy and stamina returned. Similar to a senzu bean, his eyes shot wide awake, and any weariness he felt a moment ago now vanished.

Yet the pure yellow aura didn't vanish. A couple more moments passed in silence as Nao felt his reserves going back up. Only now did Kibito release his hands, and the aura faded. Kibito even collapsed onto one knee, panting.

"Hah....geez, Nao, your Ki is like an endless lake. I couldn't even fill it up all the way. I apologize."

"You needn't apologize, Kibito. This is more than enough. Thank you."

Hearing Nao thank him, Kibito nodded. He soon sat down on the couch beside him and started to breath in deeply, catching his breath. Meanwhile, Nao slowly stood up.

As he did, he noticed several figures approach the same hallway as Shin and Kibito. It was Eir, Tights, her family, Aht, Nims, Jake, Isabella's mother, Queen Elena, Fie, members of the Galactic Patrol, Nao's parents and their two maids.

It was unfortunate Bardock and Gine couldn't come, but they had a good reason not to. Gine was due any day now for their new child, and Bardock was being very overprotective of her!

The two also didn't believe in superstition much, but they had a feeling their third child was going to be a girl. If that turned out to be true, then both Goku and Raditz would have a little sister!

Speaking of which, the current year was 743. Goku was now six years old, and Raditz fourteen. This meant Raditz was born in Year 729, four years younger than Nao was born! Goku himself was living his live on planet Earth.

He had long lost his memory of who he was by hitting his head on a big rock falling down a giant ravine. He was under a care of a certain flow who would later be introduced as Grandpa Gohan.

As for Raditz, he was living well in Prince Vegeta's squad alongside Prince Vegeta IV and Nappa. They also had some Palace Guards along with them.

Which brings us to another point of discussion. You all thought Nao and Miya's fighting trainers Oliver, Fynn, Gin and Parsi perished during Planet Vegeta's destruction, didn't you? Well, it turns out they were conscripted into the Prince's squad.

And they were recommended by Nappa no less! Unfortunately for those four, Gin and Fynn perished during their many conquests under Vegeta's rule as they conquered planet after planet for Frieza. Only Oliver and Parsi remained alive up till now.

(A/N in the anime and dbs Broly movie, I do believe it showed two guards along the three. This is a tribute to that~)

Anyways, with that being said, before anyone could take any action, Fie dashed out of Queen Elena's embrace. It didn't take long to fly into Nao's embrace. She then rubbed her head into his bear chest, which injuries have now closed thanks to Kibito's healing.

Everyone then heard Fie speak out with a childish voice. Once the Supreme Kais got a good look at her, the all became shocked as she appeared very similar to them!

"Hehe, Papa you're finally here! Congratulations on winning your match! It was really fun to see."

Hearing Fie congratulate him, a warm fuzzy feeling swelled inside Nao's heart. He responded by rubbing her head, and spoke out to her.

"Thank you, Fie. Since you guys are here, why don't we get this party started? I'm sure Lady Heles is interested in meeting the brides, are you not?"