Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 192

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 192 184: A Grand Sight

As soon as Nao said that, everyone's expressions relaxed. He then saw his parents approach him while he still had Fie in his arms. It was evident that excitement could still be seen in Oscar's eyes.

Without saying anything he placed his hand on Nao's right shoulder, and let out a loud guffaw as he spoke out to Nao.

"Gahaha! Looks like you're all set to go now, son. Heck I was surprised to see that many transformations from that battle. I'm only familiar with Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God, though haven't achieved the latter yet. You're going to have to tell me about the others later!"

"I can definitely do that, Father. It looks everything is ready too. How are we going to start this?"

"Oh, we've already got the main banquet all set up and ready. We Saiyans don't care much for ceremonies, since we just settle down once we find our mate. You may have more than one, but we still decided to keep things simple. We will bring everyone to where the banquet is while you can bring over the girls. At least for us, the best way to celebrate things is through a a banquet, so I hope you got a good appetite ready!"

As if Oscar spoke the magical words, Nao's stomach started to growl a bit, causing Oscar to grin. It wasn't loud enough to be heard by the others, only Iona who was beside Oscar. Iona smiled hearing Nao's stomach lightly grumble before speaking out to him.

"That's right, Little Nao. This is more of a bonding celebration than anything. It serves the same role as marriages do on other planets. You won't believe how beautiful the girls look, but I could see some impatience in their eyes. Especially Little Miya, I don't think she can hold it in much longer, fufufu. We'll make sure to stay out of your way once the real fun begins later."

After Iona said that, she giggled, and even winked at Nao, as if she were trying to give him a signal. Nao knew very well of what would come. On top of taking five brides through the bonding celebration, he also had Tights and Eir, and eventually Aht once she reaches of appropriate age.

Nao reminded himself again and again that he was thankful for being born as a Saiyan, it was a blessing. as they had extremely large stamina reserves. Very, very long nights were soon to ensue. As to how long they would be, Nao didn't know.

Though it was probably safe to say Nao probably won't get a wink of sleep during the upcoming week.

With that said, Nao nodded at his Mother's words. The three no longer dallied around. Oscar, Iona, along with their two maids, began to guide everyone down the opposite side of the huge reception hall. Many figures vanished inside its hallway one by one.

Before long only Nao, Tights, Eir and the Supreme Kai of Time. The three were surprised seeing the Supreme Kai of Time remain behind Even Fie left with Queen Elena.

Yet before they could do anything, the Supreme Kai of Time placed her arms at her h.i.p.s, bending in the process. A smug look appeared after on her face.

"So, Nao. How do you like it in here? This was a collaboration between the Grand Minister and I. We figured we would reveal it when you wanted your bonding celebration to begin. It took a lot of organization but its all coming to fruition now!"

"It's truly amazing, Master. I don't know how I could thank you for this."

"If you want to thank me then you better be in proper shape for when your training starts after this! There is one thing to mention, the Grand Minister installed a control room in the back of the throne room next to your private quarters. He already inputted your Ki signature. You'll be able to take it out of this place and freely change its size to fit your needs. How convenient is that? Haha!"

After the Supreme Kai of Time said that, she puffed out her chest a bit and let out a laugh. She took much pride in this project, and she could see how happy Nao was as a result. She could even see shock in his eyes.


"Yep! Anyways, one last thing to note is you'll have a mountain of wedding gifts awaiting inside your bedroom, which I must say it's MASSIVE! It's almost three times as big as your current bedroom back on that Elves' planet."

Hearing her say that, Nao could only let out a sigh as he responded to her.

"Master, isn't that a bit excessive?"

"Nonsense! Besides, you're going to have a lot of children running around here soon anyways, aren't you?", the Supreme Kai of Time said with a smug look on her face.

Once she said that, Nao could only laugh.

"Hahaha! Well you got me there, Master. There will be a lot of little ones in the next few years, give or take. But for now, I'm going to the girls' side. Do you have anything else to say before I go?"

"Nope! Let's get this party started and get drunk like no tomorrow!", the Supreme Kai of Time said with an excited look in her eyes.

"Can gods and goddesses even get drunk?"

After Nao said that, a round of laughter echoed in the reception hall. The Supreme Kai of Time then padded herself down, and got up from the couch Nao and she was resting on. Nao also had plenty of stamina to use now and most of his wounds were recovered.

Tights and Eir came to Nao's side. Once the four walked to the middle of the room, the Supreme Kai of Time went toward the right hallway, while the other three went toward the left. All four figures soon vanished inside.

Several moments soon passed as Tights guided Eir and Nao through an endless hallway. He could feel Tights' warmth through her hand while Eir clung onto his right side.

Before long Tights stopped walking and turned around to face Nao with a smile.

"Well, we're finally here, Nao. Yer not goin' believe what yer about to see. Everyone really looks stunnin'."

"I'm already excited enough as it is, Tights. I do have a question though, is your body in a safe state to handle our activities later?"

"You bet yer ass I'm ready for that. Pardon my language but no way in hell I'm goin' to miss out on everyone's honeymoon."

"Great! What about you, Eir? Are you still taking it slow?"

Hearing Nao ask that, Eir remained silent for a moment. She then shook her head sideways, and let out a laugh.

"Shishishi, I think I going to join in after all. I've already gotten used to your scent. You've already marked my chest too so we can take it up a notch and go all the way. I did let everyone know back on my planet that I have a lover now, so now's the best time to take it upon ourselves, is it not?"

"You can definitely say that! I'm not planning to sleep at all during our honeymoon so you two best be ready."

Hearing Nao say that, the two nodded in excitement. Tights was already blessed with a child who was still growing in her w.o.m.b, but she wouldn't want to miss out on the fun. As for Eir, she now had a resolved look in her eyes. Seeing this, Nao nodded silently. He then pushed the door open leading into the large indoor garden everyone was in moments ago when they saw Nao's duel.

He soon smelled the scent of grass and water reach his nose, which was very soothing. There was a huge pond in the middle, surrounded by lush green grass. Exotic plants, shrubs and even trees could be seen scattered around. Even fish similar to those found on Beerus's planet jumped out if the pond and back into it in joy. Everything looked really picturesque.

He then saw five figures standing near the edge of the pond. The moment he did, he sucked in a cold breath. Just as Tights and the others have said before, these five girls were truly breathtaking!

On the far left stood his twin sister, Miya, 5'7. She was wearing a long one piece red phoenix gown which had two open cuts at the end of each side, which revealed her peach-like legs. She was wearing slick red heals and her long, straight, fiery red hair flew all the way down to her waist.

On the back of her gown was had a large phoenix embroidered on it. She looked very lovingly, and to top it off she wore a white transparent veil over her face, which hid it.

To the left of Miya stood a figure just a bit higher in height than her, being at 5'8. She let her long mahogany ponytail flow down past her shoulders, and it was currently held by a white magnolia flower. She also had a white veil over her face. Yet unlike Miya who had clearly developed muscles, her skin was very slender. It was obvious she practiced an internal technique to develop her energy.

This was Chelsea! As for her wear, she wore a pure white Kimono, embroidered with black obsidian-like clouds to match her two Katanas on her waist. Unbeknownst to Nao, these two weapons weren't to be trifled with, they were known to be Godslayers! During the upper floor of the Babel Tower, she had come into contact with demigods. While they were much weaker than the Old Man, she was able to slay them through a lot of effort, thus passing the Babel Tower.

Anyways, her white Kimono reached until her knees, and it restricted her mobility much like the traditional Japanese Kimonos did back in Nao's previous life. Chelsea knew he was raised by Japanese parents, so she wanted to go traditional. She even wore Geta on her feet. Nao thought it suited her very well. She was very cute, even with her dimples on her cheeks.

Moving onto the next on the far right was Elsa. She stood at an even 6'0. Unlike Miya and Chelsea, she was hidden by a light blue veil. Her hair also flew past her shoulders and it was deep ocean blue in color. Two strands of it flew down on each side of her face, acting as bangs thanks to her long pointy ears that were about three fourths of a foot long. This made her resemble that of a High Elf.

As for Elsa, she wore a long deep blue one piece dress with white frills on the hem around the shoulders. A pearl necklace could be seen on her neck. It was as if she had came right out of the ocean. She also appeared calm and mature, as she was to be Nao's Head Wife. Everyone unanimously agreed that she was best suited for the role.

To the right of Elsa stood none other than Sayuri. If there was someone who had the most change, it was definitely her! The main reason was that her bushy orange-auburn fox tail was currently in full bloom. It was no longer her white tammy-cat like tail. She finally managed to learn to control her excited state, and she can now enter it at will!

As for her dress, it was pure white, much similar to that of classic wedding dresses. However it was cur short of her shoulders, and there was a large hole cut out from her backside to let her tail roam freely. Sayuri was actually the closest to Nao in height, being at the same 6'3. Her hair was cut short unlike the others, and it was pure bleach-like blond. It was a very stark contrast against her tanned skin.

Yet that didn't keep the gentleness out of her eyes. Her fox ears were also orange-auburn in color, so it made her hair appear as if it were dyed. But her hair wasn't dyed, it was natural blond.

And last but not least stood Isabella in the center, and being the tallest of the girls. Her height was even taller than Nao's, being an even 7'0. The males of her family all sported tall figures, so it made sense she would be tall as well, since most of them were actually giants. Only the natives to Planet Nem were more normal in height.

As for her appearance, she sported the most unique one. She didn't wear a s single dress, she was currently wearing a pure black tuxedo! Combined with that, her hot pink hair flew down past her waist, and she had the longest hair of the girls. She also had a very loving look in her eyes, as her stomach bulged out a few inches. She was currently carrying Nao's child alongside Tights!

A small hole was also cut out from her backside to let her black spade-shaped tail wrap around her waist. She was even clad in black dress shoes!

As for the girls' b.r.e.a.s.t size, Miya and Chelsea were a C. Elsa was a size larger being a D, and Isabella two sizes larger thanks to Nao's caring, E. Eir had the biggest of the bunch being at F, while Tights was a B and Sayuri flat, being an A.

With that being said, Nao stared at the five girls in silence for several moments. Obvious shock could be seen in his eyes. The one who struck him the most was actually Isabella, as he was not expecting her to actually wear a tuxedo. Seeing this caused Isabella to giggle, and responded back at him. She even said it with a teasing tone.

"Hehe, Nao, have you never seen a girl wear a tux before?"