Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 193

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 193 185: Soulbound Pact

Quick Author's Note: So from the time the first arc ended until now and the couple of 18+ chapters to follow, this portion of the first world was an intermission of sorts, showing off more slice of life, training, marriage, and a couple of fights. Arc 2 will officially start after the 18+s end, when Nao begins his Time training with the Supreme Kai of Time. It will be split into Time Travel and the Tournament of Power. After that, world one will end, planning to wrap things up by chapter 250. Enjoy the chap!










"Hehe, bet you didn't expect me to wear a tux, did you, Nao?"

As Isabella said that, the other girls began to giggle. Isabella even did a twirl of her body, causing her b.r.e.a.s.ts to jiggle up and down, allowing Nao to have a full look of her current appearance. He really did like it after all, it's not every day you get to see a girl in a tuxedo, let alone a black one.

She ended her short showcase by caressing her bulged stomach. It was now a little over three years since she first conceived a child thanks to the time she spent in the Room of Spirit and Time with Nao.

While it was true they spent most of their time training and meditating, it's not like they didn't have s.e.x in there. Yet thankfully the two cleaned up their messes every time they did it. Otherwise Mr. Popo would have been in a world of hurt trying to clean up after them.

Anyways, Nao could only nod in confirmation to end his silence. Seeing this, Isabella smiled. She then walked up to him and gave him a kiss, before she wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Mmmhmm, this I was not expecting, Belle. You give off a different air seeing you like this, but I still find it lovable. The same goes for the rest of you. I'm truly blessed for this day to have come."

"Aww, we're all just happy for you to be here, Brother Nao. We were all on edge seeing your duel but you managed to come out in one piece.", Miya said.

"That's right. You really know how to make us both worried and excited. But that won't change for what is going to come tonight, Nao. Our hearts our ready for you to take us.", Elsa said with a smile.

"It's exactly as as Sister Elsa said, Little Brother! I can even control this form now. Me showing it off is proof I belong to you now. My fur is ready for your pampering too."

Once Sayuri said that, her cheeks became a deep red. She remembered the last time Nao rubbed her fur in a fervor during that special night back on Planet Earth, and she really wasn't ready then. But now she was!

Seeing this Nao nodded. Everyone soon turned their eyes toward Chelsea. Yet Chelsea remained dazed, as if she still didn't believe this was happening right now. Seeing this, Elsa grew worried and spoke out to her.

"Sister Chelsea, is something wrong? You're spacing out."


Once Chelsea said that only now did she realize everyone was looking at her. Her body froze up a bit. Thanks to how tight the Kimono wrapped around her body and that she wasn't used to wearing Geta, she started to tumble over.

Seeing this, Nao rushed right at her, and caught her in the process. He could feel Chelsea's warmth, and it was very hot right now, causing some worry to appear in his eyes.

""T-Thank you, Nao...", Chelsea said meekly. That's right, you didn't read that wrong. She finally started to call him Nao, and not Naoto!

Hearing Chelsea say that, Nao became inwardly excited. He then supported her with one of his arms as he spoke out to her.

"Are you okay, Chelsea?"

"Y-Yes....this Kimono is just super tight is all. It's really hard to move around in. Plus I'm not used to wearing these shoes either. I'm sorry if I'm a burden to you right now. Even though I know how to fight and kill, I can't believe such clothing is restricting me."

"You're not a burden, Chelsea! You're looking very pretty right now. I really love it. Is your appearance alluding to my past life?"

"You really like it? I'm glad I made the right choice then! And yes, I wanted to do something unique. I remembered in your past life you were raised by Japanese parents before our planet exploded, so I ended up going with this "

"Wait a minute, did you say our planet blew up?"

Hearing this for the first time, Chelsea looked at him with confusion, before a light bulb lit up in her mind. She then proceeded to face palm her face.

"I'm sorry, I don't think I ever talked about that yet. It's indeed true, our planet perished not long after those massive earthquakes struck."

"Is that so? I ended up losing my life during those earthquakes so I didn't know what happened later. Are you familiar with the golden door that appeared, Chelsea?"

"I am. All of us went through it and met the Old Man. That's how my trials in Babel Tower began not long after. My desire to see you again was really strong at the time."

"Old Man?"

"Did you not meet him, Nao?"

"No. To be honest this is something I've been wanting to explain to you all. You'll all be with me from now on through bread and butter, so I don't want to keep this secret hidden any longer. It's fine to tell them, right, Miya?"

"It's up to you, Brother! But if you're okay with it then so am I! Besides, Rebirth has the Soulbound Function now, right? Are you wanting to activate it?"

"""Rebirth?""", everyone but Nao, Miya, and Chelsea questioned.

Once everyone asked that, Nao nodded seriously. Not hiding it any longer, Nao finally told of Rebirth's existence to the girls, which shocked them greatly. They already learned prior that Nao and Miya weren't of this world. Now Nao had introduced Rebirth to them, which was a system that granted Nao power.

Ever since the nightmares began six years ago had he turned Rebirth off. But now he had wanted to activate it once more, and more specifically, the Soulbound Function. What Nao had yet to learn was that Rebirth was created by the Old Man Chelsea had personally interacted with. All he knew was that the creator was known as The President!

Rebirth was created during the Old Man's free time. It was only designed to help people reach higher heights and explore the Multiverse, just like he had once had. The Old Man is now retired, so he wanted to find a host for it, which ended up being Nao. Chelsea also became a second host of it, but she wanted to surprise him, so she hadn't told him yet. Only Miya knew!

The only downside was that Nao would have to reincarnate his own soul every time he wanted to explore a different world. After explaining to everyone about Rebirth, Nao decided to shut his eyes. Clearing his mind, he spoke out.

'Rebirth, please activate', Nao said deep within his mindscape.

[Acknowledged. Rebirth is now rebooting. Welcome back, host.]

Nao finally heard a mechanical voice ding inside his head, something he hadn't heard for a while. He then willed for the display to appear.



[Hosts : 2]

[Name] : Nao


[Age] : 22 (Physical), 38 (Mental)

[Race] : Ancient Saiyan, Legendary Saiyan (50% unlocked)

[Current Level : - ]

[Current Ki Remaining - 70%]

[Fairy : Miho]


[Name] : Chelsea

[Age] : 18 (Physical) 34 (Mental)

[Race] : Human

[Current Ki Remaining - 100%]

[Current Level : - ]

[Fairy : Mist]


[Active Quests - 0]

[Active Side Quests - 0]


[Inventory Access - Pocket Dimension]


[Active Planes] - DBZ, Vainqueur/Historia,

[Plane Shop]


[Titles - The First Player, Creator of Planes, Reincarnator]


[Soulbound Partners - 0]


Affinities - Space (Mastered), Ice (Mastered), Time (Beginner)

Transformations - Great Ape, Kaioken, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, Wrathful State.

[Active Skill Display - Off]

[Passive Skill Display - Off]


[Note, due to Rebirth's latest update, Rebirth has removed functions [Shop], [Rebirth Wheel], and [Summons] at Host's convenience. [Shop has now changed to [Plane Shop], to where Host can select which planes Host wants to create. The restriction to having fully go through a plane's story line has also been removed.]

A flurry of information assaulted his mind all at once. Rebirth's interface has changed quite a bit since the last time he had seen it. He scrolled through it all in silence. The only thing he could feel right now was shock. He was no longer the only one bound to Rebirth!

Nao opened his eyes once more, only to stare at Chelsea for a moment. Chelsea also heard Rebirth's notifications go off in her mind, as she too was a host of it. She only smiled back at him, grabbing a hold of his hand.

"Chelsea, you..."

"Surprise!", Chelsea said with a giggle.

Seeing Nao and Chelsea behave like this caused confusion to appear in the girls' eyes. All but Miya anyway, as she only giggled in response. She too heard Rebirth's notifications once more, since she was still technically its system fairy.

"So you really were another host, Chelsea. Now it makes sense as to why you were able to come here in the first place."

"That's right. I'm sorry for not explaining the truth about it when we first met. Just know I will forever be by your side. It doesn't matter where we will go. I've thanked the Old Man already for this."

"You keep speaking of this Old Man, who exactly is he?"

"Looks like you really don't know. Well, in short, he's a god. He has his own Heaven and Hell for the souls he rescues, and he also sends souls through the cycle of reincarnation, if one wishes to do so. Of course they would have their memories wiped unlike us two. I'm sure you know him as The President though, right Sister Miya?"

"That's right, Brother! Even I was created by him. Rebirth really is a wonder. He doesn't even want you to do anything in return for him. This is just another way of passing time for him as he enjoys retirement."

"The President, huh? Well even though we haven't met yet, I should be thankful for him for allowing you to come here, Chelsea. Same goes for you Miya, I'm really glad to be by your side."

Hearing this, both Miya's and Chelsea's expressions softened. The hearts of the other girls beside the three also began to flutter a bit. At this time, however, Chelsea actually spoke out once more.

"I guess we're all in this together now, Nao. But before we can start the fun, I want you to meet someone. You can come out now, Mist."

"About damn time. Six years was a very long sleep."

As soon as Chelsea said that, a rough voice echoed around the group, surprising them. Chelsea's chest began to glow a light blue light all of a sudden. A small figure then emerged from her chest. This figure looked equivalent to Miya's fairy form, yet he had transparent light blue wings and light blue hair. This was Chelsea's system fairy, Mist!

Seeing Mist appear caused another round of shock to appear in everyone's eyes. Mist stood right in front of Chelsea, allowing his wings to flutter very rapidly to keep him in the air. The girls immediately crowded around him.

"Is this really a fairy?", Elsa asked with curiosity in her eyes.

"It definitely seems to be. I thought they only existed in fairy tales. Yer really surprisin' Chelsea, to think you had such a thing kept from us.", Tights said excitedly.

"I'm sorry, but when Nao turned off Rebirth, Mist had to go into a deep sleep. He's part of Rebirth, unlike Sister Miya unfortunately. The Old Man has yet to grant him a soul. He needs to work hard for it, haha!"

After Chelsea said that, she let out out a laugh. Mist disregarded the stares and spoke out calmly.

"Master, I really hope you don't become a pervert like Nao did. I'm seeing a couple of new faces here already. I don't want want to be contaminated by this, so I'm going to go back inside. Take me out again when I can get some fresh air."

Hearing Mist say that caused a round of laughter from the girls. Mist took this time to go back into Rebirth's space, and vanished from sight. His introduction was kept short. Isabella was now the one to speak up next.

"Hehe, looks like this little guy doesn't like you, Nao. Still, I can't believe such a thing actually exists. I know there are gods in our current universe, but to think there could be more worlds outside of that. Plus you even have the ability to go them. Are we able to as well?"

Once Isabella said that everyone's ears perked up. It looks like they wanted to know the answer to this. To respond to them, Nao nodded.

"I do believe so. I actually want to tell you guys about the Soulbound Function Rebirth has."

"Soulbound function? That sounds pretty ominous if you ask me, Nao.", Elsa said with worry in her eyes.

"It does sound like that but that's actually not the case. It serves the role of tying an individual soul to mine. It also has its own soul space, so when its time to move onto the next world, I'll be able to take you guys with me. We'll be bound in the purest form so to say by linking our souls together."

Even though Nao said that with a straight face, the girls began to flush, while Eir began to sink into her own thoughts. Yet Nao spoke out before anyone could do anything.

"Which brings me to my next question. Are you guys willing to form a Soulbound Pact with me? If you guys do so, we will be together from here on out."

The girls took no time at all to respond to Nao's question. Everyone began to voice their opinion, and Miya started it off.

"I'm willing, Brother! I'm currently your guide to whatever worlds you go to, right? I'm surprised Rebirth hadn't already made me Soulbound yet.", Miya said.

"That's right. Ever since the tournament started in the Other World, I made the decision to follow you wherever you go, Nao. I'm willing to make this pact. I must live up to the expectations of being the Head Wife after all, fufu", Elsa said with a giggle.

"Little Brother, is that even a question to be asked? We Sunlit Foxes follow our mate for life. My body knows your scent in and out. Of course I'm willing to make this pact!" Sayuri said excitedly.

"Yeah, Nao. I already see you as my husband, and I'm carrying your child. It would be a big shame if I can't go with you to other worlds. You don't even need to ask, I'm yours.", Isabella said with a loving look.

"You said it yerself, didn't you, Nao? How could I become yer Head Maid if I can't go with you? I'm also carrying yer child like Belle is. You already blessed me with a family, so now it's my turn to follow you.", Tights said also with a loving look.

"Nao, being the second host of Rebirth has connected me on a deeper level with you. I regretted in my past life I didn't have the courage to speak up most of the time, let alone confess to you. I'm truly happy we're no longer apart from each other. I even got new sisters in the process! You should know my answer, of course I will make this pact with you, darling.", Chelsea said excitedly.

Each of the girls voiced their own opinion from Nao's question. And all of them answered positively! Warmth spread across his heart, he really loved each and every one. The only question now was, what about Eir?

The girls and Nao soon turned toward Eir, expecting her to answer as well. They could see she was deep in thought with her eyes closed. A moment passed in silence before she slowly opened them. Nao could see a resolved look in her eyes.

"Nao, before I give my answer, could you answer a question of mine? I also have a condition."

"Sure thing, Eir. What's on your mind?"

"All of this sounds very important. It is true we declared our love for each other, but I have a whole planet I'm responsible for right now. Would we have the ability to come back here to check on things every so often?"

"That should be doable. Rebirth has a separate space similar to the Null Realm to where it houses the planes I create. I'm sure they can be linked together. You don't need to worry about not coming back here, Eir."

Hearing Nao say that, Eir let a sigh of relief. Her giant b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggled a bit as she did. The other girls also sighed inwardly, as Eir's question was very relevant. It pertained to everyone in the room!

"I'm glad then. I don't think I can give up my whole planet if I can't go back to it. Maybe my blood as a Flux Beast effects my judgment here and there, but knowing that puts me at ease."

"Looks like that's answered then, Eir. What was that condition of yours?"

"Oh, my condition is quite simple, really, shishishi. You brought Lady Aht back to me. I won't go with you unless you make a pact with her too!"


As Eir said that, she grinned. She even flapped her white wings a bit, stirring up some gust. She saw Nao left with a dumbfounded look in his eyes while the other girls stood dazed.

It was Elsa who regained her clarity first, and yelled out at Eir.

"But Aht is just a child! Isn't it too soon for her?", Elsa questioned with a worried look.

"It is true Lady Aht is still a child, but you're planning to go into a long period of isolated training, right Nao? This pact doesn't need to happen now, as long as you promise me you'll do it with Lady Aht once she comes of age.", Eir calmly responded.

"If it's like that then, I see no problem with that, Eir. Aht will probably want to go where you want to go, right?"

Hearing that, Eir let out a laugh as she responded to him.

"Shishishi, I guess that's true! Since you've accepted my condition, then I can offer you my everything, starting now. Come here, you."

Nao became stunned hearing Eir say. Yet before Nao could react, Eir actually grabbed a hold of his shoulders with her hands. She then pulled his head toward hers. Nao soon felt something soft press against his lips, causing his eyes to turn wide.

Nao felt his mouth open as something warm and squishy invaded it. Eir had actually kissed him! Eir"s eyes softened and began to explore Nao's mouth and it didn't take long before their two tongues started to dance.

The other girls also became stunned seeing Eir's sudden kiss. It took them a good moment to regain clarity from their daze.

"H-Hey! You can't just jump the gun like that, Eir!", Elsa said with an angry look.

Yet before Elsa could separate the two, she heard a 'Pah!', sound. Eir's mouth escaped from Nao's, leaving behind a string of drool in the process. Eir soon began to flap her wings, and flew off toward the door.

Eir turned around to look at the stunned group one last time before leaving the room.

"That's only the beginning, everyone! I'm going to go on ahead and join Lady Aht for some grub and notify everyone you guys will be out soon. You guys can do your pacts now. I'll do mine with Nao later."

After Eir said that, she left the room. Nao also regained his clarity from Eir's action a moment ago. He could only sigh inwardly seeing Eir leave the room.